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A Moment In Time.(Vali)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Wed 23 Oct 2019 - 5:38

Priscilla Ivalice
As much as she did not wish to be here for a while or if anything if she was lucky never again Priscilla ventured back to the streets of Era with that one goal in her mind it was this and Magnolia that contained pieces of his life or the man she wanted to end the life of but the question she needed to learn.

She also needed to learn where this house in which she could find out if her target or family were. Which meant casing out the houses in Era hoping to not catch a single eye of some one would be a Rune Knight or too nosey for their own good, After all this was all part of her plans once this person she wanted dead was dead by her hands, Priscilla would work on how she would live her life with Vali and his people, She could start a new there maybe even figure out how to get a new eye and heal that scar over so she could even look less scary, It all seems so much of a dream for Priscilla that it still just slowly stabbed her in the back of the brain slowly like a needle slowly through skin.

So it would be Priscilla in roaming in the streets but casing out and looking for details. It was an easy showing she was looking for something at would not be stopping for just anyone. With that almost blank stare upon her face, it she was focusing but she was also dealing with something internally.

With the blank stares the signs showed, There was no sign of joy in Priscilla, Nothing that she had in her mind had to do with joy, that dead stare in her eye showed that was something that made her feel bitter and in some manner hollow yet she carried this out anyway far too stuck in her ways to stop.

#2Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Sat 26 Oct 2019 - 2:33

Vali Onfroy

Day four being a werewolf. From the looks of things, the Viking wasn't handling it too well. In fact, he was becoming unable to control his urges- like at this very moment in time. It was midnight, probably an hour or so past 12 and here he was chomping away on a the flesh of a Rune Knight in an alleyway. Since coming to Era he made it his duty to take out as many Knights as possible, following a list of names that Priscilla brought to him. Not too many of them were in Era but a handful were. Priscilla had proven herself to be a a valuable asset. She was in a way his assistant. Someone he's grown to trust a lot over the months. In fact, she probably knew him better than most people at this point.

The silver Titan chewed the flesh, savoring every bite and almost orgasming from how pleasurable it was. He could last a whole day without getting hungry just by eating one human. Was this why it was called a curse to some? "Mmmm." he hummed with his eyes shut as he embraced the flavor of the meat. His fangs easily tore through the flesh and if they had a hard time his strength would do the job easily. Now that he had this new power, he could feel Fenrirs power making him stronger. His senses were powerful, his agility had increased. However, he noticed that ever since he received this power his rage has been amplified as well.

Not only that, but it became harder not to kill anybody right at the moment when hunger struck. Finally the Jarl of Skaal was done feasting. His nose caught a smell- quickly. With a growl he turned to see a man in the streets peering into the alleyway with an expression of utter disbelief. Vali's eyes burned a bright yellow and that's when the man knew he had to make a run for it. The man looked like a business man. He wore a suit and tie with a hat on top. In his hand was a briefcase probably filled with something important by the way he was clenching it. As he ran from the Alley screaming, Val smirked.

The fun wasn't in killing humans- at least not in this instance. The fun was hunting, like the man-beast he was. With a snarl Vali chased after the man, reaching him in under 4 seconds. The titan grabbed the man from the back of his throat and squeezed with all his strength, crushing the mans neck like a juice packet. Blood oozed from his mouth, nose, ears and eyes before Vali dropped him onto the floor.

Then.. he smelled... "Priscilla?" He asked as he looked into the woman's eyes. His glowing yellow eyes didn't dim not one bit. Blood was smeared all over his mouth, and hands. His hair was messier than usual. He truly did look like a monster.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Sat 26 Oct 2019 - 19:14

Priscilla Ivalice
It would take a moment to break Priscilla's focus on whatever she was looking at or trying to plan. But surely after to greet a monster being covered in blood surely was nothing that could effect Priscilla."But is it really fair?...Is it truly what is right....Will it free me...."She mentioned to herself but stopping her search.

