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Equivalent Exchange

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Equivalent Exchange Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 1:22 pm


I'll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind
And I'll use you as a focal point
So I don't lose sight of what I want
And I've moved further than I thought I could
But I missed you more than I thought I would

The day of time was night as the full moon lit up the area with the stars far from it. The stars hated light as they were envious of anything that lit up anything brighter than themselves. They couldn't compare themselves with the moon nor the street lights. Like the stars, all of the souls she lived with couldn't compare to the first . The woman stood tall at six feet and a few inches tall. Her long beautiful hair glowed a magenta lilac color as it flowed behind her. Each step was a progression as she walked through the field of white and red flowers. It was a pretty unique spot as it hid from the rest of the world. In a white wavery dress she felt the flowers tickle her ankles and the dirt slide against her feet with each step. The dirt was dry as a desert as it didn't rain.

In the middle of the field she stopped and stood there silently. Her head tilted to look up while her eyes reflected the moon perfectly in purple. Her hair flailed behind with some pieces in front of her face, but it didn't bother her as the wind felt perfectly against her skin. It wasn't cold but left a soothing chill feeling. The time from when she died as a little girl in ancient times far away from here to when she was found by a mad scientist. Kuri gazed at that woman as her silver-white hair flowed in the wind like white snow. The woman's eyes were red as encrusted blood. Her eyes turned to look at Arisa's brown golden eyes as she stood only five foot three.


Equivalent Exchange Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 8:46 pm


Her brown short hair was covering half of her face as the other revealed her shining eyes that started this life. Revana...

Revana never existed.

Her life disappeared like it didn't exist as Kuri's and Arisa's soul devoured hers. The girl was so willing to give up her life as if there was nothing to lose. The three stood in a perfect triangle form as the gazed at each other without moving.

"Didn't expect you to appear again... Ana." Kuri coldly spoke towards her. "Awe, why the cold welcome? You know I couldn't miss out on what was being planned." She chuckled insanely and grinned. Her eyes struck towards Arisa with an unamused look. "Looks like your puppet has no words, Kuri.". Arisa looked towards Ana who wasn't pleased. "So this is her. The one that made it all happen, huh?". The woman's figure was like her own with curves of a goddess with a large chest. She looked like she'd devour anyone in her way.

"Well you could say that, but it was no thanks to that scientist mainly. I wouldn't have met Kuri otherwise. So it seems you've tasted a little of our curse" Ana laughed loudly and insanely with her arms wrapped around her sides. "Hahaha, you'll taste more and more... don't worry. It'll make you crave more as you lose more. The more you lose the more you crave and desire that feeling." She spoke loudly in her crazy high school tone. It was as if Ana's mind was about to explode as her sanity cease to exist. Arisa didn't know Ana's full story and she doubted Kuri even knew. The only thing she knew was it was a tragic love story filled with betrayal. Ana out of nowhere stood there silently with her long hair covering her right side of her face.

"You want to know... do you?" Ana coldly spoke.


Equivalent Exchange Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 8:49 pm


Your cruel device
Your blood, like ice
One look, could kill
My pain, your thrill
I can't break through these chains
As my lust for all binds me as it runs through my veins.

It was like a visionary, a dome movie as they could see what seemed to be just her memory. The beginning. There she stood on the balcony on what seemed to be the third floor of a castle made of hardened sand. The area was surrounded by sand as it swirled softly in random areas. Her long silver hair flowed behind her as she gazed upon her people who feared yet loved her dearly. Wars were won with her leadership and she fed her people with her strategy. Nothing could be better than this. That was till her father introduced her to a man. As a gift for his daughter she was given a Ring of Anezti. It keeps those alive with no fear of death himself. Her appearance was not like others as her hair was like the shining moon in the sky and pure as white snow as it first falls.

The man was a normal man with brown hair and brown eyes. Her father wanted him to take her out to places. At first, she was skeptical, but he took her places, bought her flowers and it seemed genuine. She was new to this feeling. Love. Was it love or just the desire of wanting to possess someone and their feelings? It went on for a few years as her father wanted marriage between the two. He was a prince and to her father there weren't many that had her attention. She trusted him and felt rather attached.

That was her mistake.

Once he lived with them and the marriage was over, her father died in his sleep. At that time there were no kits to find out who the killer was. Her husband killed a random man who started a war between the people and him. The people started to hate him as they rioted against the guards and the guards turned against him.


Equivalent Exchange Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 8:50 pm


Maidens danced around him, lusting for his power and at that random night she watched.

