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Before-math Meeting [Leika/Xandra]

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Before-math Meeting [Leika/Xandra] Empty Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:56 pm


Quest line Info:

@Jyu wrote:
Three men show up and explain the situation.

Thanks for accepting our request. Our leader, Danno Minamota, is currently busy taking down a few of the enemy groups by himself after witnessing them beating up the elderly to death. We are Danno's closest followers. Normally, we would be too proud to ask for assistance, but Danno has explained to us that we cannot continue without outside assistance. We would need one more person to complete the tasks all at the same time.

The three men leave after explaining the situation.

Note: In order to make it more interesting, pretend that the boss of each enemy faction is at least twice as strong as you are. That is why you would not be able to defeat them by yourself and require the other person here to defeat them together.

You two must explain the situation to the third person in a new topic. After that, the three of you may create a topic at the Crimson Quarter titled Oga's Demise etc. while completing your tasks. After the task has been completed the three of you must meet again to discuss what has happened along with your thoughts on the guys you worked with.

Sadao Shinsato

Name: Sadao Shinsato

Role: Sadao Shinsato, also known as the Serpent's Fangs, is the enforcer of the guild. Sadao's parents died from getting addicted to cheap medicine because it was laced. He was still a child when they passed away, thus he had to find his own way on the streets after that. He used to be quite violent but turned around after meeting Danno. Danno made him realize that he was frustrated because he grew up without a family. This allowed Sadao to place his focus on ensuring that other children from poorer families did not end up the same. Therefore, he wants to personally deal with Oga.


Oga's Demise - Crimson Quarter (1500 words): Sadao has been tasked with taking down Oga and his Black Hands guild. Oga became active in Hosenka a few years ago and managed to thrive due to the backing from certain Joyan guilds. Oga became Danno's target after he realized that Oga sold laced medicine to poorer families to get them addicted to drugs.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must stand watch at the Crimson Quarter all night and observe Oga's drugstore.

  • Give a signal to Sadao when the last customer has left the store. Sadao will rush inside and break the automatic lock on the door. Follow Sadao.

  • Defeat the thirty crooks serving Oga. It doesn't matter if the drugstore gets trashed.

  • Find Oga in the basement below the drugstore where the medicine is being laced. Defeat him together with Sadao.

  • Oga is not necessarily powerful but will use the drugs in the basement to increase his own powers while throwing powders at you before the battle begins to debuff you and Sadao. This will give him a big advantage in the fight.

  • Meet up with Sadao outside the drugstore and confirm that the task has been completed. Sadao will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

Dai Hanamura

Name: Dai Hanamura

Role: Dai Hanamura, also known as the Serpent's Scale, is a connector of the guild. Due to his build, he doesn't have to resort to violence. He enforces things through sheer intimidation. In his youth, Dai lost his younger sister to loansharks. They abducted her because her parents couldn't afford to repay the crazy interests which increased daily. They told the Hanamuras that their child would have to repay for it. Dai has a soft spot for children because he doesn't want them to suffer a childhood such as his own. Danno assigned Dai with the task to remove Jirochi and his dancing club from the map. Why? Because Jirochi lures young girls in and forces them to eventually work as dancers, or even worse, in his clubs. He manages to keep them obedient by threatening to hurt their parents.


Jirochi's Fatality - Crimson Quarter (1500 Words): Dai has been tasked with taking down Jirochi and his Sweet Sisters club. Dai, rarely violent, might ruin the plans by becoming violent too soon when seeing the young girls being abused at the club by the older men. Dai needs to get inside without getting seen by Jirochi's men.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must go inside the Sweet Sisters club and draw the attention of the patrons. In addition, the user must start to draw the attention of Jichiro's subordinates as well as much as possible.

  • Once enough attention has been drawn, Dai will move through the guarded areas. This will allow Dai to turn off the security systems.

  • Slip away and follow Dai now that the security has been disabled.

  • Find Jichiro and defeat him together with Dai.

  • Jirochi is incredibly strong. Physical attacks do not affect him due to his perverted masochism ability.

  • Meet up with Dai outside the club and confirm that the task has been completed. Dai will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

Kinji Ichihara

Name: Kinji Ichara

Role: Kinji Ichira, also known as the Serpent's Glare, protects the guild through his schemes. He might seem scrawny, but his tactics are only second to Danno, the Serpent King, allowing him to serve as his advisor. Kinji lost his whole family in a fire but always understood that the causes were not natural. Danno didn't need to convince him to become a member of the Silent Serpents. Instead, while completing the same objective, Danno beat Kinji in a battle of wits. Thus, Kinji decided to follow Danno to ensure things would change for the future generation.


