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Smuggler's Schemes [Quest| Anton]

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#1Anton De Vayne 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest| Anton] Empty Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:32 am

Anton De Vayne
Ah, the docks of Hargeon smelt of both saltwater and freshly caught fish, but Anton could also smell the fresh scent of opportunity and chance. Anton used his right hand to reach into his inner coat pocket and pulled out a bronze case of cigars. He took a cigar out of the case and tucked it in his mouth, before he returned the bronze case to his inner coat pocket, and then found a lighter from his outer coat pocket which he used to light the cigar. The docks were busy as usual, people rushed to unload and reload crates and goods onto and off of ships, and others simply fished. The bustle would present a minor problem, and the increase of security would pose a bigger problem. “Hmmmm.” Anton needed to make some sort of commotion if the ship is to leave without being searched by the guards. Searching for his employer, he noticed that their was a familiar man fishing off the docks; Anton cocked an curious eyebrow, but said or did nothing. It would be best not to bother the man, after all, he wanted to prove that he could handle this all by himself.


#2Anton De Vayne 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest| Anton] Empty Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:13 am

Anton De Vayne
Anton’s greedy eyes surveyed the docks trying to look for a decent method of creating a distraction. He could make a scene in which he did something incredibly dangerous, such as pretending to drown, or saying that he is in some sort of danger or something, but that would ruin his image and reputation. Anton could not risk someone getting the message wrong and thinking that he was a weakling and in need of constant help. He took another hit from the cigar, breathing inward to inhale the smoke, only to close his eyes and breath a puff of smoke out.Even though most people would agree that smoking was bad for you, honestly Anton didn’t care. Smoking a nice cigar allowed Anton to think and have a moment of relaxation in an otherwise stressful situation. Another thing that he could do would to be to accidentally push someone off the edge of the dock, and quickly rush to get some help. Ah, now this plan could make him look like a good guy, and caste away from suspicion if the goods weren't smuggled properly and they were caught. However, this would require Anton to accidentally drown someone that was away from the ship.


#3Anton De Vayne 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest| Anton] Empty Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:53 am

Anton De Vayne
Well, that may not entirely be the case. He stalked the docks looking for someone to use as prey, eventually he found an elderly man sitting at the edge of the dock fishing. A smile formed across and made sure that no one was watching him, and when the ghost was clear Anton approached the elderly man. “Don’t take this personally, its just business.” Anton would comment, and then use his boot to shove the other man off the docks and into the ocean where he was fishing. “OH NOW HE FELL IN THE WATER SOMEONE HELP HIM.” Anton would scream as the man fumbled and struggled to float above the water, the guards who were going around checking the ships immediately rushed over to Anton’s aid. Anton glanced back to see that the ship was able to leave without being checked, and smiled. He turned to the scene at hand and answered whatever questions that the guards have. He lied and said that the man was struggling with fish that he caught, and quickly fled when the guards helped the man up. He passed the person who hired him, who gave him a nod of conformation, and Anton left the docks so that the guards could find him and press him for more questions. 


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