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Underwhelming Champion [Q]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Underwhelming Champion [Q] Empty Mon May 13, 2019 4:12 pm

The night was young. The moon patiently waited for something to happen and the clouds had already been asleep it seemed. The stars in the sky shimmered, calling for a beautiful lit sky yet the entire town reeked of fear. Civilians remained inside their homes in hopes of never encountering the demonic creatures they heard so much about. It was the safest thing for them to do really. This war was a battle between the strong and the ultimately stronger so there was nothing anyone without physical or magical powers could do. Lately the viking had been wondering if this is why the gods sent him to Fiore; to help against the storm that had been quickly making it's way over to the rest of the world. If it just so happened that the demons had already made their way to Iceberg and he wasn't there to protect the rest of his people...he could never forgive himself. That would shatter his heart into pieces that were bound to never be retrieved. These days Val lacked proper sleep, I mean how could he sleep with all the worry on his mind? He had an entire village of people- both Icebergan and Neko to look out for and now he had also made himself a warrior of Fairy Tail. With all the important people in his life the young Lord had more reason to live now than he ever did before.

Perhaps that was why he was here though. Maybe the gods had plans for him to die a heroic death or perhaps they had a better plan for him? The demons were causing the world to slowly drift into an apocalyptic state and a world like that could use a man like Vali. Still, there was so much pressure on the young Desiertan elf. Freshly twenty one years of age carrying all this responsibility alone. Being a leader was one of the toughest jobs on the planet. He had to know when to kill and when to spare, he had to know when to show love and when to demand respect or fear, it truly was a lot. Alas he could not complain, this was fate doing it's job but he couldn't help wonder...why him?

Earlier today Tomoe had set out alone to find anything he could about the battle between realms, a brave deed for sure. Though the half-elf had no idea what other abilities besides not giving a flying fuck Tomoe had, he couldn't help but believe that his friend would be alright after all. To be sure though, Vali would make a sacrifice to Freyr with the fully grown cat he held in his arms. As he walked through the seemingly abandoned town of Magnolia he groomed the animal, petting it and softly scratching it so that it remained calm. Suddenly he came to a halt, slowly drawing out the daggers he could feel it's power coursing. He began by gently turning the cat to face him, giving it a soft smile as if it could actually care about that. This will have to do.

"Freyr, god of prosperity, I stand humbly in your shadows with a sacrifice in your name. I beseech you, so that you can allow my friends to succeed in their ventures. Accept this sacrifice as a token of my gratitude to you." Slowly he lifted the cat above his head giving it directly to the god above. "Goodbye, little friend." he whispered as he swiftly brought his dagger to the cats neck, slicing before it had the chance to react to it's sense of danger. The blood of the cat spilled onto the pavement creating small splattering sounds. The sacrifice was done and if Freyr had acknowledged Vali, if the gods truly did favor him then it would show when Tomoe returned.

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

Underwhelming Champion [Q] Empty Mon May 13, 2019 6:05 pm

Now that the cat served as a sacrifice for Freyr, the corpse was the only thing that remained. Of course carrying it was pointless and since Val had no intentions of littering the streets with a dead animal, he would place the animal on the ground and use his powers to disintegrate it. Pure energy believed to be drawn from Asgard itself would do the trick. With nothing else left to do now, the Viking lord began to make his way towards his room at the Dawn Hour inn. It was a small and cozy space humbling in the simple fact that he had rested in much larger spaces as a lord of Skaal. The night was still young, probably around nine PM but Vali didn't have the will to do anything but return home and continue creating the training regime he agreed to make for the sake of Fairy Tail. Finally he sheathed his dagger, slowly strolling through the town of Magnolia and making his way towards what he temporarily called home. The crickets made the walk a bit more entertaining. In all his years of living he had never heard such critters until he arrived to Fiore and he honestly enjoyed it.