Teijo's Fall - Crimson Quarter (1500 Words): Kinji has been tasked with taking down Teijo and his prostitution circle. Teijo is known for targetting widows struggling for income and promises them great offers for reasonable jobs. In the end, Teijo turns it around and forces them to become a pawn for his circle. Kinji's mother suffered the same faith, thus Kinji cannot accept such behavior.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must stand outside the warehouse and give a signal when fifteen of Teijo's men have departed.

  • Enter the warehouse with Kinji and take down the remaining thirty crooks serving Teijo while making your way towards Teijo's office.

  • Defeat Teijo together with Kinji.

  • Teijo is incredibly strong. Magic doesn't work on him because his mask can null it.

  • Meet up with Kinji outside the warehouse and confirm that the task has been completed. Kinji will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

She sent out a message for both Xandra and Leika. She knew Leika well enough already, but Xandra was one who sounded familiar to her yet did not know. The men she met earlier seemed to have something for them to do and it needed three of them. She only sent a letter to Kaiser since she did not know anyone from the guild itself and alas she was sent back a letter saying who. Her eyes watched the door as she sat on a table at some bar that she bought for herself and the two others - just for this meeting alone.

It was a small room with a round wooden table. The texture was light with dark lines to give it detail. The chairs were simple four-legged chairs that you could find at any dinner table, no cushions were included. It had a single light above the table that lit up the 5x5m room. Her blonde hair was shining bright, her lilac moon eyes were darkened with the shadow of her bangs as they cover one of her eyes. She felt really tired after last night's fireworks that she revealed to Leika.  Hopefully, Leika was up to this stuff. Kurisa believed that Leika hasn't completed any missions, helped anyone ever since she escaped.

The bartender came up and leaned against the doorway with his elbow against the opening part. "Do you think you'll need anything to drink?" He was old with a casual suit. Her eyes gazed at the table and then back at him. "No, this will be just business." She waved him off as she wondered when they will get there.

#2Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

The chill air hung in the night sky as she pushed open the door to the seemingly shabby bar. The interior of the building wasn't nearly as bad as she was expecting. Dim, golden lights hung over distanced tables that were shoved inside smaller rooms, illuminating just enough to maintain the dark aura that the place exuded. The pink-haired mage had been vaguely informed of her role as well as her upcoming partnership with two other members, Kurisa and Leika, whom she had never heard of. She could only assume that they were new members that she was yet to meet. The sound of the bell which hung above the door echoed as she stepped into the warm air, mixed with the lingering scent of alcohol.

The small rooms that laced the bar were meant to provide privacy for business-related matters. She just had to find the two ladies whom she was here to do business with. However, before her eyes could spot, the guild insignia engraved on her thigh began to lightly heat up. Instantly, her gaze flashed to a small room which she entered, only to find a blonde woman sitting on a rounded table with three glasses. Xandra recognized the woman as a member of the guild, thanks to the gift of sisterhood which is granted to it's members to allow them to recognize an ally, regardless of whether they've met prior to this meeting. She walked up to the woman, who had just finished waving off the waiter, and placed herself down on an empty seat. Her short pink hair seemed almost blonde under the golden light. "I don't think we've met before. I'm Xandra." She smiled, pushing forth her hand for a friendly shake.

While she was keen on making friends, the enchantress was, oddly enough, a workaholic. She realized that she would have plenty of time to get to know them better but for now, they had a mission to accomplish. Once all of them has assembled, it would be time to get to business,"I heard the gist of the situation. If I'm right, you both were present when you were asked for help. If you don't mind, could you tell me a bit more in detail about what happened?" All the information she had gotten so far was passed through the letter which was sent to Kaiser. As meticulous as she was, she still preferred to hear it from them
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#3Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe
Leika would be the last sister to arrive, followed by her companion Bolt. She was wearing the dress thing that Kurisa had crafted for her, after much prompting from her Guild Mistress. Still, she wore nothing underneath and was barefoot as she eventually located the meeting place. It appeared to be how Kurisa described it, so she assumed her friend was here.

She wasn't sure what was going on, only that Kurisa and herself had agreed to help what could only be described as a guild of men; the complete opposite of what Daeva Eye represented. What they needed help with, she wasn't sure. She couldn't understand the language, being so limited on her speaking skills as it is. But she was slowly learning, with help.

She entered the bar slowly, looking around and crinkling her nose at the smell of alcohol. She'd never smelled that before and was a bit repulsed by it. Her red eyes scrolled around the bar, taking in the decor. Her ears twitched and pricked at the sound of voices, and the Daeva Eye tattoo engraved upon her neck gave off a tingling sensation. She could tell her guild sisters were near. And thanks to Sisterhood, she'd recognize them right away.