Because in her mind she seemed to be trying to figure out something but hearing your name out of nowhere surely was another thing to look too. But the video was after all one she knew so, no doubt this was surely.

But given how Priscilla was she just said."Cover in blood and eyes glowing, You sure know how to greet a lady don't you dear?"Well a lady like Priscilla would consider that a greeting anyway. But then again Priscilla did not seem to mind mostly because all that kind of madness was something she was use to by now, It was a home to her so to say."All is missing a dinner, flowers and to set a house ablaze and you could make me one happy murderer."Priscilla said so casually, Most likely a lot more casual then most people could talking about fire and blood.

With that Priscilla seems to all but casually laugh but there was a hint that something was bothering  her or was trying to make her mind up on. "Do not let me stop you from you blood shed  after all, it seems you have already a few monsters or demons to tame."If he was intending to tame anyway Vali could choose a path much like she did as far as she knew, Give and when you need too or don't stop until you feel free, All were options in her mind.

#4Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Tue 5 Nov 2019 - 2:26

Vali Onfroy

Val grunted at the pain he was feeling in his stomach. Whatever high he was feeling from being the monster he now was, was finally coming down. He already knew what was about to happen. As the woman in front of him began to speak, Val wiped his mouth with a chuckle. "If I knew I was going to see you I would have dressed up for the occasion." he smirked. Something about his attitude was off too. The Jarl twitched after his words- but that wasn't an entirely new thing. The fact that he was even laughing was what was weird. The past few months, Val had managed to keep his emotions tucked away. He was focused on expansion, and growing his people, so there wasn't much time for happiness?


Nonetheless he was feeling...a bit relieved. As if he hadn't just killed a Knight and a Civilian. The smirk didn't last long though. When Priscilla mentioned dinner, the Jarl immediately felt horrible. Quickly he turned away from the woman and threw up the flesh of the Knight he had just eaten. Managing himself was hard...who the hell enjoyed eating raw flesh? It was nice to know that Priscilla wasn't uncomfortable though- but he expected that. After all she was a cold hearted murderer...and Vali didn't want to embrace the fact that he was on his way down that path too. Chunks of meat and waterfalls of blood departed his stomach before turning back towards his partner. "As you can see, I already had my dinner. Next time though." He didn't fully understand if Priscilla was aware of what was happening.

Sure, she was an assassin, but to fully ignore Vali's obviously new...aura, made her either a little slow, unconcerned, or simply unaware due to her own problems. If she truly didn't care though, then she was a lot more mysterious then she looked. Could she have been that loyal? That she would walk down such a dark path with him? Or was she waiting for Vali to fall so that she could attempt to rise somehow. Then it happened again. The newly transformed werewolf's head pounded. Only a slight grunt would indicate his pain though, as he could clearly see that something was troubling Priscilla. "No I uh... I was just gonna get going. You alright? Looks like something is troubling you?" He rolled his neck, stretching his jaws as his fingers twitched. He was concerned, mostly because her state of mind affected the work she did for him, but also because he did grow to care for this woman.

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Tue 5 Nov 2019 - 6:19

Priscilla Ivalice
Maybe with this the long over due explanation would happen and Priscilla just could let it out but until then the casual way of her going about their conversation just seemed to continue."Well not exactly my kind of meal anyway, I preferred the more   cooked food myself."Yes the humor was still there, It had yet to die away."So I suppose there is a next time."Which it did not kill the mood.

But she would not avoid his question."Where what haunts and troubles your mind reveals it's self Vali."She was trying to connect it to something just to see if it made sense."Mine does not, For long periods of time now I have heard voices in my mind. Two no all that often and one very strong always talking speaking to me voice."There was more to it that just that in it's basic form.

"They all sound like me, One being the little young Priscilla at the age of where my life turned downward."
That least active one but the conversation continued."One seemed to be a current me."The final one might be the worrying part if it was."The last one the most vocal one, Is one that often wants me to do the things that become normal of me...kill, maim, ruin  whomever i want and whenever. So much so she has her own reflection when i look at anything that can reflect me, with two eyes and darker purple hair then mine, various tattoos on her."It was something Priscilla was letting out.

