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Okano, Rania

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Name: Rania Okano
Age: 22 years, born March 4th X767
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: left arm, black
Face: Aeolian - Ghostblade


Height: 168cm | 5'5''
Weight: 58kg | 128 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Emerald
Overall: Rania’s physique reflects ethereal beauty, youth and elegance. Her height is considered average; her body is fine-boned, almost dainty even and has pleasantly feminine curves that enhance her sultry and sensuous appearance. Rania’s lustrous, black hair falls below her hips and curl at the tips, and her round eyes are a beautiful emerald green in colour. Her skin is fair and nearly flawless and her cheeks freckle ever so slightly during the summer seasons. Rania’s gentle features and kind expression compliment her soft-hearted nature and nearly clash with her almost seductive body language, which is merely the result of years of being a dancer. Rania often wears an excessive amount of golden jewelry and the emerald appears to be her favourite gemstone. Her wardrobe varies depending on the season, but she seems to have a preference exotic clothing.

Extra: Rania has fading scars around her wrists and ankles, all of which stem from being shackled for so many years throughout her life. They are only mildly visible nowadays and while she doesn’t hide them, she doesn’t acknowledge them anymore either. Rania's ears and her belly button are pierced.


Rania Okano is a softhearted woman with a kind soul and a gentle approach. She’s forgiving, patient and sweet towards strangers and friends alike. Rania has never been bitter in spite of her past and is grateful for her new life and freedom and even though she’s still struggling to adapt to independence, her will to live is astonishing and a tribute to her resolve. Rania is committed to her cause, a dedicated healer and very self-aware of her own mistakes and flaws.

Because she was a slave for so many years, she’s very disciplined and quick to accept the words of authority, even if she doesn’t have to. Rania often appears to be innocent and naive as she tends to see the best in people, even if there’s nothing there. She’s trusting, but not gullible and ever the pacifist. When Rania was first set free she was shocked to see how much violence there was in the world and has made it her personal goal to save everyone.

Rania is emotional and not afraid to show when she’s hurt, offended or happy about something — this makes her very vulnerable. She’s someone who speaks her mind, but remains respectful of other people’s feelings regardless of who they are. Rania has also shown to be quite mischievous and sassy when the situation allows it.


  • Jewelry: Rania adores pretty things. She is a jewelry collector with a keen eye for beautiful and high quality gems and diamonds. Occasionally, Rania even designs her own jewelry and gifts it to friends.
  • Dancing: Rania has danced for as long as she can remember; she was trained to be an exotic dancer from a very young age and even though it wasn’t her choice, she loves and enjoys nothing more. Rania is very talented and delightful to look at and has been treated kindly by her slave holders because of this.
  • Astrology: Rania loves the beauty of the night and the moon and the stars fascinate her. She shows interest in astrology and seems to enjoy the silence and the darkness that sweeps over the world once the sun has set. Rania can often be found stargazing late into the night hours.


  • Arrogance: Rania dislikes arrogance, vanity and those who act as though they were above everyone else. She has little patience for people who believe themselves to be more important than others, but this won’t keep her from helping them when they are in need.
  • Dark Races: Rania dislikes dark races and particularly those who are rumoured to be evil. Rania is a healer and passionate about helping others, and because of this she has a natural aversion to anything with an ill will.
  • The Cold: Rania was born and raised in Desierto, a country known for its harsh environment, and because of this she is used to high and unforgiving temperatures. She gets cold easily and very much prefers summer and spring time in Fiore.


  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Rania's goal is simple: she wants to be happy. To find a place where she belongs, surrounded by friends and people who accept her and maybe even a partner for life – that is her idea of happiness. Rania wants to live her life freely and never again be bound by chains and owned by someone else.


  • Enslavement: Rania has been born into slavery and even though her life wasn’t the worst (in comparison to others), she’s never been able to live the way she wanted to and after finding freedom at last, she fears nothing more than going back to being someone’s slave.
  • Death: Like most people, Rania fears death. She’s a young, free-spirited woman with many dreams, goals and aspirations – she’s not ready to die yet.


Magic Name: Light Magic
Magic Element: Light
Magic Description: Rania's magic is simple light magic with a special focus on healing type spells, supplementary spells and buffs. She’s able to collect, summon, control and shape the element of light and all of its aspects to her desires and uses it to attack her enemies, defend herself against incoming damage and support and heal her allies. As a Paladin Rania is specialized in utilizing her light magic to use advanced healing spells. The element of light has a natural weakness to the element of nature and in return is strong against darkness.


i. some people are born with tragedy in their blood

Rania was born to Yua Okano, a joyan courtesan enslaved to a desiertian noble and Maël Berger, a merchant from the country of Minstrel. Rania’s mother worked in Desierto for almost her entire life, having been sold into slavery as a young woman herself. Her father was born into a middle-class household in Minstreli and earned his keep as a jewelry and gemstone merchant traveling the continent. Yua and Maël met during a meeting he had with her current owner and the two of them fell deeply in love. Rania’s father was on pleasant terms with her mother’s slaveholder and even though they were allowed to meet on a regular basis and be together, he was never able to collect the funds to free his beloved from her chains.

Rania was the product of their romance and when Yua unfortunately passed during childbirth, the young girl was given no choice but to replace her mother and practically became a slave from the very moment she was born. Rania’s father griefed the death of his partner, but was once again powerless and couldn’t save his daughter from enduring the same fate as her mother.

ii. 15 years a slave

Due to her young age, Rania was treated differently and more kindly by the nobles and once they discovered her talent for dancing and arts, the girl was granted a different, more innocent lifestyle.

The household Rania belonged to consisted of approximately a dozen servants, herself included, and a noble couple with three children. Rania was taught to do household chores, to cook and provide for the family she lived with ever since she was a little girl and even though she was treated relatively nicely, the shackles around her wrists and ankles were a constant reminder of what she was: a slave without any right nor freedom.

Rania’s father visited as often as he could and the two had a loving relationship, in spite of the difficult circumstances they found each other in. Maël was getting older quickly and while Rania noticed her father’s health declining slowly, she was unable to help him the same way he was unable to save her. Still, he promised her that she wouldn’t have to live her whole life as a slave and that he would gather the funds to free her one day.

iii. free at last

When Rania turned fifteen years old her father had gathered enough money to buy her out of slavery and she was finally set free. Rania left Desierto with her father and together they returned to Minstreli where the two of them lived a happy family life for a few years. Rania discovered her talent for healing magic, a gift her father strongly supported and for the next years, Maël focused on honing her skills and teaching her how to live as a free human. Unfortunately, her father’s illness was nothing she could cure with her own hands and Maël eventually passed away, leaving what little he had to his daughter.

Before his demise, he advised her to leave Minstrel and move to Fiore, a neighbouring country with a larger population of mages. He promised her that she and her healing magic would be in better hands there and after he was gone, Rania followed his suggestion and moved to Fiore where she became a healer and a nurse.

Reference: Nuala's Alt

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