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False Prodigy [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

False Prodigy [Quest|Sage] Empty Sat May 11, 2019 10:12 am

Sage †
It was a fine day in Magnolia. Sage was heading towards his client address. Today he felt like doing something for some money, he was running short of it after all. He walked down the road of Magnolia which seemed peaceful and happy. He had heard of the guild in the town, Fairy Tail. One of the few independent guilds in Fiore. He was interested by the name itself, quite unique and peculiar he thought. His white silk cloak was basked by the warmth of the morning sun, as he breathed the morning air smelt of dew, delicate and refreshing. He walked on until he reached the address, in which he checked on a tiny piece of paper to reconfirm that he was in the right place. As he checked, it was the right one. He had expected it to be big and it is. As his client was none other than the Giuliano Salvadori, one of the most successful merchant out there. He looked for a button to press as mansions like that usually have ring bells on the front gate. When he found one at the side of the gate, he pressed the button and he waited for a while. Soon after, the gate opened automatically, giving way for Sage to enter. So he stepped onto the mansion ground, ready to face whatever his client wanted him to do.

He walked onto the front door and the door opened by itself as Giuliano himself opened the door for him. He greeted Sage and let him in. They walked inside after Giuliano closed the door and head towards the living room to talk about the business. As they walked Sage admired the decorations Giuliano had set for his house, it was very beautiful. As always, Sage couldn't help but admire beauty in things. They then arrived at the living hall and Guiliano invited Sage to sit down on one of the couch. There was a tea table in front of it, and it seemed like he already made tea and prepared some crackers to go with it, which sage liked, he had always liked food. Then they got into business, first Sage asked what was the deal he wanted, then Giuliano explained that his son, Luca, believed that he was a prodigious mage, and that he Giuliano convinced his son that it was true. Although Sage think that it was a bad thing to do, he couldn't argue at the moment as it was his work, he had to do it for the money. Then Giuliano continued to explain that Luca wanted to throw a party the next day to celebrate his 'greatness'. He then explained that it would be easy to fool Luca alone, but not an entire crowd. He then closed it as if saying something important, he said to Sage that nobody could know about this, not even Luca. He then asked Sage to distract those who were paying attention to Giuliano so that they won't suspect anything wrong.

WC: 503/1000

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Sage †
Sage agreed to the deal as he could do it, he knew that it would be easy for him to distract people and manipulate them, although it was the dark side of him,he could not just pretend that he did not have such skills. He shook his hand with Giuliano's with a smile on both their faces, happy with the deal. Giuliano then lead Sage out with a happy face, but before letting him leave Giuliano did give Sage the address and the time of the party so that of course, he could attend there when the stuff really happens.

Sage went back to his motel room and waited till the next day, he prepared himself in one of his best clothes as it was a party after all, he did not want to look suspicious nor out of place. After looking at himself in the mirror he was ready to go out. It was not always he could wear neatly, it reminded him of how lonely and sad his life was. But then again he did not want to make his personal problems become a wall to stop him from doing his job. He took a caravan to the address, it was the same house as the day before but it was at the main hall so he had to go there through another route as it was located on the other side of the house, Giuliano's house sure was big.

After he arrived at the party, Giuliano smiled at his arrival and greeted him. Then the party started and Sage first of all went to grab some apple juice from the food corner, as that was the only drink they served, which was reasonable as most of the attendants were kids anyway. Most of the adults there were either close relatives or the parents of the kids. Then Luca, the son of Giuliano started his performance, light was cast here and there, and of course Sage knew it was the work of Giuliano, he did not focus on Luca but instead the audiences, he made sure that none of them paid enough attention to Giuliano. It seemed like most of the parents were amazed by Luca and were fooled easily but then he noticed a guy started looking at Giuliano suspiciously, Sage walked up to the guy and 'accidentally' spilled his juice on the guy, then asked for forgiveness of course. Then on another guy, he 'accidentally' stepped on what seemed like a very expensive shoe. Then otherwise nobody was paying close attention to Giuliano. After the party was over, Sage walked over to Giuliano to collect his payment. Giuliano patted Sage on the back and said he did a mervelous job. Then he grabbed a little envelope hiddenly from the public and passed it to Sage, then said how grateful he was for him, if it was not for him, his son Luca would have a hard time, probably. Sage then said you are welcome and left.


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Total WC:1004/1000

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