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The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:39 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage could feel the air around him change as he step into the land of Fiore. He missed the days where he would spend some time in the fields just admiring nature and be as carefree as he wanted. But as a fully grown adult he had to make some life decisions and go outside of the borders. He had been journeying through various countries and had written a journal of his adventures. He loves travelling and learning new things and getting inspired by it. With the aid of his magic he got back to Fiore safely.

He entered the city of Era, the midday sun right on top of his head. He finally sat down as he found a wooden bench under the shade of a tree. "Ughh..." he moaned slightly as he was very exhausted from the journey. The violet eyes of his scanned the area, no bustling activity seemed to be going on, quite a dull day. He grabbed his bagsack and opened it, reaching his hand into it for a journal, the one he would publish soon. Throughout the years he had been seeking the truth of many rumours and mysteries. He loves ublocking them and he could not rest well when his curiosity overwhelms him. He flipped through the pages, a slight grin stretches across his face as he remembered the details of his adventures.


The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:09 pm

Era was the type of town Hiketsu knew he would spend more time in than he spent in Magnolia. As a matter of fact, he rented a room at one of the local inns for an undetermined period, instead of expecting to leave in less than a week. Between spending his days completing jobs to earn an income and waiting on the processing of his Rune Knight registration, the most he could do was having relaxing walks through the town, in search of something fun to do. He was not necessarily walking with a destination in mind, if anything he was wandering cluelessly, hoping that eventually a source of entertainment would pop up out of the blue. Little did he know that "out of the blue" would mean running into someone while keeping his head buried deep into a newspaper he picked up at one of the several available shops. As he crashed into said person, Hiketsu lost his balance for a brief second, but recovered his stance heroically before apologizing.

"I am sorry, I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings." the adventurer said while scratching his head in a motion similar to that of anime characters. Hiketsu had always been the laid back, yet distant type, his personality often coming off as distant and cold, which meant that bumping into someone wouldn't turn out to be an ideal social context, but perhaps it could lead to something positive.

#3Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:11 pm

Sage Meilyr
While Sage was enjoying his time peacefully by himself, he could feel something hitting against him, his body automatically move as a reflex to this. Sage looked up from his journal to see what was hitting him with his own violet eyes. He could then see a fine man balancing himself in front of him. He instantly assumed that this person had run into him. As the man apologized kindly, Sage could only smile a little. He was curious of what dynamic they both would spark if they socialize a bit more. "Oh don't worry about it," Sage said with his soft and mysterious demeanour.

He closed his journal and placed it benesth his hands on his laps, his eyes scanned the man, a fit person, judging by the sharp jawline, someone from Joyan perhaps judging by the outfit and the hairstyle. Sage also admired the charming blue eyes the stranger had. He then noticed that the man was also carrying a newspaper, "Oh is that the latest version? Anything new happening in Fiore? It had been months since I've been here." he said with a nice calming voice of his. He was indeed curious of what was new in Fiore, as he left for quite a long time.


The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:26 am

As Hiketsu was apologizing for the sudden incursion into personal space, the person he bumped into politely told the adventurer to not worry about it. In spite of that, Hiketsu felt the need to explain how he does tend to worry about such accidents, because they are out of character for him. He explained all that with an awkward smile on his face, social situations remaining uncomfortable contexts to him, until he gets to know his discussion partner more. Either way, this time Hiketsu was somewhat fortunate, as he ran into a polite bpy with an intriguing appearance. Long white hair and purple eyes were not such a common sight for someone who grew up in Joya, therefore Hiketsu couldn't help but stare.

Admiring this new acquaintance in silence didn't last long, as the boy - possibly a bit younger than the adventurer - asked about Hiketsu's newspaper. There were no interesting articles in it, except for a few details regarding the on-going war. "I believe this is indeed the latest version, I didn't really bother checking when I picked it up on the way here. It provides basic information on the on-going war around Fiore, small details that most people know by now." said Hiketsu, a bit anxious due to the whole dialogue. Those were the most sentences he said to anyone ever since he arrived in Era, talking without pause being a sign of that. "You said it's been months since you've been here, would you mind telling me where you come from?" Hiketsu asked, intending to find out if this person was a foreigner too.

#5Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:59 am

Sage Meilyr
Sage noticed the gaze he was getting from the stranger, he had gotten used to people looking at him due to his unique features, but with this fine man looking at him he couldn't help but blush slightly at the edge of his cheeks. Sage couldn't help but notice the awkwardness in the voice of the man he encountered, even though the voice was quite manly. This feature of his intrigued Sage even more. He was curious, he wanted to know more about the man.

Sage felt a bit disappointed that there was no progress of the on going war. He had heard news about it from outside the borders. "I see..." he replied shortly, as if he wondered to a distant land for a short amount of time. An interested smile appeared on the Archmagus face as he was questioned about who he was. "I'm from Fiore, but I head out to other countries to seek out for knowledge and adventure." he answered honestly.

He then looked up to catch the man's beautiful blue eyes, "By the way I'm Sage, what's your name?" he introduced himself and wanting to know the man's name. If he could he wanted to ask the man out right there but he didn't want to rush thinga much.


The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:36 am

The person Hiketsu ran into did not prove to be a foreigner in the end, but simply what one would call an explorer. He clarified how he travels through countries in search for knowledge and adventure, which sounded similar to what brought Hiketsu to Fiore. Following the death of his Daimyo and his clear defiance of tradition, Hiketsu left the country of Joya in search of a new goal. His motivation, up to this day, is supposed to be Ikigai, a joyan concept that is often translated as "a reason for being." The idea is associated with self-directed goals that act as a person's primary motivation on a long term basis, but Hiketsu had no such things yet.