But since it was all that conversation of problems."I wonder if it is a part of how I tend to be, Blood and murder is almost a drug to me...the more I kill and see the blood the almost normal I feel, withdrawals happen as well as highs and intoxication from murder and blood shed."So there it was Priscilla opened herself up to this moment, almost like it showed why she was so careless about it to start with, Priscilla was still human and she already seemed like she could have been one thing that was not at all."All these problems are always so sneaky around me, Guess these things are almost a reflection of me in some manner...But I am only guessing."It seemed to be the end of it and Priscilla seemed to wonder what would become of this.

So with that Priscilla would mention it so plainly, like she just accepted it long a go."In the end, It wants me to murder people who have wronged me or to make sure I live, So I have until you chose to change."Was it madness or normality for Priscilla, Vali could be the judge of that simple but Priscilla had a feeling both where the case.

#6Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Sun 10 Nov 2019 - 3:39

Vali Onfroy

With every word Priscilla spoke, she revealed herself. It wasn't like anything she was saying was something Vali couldn't see already. And it wasn't the first time she acknowledged her mental issues, but this was the first time that she seemed to want to understand herself. The newly crowned Jarl listened. He could feel everything Priscilla was saying. In fact, Vali was pretty sure that most people from Iceberg were mentally unstable. Blood and Violence have always been a large part of Icebergan culture. There were times where his father would come back from war, and his adrenaline would be so high that he'd have to lock himself in his room.

The werewolf himself had his fair share of dark entities. As both an Icebergan, and an elf he was automatically connected to the realm of the gods. His people saw him as some sort of chosen leader. And now...and now they would believe the rumors to be true when he revealed his new self. They would call him Fenrir, fearing and respecting him simultaneously. Anyway, Priscilla was like him in that manner. It was like Val was different people in one body. Priscilla's case a bit more visual, but it didn't prove that she was crazy.

When she finished speaking, Val slowly dropped the hood of his cloak from his head, revealing his red rugged hair. His eyes were golden and dark, cold almost. With his appearance, the young Lord was an almost entirely new person. He smirked slightly looking his assistant directly into her eyes. "Me and you are...the same." He let out, slowly moving forward towards her. "People like you and me do what needs to be done to survive, to thrive and break any limitation that people place on us."

Now, he'd be standing directly in front of her. His lips would be only inches away from hers. His eyes would dig deep into her dark and corrupted soul. A part of him was tempted to taste her flesh. Watching her body burst as his claws punctured her organs. He needed her though, and he had grown to care for her in a way he had never cared for anyone before. But...it wasn't love. It was...toxic. "I can give you the power you need...If you wish." He whispered. If she had gotten uncomfortable it wouldn't have mattered because Vali would easily overpower her. If she dared raised a hand towards him, he would punish her...

And so he pressed his lips onto hers. If she hadn't done anything, he'd break away quickly with a devilish smirk. "Unless you do not truly want to make sure you live."

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Tue 12 Nov 2019 - 4:25

Priscilla Ivalice
Is that power exactly what would save her? was it worth the risk,It was a huge thing to ponder in her mind. She seemed to consider it. She just needed to wonder. With him being so close."Is that so?"Priscilla normal humor seemed to take light but not having a clue to what is to come. It was an interesting temptation for Priscilla, after all freedom from all of this would be wonderful and under Vali she was always closer to this goal having some one guide her towards a new path rather then just telling her she would be okay and can manage to beat her demons so to say.

"And what kind of power is that you mention?"Priscilla wanted him to at least to say it, Priscilla at least would prefer to hear it rather then much like she would do before opening up slightly. Skirting around revealing things."For that is just as interesting as this moment seems to be."Priscilla was at least starting to agree to it.

