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Waves in the City [Xandra]

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#26Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

With a swift nod, she pushed herself onto her feet, completely ignoring the shards of glass that they had gathered into a small pile. Xandra stood there, ready to follow Kaz as he takes the lead. Everything had happened within the blink of an eye. The room that was once booming with sounds of roaring laughter and idle chatter drowned within the music was now a commotion of screams and screeched.

Bright flames engulfed the velvet couches and spread like thin air. The lingering alcohol didn't help many adults escape unscathed. Illuminating the crimson bathed room, the fire flared with rage, avoiding nothing but the wall to their right. Instinctively, all the children gathered in the center drifted towards the empty wall as the opened doors were blocked by individuals rushing to escape. Without any courtesy, they pushed and shoved each other, so much so that even the guard that held the door open for them was pushed aside.

Without wasting a second, the female rushed over to the kids, using her body as a barrier between the fire and those whom she had to rescue. The cries of the children and the evident fear in their eyes ignited as they lost hope of living any further. Alas, she trusted her partner enough to let him handle things on his own. Her job was to use the moment of confusion that he had granted her. From the corner of her eyes, she watched the familiar figure skid across the floor as he was attacked. She couldn't help but scoff. Although she herself had wanted to do the deed of teaching him a lesson, she was content with Kazimir doing it for her.

On the other side, as guards and people gathered in the corridor to guide the guests to safety, the one man that stood at the door came towards her. Perhaps he had figured out that she and Kazimir were partners. He would have to be exceptionally dense to have not guessed that, after all. What separated him for her partner was a wall of people desperate to escape so instead, he chose to come after her. After all, she was the one who had their precious assets in her hands. Giving an assuring smile to the kids, she tried to soothe their fear, "Don't worry, we'll get you out of here."

Quickly turning on the heel of her foot, she extended her hand to grab the guard who was within arms reach. She pulled him forward, with enough strength to have him lose his momentum and stumble towards her. Swiftly raising her leg, she rammed it into his face, knocking him out instantly. She ripped off the ebony tie that hung around his neck and wrapped it around her hand before moving towards the clear wall. Over the screams, she yelled at the kids to move away as she slammed her covered fist against the wall.

Luckily for her, not only did she have quite superb physical strength, but the walls were also built with thin layers of plasterboard hence she could break through. The wall began to crumble, creating an opening big enough for two to three people to pass through at once. A sharp pain shot through her arm, despite her hand being cushioned by the tie she wrapped around it. However, that didn't stop her as she rushed the children through the hole, into the next room.

Taking one final glance at Kazimir, she saw him standing amidst the crowd of people as she ushered the kids out the door. She wanted to yell at him, telling him she'll be right back, but she figured he'd already know that. In the hallway, she saw the man who was the mastermind of this mess. He gazed into the room, surrounded by people as they ran out. A dreadful feeling of unease settled within her as she realized that she was leaving her partner alone with that man. But she trusted Kazimir, more than enough to leave him for a short while.

Perhaps it was luck that he hadn't spotted her or the kids yet, or maybe he had. She didn't know and she didn't have the luxury to find out. She led the kids in the opposite direction towards which the guests were headed. Kazimir had told her about the back door and indeed he was right, she had reached a staircase that led downwards. As she ushered the children, she came in contact with a few guards, as well as the child from before whom she gently pushed into the group of kids, but she didn't have the time to wait around. With a swift punch, enough to knock down the guards, she got rid of anyone in her way as she led the kids to the back door. The Bellan knew that she couldn't leave Kazimir alone any longer.

It seemed that fate was on their side. The commotion of people rushing out of the building had attracted the attention of the pages that were on duty. Without wasting a moment, she pulled her pendant, the symbol of her knighthood, out of her pocket and handed it to the same boy whom she had previously entrusted a task to.

"I have one final thing to ask you. Do you see that group of knights over there? Go to them and show them this pendant. I need you to tell them these exact words, 'Capture all the people escaping from the building and lead the children to safety. This is an order from a Seated.' Can you do that for me?"
He nodded as she watched the children rush out the back exit and didn't remove her gaze from them until she saw them approach the page knights.

