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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Caspian]

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#1Caspian Kaldwin 

Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Caspian] Empty Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:21 am

Caspian Kaldwin
Caspian’s knuckles drummed a signature rhythm on the large oak door, before opening the door with… politeness for some odd reason. There before him stood a man behind the counter, impatiently waiting as he began to groom his silver mane of a beard and whiskers. Blowing a raspberry as the Fairy Tail member entered the store, the heads of people jerked toward the entrance of the blond berserker. He was built with broad shoulders and a well-built physique; he rolled his right shoulder as his left hand placed itself over his shoulder. Kaldwin began to stretch slightly in the elder’s presence, before folding his toned arms over his built chest. The blond whistled a tune as his golden hues glistened to the chiming of the potions that hung in the sun light. Both men stared at one another for quite some time, not saying a word, it was, awkward needless to say. Some timed had passed as the people in the store began to mummer between one another, whispering as if Caspian was incapable of hearing exactly what they were saying. He rocked his head side to side, before slamming his large hand on the desk before him and the old man. His golden eyebrow raised as they huffed deeply, “Look, I am from Fairy Tail. Caspian Kaldwin, you sent a request for one of us to help watch your shop. Well, I’m here mate. To take care of the old joint whilst ya gone, don’t worry. I’ll keep her safe” The mage smirked, as he cracked his knuckles and following up with his neck. He was really loosening himself up and stretching, it almost scared the owner, however, this was Fairy Tail. You always had people of the sorts like them, you know. Looking for trouble whilst trying to solve it.
With every wise stroke and long twirl of his beard, the shop owner looked Caspian up and down in a pattern. Almost sizing him up before tossing his hands in the air, he had given up at this point. Nobody else was surely to come in, as the man hurled himself over the front desk with a heave and grunt. Before slapping the Guild Member on the back, as he waddled toward the oak door. “Well nobody else is going to come, are they? Keep at your station, make sure nothing gets stolen. Keep those little juveniles in their place and oh! Don’t go into the backroom please. I don’t need anyone meddling in my personal business. I am but a wee old man” He joked, before stumbling out of the store. Every minute passed and Kaldwin greeted each one with a new, exaggerated sigh. He wasn’t too sure as to why he had taken this job. It was boring, was it not? What really was the point of it. He did what he was told, assisted those whom needed help and sold things that needed to be sold or were bought. He made sure everything was fine, as until it came to that rightful hour of Dusk. Once everyone had started to head home, a group of juveniles had appeared at the doorstep of the shop, bursting inside with a deep kick to the door. Surprisingly and thankfully not breaking or splintering the thing at all. The Trio trotted inside the shop, heads high and noses in the air, expecting the senile gramps however they were greeted with someone with a much… stockier build and someone filled with youth. They stopped for a moment, all three of them looking him up and down before snarling.

“Ye the old man’s son or somethin’?” One of the grunts questioned, getting right into Caspian’s face, whom contorted his face in disgust. His nose scrunched as a vein seemed to pulse from his temple to his forehead, he was ready to throw hands however he couldn’t ruin the shop. He would surely not receive pay, so, the guild member exhaled softly out of exhaustion and in attempt to cool himself. “Nah, just a bloke lookin’ to get his pay. What do ya need?” Caspian’s voice boomed deeply, sending chills down one of the lackey’s spines who almost quivered like a new-born calf. The leader soon pushed the grunt out of the way, before gripping onto the large man’s shirt, attempting to jerk him down to size but instead tearing his shirt. It was one of his favourite shirts, tearing it from the collar down to his left side. The grunts behind the leader snickered, before realising the terrifying aura that radiated from the fairy tail member. Crash! Kaldwin smashed the face of the leader’s face into the front table, breaking his nose upon impact from the devastating strike. Causing the boy to waddle back, crimson tricking from their nostrils before the blond leapt over the front desk, gripping the leader by the hair. Crack! A knee to the nose again, spilling blood over the Berserker’s knee. The lackeys cowered, rushing out in fear, the door swung over as they ran out into the darkness, their leader soon following after them. Of course, Caspian didn’t have to result to violence, however they tore at his favourite shirt. There was to be hell to pay, that was for sure. Some time had passed since that moment before Nox realised exactly what had happened and whom he had just given a beating to! At that moment, the old man waddled in, dead on target, not a second past midnight. He gave a deep sigh of relief, to see everything intact. Tilting his head in confusion as the sight of Caspian’s attire, before shrugging. “I trust everything has been kept in order? Good.” The old man mumbled, as he began to shuffle through his bag. Throwing it up onto the front desk and chuckling, slapping Caspian’s back again. “Good work! I can’t wait to see you again. You probably scared off all trouble from the size of ya! Though customers too… I sure hope not.” He drabbled on, before saying his goodbyes and paying Caspian. Job well done!

Word Count: 1055

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