The closer moment, Priscilla seemed to assume she was dead, After all blood and mentioning what to do to live Priscilla often heard that with some people when they would try to kill her in the past. But with that it was met with Priscilla seemed to willingly do the same a kiss from a monster to another there was comfort in it for Priscilla. So she would just finally mention."Maybe I can finally give into the unknown you mention before me."So she did make her mind up quickly, So to embrace with she just said."After all, I have nothing else left to fear and hide away from."So it was in the end a yes. Expecting still because of what she was use too death, However expecting something new for her to move on and piece together her life.

#8Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Wed 13 Nov 2019 - 7:20

Vali Onfroy

Vali smirked with a twitch. This was such an edgy scene. So dark and twisted despite the fact that nothing sinister was happening between the two of them. Priscilla was Vali's best friend at this point, and to see her grow would only make him happy. Plus, she had potential... she had potential to be a loyal beast. An exceptional woman both mentally and physically. Vali...would show her the way- or at least he planned to. There was no denying that he was rather interested in the one-eyed woman, but not in the way his father had foresaw. The look in her eyes were just as corrupted if not even more corrupted then his own.

The young Jarl was only just beginning to feed into his killer instincts. Most of the time he was fighting them, but for now he would allow his hormones to take over. Once he understood his power, he'd be able to control himself so much easier. Priscilla spoke as if she wanted this power- or at least considering it. She could handle it, that much was true. The purple haired assassin said her thoughts on the proposal. "Giving into the unknown is simply allowing the gods to guide you. Feeding into your thoughts, fulfilling your deepest desirers... it is all direction sent to us from them." He pointed up with a devilish smile. His voice was still in a whisper. werewolves had the strongest ears and the Desiertan Viking couldn't have been the only one around.

His head was still well on his shoulders. His thoughts still held logic, his plans were still bound to succeed. Fenrir's power more than likely carried the temptations of Loki. Imagine depending on a god like Loki, an outcast. A god who disgusted all the others. Suddenly, the giant werewolf slowly leaned forward, passing her mouth and placing his lips directly next to her ears. "Decide quick.. the Rune Knights will be here in about ten minutes..." He said leaning back and putting his hood over his head.

"And they are the enemy." He said in Icebergan.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Fri 15 Nov 2019 - 8:17

Priscilla Ivalice
So little time Priscilla came to her choice quickly."I will accept then."Priscilla said, she made her choice quickly then again she had a reason too, Then again Priscilla had a strong amount of faith in Vali to trust in him even with this unknown showed that Priscilla was a far too loyal of a shadow to give into this unknown so quickly.

Would this make Priscilla even more dangerous? did Vali want that, would Vali control an even more dangerous and hard to control Priscilla? how badly off the handle could Priscilla get with such a situation. Giving into the unknown while finally good with Priscilla could also be dangerous for almost everyone else who could encounter her.

So Priscilla the would ask him."Do you want me to slaughter then now? or after?"Priscilla said with that slowly rising blood hungry smile and twisted smile like it was ready for something far more then just simple killing and leaving. Priscilla would most likely have to let out a lot more now, Just with a different part added to it.

But Priscilla would wait for his call on it, If it was Priscilla's choice since she would just walk over and kill all of them with out a second thought about it at all, It would be just as effortless as it was breathing for her. She was just now waiting for something to happen with in the ten minutes he mentioned since Priscilla was one thing, Always ready for a blood shed. Which was most expected."I am not one to dally, So if we have knights. You have a feast or a show."There was always something with Priscilla talking like that twisted and willing murderer just waiting. All it was was waiting to hear the go or not.