Now that they were safe, she had to return to her partner. Xandra could only hope he was holding up alright against the bouncer. The faster she returns to him, the better. However, it seemed as if the guards who were adamant to chase down the kids had other ideas. Cracking her knuckles, she ran towards the guards, engaging them in combat. Unlike her usual style, she was rather desperate to return to help Kaz. Without holding back her strength, she lightened her movement and left blows on her opponents, hoping to finish them as soon as possible.
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#27Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:53 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz nodded towards Xandra, not knowing if she could see him or not. She had evacuated the kids and he rest assured knowing they were safe with her. He breathed a sigh of relief as they got away, and even as the man in charge approached him. Walking through the panicked patrons as if he brushed against them like bushes. Kaz stood firm, moving his legs shoulder width apart, ready to react.

The flames charred everything they touched. A torrent of fire around Kazimir and the corrupt knight still on the floor. The man slowly stepped into burning room. He was dressed in a suit. He undid his tie, opening the top button of his shirt, to whom do I owe the pleasure?his voice was deep and raspy. An aura of magic radiated from him. Once his tie was off he slid his suit jacket down and tossed it. The jacket landed on the fire, instantly taken by the flames.

Kazimir finally took his mask off. Sweat was around his brow from the heat of the room."My name is Kazimir Seiryu. By order of the rune knights you are under arrest. He said with a flat expression. The fire dancing shadows across the contours of his face. It never worked saying it but he still held out hope for the one day that it would.

The man snickered and rose his fist,kid I own the knights. He said and charged at Kazimir. A magic circle appearing around his fists as the first connected with Kaz's face and a second to his gut. The punch knocked him upward, crashing into the roof. His bearings coming back to him as the man jumped for another attack. His momentum halted by a close range eruption of air. The man coverered his face as cuts tore at his sleeves with small streaks of blood.

Kaz dashed to the other end of the room. It was just them for now so he could really let loose. With a quick circle of his arms a large tornado ripped through the room. It engulfed then and swallowed the fire into it.the attack crumbled parts o the ceiling with it. The corrupted knight and the man were tossed in the air swarmed by cuts and flame and dropped back down. The man got to his feet and nearly faster than Kaz could detect, closed to distance between them and landed a strong kick. The two leaped back and forth across the walls and through the air. Kazimir heaving blades of wind, some landing true and some punched out of existence by the magical fists of the owner.

The owner had amazing stamina. Kazimir began to breath heavily but not his opponent. The wind mage had noticed a decrease in his power and speed, if only just slightly. He didn't show it but the wounds had taken their toll. Blood dribbled down his arm and dropped from his hand. His shirt in tatters revealing freshly made cuts from the wind. Another mad and erratic dash put him only a foot above Kaz. Launching everything he had, Kaz burst out in a fury of spells, his eyes glowing white from harnessing his angelic nature. The attack hurdled the owner through he remainder of the roof. He crashed back down, out cold.

Kaz sighed again with relief. They had done it. He stood up when he heard the owners voice, stop waiting around. This is what I pay you for too, with those words Kaz was struck from the side by something he couldn't see. The Rune Knight stood up from across the room. Kazimir staggered on his feet and fell to one knee. He was bloody from the battle and that last surprises attack hit hard. His vision shuck. All he could think of was to hope that Xandra would make it back in time. Hoping he bought her enough time to get the kids to safety.

The owner wobbled to his feet with an evil smirk. He was barely holding on but so was Kaz.

#28Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Her fist collided with loosened jaw of the man clothed in black. Behind her, she had left a body of individuals who suffered the consequences of getting in her way. Perhaps the urgency of the situation and the desperation that clung to her had brought about a sense of aggression that she had suppressed for long. It was safe to say that the Bellan was truly going berserk, knocking out any and everyone in her way.