Just when Vali was about to reach the block f the Dawn Hour Inn he saw a boy standing in place looking around quite frantically. this kid shouldn't be out here... he thought to himself. Just then the boy turned and noticed the seven foot half-elf. At first he looked a little freaked out but then a wide smell stretched across his face as if he had just hit the jackpot. The boy quickly ran towards him confusing Vali at first. "Are you alright, boy?" The fairy asked. "Yeah- no, yeah I'm fine. I uh...I need a favor mister." The boy began. "Hm? What is it then?" he asked. "You look like a pretty strong mage, are you!? Please tell me you are..." Vali raised an eyebrow. "Aye. I'm from Fairy Tail...is everything alright, boy?" The boy's face lit up with excitement as he began rambling about how he needed someone strong to beat the current champion of a street boxing tournament. Apparently the boy was willing to pay too.

Once Vali agreed the boy continued on with why this was important to him. The previous champion of this tournament was bested by someone else who didn't exactly fight fair so he explained that he needed Vali. At first the half-elf pondered on what he should do. There were things that he had to do tonight when he looked at the kids eyes he felt a certain duty to help him, even if this was quite a pointless deed. "Alright then. Lead the way." The boy happily took Vali's hand and began dragging him through the town. Apparently the tournament was going on at this very moment. Who the hell would be out right now worrying about fighting and tournaments when literal demons were on the lose, looking for people to eat and souls to corrupt? The realm of men had their priorities all messed up it seemed.

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#3Vali Onfroy † 

Underwhelming Champion [Q] Empty Mon May 13, 2019 11:16 pm

Still Vali followed the kid. Jewels and victory were to be his reward and who would pass up an easy opportunity to get both of those at the same time. Before long the boy brought Vali to the area where a large amount of people were gathered in a circle cheering as the sounds of knuckles cracking and men reacting to hits filled the air. So this is where everyone was? It seemed the viking lord himself was just a fool for believing that every one of the towns civilians were in their homes attempting to ignore anything that could happen in the night. Val gazed upon the crowd. Both men and women enjoyed the fighting that was in progress. With a smirk the half-elf turned to face the boy as he brought him to a table with a pink haired lady sitting behind. The woman looked up. It was funny because it took her eyes a while to reach Vali's face...you know, because he was so tall and all. Crazy thing was that since Vali came to Fiore most of the women he ran into were drop dead gorgeous...but this woman was hideous. The receptionist pushed her glasses onto her face and cleared her throat. The woman's eyes widened when she saw just how tall the mage in front of her was. "Good god!" she exclaimed. It really did sound like she had a frog in her throat, but Vali noticed that was the case for many fat people. "Sign here, you big...beautiful...hunk of-" "Oookay." The kid cringed.

"Aye, gotcha." He responded with a wink towards the woman. The receptionist battered her eyes trying her absolute hardest to look sexy but really she ended up looking like a constipated hippo. Hell no he wasn't attracted to her but ugly women needed love just as much as beautiful women right? The half-elf stepped forward and filled in his name on the list. "So I guess now we wai-" "Come on." The boy demanded as he pulled Vali's hand. "I'm Tyler by the way, what's your name again?" "Again? I do not remember telling you before...it's Vali.""Okay Vali look here's the deal..." He began as he brought Vali to the area where the fighters waited. Oddly enough there were no more left in line which meant that he was next. "I want you to embarrass him, okay?" Tyler pointed. "Uh, yeah sure." Vali raised an eyebrow. This whole thing was so sudden. "And after you win, whaddya do?" The boy leaned in suddenly becoming his manager or something? "Give-up the championship belt to the former champion." He said coldly.

Something told the Fairy that this kid really thought this was a big deal, that this fight really meant anything. Part of him just wanted to tell the kid that none of this mattered once the demons got to them, yet he refrained from doing so. "Yessir! Then you win the championship money. I'm talkin' big money like Hanye South!" Vali blinked totally lost at this point. "Hanye South...the famous music artist who has that super hot wife?" Vali blinked again. "Well it doesn't matter, just get out there and kick some ass!" This kid couldn't have been older than ten years old talking like this. He sounded like he had at least a little bit of experience with type of thing...where the hell were his parents though? And who was Hanye South? Val turned his head to pay attention to the fight that was going on but right when he did it was already over. The announcer quickly moved towards the winner and raised his hand as the crowd cheered. "And Rodric wins again!!" Rodric turned and gave the crowd a smile, winked at some women and proceeded to show off the little muscle he had. Vali blinked again. "Alright, next we have..."