#10Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Tue 19 Nov 2019 - 23:22

Vali Onfroy

Once Vali was able to convince Priscilla, immediately he was filled with excitement. This would be the first person he was turning into a werwolf. Vali nodded and with a step forward he placed his hand gently onto Priscillas cheek, comforting her in a sense. "Let's see what you become first, and then you can slaughter every single one of those Knights." With that, the Jarl bit his thumb causing blood to leak. He lifted his hand and pressed it onto Priscilla's forehead. "Fenrir, ek humbly komtilr þú til spyrjfyrirr þinn blessings.  Loki, ek humbly komtilr þú til spyrjfyrirr þinn blessings.  Allow þinn makt til konsume minn vinr, svá at hon Mayassistr mik á minn quest fyrir vengeance, ok klarity.Ek sacrifice eigi hansoulr- en hanphysicalr munu svá at þú Maynrýtatt hananywayr þú sjá fit. " He prayed.

Suddenly the thumb from his thumb began to take shape of Fenrirs symbol on her forehead before vanishing into her pours. Priscilla would immediately feel light-headed but that was only the beginning. Without another moment, Vali lifted her right arm, biting her wrist. That should do the trick. Surely after the painful transition of her body literally getting stronger in seconds, she would feel a surge of hunger. After the Jarl bit her wrist, she'd probably be paralyzed- or at least that' what it'd feel like for some moments. The Viking's head looked up as he began to step past Priscilla. In the distance he could see 15 Rune Knights marching forward.

"Well, they are here." He'd sigh with a snicker, completely insensitive to the pain Priscilla was probably going through. "Better hurry up..." he joked as if she could control the process.

#11Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Thu 21 Nov 2019 - 8:34

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed almost typical for how this ritual started for Priscilla, it seemed there was a small wonder if this actually did anything and this whole talk was more of a test of Priscilla's willingness to serve Vali. Even if almost felt like Priscilla did not need to prove that, But much like Priscilla could admit, Vali had his own way of doing things and had his reasons why, She was not one to question.

So hearing the words she could not understand, quietly taking the moment in would feel it, It took the effect Vali must have expected. It seemed a lot quicker for Priscilla then it was actually in reality. Mostly from the feeling of being light headed. It struck her the quickest and with that she would squint her soul remaining eye for a moment and it just seemed she tuned out for a moment.

When that bite happen Priscilla almost wanted to scream in pain, she almost did but that. She was resisting pain to her hardest manner she could you could see it in just Priscilla pure determination but with that determination came with a realiation that these feeling melted into that voice in her mind.

Letting out a noticeable grunt of pain,With that moment of quiet."Good...I have some steam to let off."Priscilla said she was still in pain for what was going on with her. She would deal with pain as she normally did, by letting it out on people she hated. But she was not immune to the fact she would be a bit slower then she would normally work."Save me a few if your going to deal with them as well."There was still a bit of that normal polite in her own way Priscilla alive and kicking so to say just slow.

So pulling out a knife she had on her Priscilla normal slightly frenzied educed small seemed to not even be on her face. She was in a new kind of pain, It was time to let it out, Priscilla easily guessed would not be as fast as she normally was. So many new parts going on with her, So many things shaping and twisting with in her. She could not help but want to kill something. She would jog off towards the 15 knights knights.

Not giving it a second thought to when she did reach the point to being able to, Tackling one of the Rune Knights down to the ground. Holding them down by sticking her fingers with in their jaw to hold it open as well as keeping them in place and with that one knife she had so far just plunging it into their neck and right away tearing it downward to tear them open quickly, But it would not be as quick or efficient then what Priscilla was normally able to do.

#12Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Mon 25 Nov 2019 - 4:03

Vali Onfroy

The vessel of Fenrir turned to look at Priscilla. She was in obvious pain but she had been fighting it like a champ. For a woman to be so tolerable of pain was impressive- especially pain at this level. Granted the stronger you were the stronger the pain was, werewolf transformations were never easy. The Jarl then turned forward to face his challengers. A platoon of Knights had been moving into formation. With a grunt the one-eyed woman seemed to be able to manage the pain and was now ready to do what she did best; kill. "You two! Don't take another step or we'll attack!" Val raised an eyebrow. They seemed more awkward than usual Knights- probably because they were afraid.