Moving low to the ground, she slowly crept to the room where Xandra and Kurisa conversed. Her reddish-orange bushy tail swayed behind her, her matching set of ears pricked and twitching as they blended in with her bright reddish-orange hair. Her red eyes fell upon the small room and she slowly crept up to it. Bolt took the initiative to push the door open with his nose allowing Leika to enter.

Not only was she the last to arrive, but she was the oddest member of their little group. While the other two appeared equally human (so long as Kurisa did not sprout angel wings) Leika easily stood out with her strange fashion sense, bare feet, soft wolf ears, and bushy tail. Knowing she was among allies instantly, however, made this a lot less awkward as she claimed the unused chair.

She placed her knees onto the chair and kneeled there, unsure yet how to sit properly much less use any proper etiquette. Her eyes wandered toward the familiar blond that sat on the table itself and then fell upon the unfamiliar pink-haired woman she didn't recall meeting yet. Her ears twitched curiously as she studied the new woman. She seemed to be a very powerful human, but Leika couldn't be sure.

She hated humans. But she didn't dislike Xandra, her Sisterhood left no room for such feelings. When Xandra questioned the details of this meeting, Leika could only swish her tail and stare awkwardly. She wasn't sure how to explain this, as she herself was struggling to understand the language still. Instead, she sat back in the seat, her ears lowering into her extremely long hair.


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The girl's came in to settle. The first one she has never seen before must've been Xandra. She looked oddly familiar. Maybe Alisa knew her somehow. She was the only one who knew as many people as she did if not more. Soon after, Leika came in and business was started, but not before she introduced herself to Xandra. Her lilac eyes gazed towards her with a simple smile. "My name's Kuri. Nice to meet you as well." Her eyes motioned towards the chairs as if she was waiting for them to sit. Once they did, it was obvious that it was time for business.

She grabbed her notes that she wrote down and then also the information she was given and opened it for them all to see. She didn't know if Leika could read, so it was more for Xandra. "Straight to business then. Danno Minamota, their leader had three of his followers find us to help out. Obviously, three guys - three people they need to help them. Not sure why they picked us.".

"Sadao Shinsato, know as their enforcer. He needs someone to watch the Quarters to observe Oga's Drugstore. The rest of the info is on this paper."
She slid the facts towards them.

"Next is Dai Hanamura, the connector of their guild. We have to go inside the sweet sister club. I personally would like this one.  The final last one, I feel like it'd be good for you Xandra. Heard you were strong, strength-wise." She spoke with an expressionless face. She knew that she-herself wasn't very strong in strength, Kurisa felt stronger with magic. Leika was new to all of this so if she was going the strategic route, Leika would take the first one, she herself will take the second one and Xandra will take the last one. "Once you pick your targets partners from their guild, head out. Meet here after you're finished."

#5Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

The noise within the bar soon faded as their last member arrived and shut the door behind her. The meeting commenced once all three of the ladies had gathered. The pink-haired mage had arrived with no particular expectations from her fellow guild-mates but nonetheless, she was pleasantly surprised. The young girl, whose race she was not yet aware of, quietly made her way onto the empty seat where she, unexpectedly, kneeled. Xandra simply offered a small smile to the young girl whom she assumed was Leika once Kurisa had introduced herself. Out of courtesy, she still politely waited, giving the young demi-human a chance to familiarize herself through a small introduction. Regardless of whether she did so or not, the enchantress would simply smile at her before turning to Kurisa, who was ready to get down to business.

She grabbed the piece of paper with notes sprawled over it as her eyes glided across the content. She listened to the explanation that was offered. The job seemed relatively simple, given that an all-male yakuza group had asked Daeva Eye for assistance. Once Kurisa expressed her lack of surety as to why they were chosen, the Bellan chimed in. "Probably because, as of right now, Daeva Eye is the strongest and well, only, guild in this area. Considering that we're planning on having Hosenka under our rule soon enough, they probably thought this was a good opportunity." And indeed, it was. While having to help an all male group might be something people wouldn't expect from the guild, Xandra knew that this job was absolutely perfect for them. As her eyes skimmed through the material, her eyebrows knitted together into a frown. Two out of the three yakuza rings they were tasked to bring down targeted women and protecting them was the very essence of Daeva Eye.

As Kuri went on to explain the different members of the group they would be partnering with, she expressed her own opinion to which Xandra nodded. Given the information she was provided with, she agreed with Kurisa regarding the placement of each of them. She turned her head towards Leika, "From what I can see here, yeah it would be best for me to go after the prostitution circle and Kuri to go after the Sweet Sisters Club. Leika, would you be fine assisting in taking down the Black Hands Guild?" She didn't really know much about how strong the two were but Kurisa's confidence in the way she held herself gave her some reassurance.

