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What Lies Beneath:Quest {Solo} {Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

What Lies Beneath:Quest {Solo} {Lucian} Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:10 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The wailing of the spirits could be felt as the cacophony of the damned and the slain rose in a high octave from the ruins of the caverns underneath. This wasn't a typical mission, but I can't be surprised that I find myself in this situation once again. The spirts of Oak were always notoriously restless though this. This was much worse than before, though I'm guessing without Phantom Lord to hold these beings at bay, they have finally decided to make themselves known. And I can't say that I blame them.

I can feel the malice, heartbreak, rage, regret, guilt, sadness, and pain that radiated from them like hollow beacons. Clearly they are not going to be too fond of me disturbing them in their unfruitful rest, but this was a job. One requested on behalf of the Phantasm themselves and besides the world of spirituality always lent itself towards a unique time.

The catacombs were grey with a tinge of ash, though whether from the rotting bodies or simply the decrypted stones that lined the walls it was hard to tell.

He continued to step forward heading towards the heart of this twisted crypt of the damn. The wails and somber cries soon became louder once again, the individual spirits becoming restless at the presence of a new being.

"Stay where you are, young man!" The booming voice a large man ripped through the hallway of the cavern. His armor was extremely large and heavy, though judging from the deep slashes of the rend metal he had been taken down by some beast.

"I am one of the greatest guardsmen to ever grace Oak!, my mighty muscles and great might led me to be the best of the best."

"That's nice but what is your business with me."

"You mock me! How dare you feel comfortable walking around here without any sense of responsibility or reverence."

"I don't mock you sir, but I am here to visit with those like you to see what I could do for you to lead you to peace."

"Peace?! I am a guard to the end, there is no peace for me! Only the protection of Oak and her citizens is for me! AND I WILL NOT REST TILL THEY ARE SAFE!"

The spirit roared a defiant yell of a man hellbent on his mission, it would be a simple matter to eradicate this thing but he had a genuine sense of justice. A loyal man to the very end and beyond.

Lucian didn't move at all, unfazed by the bellowing fellows' righteous decree. This was a matter of giving rest to the dead and nothing more.

"Well, you can rest now my friend, Phantom Lord has been dissolved and the Phantasms have bolstered their guard force with training from Mages across Fiore. Your sacrifice was not in vain and we have grown stronger. So rest now Oak is protected."

The spirit sat in quiet thought for a mere second before yelling again.


The spirit's energy began to shimmer before slowly he dispersed into a transparent cloud of small light butterflies. Floating into the catacomb walls the entity was gone toward the afterlife. Taking the time to assure the spirit was truly gone, Lucian continued further into the tombs of the dead.

The frost that was accumulating on the stones was evidence that pointed to the increase in spiritual energy. As Lucian traversed through the ruins, a few more spirits crossed his path. All of them were respectful spirits that just needed a simple guide to the end. They were benevolent, some just wanted a friend to talk to, a message to be delivered, or something else entirely but all of them peaceful walked into the afterlife. Happy to be no longer forcibly bound to the hallowed grounds of the church of Oak.

"What a shame this place is, how can the house of peace and religion be home to such suffering and bondage. There is clearly nothing righteous about what happens under here, nothing righteous at all."

The catacombs were slowly growing quiet as Lucian continued on his pilgrimage, there was hardly any spirits left to quell as he took in the map he had been given by the Phantasms.

Turning to begin the long trek out, a hushed whisper flew through the room, it was soon followed by another and another until the room echoed with the multitude of voices and then like snapping wind it was gone. The room was silent once again.

Lucian turned around, the smell was pungent like rotting flesh, mildew, and soiled stone. There was only a faint light from the bioluminescent flora that adorned the catacomb walls. Then it appeared, a spirit as tall as the cavern itself, a long black flowing sheet billowed around it blowing in some unseen wind. Its skin was a bright luminescent white as it floated there. There was no speaking, only the soft hum of a mumbled mantra.

"Spirit, I-"

There was no sound to betray its movements as is flew into the face of Lucian. The air around the apparition was colder than any of the air in the crypt. This being was on an entirely different dimension of stature than the ones who had come before it.

"Why do you come here mage. Why do you defile this ancient burial with your soiled feet and stench of life."

"I came to help pass others on as requested by the Phantasms. Nothing more, nothing less."

"So they still live, even in death, they continue to torment me further. Do they not have any shame or ounce of respect."

The spirit flew back to its original setting, the vile anger radiating from it in cold shockwaves.

"And so why send you, I sense nothing from you other than magic, you have no true knowledge of...Death..." The spirit took its time to once again fly close to Lucian though this time, it seemed to study him. Taking in the full account of his personage.

"Ah, you reek of death boy. Even more so than I originally thought, you must have seen death or cause it. Maybe both."

"I have seen and caused it. I am not ashamed of it nor do I fear it. I just want to get my jewels and go."

The spirit sat silently as if pondering its next words, then it flew back before speaking once again.

"Well then, if I am to pass on I require that you promise me to never become a slave to Phantasms or their coin. Promise me that if should the time ever arise to bring down their vile family you will strike."

"I serve no one but myself spirit. I assure you, in the way things are going in due time, all of us will receive our due. But I give you my word."

"Hmmm, so you say. Remember the name of Voltaire Mondoom. It may come in handy in for you later." The spirit dispersed much like the others but unlike them, the butterfly was massive and took off toward the sky. A peaceful symbol to an otherwise darker individual.

"Strange indeed."

Taking one more look at the map, Lucian headed off toward the outside of the crypt where his jewels were waiting for him.


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