And they should be. Priscilla told her superior to save her a few if he planned on wiping them out. With a nod still faced forward, Val responded coldly. "Go wild, I will cover you." he assured. Although his voice was cold and almost completely dark- there was still a hint of light and warmth. Proof that Vali wasn't necessarily an evil person...at least not yet? Suddenly the transitioning werewolf bolted forward. Her body was probably going through so many things but her determination never wavered. The purple haired assassin pushed forward, eventually tackling a Rune Knight before destroying him. Her beast instincts were kicking in.

For that, Vali smiled. Calmly, yet cautiously he walked forward. As the Rune Knights all hesitantly attacked, Vali quickly lifted his right hand. A seal would appear both above his hand, and above abut 6 of them. Then his hand would wave downward, causing a giant hand to fall from five meters above them. Vali could have caused the hand to smash them immediately, but he wanted to see the look in the faces of his enemies. The Knights screamed in the face of death before being smashed by Tyr's very own hand. The god of justice would judge them, and sentence them to death. The other eight trembled as they gazed upon Vali's face. Power... that's what this moment felt like.

The Knights would slowly step back as the red haired pagan stood beside Priscilla who would be tearing into the body of their enemy. "Can you feel the power, Priscilla? It is a power given to you by the son of Loki, Fenrir." He'd ask. He was genuinely curious, it'd even show in his eyes. The Viking would squat to talk to his companion. "Do not give into the hunger... Once you taste the flesh of a human you will always crave it. Everyone will become a valid meal and we do not want to use this power for anything other than our enemies, aye?" He'd state coldly- just in case Priscilla had planned on eating the knight.

The Rune Knights had still been moving backwards slowly, clearing only a distance of 1 meter or so. Standing he smirked. "I am not going to hurt you! I have a message that I want you to tell to your leader!" Suddenly the Knights stopped. They looked amongst themselves before a knight with a shield and long dark hair stepped forward. "Say what you need to say!" He'd then look back back and signal for his squad to call for back up. The young Jarl was no dummy, he knew what was happening but he didn't care because him and Priscilla would be gone in moments.

#13Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Thu 28 Nov 2019 - 1:41

Priscilla Ivalice
Don't give in he said, She was trying not to give in. But she would take a moment to stand leaving that single knife of hers. She seemed to take a moment to kind of breath."No, these people would not make a what I consider a meal, Human flesh seemed a bit, Bland."Priscilla seemed to mention in general. She was still in some kind of pain but she was still trying to resist whatever this feeling was."I far too much enjoy blood shed to go any means beyond it." Which was true even in her slightly in pain state, Priscilla would wipe the blood off of her with a part of scarf off of her hands.

Then pulling the knife out of the dead Rune Knight's neck and slowly started cleaning it off."Such power is something far what i pictured, But alas I should not get carried away."A part of her mind wanted to kill more of them in fact the rest of them that stood, But she seemed to be stopping herself from just to not go after them. It was a part of her need to control herself.

Just thinking to herself, for a moment while she was waiting for what Vali would want passed on to the leader of the Rune Knights, Priscilla would casually take her time and start cracking her fingers slowly, while her controlled breathing to keep her mind in place from giving into that murder need."Maybe that voice in my head was this call the entire time, For i do not hear it anymore..."A part of her even in pain was rather happy that she did not hear that voice in her head anymore, It was relief that was normally deal with...by the way she managed now, Either the power of Loki was the path to keep her in control or she would eventually start hearing voices again in a few weeks.

She would wait and see how much longer these knights would stay, But Priscilla would suggest something in general."Is that what you came here for Darling?" Priscilla asked in her normal manner, Because she was curious."Or is there other things while you are here?"Priscilla did have a point to this since well gaining trust with a monster like her, then again it seemed Priscilla had more stronger bond then she would with most people no days. It would be easy for most people to understand way she was just a murderer from no where, Vali just took her in when she had nothing for the most part but anger and the will to go on, Maybe she just had more then trust in him at this point, Maybe Priscilla had something else she wanted to do, Making sure Vali did not need anything else before she went off to take care of that.

