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Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:23 am

Judith Karlinius
With the motion of various people who had went towards this area, either for the protection of other or even just because this area was rather unheard of up until recently. Judith had a feeling eventually maybe she could have a trip with the children she was looking after if the place was nice enough she would drag a few of her own children to have a nice learn or dinner there eventually.

Judith was a rather picky woman, One to look into and learn something else before taking anyone else there. She did not know her daughter Judina was in the area working and fighting demons. Had she known she might have tried to talk her out of it, So maybe it was good Judith did not know.

But her curiosity did not fail her nonetheless, She would check on Alice and her children before she left they seemed to be okay for the moment. She would check on Anders before she left as well.

He was stubborn and trying to do things when he needed to stop, rest and recover. He needed to stop trying to walk when he shouldn't. But Judith got him to settle down before leaving home to Astera.

She would return to Fairy Tail eventually to continue her job. hungry mages and cleaning was never ending work and Judith was happy to do it. This would be for other days she would do later.

This was also a chance to find Waylon, Knowing people traveling in some manner, Waylon might be there. As well as a chance to find other FT members she was yet to meet as well. She was new and she was rare to be out of the guild before she was more of a care taker then fighter.

Nonetheless the peaceful woman she was Judith was angelically humming a song while she was walking the streets and looking at what was around. She seemed to be taking note of what was around. Being alone gave her the chance to do that. So far maybe aside from the demons she heard about in the area not being in front of her. Judith did not mind the area it seemed rather. Tame, polished and welcoming at least in her eyes anyway. Judith however was exploring more to ensure this would be good eventually. While she also did not hear her stomach growled slightly but Judith did not seem to notice or hear it because she was focused on something else. Her mind on the goal and would try to get this effectively and maybe hopefully not being picked up by anyone she seemed to be avoiding which would be Judina and maybe Regis if he was even still alive. Until then Judith would be walking around seeing what the streets had to offer.

#2Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:22 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin made his way around the streets of Astera he couldn't help but notice that there wasn't a cloud in the sky which meant that today was gonna be really sunny and bright for once but then again in the short two days that he has been here it hasn't rained at all which was good but at the same time weird. It also reminded him that he should check in to see if his babies are doing okay back home after all if anything happens to them he would shut down. he needed to stay focused on the finding a flower shop to pick up some more seeds.

He noticed a lady walking around and with everyone in this town looking like they are on vacation it was hard to tell if she was visiting or actually lived there "Excuse me Ma'ma could you help me find the local florist around here?" he asked the lady getting close to her just enough to notice the guild mark on her right shoulder but that couldn't be right as he's never seen anyone that old around the guild but then again the Bathhouse owner could use some tips on how to look that young. Though she had the guild mark he didn't trust it at all, for now, he had to play it cool.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:38 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith stopped her humming for a moment she realize she was being spoken too. But it was something she did not know."I am sorry, I do not know what you seek. For I just arrived in this area for the sake of seeing if there are spots for children I look after to come too."Judith answered the normal way she did to calm and polite sounding, She seemed like she would more worried about her own current plans.

"That and to see if I can find my Rune Knight daughter or Fairy tail son if they where in the area."Judith also mentioned."Since joining the guild my self before leaving here, I have yet to find him, I guess he was yet to return from his travels I worry for him much like My daughter who i hear is fighting demons." Which she sounded a bit worried about that when mentioned it. These was too detailed to fake and make up, That and Judith did not seem like she was acting at all.

"But consider it my first task while I am here to help you find a flower shop, I could even help you pick out flowers if you need help with that."She was honestly asking if He needed it. Not asking for names or anything. Not taking any steps she even gave Shin that peaceful, humble and happy motherly smile she seemed to have."Let us see if we can find town."She took two steps forward and then stopped to wait and see if he would follow her.

She was determine to help him find a flower shop or a florist."If I were at my home in Magnolia or at Fairy Tail, I would have seen if I had the flowers you were looking for there since I started growing various flowers."Judith was a strange one that was for sure, But she seemed to have honest intentions.

#4Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:33 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin listened to the women he tossed away all the doubt that he had about her "You must really love your kids don't you..." he said in a low tone seeing thinking back to how his birth parents gave him up but then was raised by the Sekai family but that was in the past. Only have a been around her for a few seconds he could feel that she was the type too never let her kids do anything dangerous. "So your son in the guild you must be proud," he said doing his best not to make eye contact with her as he could never look his own parents in the eyes so it's just a habit now. When Judith said that she had some knowledge on plants it was like finding a nerd finding another nerd and geeking out over something. Until her, there was no one that he could talk to about plants and such though he was really curious as to what kind of plants she was into as he was more of a dependent type of plant guy.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:13 am

Judith Karlinius
With that smile she had Judith mentioned that one thing she always tells everyone."I am proud of all four of them."She mentioned."I have see them achieve many things. Even if there are something I wish I could change, All of my children have achieved wonders even if one might have failed eventually too."She was an honest mother that was for sure.

