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A dance to remember [Grand Ball|Rinni]

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A dance to remember [Grand Ball|Rinni] Empty on Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:18 am


Shall we dance?

The place lit up her eyes into a golden color as they seemed wolf-like. Walking in to people already dancing seemed memorable as she never really seen what a ball was like. 'I heard these were always courted by someone of Royalty. So where are they?'. Revana asked such questions as Arisa tsks softly. "Don't speak of such things as were not here to find them. Spending and wasting your time to think about fantasy's such as Royalty is pointless.". Her voice was soft, cold and quiet so no one heard besides herself. Each strand of her red hair flowed back as she walked forward like flames fuming. Her peach flawed skin lit up with patches of red, making a natural pink upon her cheeks show up. 'I would ask if it was warm here, but that is quite obvious since it's cold outside.'.

Her eyes looked around as she wondered to herself. 'What if my dress isn't quite pretty like the others and I'm judged? Perhaps there are prettier people than me, but maybe I should pretend I'm not worried and go along.'. Her eyes wandered as they couldn't quite be fixed to gaze at one thing. Her heart started to beat faster as she was nervous even being here. It seemed fine at first, but now the more she thinks about it the more she wanted to back out. 'Just drink a little and ease.'. The small advice from Revana made since so she searched for the drinking area.

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A dance to remember [Grand Ball|Rinni] Empty on Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:00 pm

Rinni Faithe
As she exited the restroom to mingle with the others, the teen's heart raced with nervous flutters. She was such an outcast in her blue off the shoulder tank top, jeans and sneakers; hair straight and lacking any form of make-up nor fancy jewelry. Maybe she shouldn't of come here? Maybe she at least should have kept the dress her mom had made for her rather than changing into her casuals?

This entire ordeal had 15-year-old Rinni feeling so out of place. She felt like everyone was staring at her, whispering about her, maybe even mocking her. She walked past a group and heard laughter. Was it intended for her, or was she overreacting? Maybe... maybe someone told a joke?

"Maybe I'm the joke..." She said softly to herself. 'Stop it, Rinni. You can't think like that. You're here to enjoy the party, to socialize. Now... suck it up and mingle!'

Her inner self pep talk helped a little, but not by much. Her shy awkwardness was showing through quite spectacularly. She was so embarrassed. She wanted to run. To go home. But if she did, her mom would only rub it in that she's still her baby... and her brother would never let her hear the end of it.

Heading toward the drinking table, she poured herself a small glass of non-alcoholic punch. She was a minor, after all, and she had no intent on going home drunk and getting both barrels from both parents.

Unfortunately, she approached the table approximately in the same instant as an older woman. She was gorgeous, possibly the most beautiful person Rinni had ever met. She caused the girl to blush and become even more self-conscious than she already was.

She placed the glass to her lips and began to down the punch, sweating nervously as her heart thundered in her chest. There was no way a woman of her caliber would socialize with a  peasant like her. Oh, how she regretted coming here.


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Shall we dance?

This place felt more for socializing than any dancing at this point. The people that were dancing were merely randoms who are trying to hook up or couples who were just lucky enough to find each other. She wondered if she'll ever find him again or if he'll be gone forever. After the last fault, she'll never trust the Trickster again. Once a friend, but no more was he such a thing. 'Will you stop thinking about that horrible person. They don't deserve your thoughts obviously.' Revana's thoughts went forward to Arisa as she stood there by the table of booze and juice for the young ones.

''At least the music is beautiful to the ears." Arisa softly spoke as if her mind was so lost from it. Her mind was in a whole new wonderland till she felt a stare. Her eyes slowly turned to look at the young girl. She seemed to be the same height she was before she met the love of her life in which felt like so many years ago. 'Be nice to the girl, she seems afraid. Rather it be you or something else.'. Revana scolded Arisa before she even got to think on what to do or say.

Softly, she coughed as her wolf-like eyes looked into the young girl's eyes. A sweet smile curled upon her lips as she spoke pleasantly. "Is there something you need?~". Her arms were dangling against her side and one hand gripping the glass thin cup's base. It was filled with a pink liquid with some orange within it. Oh how it was her favorite as her attention went back to the girl who seemed nervous enough. 'Do you think I scared her?'. Arisa wondered. 'Perhaps, but we shall see.'. Revana replied in her own thoughts.