Over the sounds of her heavy breaths as she momentarily stopped, she could hear the commotion of an ongoing battle from the top of the staircase. Xandra didn't need any confirmation, she knew it was Kazimir. She was worried because, while the guards seem relatively easy to deal with, the bouncer was of an unknown strength. She didn't know what kind of magic he could use, neither did she know just how powerful he was. Although she confided in her partner, she couldn't help but be concerned for his safety. After all, they were a team and they planned to get through this together.

Using the back of her hand, she wiped the bead of sweat that rolled down her face. Pulling off the blonde wig to reveal her own, natural pink hair, she tossed it onto the ground as she rushed up the stairs. With her speed, it barely took a moment for her reach the top. However, much to her dismay, she was too late. Just as her emerald gaze landed on the weakened state of her partner, an attack launched from the side and lunged him into a corner. His body, ragged and bloody, struggled to get up as more guards surrounded him. There were approximately five of them. Regardless of number, he real issue at hand was how she could get Kazimir out of the way while she put an end to this farce.

"Now now, attacking a poor injured man is quite immoral of you."
Her words resonated over the sounds of the cackling fire, enough to grab the attention of everyone present. A mocking smile laced her lips as she glanced at the guards before looking at the real antagonist of the day, "Then again, talking to you people about morals is like teaching a dog how to speak; completely useless."

Her smile fell as quickly as it came. The mocking and mischievous gaze that lingered in her eyes quickly morphed into one of rage. A serious expression washed over her as she removed the black blazer that covered the white shirt underneath and tossed it aside. "You see, some of the things that really piss me off include taking advantage of the weak, and hurting the people close to me. You seem to have done both. It seems that you and your guard dogs need to be thoroughly trained."

She silently snapped her fingers and her left foot tapped against the ground while she spoke. Amidst the grey smoke and the dull lighting, if someone were to look closely, they would be able to see the light pink glow that traced her veins over her skin. Without a moment of hesitation, the Bellan launched herself towards her enemies, propelling forward from the strength she put into her right foot. All it took was the blink of an eye until she reached in front of Kazimir, using her body as a barrier between the enemies and her partner.

"What are you standing there for, GET HER. None of them should escape alive from here."

In his sorry state, he yelled over the suppressing pants that drowned his words. It appeared as if Kazimir had shown the man what it means to be weak. It was unfortunate that they were short in numbers, otherwise a man like him would have been taken down by either of the knights rather easily. She wasted no time, reacting before the guards could. In a fight, whoever attacked first, always had the advantage. At least that's what she believed and so, she followed her belief.

Lunging herself forward, she grabbed the fist that was aimed towards her and turned her body, using the momentum to to pull the man towards her as her elbow collided into her rib. She applied strength into her hands as she pulled him and threw him over her shoulder, earning a groan that drowned the cracking of bones. Her right leg rose high as she pulled it in before pushing outwards, towards the second man that tried to attack her. Within that short moment, his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he was pushed against the weight of his own body, and went flying backwards, only to land upon the Rune Knight that laid there.

A sharp twinge passed through her dominant arm as she glanced at the broken wall. Perhaps it was true that she needed to train her body a tad bit more. As the third man attempted to attack her, she swiftly grabbed his tie before elbowing him in the face. As she moved backwards, she pulled at his tie which visibly tightened around his neck.

However, it seemed as if she had underestimated her opponents. Not in terms of power, but rather in number. Before she could react, she felt a force collide against the back of her knees, making her lose her balance. As her knees hit the ground, she felt sharp kick at her side which sent her flying a few meters until she collided against the wall. The force of the attack surged through her bones, letting out a groan from her mouth as her face shifted in pain. However, she had to thank the rush of adrenaline that coursed through her veins at that moment, allowing her to get back up.

Her resilience was one of the factors about her that truly stood out in that situation. Placing her hands on the wall, she pushed against it to propel herself forward, towards the guards that stood side by side after having landed a hit on her. In their hands, they carried sharp knives pointed towards her. However, she was too fast for them as she closed the distance between them before they realized. Using both her hands, she clutched their heads before pushing them downwards until their heads collided against the ground. Perhaps it was a rather gruesome sight as the ground slightly caved in from the impact and a crimson pool formed around, not only their heads, but also around the female. The gust of pain came crippling through as she realized that one of the guards had managed to stab her right thigh.

