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Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app)

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Empty Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:17 pm

Lucian V. Crimson


Name: Lucian Vincent Crimson

Age:26. November 5th, X763

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Savanahh

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan

Class: Berserker

Race: Werewolf
Rank: C-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right side of the neck, Below the ear. Colored crimson with a solid black outline

Face:  Kassim-Magi


Height: 6'3


Hair: Black with red,white, and grey
Eyes: Amber

Overall: Lucian is a man who has seen the hardships of life and has endured some of the worst. His body and face are the results of that. His countenance has been considered to be rather cold, his features like ice. His eyes sit level onto his face and are much like marbles, not allowing much light to them or room for expression. His nose and mouth are positioned proportionately onto his face with his mouth constantly in a stoic look only swapping for a slightly upturned end in his disdain and rarely any sort of smile.

Lucian has a rather lean muscular build, while not perfectly chiseled, there is evidence of his battles and his hardships. His skin is that of soft brown color, like a slightly creamed coffee. With slight tans on his arms and legs making his skin more of darker brown. His hair is a dark black much like midnight with gray white and red bands on the ends of his dreads much like the coils of a deadly snake.

Lucian likes to wear an all-black ensemble of black jeans, a black shirt, and a black hoodie that he always wears halfway on his head at all times. His shoes are high top sneakers that stop right above his ankles. On each finger, he wears a black ring each adorned a set of fangs etched with silver into it. On his ears, he wears one set of sterling silver cross earrings with a white diamond at the top and a black one at the bottom.

Extra:  Lucian has a scar over his right eye and multiple scars over his chest, and one prominent line on his left cheek. Each canine tooth his adorned with a black metal cap that is sharp like fangs.


Personality:By choice, Lucian is much like his features and life as being a rather disengaged individual. He is not necessarily cold to people's problems but when it comes to his own sense of self, he is rather numb and lacks feelings. Lucian is a steel-willed and strong-minded person that is set upon doing what he needs to.

Lucian is rather selfless and tends to give to others in need and stand up for the little person. But despite this desire to help he leans in a much more neutral set of thought, choosing to excuse himself from patriotic or bigger issues that don't point to his own personal life or that of immediate needs.

Lucian is not quiet at the least, choosing to speak his mind on the elements that he chooses. He is of a free following nature most of the time, choosing to do things at the beat of whatever drum or instrument is made available to him at the time. Lucian is not expressive in the least, a call to his cool manner. Though in times of great distress or issue he is willing to forego those to release his genuine emotions and rage. He is calculated to a degree, a certain enigma of sorts that is careful in his planning till he just does not feel like it.
Lucian is a peaceful individual, for the most part, rather just choosing to move around rather than cause a commotion. Unless of course pushed to that point.


  • Moon:Lucian has always had a love for the moon and enjoys the dark of night better than the day. But more specifically, he loves the moon. There is something about the luster of the light and the pale color that glows as it hangs in the sky. He has always enjoyed sitting in the moon's light and enjoying the poetic essence of the light, and always believing it to have a connection to his parents.
  • Animals:He has always enjoyed the outdoors, but more than anything else he has enjoyed animals of any kind. He enjoys beast and feels that any living being should be held with respect. He really doesn't have a favorite animal, and just enjoys being in their presence and carrying for them. He sees animals as companions that can greatly improve the life of anyone.


  • Arrogant and Pampered people:Lucian hates people that feel that they are entitled to everything that comes their way. Those that feel that they are better than everyone else and or fail to see the hardships that others have to go through in order to merely survive. To him, those that think that they are just naturally greater than others, are just scared of their own selves and the weakness that they may have. Arrogant people always leave a bad taste in his mouth.
  • Greed: Greed to Lucian is the worst sin in the world. Greed will make people kill innocent individuals for no reason other than the obtainment of coins they can't even keep in the end when they die. Greed to Lucian is a disease that has cost him and others like him so much pain and unnecessary hardship. Greed to Lucian is useless as it is wrong, and he despises anyone motivated by it.


    Life: He lives for life, the furtherment of it, the protection of those that are young. He doesn't desire to be in politics or anything like that. But he lives to do what he can on the base level to help those that he can. Lucian will not take a life unless absolutely necessary because he feels alls lives deserve a chance to see where they can go. Lucian wants to give the chance for a better life to others.


  • Emotion/Connection:Lucian fears making any form of bond with people or thing. Having people he cares about or feeling anything for, will make him feel as if he will be weak once again. Emotion for Lucian will make him vulnerable to those that may choose to hurt him in the end. Lucian fears being connected will lead to him feeling the same pains that he has felt in his life.
  • Incapability: Lucian hates being at the mercy of other people or being unable to move. Such as being unable to talk or move, being chained up or locked down. Lucian fears to be incapable of doing for himself and the idea of anyone else having control over him. It is his greatest fear and the idea of being in that kind of situation will set him into a frenzy.


