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Dozing Kids [Quest]

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"So many left to do still." She spoke and stretched as it was already noon. The next job was seeing a teacher. Were they going to teach her students or something? "You can go ahead and do this one. I'll just stand by just in case." He insisted. They walked by each other with one of them walking slower or faster here and there. Her purple hair felt like it was becoming a mess already from all this roaming. Slowly, she uncapped her water bottle and tilted her head back. The water felt so refreshing from all this work, but so would a nap.

A nap sounded amazing.

'Are we whipping them into shape?' Kuri wondered as Ari was wondering about what they were doing with the kids. 'We probably aren't.'. With that response, she saw the school getting closer. Her partner made sure he walked the same speed as her which was nice. Once they got there the teacher was already at the front door waiting. She jumped in shock as she seemed to have spaced off. ''O-oh! Sorry, I didn't realize there will be two of you..." She started to say as she scanned them both. Her eyes looked at them as if she was assuming they were a couple. ''Well, better than none. Let's go." she pushed up her glasses getting all collected before walking into class. "Now I need you to monitor my students and make sure none of them fall asleep. Not sure why they like to not learn in a world like this, but it's happening more than usual." She instructed. Sandine seemed rather strict inside, but nice outside.

They stood in each corner as the teacher was teaching them some sort of subject that she herself didn't care much about. It was interesting to maybe a selective few, but to her, it wasn't. Her eyes cornered to see what her partner was up to as he was gazing outside at nature. 'He seems chill.' she thought as she was teasing at the fact he didn't want to even do this one, but he still came with her. Her eyes paid back attention to the student as she then realized that one of them had their head rested on the desk. Kurisa walked towards the student and tapped his back. ''Wake up.~" She insisted as she pointed forward. ''Y-yea, sorry. Just with all this homework and stuff at home. I haven't been really sleeping." He explained. His eyes seemed droopy as they kept opening and closing.

He stayed up throughout the class though as she then watched the others. Next, there was a girl who she saw writing on some pink paper, folded it and passed it onto another. That person passed it onto another after her and it ended up going to the boy who was falling asleep earlier. She ignored it that once as she gazed at the girl who they saw. She nervously paid attention to the class once again. After the bell rang, she was done. Both of them got their reward and left.



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