She watched as he mixed his sweat with theirs. Swirled in colors of fabric as they made sounds that echoed the halls. Ana was unsure on how to take this. The feeling that was burning her and her head had no thoughts as it felt like it was going to explode. When he caught her watching he just gazed at her coldly. That hot gaze of his topaz burning eyes filled with both distaste and passion. Last thing she knew she felt a hand against her face and passed out.

Slowly, waking up she felt skin against hers as the smell of sweat and sweet molasses. Her body felt like it was frozen as she opened her eyes to see two other women and him. His smirk signaled it all as she felt her wrists and ankles tied up. Her heart was in love with him, but in her mind she was cracking. Blacking out and waking up once again she found the two women dead on the sheets of color. The design of their blood was swirled in the white sheets. He laughed, he enjoyed it as he found her jealousy amusing. He was quick to send her off to prison. He didn't want her in his way, all he wanted to be more powerful. There was something more to it.

Was it her father's gift?

Her ring was taken after she was knocked out. Her stomach was enlarged after a few months of imprisonment. Although, he did what he did she couldn't feel hate towards him. She felt the need to see him once more. Did he throw her out so why? He wanted her to live the life she had left in a hole that leads to hell. There was nothing.


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The closer to got towards birth, the more she decided to sacrifice it. A voice then spoke to her, ''Come to me, my child.". A woman appeared out of the shadows as she wore a hoodied coat that covered her shape. "Velka is here for you.~" She teased and reached out her hand. "Do you wish to punish him?" She stood there, but Ana didn't think anything through as she touched her woman's hand. Ana couldn't think who Velka was at the time.

Escaping the hole she traveled back to the castle within the shadows to end up seeing him dead on the bed. Her eyes lifted up to see her, an old friend named Jerrica. The ring was gone. Standing there she realized...

Perhaps she was a sin.

Her lust for the man was still there, the desire to feel something, anything positive within was forever there. Due to her help, Velka took Ana's child from within. It didn't affect her, but she felt like she had nothing. Her people forgot her, the man she thought loved her tried to kill her and died as her father died as well. Velka gave her an offer that she couldn't deny.

There were so many things in-between that adventure, but Ana tried to forget many things, but that man was one she couldn't forget. The last thing she knew was that her body was destroyed and her soul was founded by a scientist. He took her to a place within a Country named Fiore. Her soul was studied on for years as the man never aged. Did he have her ring?

Ana stood there gazing at Kuri and Arisa as she remembered the day she and Kuri became one. That scientist who decided to experiment on children and ancient objects. Her soul was within an object as she was inserted into Kuri's body. It was a perfect match... they were a perfect fit for sin and virtue.

Kuri Ana.

But now there was Kuri and Arisa, Kurisa for short now, huh? Just the thought of that made her feel weird, but her soul will never leave them now. Her body will always be with them as she spiritually stood there waiting to become solid as the other also stood there waiting for the time.


Equivalent Exchange Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 8:53 pm


I never expected to be apart of something
Never expected to be who I am today
As I hide in the shadows and away from its' people
Away from my insanity
But my sanity is what follows me

Arisa stood there as she could feel their souls pulling her towards them. Her short brown hair hid her eyes that were so very cold and filled with despair. The people she trusted have left her and the people she never trusted just don't exist. Not even her enemies are here. Ever since their souls formed she felt different as their body changed as well. Becoming and Seraph an then a Nephilim changed her whole life rather for better or worse. The closer she became with Kuri and Ana, the more she changed as a person and her appearance. It felt strange to her, but at least she won't ever feel alone. No...

Slowly, each one of them walked towards each other till they were about arms reach from another. "Like colors, White, Grey, and Black - they make each other yet the grey is the mix of both two." A voice spoke darkly. As the area glowed the flowers turned into a glowing white with black stripes, outlined with a grey tone. Moonflowers they were as they were in one body. That was all that was needed for now, right?  Kuri, Arisa, and Ana. Their names could not all be shown as the name was already accepted. Revana has never used any longer anyway as their new name will be spoken through lips and thought of within every mind. Rather it was fear or for goodwill. Arisa remembered escaping Kuriana while her being a mother figure and now she was one with her. Sounds sickening at the thought, but truthfully, perhaps she never had a real family and maybe she was just an experiment all along.

She wasn't even anyone's daughter.



Was she alone besides perhaps the entity of Kuri, Ana, and their Goddess? The goddess that Ana had dealing with ancient times ago...

They'll find her... and when they did, who knows what will happen.

Kuri sa.

Slowly, she - no they, walked away from the flower fields of mystery and towards the town of Marigold. Their story was never ever, it'll never be over and there was still so much to tell, to share and to just hold onto. Finally, their eyes met each other for once in many years as they then went on their day, hiding in the shadows.


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