"The name is Hiketsu, but you may call me Tsu if that's easier to remember." Hiketsu replied, as Sage introduced himself. "I am a foreigner from the land of Joya, in search of a new life. I apologise if my Fiorean language is hard to understand. I am still learning" he added as clarification for the weird name and maybe not that noticeable accent. At this point, the conversation was clearly becoming more than the short talk Hiketsu preferred to have with random strangers.

#7Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:56 am

Sage Meilyr
Hiketsu, such wonderful beautiful name. It also amused how he had given himself the nickname 'Tsu' which amused Sage a little as he found the name a bit cute. Sage felt like he won something when Tsu said he was from Joya, it seemed that his guess was right after all. Sage let a little soft laugh as the man apologized for his accent. "Don't worry, you sound nice, I like it. " he complimented the Joyan with a charm from his soft smile and violet eyes which would sparkle every now and then from the rays of sun that peaks through the branches of the tree.

Sage would then look at the sky, it was around noon, he had just arrived from his travel and he felt a little bit hungry... He really wanted to ask Tsu out, but he also didn't want to make it awkward for him. Sage turned so that his face was fully visible to Hiketsu, "Say.. Tsu... Do you have any plans for the day?..." he asked, with a slow cautious tone as if he was afraid of letting the words out. He wanted to ask Tsu out and maybe talk more, he wanted to know more about this man. Although he had no experiences whatsoever in the world of dating that was why he was a bit scared, just a little bit.


The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:04 am

Mostly due to his background, Hiketsu has always been a tough shell to break, keeping his distance when it comes down to human interaction. Of course that his quiet and cold personality wasn't necessarily a sign of antisocial behaviour - that wasn't the case. In spite of his general reticence, Hiketsu could find it natural to socialize with other people, assuming those people were his friends or that there was a deeper connection between them. He has a strong belief that humans should focus more on being rational rather than emotional, thus having a hard time keeping people around. One could say he is picky. At the end of the day, he simply needs to find the right people willing to break up the psychological defensive mechanisms he set up.

This being said, when Sage asked if Hiketsu had any plans for the day, the first impulse was a defensive one. "Yeah, umm, I have some things to do here and there", he replied to Sage's question, trying to avoid what he felt might come next. It wasn't that he did not want to hang out, nor did he had anything better to do, but he wasn't feeling comfortable spending time with a stranger, especially one who seemed somewhat direct.

#9Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:49 am

Sage Meilyr
It seemed like Hiketsu didn't reciprocate the same energy Sage gave out. Which was kind of upsetting to him as he thought some interesting thing would happen when he return to Fiore. But oh well he can't do anything about it. Suddenly the bright sky turned a little bit dark... Sage noticed this and stood from the bench, looking at the sky with a worried face. "This... This doesn't look right..." he muttered as he observed the sudden darkening of clouds above the town.

Something then clicked in his mind, it was a spell, someone conjured it somewhere inside the town, and he felt uneasy about it, he felt like it was the doing of some criminals. One thing was on his mind. A jailbreak. Then BOOM a sudden explosion occured, it could be heard from the prison of era. The sky was then fully covered by dark clouds and strong winds started to pick up, "We must hurry to stop them!" Sage exclaimed as he saddled his things up and ready to go towards where the explosion came from, he then turned and looked at Hiketsu, "I could use a hand," he said with a sudden grin and spark in his eyes. Hiketsu looked like someone who would battle for what was right and Sage didn't want bad guys to escape from prison and cause havoc to the public.


The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:47 am

As the clouds darkened over the town and eclipsed the streets previously bathed in sunlight, Hiketsu and Sage could only assume that something was not right. It was atypical for Era's weather to undergo sudden changes, especially when the changes caused the atmosphere to tense up. As they stood there, attempting to fathom the situation, an explosion happened in the distance. Judging by the direction it came from and the smoke which shortly after rose densely into the air, it was evident that the Dungeon of Era was either under attack or that someone attempted a break-out. Either way, a sign of trouble.

Briefly turning his attention back to Sage, to check on the boy's reaction, Hiketsu heard him exclaiming that they must hurry and stop them. First thought Hiketsu had at that moment was "stop who?", the whole situation being unknown to them. They were no Rune Knights and the Crown had enough employees to deal with whatever was going on at the Dungeon. Sage went as far as saying that he could use a hand, but Hiketsu was no hand - he was just a man whose free day was ruined by an unexpected event. There was no intention to provide Sage with his assistance, but for whatever reason, while his brain was saying no, his lips said "Okay."

Hiketsu had no idea why he agreed, it was irrational for them to involve, but it couldn't be helped. As he started walking towards the location, right before changing up the pace, he turned to Sage and added one last thing. "I get to kill whoever I want."

~ Exit ~

#11Sage Meilyr 

The Archmagus Arrival [Hiketsu]  Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:25 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage could only grin again as Hiketsu agreed on helping him. Sage had always loved a little adventure and it had been quite lonely in his adventures recently. So this might spark a little something out of the ordinary for him. It was irrelevant for normal citizens like them to get involved in things that had their own people to handle it, in this case the rune knights. But for Sage, he likes to do his own things and see events unravel before him, maybe he could learn something from this experience and benefit from it.

The last line Hiketsu added put on an excited grin on Sage. He liked the spirit and passion the man gave out. He wondered if he would create a certain connection with the man or not. Nonetheless he was very excited to see what their chemistry would turn out into. He walked on along with Hiketsu towards the direction where they heard the explosion. The first day of him being back in Fiore was already interesting, he couldn't wait to see what the future holds for him. Both of them head towards the era dungeon. What would they encounter and how would they face it?


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