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Aftermath [Xandra/Leika]

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Aftermath [Xandra/Leika] Empty on Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:23 pm


You two must explain the situation to the third person in a new topic. After that, the three of you may create a topic at the Crimson Quarter titled Oga's Demise etc. while completing your tasks. After the task has been completed the three of you must meet again to discuss what has happened along with your thoughts on the guys you worked with.

Topics beforehand

Kurisa looked at the tavern that they will have another meeting at. They're supposed to talk about what they all went through as to the mission and the person. The three women met a different man and she was curious about how theirs went. She had a really serious one who did not mind being rude and grouchy. Were theirs any better? She didn't bother with preparing herself as she just wore a long coat to cover her body and had her hair down without brushing it.

She went to a typical room like last time and sat in her chair. Once she saw all of them she would give each a nod with tired eyes. She started first. She wanted to get this over with.

"Alright, I suppose I will go first." She sighed softly and tilted her neck left and right as one could hear a tiredly crack. Her left hand rubbed the left side of her face and looked at both of them as best as she could.

"So as you know I had Dai Hanamura and I had to go against the biggest perv I have ever met. Did I enjoy what they had in terms of missions and did I enjoy the company? Yes. I've had a hundred times worse things on my agenda." She started with the facts. "Now then, We went in with ease - I don't want to give in too many details..." She spoke as she thought about herself on that pole, singing and dancing for the men's attention to distract. Pole dancing was not something she enjoyed doing yet she was good at it. "But the distraction went well, got in, and defeated the enemies. Dai was grateful and he supposedly can't wait to do more with me." Her eyes turned towards whoever speaks next as it was a sign for them to go and describe what was done, the details.

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Leika Earthe
Leika headed towards the meeting spot, going by memory of their first meeting. She wasn't educated nor good at communication but she was smart in her own way. Smart enough to figure out where to go as she and Bolt headed to their destination together. She walked into the familiar tavern, looking around, and being grateful it appeared to be empty. She headed on all fours towards the back room to meet with Kurisa and Xandra. She was apparently the second to arrive, as Xandra wasn't there yet. Hopefully, she wasn't having too much trouble.

Leika climbed into her seat, sitting on her knees as last time. Bolt moved to stand beside her, and once Xandra had joined them, Kurisa was the first to speak. She explained in a mild amount of detail how her mission turned out. Leika's ears twitched and pricked up listening to her, trying to take in and understand her words. For the most part, she understood. Enough to know the mission succeeded.

Once Kuri finished, she turned her attention toward Leika awaiting her report. The wolf-girl hugged her tail, running her hands through the soft red fur. She tried to process the words in order to form a semi comprehensible explanation of her own adventure. "Leika met Sadeo. Went in building. Big fight. Leika and Sadeo stopped bad Oga man."

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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

The lingering moon reigned over the nightly sky as she stared at it for a moment before taking a step into the shady, yet oddly comforting tavern where the three women had planned to meet. A few hours prior, the woman was out hunting down a whole group of arrogant men who operated a prostitution circle. Her mouth still soured as she recalled what they were doing, even more so when she thought about what would've happened if she, along with the help of Donno's yakuza group, hadn't stopped them. Assuming it was the same for the other two ladies, she headed towards the room in which they would meet.

Cracking her back to ease the subtle pain that still lingered because of her final fight with Teijo, she walked in to see that Kurisa and Leika had already arrived. "I guess I'm last to the party." Flashing a smile at them, she would take a seat. Xandra watched as they had to begin giving details regarding their individual missions. Kurisa always seemed to have a very reliable aura, with how she started discussions. The Bellan couldn't help but think that the older, blonde woman would make a very good leader.

Pushing her thoughts aside, she listened to her words, grimacing upon hearing the word 'perv'. With a silent sigh, she couldn't fathom just how bad that would've been. Luckily enough, it appeared that their mission was a success. Following her explanation, Leika began speaking. Although her linguistic capability in the language they spoke was lacking, she conveyed her point quite clearly, leaving the enchantress to tell them about her mission.

"Well, Kinji Ichihara is a very competent man. We attacked the warehouse when Teijo's men were dispersed. Luckily, they were a lot weaker than I had anticipated so it was pretty easy to get by them. Teijo, however, was truly a monster. Well...nothing a few punches and guild-gifted ability couldn't solve." As the enchantress of the guild, Xandra had access to an ability that was unique to her and fortunately, it came in handy this time. "He was hit with a pretty heavy dose of tranquilizer. Kinji said their group would take care of him." Thinking yet again of the things he had done, she murmured to herself, "Maybe I should've broken his legs...Trash like that don't deserve mercy."
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She listened to Leika who came in first, wondering mainly how she was doing. Leika was still getting used to the society and people who are actually there to help her instead of abusing. Speaking was also not her strongest suit, but within the time she felt like she will be able to teach her more. It seemed that after she came in, Xandra joined and they finally started with theirs after Kurisa was done herself. Lieka spoke simple, like a cavewoman if anything. What she got from what she said was she met the man, went to go beat up someone and they were successful.

Her lilac icy eyes were gazing now at Xandra who spoke of herself being last. "Nothing wrong with being fashionably Last." she insisted in her breathy accent and then let the woman talk. She was more detailed than Leika was. According to her, the enemy was pretty easy which she was happy to hear. Kurisa gave a small smile and closed her eyes as she listened to her last words. There was something missing within each of their descriptions though. Did they care for the company of the members? Her eyes shot open and looked at them both with half-opened eyes."Would you work for them again - or even would you work with them again? They will most likely want to partner up with us and perhaps like allies will help us in return. Any objections or comments on the men you worked with?" She lastly asked.