"I am proud of Waylon for over coming his fears and Joining Fairy Tail, Even if I am still worried about him from how often I don't hear from him."
Which she seemed at least still calm but unhappy about."But being in the same guild as him now, That will change I will hopefully see him sooner rather then later."She would move on to one of her daughters."Judina over came a short temper as well as almost crippling Self doubt and became a Rune Knight to protect everyone, She put her duty and work even before herself....I should find her eventually to see if she has at least eaten recently."That seemed like a normal worry coming from her, no one should be shocked when they eventually got use to it.

"Regis my eldest son blessed me at one point by getting married and giving me a grand daughter..He has recently disappeared and I need to learn where he is again."Yet again a mothers worry, But she would hide it away quickly.

"My last daughter even if adopted is ever so the wonder, I don't hear from her often much like the other, But since we last met, She was in interesting place....I will find her again and check up on her."
She still seemed proud none the less.

"Maybe I am just too worried and maybe could be too much for my children at the same time."She mentioned all of this while walking and looking around to find what they were looking for.  Judith seemed to not be immune to her own habits.

So she would ask him."What kind of flowers do you seek?"She asked out of interest and wanting to know. Maybe to continue talk about flowers like they were before just to find out what he was looking for and she could suggest if they could not. She was also trying to hide that she was just super worried about her children trying not to seem overwhelming about it as well.

#6Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:20 pm

Shin Sekai
He didn't really want the heartfelt monologue about all her kids he just asked about the one but then again if you had so many kids he probably while at the same but keep much better track of them than her. As they walked he could feel his mind starting to wander off by the second child she talked about but he also started to think why she would have so many kids to start with it wasn't like she was going anywhere any time soon, though it would have to be one of those things you understand later in life.

"Oh well I'm just looking to see what they have and go from there my garden is fairly small right now so I get what I can," he told her what was in the garden so far seeing as he went more for what looks good together and elegant than anything else. "What kind of flowers do you like?" The first step in talking to a fellow gardener is seeing what kind of flower they like.

By the time they reached the flower shop, he saw the row of Rose's in the front of the store and rushed over to them like a kid in a candy store they were all in good health which made him even happier than when he saw them. "They keep such good care of you guys that makes me happy!" he had come across some shops that don't really take good care of their plants which really annoyed him.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:22 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a simple answer."I enjoy Lilli's mostly, So much as I do not really have a preferred type yet in case I learn of a different kind of lilies later on down the road."She seemed to take them seriously for as serious as a warm sounding, caring mother could."I am trying to plan out a flower bed for some area of the guild when I am back."She seemed to have plans most likely more then one on going plan in her mind even if she was more trying to do less stressful things."Personally I would like to figure out some water lilies."She mentioned that as she would look at what he was sounding happy about.

"Roses, Pretty and sometimes hurtful. Maybe I should get some for the guild, Maybe even some sun flowers."Judith mentioned her light purple eyes seemingly looking at these rose into great detail, Shortly after words the peaceful smiled she had became a bit wider but she was happier about it"But the question is what colour of roses? Orange? Peach? I would say purple or white because they can blend well together as well."Judith seemed so casual about it as well.

"Should we take these ones? or do you think we can find other ones?"She seemed to be interested to see what Shin wanted to do."It would be simple to take these, Just would see how to get them to survive the trip back."Judith also mention for she was horrible judge of distance and time.

"I wonder if i could find some Lilacs out here as well, So far with how Astera is made up as an area I could."She was getting super curious now, Which given how she seemed so far. Judith was already the curious type of person normally.

#8Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:15 pm

Shin Sekai
"I see so your more of a white lily than anything else than," he said in a somewhat sarcastic tone as it was the flower that symbolized chastity and virtue which was very fitting for a mother like her through his own mother would have to be an Aster given how patience she was with him while he was growing up. Shin thought back to all the times that he would 'hide' to get back at her only to come out due to hunger, those truly were simpler times back when he was still young and didn't have to worry about demons attacking anyone and having to think about a guild wasn't really a priority.

"Well if we do get roses then they would have to be ones that fit the core essence of the guild but the same could be said about others flowers as well." being a mage that deals with nature he should know a fair deal about his main tool. The more time that he spent with Judith the more comfortable he felt with her. She really knew her stuff but then again with age comes experience right. "I suggest that we get all of them." he said with a smile and thumbs up to Judith, all the flowers at the shop were all in perfect health.

#9Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:43 am

Judith Karlinius
Either she knew and it did not bother her or Judith did not seem to get the sarcastic comment but there was other things on her mind."I use to have an entire bed of them before I move from Marigold to Magnolia. I wanted to keep them but with how the move was any of my flower beds could not live."She mentioned with kind of a slight depressed feeling about it but she seemed to move on quickly form it.

