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Ancient History Revived (Private)

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It had taken him about a day to get out of Eastern Fiore and another day and a half to get out of Central Fiore to arrive in Northern Fiore. To make a long story short, his travelling had consisted of hitchhiking, but mostly walking days on end. He was sure by the time he reached the mountains his calf muscles would be like those of a cow. At the moment he didn't know his exact location, but it was somewhere in a large forest. From looking at the sun every now and then he could tell that he was moving north, so the mountain range should come into view sooner or later.

For some reason the forest reminded him of the one back in Dahlia City. However, the one in Dahlia had been consumed by demonic energy. This one on the other hand seemed to jump with life and created a great veil of warmth over his body. It was exactly the type of place he was looking for, but in the back of his head something was telling him that the forest wasn't what it seemed like. It had an old aura to it like that of elder person.

For the most part the forest was rather ordinary and untouched, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that things were happening that he just couldn't see. Maybe he was just beginning to hallucinate from all the pain and walking for days. "Damn you Odin! Cursing me with this miserable mind." muttered Mimir as he wandered deeper into the forest. As he walked, the ground beneath his feet would soon turn from the mushy grass to patches of grass with rocks. He knew this scenery far to well and knew just what to expect out of it.

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Mimir exited the forest thinking he was about to encounter a town, but what he saw suprised him. In a clearing stood dozens of stone monuments that stretched even taller than him in the sky. A peculiar look would soon come to takeover his face as he observed the surrounding area. Just what in the hell did he walk in to. He would begin to move closer towards the stone monuments. He could tell that they hadn't been created recently and could have been standing in their position for at the most thousands of years at a time.

Although confused, he knew that he had wandered into a place that was probably sacred to whomever lived close by. He could see various footprints making their way towards some stones. Maybe people came to pray to the stones? Back in his home country, his village had monuments just like this. Though, the stones were turned on their back and used to sacrifice animals, mainly sheep or goat. The blood and raw flesh were offerings to the gods above in hopes that they didn't plague their country or caused failed childbirth. However, as he observed the stones he could tell they were no type of offering stands.

He would shake his head in confusion and walk closer towards one of the stone monuments. Reaching his hand up, he would come to touch it. He hoped to feel some sort of mana coursing through it, but he couldn't feel anything. "Maybe they're just regular stones." muttered the golden haired individual. Deeming the place safe, he would turn around and lean his back towards the stone before slumping down. "This spot will be nice to take a reset before I begin my walk back towards the mountain range. Hell, waiting here I might even meet some people that can help me out."

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Ancient History Revived (Private) U7RSk5Z

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