Magic Name: Genesis Force
Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: The Genesis force is the physical manifestation of the original god of war and beast Krotodamus energy. This energy can be used to create orbs or beams of energy and also be formed into solid constructs of the user choice that burns with unnatural power.  This can also empower the user to strengthen their body to increase physical ability in combat. The magic has no element and therefore has no elemental weakness or strengths. The energy is crimson in color with a white edge and has a flame-like appearance.
Historical flavor:

The Genesis Force magic uses the power that existed at the beginning of earth. Man has come to know different gods by many different names. Each name a result of a translation into the language of that individual. But the Genesis Force calls onto the primordial deities that ruled long before mankind ever began. The names of beings who have been washed away in the waves of time. Eons pass like days to these beings, and life is but a mere candle snuff to them. Having been called as the student or harbinger of an original primordial god, the user is able to draw on that god's energy and power and use it to perform spells base from their power. Lucian, by translating the power of the old god Krotodamus the original god of war and beast he can use this energy to strike.


History:Lucian's life was not always a hardship from the very beginning like any normal kid Lucian's life started off in the maternal ward of a hospital in the arms of an exhausted mother and an elated father. He cried like any normal child except for his occasional silence whenever he would calm down. Growing up for Lucian was not hard, it wasn't rough or a dark deep malevolent secret. It was as plain as plain could get. Ordinary and as regular as they came was the life that he lived. There was no such thing as the dark guilds and monsters of nightmares, no real danger. In his selective village, everyone was happy and at the best, they could be. Lucian was a happy child for most of his life, traveling the surrounding forest and visiting with his many friends. He explored the rivers and knew all the animals of everyone being hailed as the child of the creatures. Though his mother wasn't necessarily too fond of the title, he enjoyed his simple life.
It continued on this way till Lucian was about 15 years old and that's when he was introduced to the harsh reality of the world that they lived in. His father had finally gotten a position at the fiore government, as an advisor to the king of Fiore.

Packing up and leaving everything he knew behind Lucian was forced to become self-reliant. His closest friends ripped from him and his only true place to call home was now no longer available to him. Lucian was thrown into the best school, but it did nothing for the child who loved the forest. His days were spent looking out over the windows imaging the home, he had left behind. In this school, he experienced nothing but the worse that humanity had to offer. Kids rich with the money of their parents ostracized the young man for his desires. They mocked him and attack him when they got the chance, though after many broken arms and broken faces they kids learn not to do with the guy who wrestled with bears for fun. With his father's new job the family time that was once a prevalent part of his life was now a non-factor. Their lives warped by the introduction of the socialite environment. His mother slowly losing her grip on reality falling into the world of the social elite. Lucian lacking the ability of interaction took to traveling into the downtown part of the city. It was there he would meet the Black Raven crew. The ace of the crew was a kid that was called "Feast". Feast was strong willed and tall with amber colored eyes that seem to invite you in. His hair was black and shoulder length extremely straight and all the girls of the crew loved him. It was with kid feast that Lucian learned to steal without getting caught using the city to disappear from the police, the ins and outs of the city, but more importantly, Lucian received the family he felt that he was losing. Especially when it came to the fact that anyone who dared to confront him faced their wrath.

On his 18th birthday Lucian after a normal day of hanging with the crew he came home to a dark sight. When he opened the door to the home they lived him in the highrise. Lucian was repulsed by what he saw. His mother's body laid on the floor. Her eyes frozen with fear, blood pooling around her. The house was a mess, different items were thrown about and overturned. It was a deliberate attack and something caused it. In his haste, Lucian called the police and gathered his gear. Rushing out of the home Lucian took off toward the one other place that could be a target. Running with all his might Lucian took all the short cuts he knew weaving through the city he now called his own and slowed when he got to the government building, When his father walked out, Lucian could only watch as a dark figure unleash a single beam through the heart of his father.

Gone.... Lucian took off towards his father, his eyes filled with tears. Holding him in his arms, Lucian watched as his father slowly lost his struggle to live. The soul leaving his body as his eyes became nothing but cold orbs. Grabbing his pack Lucian made his way to the one place he knew he belonged and that was with the crew. Walking into the hideout, Lucian could hear Kid feast, talking to the others. Kid acknowledged that with his power he could kill any of the rich people that would look down on them for being base born. With his power, he could make them great. Kid Feast also claimed to be the one who killed Lucian's father. The others cheered in agreement and respect With rage, Lucian strutted into the room, as it grew silent, he could feel the eyes all fall on him. Looking up at Feast, Lucian's rage grew ever higher, his body filling up with adrenaline shot unlike any other, his countenance grew hot and he attacked without warning. Lucian's fist became weapons of pain as he went about the room, each person becoming another pest to be removed till there was only one left, Feast himself. Lucian and Feast attacked one another, blood and magic power spilling into the air. But in the end.. Lucian was the only one left standing.  

