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Baska to Era [Walking]

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Yumi walked with a sway in her hips as she made her way through the streets of the little town of Baska. Baska was pretty boring to be truthful and there wasn't a whole lot of excitement, while she thought about burning it down to the ground, Yumi put it off, for now. She could return later on. But in the meantime, there was a niggling feeling in the back of her mind telling her to head off to Era. A deep rumbling voice was instructing her, directing her actions towards the city of Era

Era a large town built on a high rocky mountain and home to the rune knights. Era one of the safest towns in Foire with almost no crime. How long had it been since she last visited Era? Yumi couldn't remember it had been a long time now. Yumi couldn't remember the last time she had been in Era, then again it had been two years since she was last here in the mortal plane. In a way, Yumi missed the abyss, serving loyally beside her Demonic God of Chaos, the Dark Lord of Destruction, War, Flame and Chaos, Malum. A God who sat upon a throne of skulls, drinking the blood of a thousand sacrifices from his rusted chalice.

Yumi missed the days of torturing souls, but gave a resigned sigh as she had a new mission to bring Chaos to the world and usher in Malum's arrival. TO do so she would have to turn the world upside down, sacrifice thousands of souls to open a portal between the two realms and engulf the world in flames. Only by ushering in the seeds of destruction and malice could Malum enter into this world and rule over it for the for seeable future. As his High priestess, it was Yumi's job to do this task.

What better place to start than Era?

Giving a malicious giggle, Yumi skipped towards the entrance of Baska with the full intention to leave. Yumi had everything she needed, her gothic dress, which she adored and her giant battleaxe and ring of swift. Bidding Baska goodbye, Yumi departed the town, a shit hole in her opinion, for the glorious town of Era. Fire reflected in Yumi's eyes as she envisioned engulfing the town of good in flames, burning it to the ground. Another evil laugh escaped her soft lips at the mere thought of sowing the seeds of chaos.


Baska to Era [Walking] FIXCi2K
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Yumi walked with her hands behind her head, a bored expression on her tender heart-shaped features. The lolita was bored out of her skull, there was nothing to do and nothing but forest all around or rocky terrain. Why did moving from town to town have to be so boring, especially on foot. Yumi cursed that not every town had its own train station, at least then she could sleep in comfort while waiting to arrive at her destination.

First, YUmi passed through the coastal town of Astera for a quick break and to get something to eat. She stopped off at a small cafe grabbing a butterscotch latte and piece of triple fudge chocolate cake. Yumi had a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoyed indulging it in. When she was an old woman, she wasn't able to indulge as much due to her failing health. But having been returned to the prime of her youth, Yumi could gorge on sweets greedily without worry. As a Mage, she got plenty of exercises when doing quests, or when training new spells and items. So she wasn't worried one bit about gaining weight.

After that it had been a complete bore passing through the Worth Woodsea, then Orchidia. Orchidia had been somewhat of an experience as she spent the night in an inn and left early morning passing through the Seighart Mountains. Sand had gotten in her hair and it pissed the Lolita right off but she trudged on to her destination, guided by the thoughts of Malum. Every day she prayed to the Dark God for his blessing, offering up her own blood in sacrifice by cutting open the palm of her hands.

Not long after, Yumi arrived in Crocus the Capital of Fiore. Taking the night to rest and recover one more, Yumi went into the night retrieving one of the homeless and offering them up as a glorious sacrifice to Malum, spreading their blood all through an alley and dismembering them, leaving a gruesome scene.

In the morning she headed off once more. Travelling was slow and long but eventually she arrived at the gates of Era. Relief spread across her face as she entered the large town of good, remembering one of her missions for Grimoire Heart back in the day with Erebus, fun times. With a smirk, Yumi headed towards an upscale inn to book in for the night.

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EXIT [Arrived in ERA]

Baska to Era [Walking] FIXCi2K
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