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Advancement in Strength [Training]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Advancement in Strength [Training] Empty Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:26 am

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian’s deep voice bellowed throughout into the depths of Magnolia’s forest. The dense forestation had become a good place for him to train without being interrupted or without harming another individual. He would had trained in the Guild however he believed this is something he needed to do without an audience. The blond sighed softly, crossing his arms over his chest as a seal began to form as Caspian pivoted his legs apart, breathing in a rhythm of sorts. One, two, four. He had a gap between the breaths; one, two, four. His mana began to fluctuate and build, spilling from his body as it slowly kicked up a miniscule gust of wind that picked up the dirt and dead leaves that sat below Caspian and everything else. There, the Fairy-Tail member began to chant a roar which slowly grew. The seal grew wider and bigger as Caspian felt his heart rate increase faster and faster, one beat after another. 60 beats per second, 80 beats per second, 120 beats per second, 160 beats per second! “Arwaaaaaagh!” They cried, as the mana simply burst into a miniature gust that blew the little things away. Before finally he had reached what, he believed was enough, feeling the blood flow rush through his body to inhuman capabilities. Somehow his heart began to beat and pump to 195 beats per second! Caspian’s skin tone took a devilish red as he smirked, the seal bursting as the mage felt his veins pulse.

His veins pulsed to a disgusting degree, pumping and pulsing as if they were being jolted with electricity or even pumped up with helium and deflated every millisecond. The aesthetic of steam or whatever it was radiated off the back of the man, whom clenched his fists with a deep crunch. He had transcended, advanced further than what he believed he could obtain at this level. With the help of magic, Kaldwin had created a spell or gift that granted him better strength. One purely used from his mana, he felt it slowly drain away at him. His Mana, activating this spell had already chewed a quarter through himself so this really was more of a suicide move. A last resort for now, but that didn’t matter, a crooked smile crept up his lips. A big grin ear to ear as he cocked his arm, fwoosh! His fist formed a seal at the base of its knuckle and was engulfed with a golden flame, cackling and licking at his temporarily invulnerable flesh. Budum! Caspian winced, as he felt his heart skip a couple beats. By a couple, it was about twenty, blood exited the man’s mouth with a wheezy smoker’s cough. However, he never smoked. This spell was chewing away at him, pushing his heart and body to this limit was unhealthy however it was surely a risk… let alone a sacrifice he was willing to make. Abandoning Hiken, he slowly took the stance again and disabled the spell. Crashing to his knees.

His golden hues wobbled, as he placed his palms against the rough dirt. Crunching it under his fingertips with a loose fist, he began to slowly pace himself as he wiped the blood from his lip and mouth. Spitting the crimson to the side as he slowly stood up, taking the stance again as he rolled his shoulders. Snap! He threw his arms in a X-Cross shape over his chest, smirking as the seal formed again. Controlling his breathing and not rushing it this time, he snarled, the beating of his heart accelerating to threatening levels as he was bolstered with new strength! Caspian dismissed the seal before turning to a tree, licking his lips as he rushed at it with haste. Crunch! His fist contacted it, sending a crack throughout the log as he threw another right after. Two consecutive punches forming a deep crater/hole into the Oak tree. Crack! Another smashed into the tree, sending cracks up it as he delivered the final blow, taking out half of the tree yet it remained standing. Caspian looked down at his blistered, bleeding knuckles with a huff, slowly ridding of advance as he winced to the pain. “Tch, Advance sure is something. It buffs me yet, there are some sacrifices with it. I must be smart with it or I won’t live long enough to become the strongest. Fuck.” Caspian cursed under his breath, rolling his shoulders as he wrapped his knuckles in bandages. Humming softly to himself, had he tamed Advance or had Advance tamed him?

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