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Eternal Horizons [Private/ lil b]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Eternal Horizons [Private/ lil b] Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:03 pm

Juni Anastos
Juni smiled as she was offered a cup of tea from a small woman with frizzy dark hair. Juni had come here looking for some sort of peace of mind, some sort of retreat from her conflicting thoughts and goals. She felt lost in this world, even when she was following the beat of another person's drum. Taking a sip of the tea and smiling, even more, she thanked the woman. It was a mildly sweet tea with floral hints that she couldn't quite place. It relaxed her. Looking around the church she noticed that these people still worshiped Illum. Juni was disappointed, how could anyone trust that after everything that had happened. It was a mystery but she figured that blind faith was just that strong.

Blind faith... Had she played her cards right or rather she continued to play them right she would have gotten that same blind faith from those very same people in this church...Maybe. When she sold off her armor and gave up her spear she became nearly unnoticeable to those around her, her face of course changed from the person who set out to become one of the people who took on the task of the nine heroes. She wanted to be free and she knew she couldn't be with those earthly possessions holding her back. Taking another sip from her cup she dismissed the woman as she needed some time alone in these pews to think about how she would spend the rest of her life...If she would spend any more her of her life on this earth.

It was her mindless thinking that caused her to eventually have some sort of epiphany. She wasn't the same person anymore and with this spear, in hand, she was holding on to a part of herself that she let go already. Removing her armor and handing her spear to the woman who handed her tea she decided she wanted to walk a different path, one without people worshiping her or seeing her as something she clearly was not. She needed to get to a higher rank and then who knows..

- exit -

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