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#4Vali Onfroy † 

Underwhelming Champion [Q] Empty Tue May 14, 2019 2:03 am

Vali felt two small hands push him into the circle. Tyler wasn't playing games when it came to his goal, he wanted the previous champion to get his title back by any means necessary, even if he didn't achieve it himself. Vali stepped into the ring with a blank expression almost entirely bored at this point. He half expected this fight to be lame and a waste of time so he'd make this quick. It was usually the overly boastful ones like Rodric that had no true ability at all. Today...he would be humbled. Rodric took the time out to scan the giant half-elf smirking with a nod then turning towards the crowd. "This big fella came in looking for a fight but you know what they say...the bigger they are...the harder they fall heheheheh." He laughed. well at least he does a good job at giving the people a show, I'll give em that. "I bet anyone here that I can beat this man in under 60 seconds." Confidently, he turned to face his opponent who's arms were folded and lips sealed. Tyler shouted from behind Vali that he'd bet Rodric 50,000 jewels. "Heh, sure kid your loss." Finally Rordic spread his legs out and placed his hands forward ready to fight.

The announcer rushed between both the fighters who were an odd sum distance apart. "Begin!" He shouted as he quickly moved out of the way. Rodric immediately began running forward with a semi-crazed look on his face. The pretty boy wasn't at all fast, his speed was nothing compared to the Lord of Skaals own. After three seconds of running he leapt into the air attempting to slam both his hands on the viking. The elven lord simply stepped aside, both arms crossed and not a fazed bone in his body. The champion's fist slammed the ground, creating a small crater the size of his hands. He's that strong?! Better make sure he doesn't land a hit. Even with all that strength in Rodric still wasn't a match. He didn't seem to understand the difference between the two of them but soon enough he would. Rodric turned as fast as he could- which wasn't very fast- and swung his arm, once again failing. "Six..." Vali began counting aloud. The crowd watched on edge wondering how this battle would end.

Rodric began jabbing forward with multiple punches trying his hardest to at least connect one. "You are too slow, Rodric." Vali stated. It was the truth and he didn't mean to offend him. How Ironic though, that was enough to make Rodric's blood boil and finally he lifted his leg to throw a kick. At the speed he was moving kicking wasn't the best idea and because that simple mistake Val was able to make an opening by stepping aside again and kicking the champion in his chin, sending him skidding across the pavement. He didn't want to end it too quick so that kick was only to humble the champion. "That's thirty-three seconds, Rodric." He said coldly. The champion stood and charged towards Vali throwing an array of punches, hoping to strike. It was clear that he was growing frustrated.

"Who the hell do you think you are!?" Suddenly he swung with all his strength, yelling at the top of his lungs. "Take this you giant shit stai-" *SLAP*... Rodric's first shot forward sending a harmless wave of wind towards the crowd. Vali's hand landed clean onto his face causing a popping sound to ring through the streets. Rodric froze in place staring ahead with his jaw dropped. The fairy looked behind him almost unable to believe that someone like this guy could actually be that strong. Physically he was actually much stronger than him. Imagine what he could do if he learned how to use his strength. The entire crowd gasped, women holding their breath, men in awe. The whole area went silent and then boom...Rodric fell to the floor. "What a waste of potential.."

The announcer hurried to run towards Vali before snatching his hand and throwing it up. "Ladies and gentlemen, our new champion-" The announcer turned to Val. "What do you want them to call you?" he whispered. "Vali." "The red...uh...cloak!" The announcer took the belt off Rodric and handed it to Vali. "I do not want it give it to the last champion, I just want the money." With that, the announcer slowly took it back with a confused facial expression and dug out jewels to give instead. Vali left, waving Tyler off who didn't even care, he was more concerned with getting the championship belt to his favorite fighter.

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