Pulling out the blade that was rammed into her leg, she let out a silent whimper as blood pooled out, running down her leg. She limped over to the bouncer who stared at them in awe. It seemed that he hadn't expected that he'd be defeated. His eyes widened as she closed in on him, clutching her wound. He fell backwards, seemingly struggling to keep his eyes open. "Wa-wait. Please don't hurt me, I'll surrender. You only said...it's immoral to hurt an injured man." He spoke, whimpering and stuttering while still attempting to get back up. Xandra simply stared at him in silence and watched as he tried to get back up in an attempt to attack her. He crumpled forward, trying to grab a hold of her.

"It's fine if the good guys do it." With that, she raised her left leg and slammed her calf against his face, knocking him out cold. It was over. They had succeeded. Limping over to her partner, she bent down to support him, hoping he had it in him to get up. They had to get out of there before the place burnt down.
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#29Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:06 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shock off the dizzying blow. A small stream of blood trickled from his side. The combined force of the bouncer and th corrupted rune knight surprised him and he favored speed over physical endurance. Each hit he took meant a failure in his training and a hard blow to his frail body. More guards poured in as he pushed himself up.here we ...a women's voice cut him off. Xandra had made it back just in time.

Before he fully made it to his feet Xandra was already in front of him. Her speech leaving him with a smile. It had been a little while since he fought alongside someone and trusted them to defend him when he was down. Not since he fought with the other knights. He wanted to say something but just watched as she shot forward an a dazzling display of speed and violence. Kaz cringing as the blood clouded around her from the guards. She was heaved to a wall and Kaz made it to his feet to assist but it didn't slow her down.

Finally...it was done. They all laid on the ground, defeated before them. The fires in the room were spreading and threatened to engulf everything, including them. Xandra limped over to him. Kaz kept glancing at the wound on her leg, but the fire was a more pressing concern. He leaned on her to get to his feet and then moved his arm to help her walk on her injured leg.

I knew you'd make it back. Thanks for pulling me out of the fire,he replied with a head nod and a tires smile. The walls of the buildings began to buckle under the heat. Paint peeled off and the lights flickered.

I can round all these guys up, and get us out of here. He stayed at her side supporting her wounded leg and using her for his own balance for a moment. With a couple of gestures he sent a tornado at a different wall bursting a hole through it and sending debris into the air and atop a nearby building. The next instant he created another gust of wind that blew the enemies they fought out of the newly created hole and crashing down to the ground in full view of the pages that were on patrol. Take them all under arrest,he yelled down to the pages below.

Kazimir took in as deep a breath as he could in the smoke filled room. Shall we, he asked as he looked a the gapping hole that led to the streets below. They stood, and it reminded him of how they had walked in arm and arm and now we're back supporting each other, this time from wounds.

Below them, the pages scurried about putting cuffs on the villains, not yet knowing one of them was a leader in the rune knight organization. Others began to arrive and gawk at the mayhem that was unfolding. He looked back a Xandra, both of them had a very long night and going straight down would make it even longer. Kaz stepped to the edge with her, if she let him and air stepped to the rough of the next building. They would land next to a fire escape. If she had her own way, Kaz would simply jump over and wait for her.

They would have to go down and give a report eventually, but a moment of reprieve was in order

#30Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:16 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead as her damp hair clung to her skin. The sounds of her heavy breathing were submerged within the cackling of fire that tore away the building at a ghastly speed. Surrounding her were hues of crimson and orange that barely allowed the eye to distinguish anything from its surroundings. The place where the sofas were once placed was now engulfed in flames burning over pieces of crafted furniture. In the air lingered the suffocating stench of smoke and burnt wood. They had to escape quick. She narrowed her gaze as the smoke drifted into her eyes only to reopen them when she felt Kazimir grab her hand that she had offered. Helping him stand on his own feet, the two knights made a hurried escape. Perhaps it was the rush of adrenaline that still flowed through her veins which managed to take her mind off of the fatigue her body would experience soon enough.