#14Vali Onfroy 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Fri 3 Jan 2020 - 3:39

Vali Onfroy

The Knights stood still as Vali's eyes never left them. He was a daunting seven-foot man with power they knew nothing about. The Jarl had a deep connection with the gods of Satri, the light gods and the dark gods seemed to want to help him. He was favored, that he knew. However, knowing such a thing was dangerous, so Vali just embraced what was given to him to follow his destiny. Priscilla had been dealing with the transformation well. It was probably because she wasn't as strong as Vali was. perhaps the effects were easier on her own body. Unlike the Jarl who had gone through so much pain, he hardly remembered the day. When the titan had advised her not to eat the flesh, she fought the urge and said that human flesh seemed bland.

Still, the Knights stood. Vali slowly began walking forward, smirking the entire time. Now, this was a game worth playing. Vengeance is what was driving him but he had given in to who he was. He was a Viking and as such battle was all he truly knew. War. Suffering. It was apart of the process and there was no reason not to embrace it anymore. Priscilla mentioned that she no longer heard voices and immediately the Jarl knew it was the power she was given. Stopping in his tracks he turned to her. "You should thank the gods for that." Turning forward he slowly began to walk towards his enemies again. "You are free to leave." he said politely to the woman behind him whilst waving her off. He spoke in Icebergic so of course, she would not understand. Vali would teach her though. "You may go, leave quickly." he said in Fiorian. "I will be home in the coming days. I hope to see you then."

Then if she would leave he'd finally speak to the Knights in front of them. They shook in fear. The man in front tried his hardest to be brave, alas the young Viking was not easy to ignore. Once Vali approached the shielded Knight, he leaned over to whisper in his ear. "You and all of your men will die, however not today. Remember this face." he whispered in Icebergic. He didn't expect the Knight to understand him, but instead it was a means of revealing his ethnicity. His dark skin could have thrown many of them off. Then he stood straight again to speak to all of the Knights. In the distance, he could hear horses and metal clinking. The ears of Fenrir could not be deceived.

"Tell your superiors that a threat much greater than demons or angels has arrived. Tell them that Odin is here, and he will not leave until your king and your council is destroyed." He was no longer smirking. The man who first came to this country seeking peace as a means to an end of an ongoing feud was no longer who was standing before these knights right now. The Desiertan Jarl had sacrificed everything, but the gods did not want him to love this country. Suddenly a giant Wyvern cawed, swirling over the group of Knights and its owner. The Runes looked up in fear, unsure of what was about to happen. Val's Wyvern landed beside him, allowing his master to climb atop his back before flying away into the distance.

- Exit -

#15Priscilla Ivalice 

A Moment In Time.(Vali) Empty on Fri 3 Jan 2020 - 18:16

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed this conversation and point was over, This situation was something Priscilla did not expect anything of at all. But when she was told it was okay to go. It felt kind of right only for the reason of she was withholding so much pan she could only view the help of it was just quietly going to rest before returning to home.

Priscilla would leave any body she had left or bodies as well she forgot how many she had killed today and even if it was beyond even the number one. She assumed it was only one.

She would also leave saying nothing because well not much else to say after getting the point across. Her mind also focused on pain and rest. one of them mostly since she was yet to rest.

It would take a while for her to return where she was staying to rest. She would talk to anyone else for the rest of this day, mostly because she did not want to either she wanted that one moment she had wish for in a while.

A moment of peace and quiet in her mind, Even her rolling into a bed to sleep she realize even with being in as much pain as she was currently she felt almost a bit more normal. Peace and quiet in her mind. Peace and quiet all around here. Quiet in general it was almost rare and in some way it was a bit scary to Priscilla. Since she was listening to nothing only being able to pick up the sound of the wind.

The voices where gone....the images of people in her mind talking to her where gone she had wondered if they were actually parts of her mind trying to get out or something made up in her broken mental state, Nonetheless Priscilla went to sleep peacefully.


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