"But you are not wrong, I even enjoy them enough that I have necklace in the shape of a lily at home."She did not bring it with her most likely because she did not wanted it stolen."It was an anniversary from my husband." that and with her mentioning that she seemed to have a lot of value for that item.

So Judith would start thinking up."So all of them? I am sure I could figure out an arrangement to put a bed of roses in the guild hall or outside by the front doors."She was coming up with a plan already."Give it a bit more brightness, Maybe even a few other kinds of flowers like I mentioned before."Yes a planner but not thinking about if it will live from the guild members themselves. This was how new Judith was to Fairy Tail.

"I would like to think no one will really hurt them that badly."Judith did not mention she was worried if some one would be looking after them or not. After all she assumed that task was hers much like a few other ones she assumed when she join even if as a mage. Or of her using the things she did normally as a mother as well: cooking, cleaning, gardening and bar keeping as well."How well kept are flowers at Fairy Tail? Do they last long?"Judith asked curiously about it she was expecting a yes to that.

#10Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:31 pm

Shin Sekai
"Oh really I have a few tips that I could give you for such a thing when we get back to the guild," he commented with a smile as he was reminded of his method for moving any number of plants from point A to point B it was really something that came in handy when he had to take flowers to his mother. The Flower Knight and Judith had a lot in common when it came to their flowers as now he knows that he, not the only one that has a special patch of flowers in his garden. Judith was quick when it came to coming up with locations to place the flowers "let get our top five and just expand from there?" it was a good suggestion and it was the best way to get even better arrangements out of them.

"Honestly I try and keep them safe but it never works it..." he hung his head in the disappointment of this sad fact though he was happy that he was able to get them to even stay up for as long as they did "We should keep them outside the guild and the booths so they look a little better when new arrivals come." this was a good bonding moment for Shin as he never really got the chance to do this with any of the other members.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:56 am

Judith Karlinius
This was now truly interesting with such a conversation."They are most likely dead now I had left them in Marigold, That garden lasted ten years before the move."With a lot of effort from her which she had the time too to spare."Some where always harder then others to manage but I had found the right balance."She sounded so happy with herself about that, then she seemed a bit last in thoughts.

"I am sure it would be simply to get five of our favorite going, Maybe just obtaining then to start with, might be the adventure in it's self  depending what your favorites are."
Judith did sound up to the task however which means something else for her to do when she was back at Fairy Tail.

"I already have a few ideas of how to set them up, But I always think it's better to be in my mind to actually be at the area we intend to plant them to be sure."Which is what she felt, She would be easy to arrange and change her mind."I also don't know the lay out of the entire guild yet, I was only there for one day so far before leaving there."So far Shin would have the advantage in that situation of planning."So that I personally would wait for, Since I work better that way myself."

she almost forgot."Then again I forgot to ask what flowers are your favorite, Almost very rude and selfish of me."Judith was a stickler for manners and politeness that was for sure, Much like she drilled it into herself and what could easily guess her children."Once i get the layout of the guild and how everything is arranged I would personally start planning, When you do is up to you as well."

#12Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:28 pm

Shin Sekai
Judith was really something else when it came to garden talk though he felt bad that her first flower bed died if only he was able to see it beforehand. "Well then let's make it our job to make the guild look awesomely beautiful with flowers." having help in this venture would be fun though he had to wonder what type of magic she fell under, given her love for plants she had to have nature attributed to magic or at least some form of it.

She was only at the guild for a day and then came here, parents are weird then again he should check on his own when he gets the chance. He didn't want to take charge of this even if it was just for the arrangements "I would rather have both of us deal with that cause its always better to have two heads right?" he said with a chuckle when it hit him with all this talking about flower beds and children being lost or something, they never introduced himself to her "Oh ya quick sidebar! I'm Shin Sekai the Knight of Flowers it is nice to make your acquaintance Miss?" if he didn't add one of the many nicknames that he uses it just wouldn't be Shin.

Judith had finally asked him what his favorite flower was to "Oh I would have to say the Red Roses cause they symbolize passion but a close second would have to be the Lotus." he had to stop himself from going on and on about why each one was his favorite.

#13Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:32 am

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting title."Knight of the Flowers? Quite interesting, Hello Shin, My name is Judith Karlinius."She almost wanted to add more to it but she had nothing else to add that was not already mentioned, It was just her being as she was normally. But it was interesting.

"I see that you and I were thinking the same of working together with it."It left her with that happy motherly smile that warmed people's hearts. One people often stride to see."Feed back being helpful is always a good thing, At least in my eyes anyway."Maybe eventually Judith would arrange a few things herself as well but that was other plans she had as well.