As their bodies became a pillar of support for another, she limped out the room and into the corridor. Only barely catching the words that left her partners lips, she simply nodded, letting him take the lead while also hoping he wouldn't over-exhaust himself. While he pushed against the concrete wall with the pressure of his wind magic, forming a hole in it, she clutched onto him tightly in an attempt to support him in case the fatigue comes rushing through after using magic. At that moment, she couldn't tell which of the two was more injured. However, what was clear was they both had done a good job, and they both needed help.

Berating the commotion of chaos made by the fire was the 'thud' caused by the bodies of the unconscious individuals that collided against the ground. Upon Kazimir's orders, the page knights beneath them began to scurry around. Their face filled with confusion while the Bellan had an expression of fortitude sprawled over her face. Her eyes wandered while the pages rushed around. People gathered upon hearing the commotion and sighting the smoke that escaped from the building. She didn't rest until she spotted a large group of children in the far right below them. They seemed to all be together, surrounded by the knights. The knight visibly let out a sigh of relief before a smile laced over her face. She let out a small cough as the smoke began to penetrate her windpipe while her eyes squinted in tears. After she heard her partner's question, she merely looked at him. "Let's go."

And so, for the last time that night, she willingly jumped into danger. Literally. Although, it was perhaps much less dangerous that what they had done so far. The wind caressed past her hair as she held onto her partner, perhaps because they both still may need to support each other, or because he was simply the only thing she could hold onto at that moment. The moment passed within the blink of an eye and the next thing she knew was that they stood on the fire escape of the neighboring building. She stumbled away, grasping the cold black railing with her hands to hold her weight to prevent her legs from giving out just yet. Before her stood the building where they were just at. Fire engulfed the already seemingly old exterior of the building as smoke clouds formed over. From afar, she could hear the sounds of confused and worried chatter followed by cries of mages that had arrived at the scene to put off the fire.

She sighed, leaning against the railing before looking at her fellow knight. A smile crawled onto her face, turning into a grin. "We did it. We really did it. Good job." Xandra found herself relaxing at that moment but noticing the eyes of the other knights that stood beneath, her smile dropped. "I guess it's not completely over yet. We'll still have to explain what happened here."

With that, she headed down the stairs, glancing back to see if Kazimir was following. She was quite worried, constantly checking to see if he needed her help. If he did, she'd offer it and if he didn't, she'd continue to limp down until they reach the ground. Before she realized, they were surrounded by other knights. Healers came up to them to help with their injuries while normal citizens glanced from afar. Looking around before looking back at her fellow knight, she let out a small chuckle. It was truly a long night.
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#31Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:41 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Yeah heat was sweltering as the two knights made their way out. If it weren't for his control of the wind he would have had a much harder time breathing. The den of debauchery was burning down around them. Smoke billowed up, making it hard to see. Kaz blew small gusts creating brief gaps in the smoke, to squint through.

They stood on the ledge ready to go and once Xandra was sure the children were safe, Kaz stared at the building across the way. His body was fatigued and faultered, but Xandra was there to brace him. The injuries they sustained taking a heavy toll on them. His body ached, and blood stained part of his face. He counted himself lucky that Xandra returned so quickly. He looked back at her one more time, checking that she was holding on tightly as he dashed off. The wind was freeing. A plume of fire trailed behind them as they moved through the air.

Having her there was the opposite. She didn't make it harder to jump and in fact if it wasnt for her support, he may not have had the strength to do it. The fire escape rattled as the landed with heavy foot falls. She stumbled to the railing and held herself up. Kaz flopped backward onto the railing. His arms hanging over the side and patted out a few embers on his gi. His eyes closed with his head leaning back. A cools breeze blew over his face.

Kaz glanced over his shoulder at the building. People still poured out of it and right into the knights that arrived to see about the fire. The flames spread all around the building. A beacon to the criminals of the city that none were safe from the knights or untouchable. The pages cuffed so many people, he worried if they would run out.