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni had nearly choked on her drink from chugging it so quickly in a failed attempt to hide her nervousness. The choking became more prominent when the stranger beside her spoke. Her voice was so melodic and sweet, it made the child blush. As she felt the heat rise to her reddening cheeks, she meekly peered up at the older woman. Her height was intimidating, but her beauty was entrancing. Rinni wasn't sure if she should fear this stranger or admire her. When she finally found her voice, it cracked and the girl sounded more like a meek mouse.

"Oh! I um... n-no. S-sorry for staring. I didn't mean to... be rude. I just..." She paused to nervously fidget with the empty glass in her hands. "You're... so pretty and um... tall. Really... tall. I um... never saw anyone like you before. I guess I was just... surprised and curious..."

There was a long awkward silence in the air between them. The only thing cutting the silence was the music and the party-goers that surrounded them. The crowd was far larger than she could have imagined. There were people of every race and background here. She had been told everyone was welcome... even dark guilds. She wondered now who or what this woman was. Rinni's eyes scanned the crowd, hoping to maybe spot her brother, even though he expressed little interest in the party.

"M-my name's Rinni. This is my first time in Crocus. And my first time to a party this massive. It's kind of intimidating..." She introduced herself in an attempt of small talk. She was completely alone here and knew nobody. As she spoke her eyes continued to scan the crowd of guests. Normally, Rinni and her brother did everything together. They were a near inseparable duo since they were babies. This was her first time away from him. Well, her first time this far away from him. He was, most likely, still in Marigold.


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Shall we dance?

A sip for sanity, sips for pleasure and a sip for all the lives she has wasted. By the time she was done with each one the glass was empty. Gently, Revana placed it down against the white clothed table and looked once more at the girl. She seemed rather more shy than ever. ''Tall? O'dear girl, if you think I'm tall, you should see my S.O.~''. Arisa teased with a playful smile and a tiny chuckle. ''He's several inches taller than me.'' The smile soon faded as she then remembered that she hasn't seen him in so long. Was he gone into the void or alive and well yet... belonging to another hand? These questions seeped into her soul like pink toxins that dripped every second.

The girl spoke her name as her attention was caught. ''Rinni? Sounds adorable I must say. Mine on the other hand is Revana.''. She spoke as she placed her right hand against her own chest, bowed her head and then stood up tall. ''I have many names, but that should be it.". The girl seemed to be looking around a lot and wondered if there was someone specific for her.

''Looking for someone?''. Her body turned to look towards the dancers and those who were also just standing around. Sometimes, she wonders if she should've brought her children with her here. "The party... yes it can be quite intimidating. Mostly when it's ran by royals and many try to impress them. Me? I'm just here for pleasures of drinking and.. to see if someone was here.". 'Ugh, Royals.. disgusting.'. Revana thought. Arisa believed it was perhaps right to tell Rinni she was here to find someone if she asked about herself.

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A dance to remember [Grand Ball|Rinni] Empty on Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:30 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni blushed in embarrassment at the woman's mention of her much taller boyfriend. Being young and single, this was a very awkward subject to be engaged in. Shew gingerly chewed on her lower lip, contemplating how to respond. She wasn't very good with small talk, and she never saw a human as tall as this woman; which made Rinni pretty sure this person standing before her was most likely not human. She wasn't sure what she was, however, having never seen another like her in her life. She wasn't very familiar with other races. She read books on a few but never encountered any.

"You... you have a... S.O.?" She mimicked awkwardly. "Is he here with you? Are you waiting for him?"

The girl blushed and proceeded to stare at her feet when the woman, now known as Revana, called Rinni adorable. It made her feel like a child. She didn't like being treated like a child... but she was also raised to respect her elders. So she opted to keep her mouth shut. She then took another glance around the room. No sign of him. She sighed and then she heard Revana ask who she was looking for.

"Oh, my brother. I-I was looking for my brother. But he doesn't seem to be here. Not surprised, really. He usually stays clear of fancy events. Normally, I do as well. I was just... curious... I guess." Rinni shrugged and looked up at Ravena when she mentioned a distinct dislike for the Royals. Her tone alone made it clear. "I wouldn't know what that's like. To impress royals. I'm from a poor family, and I never really met a royal. This is the closest I've ever been to any." She looked in the direction of the King. "It makes me uncomfortable. If I'm being honest, I kind of want to go back home."


End I guess...

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