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Leika Earthe
Leika idly groomed her tail as she listened to Xandra speak. Her ears swiveled around facing each woman in turn as they spoke. When Kurisa began to speak of their opinions on the men, her ears pricked toward the angel. She thought over the question as she ran her hand through the soft fur of her bushy tail. If she understood Kurisa correctly, the question was rather or not she would enjoy the man she met with's company in the future. Help him again if he needed it. Would she though?

The Sinese/Ballen mixed wolf-girl tilted her head thoughtfully, as though recalling the events of her mission. Her partner was kind and patient, even going so far as to do most of the fighting while she learned of her magic. He didn't yell at her nor push her into anything she was unable to do. He also didn't talk much nor mind the fact that she was just as quiet.

"Work with Sadeo? Yes. Leika likes Sadeo. Sadeo nice." She finally confirmed in her typical way with words. Which was, as Xandra observed, quite lacking. However, despite being the only one with a limited vocabulary, she didn't seem to notice any reactions, if any existed, to her inability to communicate fully. At least it was enough to be understood.

In the end, that's what mattered, right?

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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

She chuckled, looking at the blonde woman upon hearing the comment about being fashionably last. "That is true." As they launched into stories of their own, explaining the gist of their individual missions, even going into details at times, Kurisa brought up a very valid question. The enchantress had wondered about it too, questioning just how trustworthy of an ally they were. However, the way she had brought up the question made her wonder if the others were working for them, instead of with them, like she had been.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she thought of the possibility that they might be looking down on their guild but from what she had gathered abut Kinji so far, he wasn't dumb enough to do that. If he was truly the brains of their Yakuza group, then she didn't have much to worry about. She listened as Leika seemed to very supportive of the idea. It appeared as if her mission has gone extremely well. The enchantress crossed her legs and rested her elbows on the table, clasping her hand together as she fell into a deep sea of thoughts. "Work with them? I'm very much for the idea. Work for them? Over my dead body." She leaned back into her chair. "However, I don't think they're dumb enough to take us for granted. If we want to take over Hosenka, a mutually beneficial partnership should be good but at the end of the day, we need to show them who is really in charge."

The Bellan was surprised at her own thoughts and words. Back when she was still a knight, she had never felt this kind of ambition before. Now, however, things were different. Perhaps the guild had truly changed her. For better or worse, only time could tell that. "We can help them, as long as they know that it's our turf that they're playing on." She looked back at Kurisa, tossing her own question back at her, "What do you think about this?"
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As Leika spoke, it was simple, but a good answer that was appreciated. She seemed to like the guy she was sent with. Xandra had more to say though which was predictable but liked it. It was better to speak their minds than to keep their thoughts to linger forever. Xandra was all for it when it came to working with them, but for them? No. Kurisa agreed but waited to speak as she laid down the facts. Kuri played on a smirk and chuckled. Her chair turned towards Xandra fully with her nails grazing against the table as she positioned herself to be faced at Xandra.

"I agree. I feel like it will be great to have a partnership with the men's guild. Have some help, but not in control. That will be us." She perked her lips a little bit, "Plus, women controlling a whole city? A few of them at that? It speaks a lot about us and I wish to keep it that way. We don't need any man controlling us the way they want to." She says that, but then she thinks of how love works, but this? This was business and in business, you need to do and say what must be done to power herself and the guild up. She stood up and headed for the door. "Leika, I will see you at the hotel and Xandra? It was lovely meeting you. Hopefully, we hear more from them soon enough about the deal. I will contact them and tell them we accept their proposal of partnership.". She waved and left the room.


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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

It seemed as if her message was crystal clear to Kurisa. Luckily, the blonde woman seemed to agree with her perspective, so much so that the Bellan couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the comment about not having a man controlling them. In that aspect, she realized that the two women saw eye to eye. She was also sure that Leika would have agreed with them if it weren't for the language barrier that hindered her. She was glad that people like them were in the guild. From here on, the only place they could go was higher, even if it meant trampling on a bunch of men to do so.

"It was a pleasure to meet you too, Kuri." With a wave of her hand, the blonde disappeared. The enchantress also got up, bidding the young girl goodbye before leaving out the door. The moon still lingered in the sky while the chill air immediately blanketed her as she left the building. Taking in a deep breath, she placed her hands behind her back as she walked aimlessly, wondering about where to go next. Being in Hosenka had been a non-stop adventure, one big enough to get the rush of adrenaline pumping. Unexpected events kept surfacing and she found herself getting excited. Xandra felt a smile creep onto her face as she let out soft hums while sauntering. Hopefully, fun things would continue to follow her.
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Leika Earthe
Leika wasn't sure of the extent of the conversation between the other two women, her ears twitching as she listened attempting to understand and maybe learn something new. Alas, she was completely lost when they began talking of men and control. She wasn't sure what they had been meaning by all that. She didn't understand when Kuri told her to meet at the hotel. She understood 'hotel' to be that building Kuri took her to earlier.

As Kurisa got up to leave, Leika reached over to stroke Bolt's muzzle before hopping off the chair and following the blond out the door. She didn't even bother to say a word to Xandra. Perhaps she didn't know the words for goodbye, nor understand the manners involved with leaving a room? Either way, she followed on all fours close behind Kurisa as Bolt trotted out the door behind her.

Hopefully, whatever came next with this strange all men's guild would be beneficial to her all women's guild. Leika didn't understand it all, but she knew friends from enemies well enough. Being tortured from birth taught her that one. And, for the most part, she was fine these strange men. Hopefully, whatever happened next she wouldn't have to deal with alone as it was stressful relying on a stranger.


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