Raylen smiled back at Xandra's words. Thanks. It's hard to believe. And you. You're an excellent knight.Kaz said as he pushed of the railing to stand up. He flinched and held his ribs, but dismissed it as he replied,I suppose you're right. Our statements may put this down for good. And take care of that corrupt knight

Kaz followed her down to the streets level. Every so often she glanced back to check on him. An action he repeated for her she she took charge down the stairs. Halfway down Kaz slowed up. A pain radiating from his ribs. Xandra came to help him. He arms supported the long walk down the stairs and he made up for her injured leg. Before they made the final trek down to the street, Kaz tore part of his under shirt and tied it around the stab wound on Xandra's leg. Together they limped their way to the bottom. A but slower but Kaz injured the walk befor the boring part of work As they continued, they were surrounded by Comrads.

Healers and pages abounded and Ray suddenly felt a rush of rejuvenation. He flexed his hands and breathed in deep, filling his pain free lungs with air. He looked at Xandra to make sure her leg wound was healed. People rallied in the streets. All eyes on the raging fire, that took down a building. The culprit were lifted in cuffs and scowled at the two knights. The corrupted knights identity his until the right time.

His eyes met Xandra's as one healer cares for his ribs as another closed Xandra's leg injury. Her chuckle made Kaz give a sigh of relief and laughed back, Hard to believe that wild plan worked. he stopped to cick his head and look up and to the left, then back at XandraDoes this make us more partners in crime than knights,he added with a nother smile as he thought about how much time they spent as 'criminals'

it's been a pleasure. We make a good team and hopefully we can work together again...or maybe just share a tea. he said thinking that not all of his interactions with other knights need be work. They had also accomplished a dangerous feat and one that showed how well they operates intandem. She was a great warrior and quick with her mind and on her feet.

They gave a description about what happeend and Kaz was finally ready to get out of there. Their job was done and the wind mage walked away from the area, but no before a nod to Xandra, how do knights celebrate a job well done?he asked while extending an invitation if she wanted.


#32Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] - Page 2 Empty Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:07 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

As she plopped down onto the bottom of the staircase, gasping for air among the cloud of smoke, she took one final glance at Kazimir. A grin made it's way onto her face as sweat dripped down her skin. Pushing aside her hair, she used her hand to fan herself within the sweltering heat. The white shirt she wore now stuck to her body while it's color faded into a dull shade as dirt and particles of smoke attached themselves to her. Luckily, it wasn't her own clothes that she had destroyed.

The Bellan let out a chuckle, unable to believe that they had just managed to pull off something this extreme. "We can be both knights and partners in crime." She chuckled at Kazimir in a playful manner. Her smile however, soon fell as she exhaled a sigh and nodded her head towards the authoritative figure that was being cuffed by the pages, "He did a pretty good job at proving that to us."

Regardless, it was the time to celebrate. They had achieved an unforeseeable feat. What started out as a gamble laced with heavy ended up becoming a heroic occurrence that proved to her that there was still plenty of filth in this world that had to be cleared out, starting with the Rune Knights.

The warm blood that dripped down her leg slowed it's pace as the piece of Kaz's shirt covered the wound. She sat down, silently observing the chaotic surroundings as the healers made their way over. One of them proceeded to go towards her partner who seemed to be in a slightly worse shape than herself. The other unwrapped the cloth that tightened around her injury and began to work his magic. As he worked, she could feel the depleted energy returning to her body as she leaned against the wall near the stairs.

Through the tear in the black cloth, she could she her blood covered skin completely patched up. As knights gathered data from them, and the two knights revealed the details of this operation, she simply wished that time would pass faster. After all, such a hectic and tiresome day should have only one end result, and that is rest.

"Some tea sounds great. I hope the next time we meet, it doesn't end up with a building on fire." Xandra chuckled before standing up. The crowd around them had started to disperse as the pages guided the children to safety, and the gathered criminals into their cells for investigation.

With a firm shake of hand with her partner, she gave him one final smile. His question caused her lips to morph into a grin which let out a small sigh, "By going back home and passing out."
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