While Hosenka was yet to be conquered by them, she was slightly ticked off at the ongoing activities in a place that would soon fall under their jurisdiction. In a way, she assumed this could be an initial clean up. Of course, there were still some things she was curious about but she doubted her own guild-mates could answer them when they were meant for their so-called partner guilds. Perhaps it was because she rarely trusted people, but there was still much she wanted to know about their yakuza guild. Placing the paper down, she folded her hands over the table and slightly leaned in. "If everyone is okay with their assigned partners and tasks, we should head out. But before that, if there are any doubts, we should probably clear them up."
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Leika Earthe
As Kurisa introduced herself to the other woman, Leika just observed their interactions with curiosity. Her companion, an unusual zebra-like creature named Bolt, stood beside her seat quietly as the wolf-girl tried to pick up on the general vibe of the conversation. She didn't fully understand the conversation and was more confused when Kuri laid out a paper with weird symbols and patterns and pictures of strange men, both good and bad.

So, if she understood correctly, some men were asking them for help with bad people. Leika didn't like the looks of the people that were their target and had mixed feelings about their partners. Her ears twitched and she brought her tail around front to stroke the soft fur. It was a comfort mechanism for her. It calmed her down when nervous.

Obviously, three guys - three people they need to help them. Not sure why they picked us.

Probably because, as of right now, Daeva Eye is the strongest and well only guild in this area.

She heard Kuri and Xandra saying. She tried to make out the meaning behind the words. They were talking faster than she was used to. She looked at the paper again, tilting her head curiously as she tried to understand what was going on. From what she gathered it was three men, three targets, three locations, and thus required the use of all three women. Her tail tip twitched as she continued to idly pet her own tail.

Sadao Shinsato, known as their enforcer. He needs someone to watch the Quarters to observe Oga's Drugstore. The rest of the info is on this paper.

Lei tilted her head looking at the man known as Sadao. So, he was one of the partners, if she understood correctly. She touched the paper with her fingertips lightly as she examined the strange man. She heard the blond and pink-haired women discussing who would take which area. Her ears only pricked when she heard her own name.

Leika, would you be fine assisting in taking down the Black Hands Guild?

"Black... hands... bad, yes? Leika go with... Sad... Sadi...Sad...e...o...?" She attempted to pronounce the name while trying to comprehend the plan. Her voice had a mix of Sinese and Ballen accent. Her ears drooped slightly, as she struggled to join in the conversation. "Leika watch? Tell on bad?"

She needed confirmation on her mission. This was all new to her and her communication and social skills were quite lacking. Hopefully, she wouldn't mess things up.


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Kurisa listened to them both in case they had questions or even input in what happened. She listened to Xandra talk about how she agreed and also how it was obvious why they chose them. She made a small smile till she listened to Leika speak, creating a rather motherly smile towards her. She was somewhat confused about it which was understanding. "Yes, Leika. You simply go with him and watch the area he takes you to. If people threaten the area you need to defeat them. I believe in you.~" she nodded with a smile once more towards Leika.

Her attention went back to expressionless as she went back to business. "Seems other than that we are ready. We'll meet back here then. Shall we?" She chuckled darkly and went towards the door. Her soft hand felt the door as she opened it for the girls. Once they left she nodded to each one of them and left right after. She went towards the barkeeper who looked at her. "We will be back. Keep that room unoccupied.". Her lilac eyes went towards the door and exited out of the bar. She had many choices to do this meeting, but the bar just seemed a normal and cliche way to go. It was that or an Italian Restaurant.


#8Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
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@Kurisa @Leika

The meeting ended smoothly. The one that the enchantress was worried about was Leika. Her behavior appeared to be rather timid but once she responded to the question that was asked of her, the Bellan realized the reason for her lack of active participation was the language barrier. She nodded her head along as she processed all the information available to her. It seemed that each of them knew what they were supposed to do. Perhaps this was their chance to increase the influence of the guild within the city. Once they eliminate the other yakuza groups, only remaining powerful group would be their ally. It was incredibly beneficial for them.

She noticed that the two women had already known each other and simply offered a smile as Kurisa soothed Leika, reassuring her about what she had to do. "Yeah, let's meet back here once we're done." She unfolded her hands off the table and stood up. "It's time to get this show on the road." She grabbed a hold of the papers which contained information about Kinji Ichihara as well as Teijo and his prostitution circle. "I'll be taking this with me, if you don't mind." The notes that Kurisa offered were extremely helpful but there was still more she needed to know. Perhaps this Kinji person could offer her the information she needed but before that, she still wanted to know more about their supposed partners.

Once they left after Kuri told the barkeeper to keep this place empty for them, they split ways and went on their own paths to accomplish their part of the mission.
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