As the rage left him, Lucian could only look in horror at some the bodies that laid on the floor. People he had called companions and friends. Each one who had betrayed him had suffered their fate because they wanted more power, but yet did those did, did they deserve to die? Lucian didn't know, he didn't care. All he felt was a cold void. The family he once knew and had was gone from him. And now he was alone. Returning to his pack, Lucian gathered his belongings and sought out the forest.

That night in the forest, in the middle of a clearing with the full moon, was that Lucian finally let out his emotion. His roars of pain and anger turned into sobs of pain and desire. His body shaking from the strength that left him as he fell to his knees. The glow of the moon shining down upon him, as he continued to cry, Lucian slowly fell to sleep, his exhausted form collapsing to the earth. The dreams of his sleep did no better as he continued to envision the events of the past day and his life. In some moments he was the one who killed his father, in others he was holding the body of Feast. In others, the faces of those he had brutalize were that of his mother and father. But the last dream to visit him was more than vivid than the last. He stood in the center of a throne room, nothing in the surrounding area could be seen but a single throne made of black and red metal. Upon the throne sat suit of armor and two large black lions with manes of white fur like fresh snow. The figure on the throne looked at the child with curious eyes, Lucian tried to speak. His words swallowed up. Looking in haste Lucian tried to run, but yet he couldn't move. He was at the mercy of the suit of armor. The figure stood up and approached Lucian and laid his hand on his head.

"You are my charge, and today you will come to accept my power, whether you want to or not. You are the vessel of my second coming, the bringer of my power. Now, I will visit you when I feel that it is time. But for now, go on. Live your life. I'll be seeing you in due time. "

In a brief instant, the world goes dark and Lucian awakens once more, his eyes filled with sunlight as he looked around the area. His face contorted in confusion as he tried to piece together the events of his dream. Looking down at his clothes, he could only accept the truth from the blood that coated them. Standing to his feet, Lucian looked around as the animals of the forest came to him. Bringing him various food, feeling a sense of acceptance, Lucian took to the road with his possessions in tow. As Lucian hit the road, he came into contact with many different individuals and entities, but soon found himself aimless and without the true direction whatsoever, fate had abandoned him and so he too abandoned his desire to live. And so Lucian lived as a hermit and wandering vagabond, a shell of his former self. This self-imposed exile lasted for four years, till Lucian happened upon a village of spiritualist. Using their resources and their kindness, Lucian learned to reclaim his desire to not only live but to hear the voice of fate once again. Thanking his new comrades for their hospitality,  Lucian stayed to help repair and fix their dwellings, protecting them from various dangers. The battles helped return Lucian to form and find his love for battle once again. With their blessing and hearing the whispers of fate, Lucian returned to Oak once again where he had once been to possibly find the true sense of purpose he was meant to have all along.

Reference: no one lol

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The Harbinger of WarFortune wheelLucian's character sheet.

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Qhre37u


Even if the morrow is barren of Promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice
#2Lucian V. Crimson 

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Empty Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:22 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Genesis Force-Reclaim
  • Weapon:NA
  • Off-Hand:  NA
  • Head:NA
  • Body:  NA
  • Relic:  NA
  • Race:Werewolf-Reclaim
  • Companion:  NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points:22

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 2
  • Endurance: 2
  • Constitution: 2
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes

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The Harbinger of WarFortune wheelLucian's character sheet.

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Qhre37u


Even if the morrow is barren of Promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice
#3Venus Rosé 

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Empty Fri Mar 06, 2020 2:10 am

Venus Rosé

Hello, I'll be grading your application.

  • The race 'Lycan' does not exist anymore and has been replaced by 'Werewolves' so please change that.
  • Please state the colour of your guild tattoo, in case you join a guild in the future.
  • Remove the image from the 'Face' section.
  • The personality is a bit too short for our requirements, if you could expand a bit more - it'd be much appreciated.
  • You code in 'Motivations' is broken.
  • You may remove this section from your magic:

    Lucian's magic is capable of doing the following:
    Offensive Spell Price 1x
    Self-Buff Strength Spell Price 1x
    Self-Buff Endurance Spell Price 2x
    Supplementary Spell Price 2x

Bump when done.

#4Lucian V. Crimson 

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Empty Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:29 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Bumping this topic, and everything fixed

The Harbinger of WarFortune wheelLucian's character sheet.

Lucian Vincent Crimson (S3 Revamped app) Qhre37u


Even if the morrow is barren of Promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice
#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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