"That is a wonderful idea, Maybe some kind of yellow flower to contrast, aside from rose because  some one might grab them with out realizing they are roses."That was her being the careful mother she was, Either too careful or just had a really good hindsight as well. One of the two."But maybe I just think with the brightness and liveliness I hear the guild has I think sun flowers would be nice too."Then she would just follow it up."If not i will find a place for them somewhere else."

She then had a few more to list."But also Irises, Red Chrysanthemum's and Hibiscus flower...that could also be used for tea."She was thinking into it pretty far, Judith was a planner it seems but also given the life she had most likely given these things a lot more thought for many reasons."Unless you have any others to suggest? I do not mind whatever others ideas you have as well."She would wait to hear what else they had, slowly looking upon that flowers they had stopped to gaze about.

#14Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:32 pm

Shin Sekai
He really hoped Judith would call him by this nickname just once when they get back to the guild so the word can spread around. "Can I leave this one up too you, I'm sure you'll pick the right ones," he told her in full confidence even though he just didn't want to do that much thinking when he might have to fight some wanna be demons if they were even real, to begin with. Shin really wanted to head back to the guild to work on this arrangement as a much-needed stress reliever but then again he would be missing out on all that Astera has to offer.  His thoughts quickly shifted from the flowers to exploring this place and finding food. "Say why don't we get some food and explore a bit more?" he asked hoping that she would agree so they could find some food.

Judith seemed like the type to share whatever was on her mind so he had to pick his word carefully just to avoid any unwanted conversations given how she went on about each of her kids.

#15Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:32 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed at least that moment was at a close. So far it seemed effortlessly, These things where easier then how her children would handle them."I am slightly curious about what they eat here as well."She was in agreement with Shin, So far Judith seemed to be more hoping that all her meetings with the other Fairy Tail members were like this. But it was safe to assume it was not like meeting all of them.

Judith knew what this guild was like when she joined, As well as curious why her most antisocial and nervous son would join it, She would get an answer to that in due time, when Judith saw Waylon again anyway, It had been a while she was worried slightly."I would image it could be varying kinds of sea food."But Judith sounds like she was trying super hard not to assume as well. Logically just thinking by the water easier to get such food from it.

"Then again with how the city looks, I am almost unsure among the white buildings what is what quite yet."
she admitted, Judith had not explored enough yet to know everything but then again it might have been the case for both of them."I do personally think the idea of fresh fish seared with a bit of sage, butter and lemon sounds nice."Knowing Judith being a mother it might not shock Shin she knew how to cook into great detail."Might have to see if I can get any interesting details to how to cook things that i have not seen  before."It seemed it was already making Judith super happy and interested in this trip she took so far.

She would be looking around in wonder where to go since she did not know quite yet.

#16Shin Sekai 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:34 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin couldn't help hold his belly as Judith started talking about seafood, everything that she mentioned sound really good right about now but he had to keep his mind sharp yet relaxed at the same time if he wanted to. The flower plans could wait till they got back to the guild or when he actually wants to put in more effort to actually do it if anything. Having been drinking for most of his time here food was something that was more than welcomed at this point in time "Let's go and find someplace to eat and relax for a while." he said to her moving his bang out of his eyes.

As he stood up his belly had made a rather weak growl "Guess all this talk about food has me double hungry." he told her with a little chuckle at the end. The red-haired mage new mission was to find a good place to set down and have a meal that will last a while well long enough to fight the demons that is. If they didn't have any fish dishes to serve at all he would be rather disappointed seeing as they are surrounded by water so it would fit the whole theme. Shin started walking in a random direction hoping there was a good place to eat.


#17Judith Karlinius 

Looking Towards Later Venters.(Open) Empty on Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:06 pm

Judith Karlinius
So they would set off much like many adventures Judith would not have with her guild members since travel was rare and uncommon for her age Judith also did not generally want to travel, In fact she went this way more for family then her."I am sure we will find something."It almost sounded like this mother's promise to do so as well. This was a slightly interesting and almost weird meeting between people who would most likely see each other again over the matters they enjoyed. Then again Judith was more glad her choice seemed rather wise with meeting Shin.

Judith would find a place eventually for them, It would be rather nice since Judith was always on the search for a spot to drag Anders out of the house."Maybe my husband should come out of the workshop to a spot like this, It would do him some good too." She would have that casual conversation, Maybe Shin now had more things to expect eventually from not only Judith but down the road maybe Shin would learn and have Waylon to be around as well. There was many wonders to Judith it seems but then again Judith had many wonders to learn about the rest of her guild. So far if they were like Shin. Judith would be a rather happy woman.

Judith would sneak paying the bill some how when it came time to pay it, Since she felt like since it was her doing she wanted to be sure it was paid by her hands as well. It would have not been up to a debate with Judith, She would have her way and Shin would not win any fight he could have with Judith over her paying the bill but it was still a nice day nonetheless.


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