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Waves in the City [Xandra]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was finally coming to terms with all the recent events that transpired around not only himself but the devastation in Orchidia.

Going on a simple patrol was more calming than anything else right now. He wandered off into the rougher parts of town. The streets and alleys wound together with dead ends and whispers. Vines spiraled up buildings like messengers carrying secrets to the depths of the city.  

There was seemingly a perpetual uneasiness about the place. Crime didn't even rest during the rebuilding of the city and the loss of so much life.

The first few hours were uneventful aside from the occasional pick-pocket but a lively tune caught his ear.  Stringed instruments filled the air with a pleasing melody. A small band was playing on the outdoor balcony of a local club.

"I suppose a break couldn't hurt," he easily convinced himself. The knight walked over to the club but despite the music it was eerily devoid of many patrons. The smell of freshly brewed tea was also luring him closer. But the closer he got the more he noticed, the emptying streets around the place.

There was no way to the second level. At least not for someone without the right credentials, but there was a small service at the lower level, under the balcony. Standing room only. It was a like going up to a bank teller. Quick-food and watery tea. Melted ice from the snow above dripped down on the service counter.

"I'll have a tea,"he requested. The server look at the Rune Knight badge with sneer and brought up the tea. Kaz held the steaming cup in his hands and turned back to face the cold streets. There was something charming about the gritty atmosphere.

He took his first sip of the tea when a gruff yell came from next to the building. A large meat cleaver whirled from out of the alley way almost hitting man with a coat full of stolen watches for sale.

Kaz sighed and blinked slowly. When his eyes opened, another cleaver was flung from the alley stabbing into the cold ground accompanied by more yelling from a man's voice, "I'll kill'em"

"Just when I thought things were calming down," Kaz said turning the tea cup in his hands and starting to head toward the alley.

#2Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:23 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The clouds that lingered in the grey sky wandered around in search of citizens that it could bestow it's tears upon but the people of Orchidia, too scared and devastated by the prior disasters, cuddled up in their homes for peace. Contrary to the bustling market place which was filled to the brim with policing guards, the streets were deserted and abandoned. They held to their dusty and concrete ground, a sense of danger that would perhaps cling for a while longer but little did the citizens know that true danger lies within the four walls of room instead.

Sighing, the pink haired mage let her eyes wander around as she walked past the quiet street, looking for something. Her ears were itching to catch the melody that was rumored to be heard. It was perhaps a few days ago, that her curiosity had taken over her, allowing her to trick some bystanders in a bar to believe she was just another commoner instead of a knight. The small action of hiding her Rune Knight pendant deep within the pockets of her attire allowed her to gain some quality information.

From what she had heard, a small building with a balcony where musicians lull high tier customers in, had some atrocities taking place in it's upper levels. Her ears had caught words along the lines of 'thugs that force young orphans or runaways into entertaining people with credentials' which was plenty enough to get her heated up. However, rather than blindly believing rumors, the mage much rather preferred to investigate it herself.

As her mind was lost in thought, yet continuously returning to reality to intake her surroundings, her ears captured a melody. A soothing, calm melody that perhaps suited the weather; that perfectly made her feel the sadness that lingered in the city. Her lips curled up into a small smile.

"Found you."

Her feet collided against the ground, following the sound of the rhythm until she reached close enough to see her targeted destination. The source of the music happened to be a small band playing on a balcony, underneath which was a small, minimalistic set up of refreshments which was perhaps put in place to distract people from the happenings inside the building. Clutching the pendent that was within her hands, she shoved it into her pocket while observing the scene before her. A man, who she assumed was a customer, casually drank tea while at a distance, behind the counter, the waiter looked at him with unease as if he was waiting for the man to leave.

Her emerald gaze glanced the staircase at the side of the building, in front of which a tall and buff man stood with a cigar playing on the tip of his lips. The black suit easily gave away his position as the guard. Now, she just had to think of a way to get in before she could enter the scene.

However, luck appeared to be opposing her. A mere few feet in front of her, a meat cleaver came flying, scaring the man who had walked across the alleyway enough for him to let loose of his coat from which fell swarms of golden watches.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Soon enough, another meat cleaver came flying and dug into the ground, followed by threats of murder. The last thing she needed was some troublesome thief wandering from shop to shop. As the man tried to regain his posture, he braced his legs. Quickly gathering his stolen goods, he was ready to lift himself into a standing position. With a sigh, the female crossed the distance between them and used her foot to slam against the joint at the back of his leg, causing him to lose momentum and fall back down. He looked up at her in expression that held shock, anger and fear. "You could either get caught by me and take the easy way out or-"

She tilted her head, pointing towards the large man that was rushing over from the alleyway with a meat cleaver in his hand and an expression meant to kill. "-you could get caught by him and well...I'll leave you to imagine the aftermath of that. The choice is yours."

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:22 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Before Kazimir could get around the corner to investigate the source of the cleavers a new element entered the mix. A slender yet muscular woman appeared and knocked the watch thief into submission. He was about to intercede when he picked up what she was saying. Her tone and actions all pointed to one thing, "She has to be with the knights, or maybe she's just an exceptionally good mercenary for hire," he thought.

Either way a chubby man finally emerged with a third cleaver in hand and a look to kill. He wasn't about to be slowed down and from his gate it was clear he planned to take advantage of the fallen thief. Kaz stepped in between the cleaver wielding mad man and the thief that recoiled at the feet of the pink haired woman.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but you can't go around slinging cleavers. You could have caused serious damage to someone," it was clear that Kaz wasn't too concerned with the mild pain the watch thief suffered.  The cleaver wielding man stopped shaking the weapon at Kaz. His eyes were thirsting for blood.

While Kaz intercepted the cleaver, the watch thief moaned in pain from the attack at his joints. The blow caused him to drop some more of his prized possessions that he scooped back up just as hastily. With a trembling voice he replied, "Listen, I'll go wherever you want. Being around here ain't good for eitha of us. This street is owned. I promise, I ain't do nothin to that club or  The Chef," he said the man's title as if it was a name of importance. "Just get me outta here," he held his hands forward ready to get cuffed.

The once barren street seemed to have many eye peeking out of a curtain covered windows and through loose boards in battered buildings. Almost at the exact instant the man extended his hands to get cuffed the music stopped on the balcony. Silence covered the street except for the loose creaking boards nudged by the wind.

One finger snap resonating from a window on the top floor of the building and summoned a fast and sharp beat from the band. It was laced with a dark undertone and more patrons filled the outside seats of the balcony. It was like the pause never happened.

In the windowsill a man's silhouette sat. His face was hidden by a loose flowing curtain and shadows. The only defining features seen were a tailored suit, pointed shoes, and a cheap gold watch on his wrist before he swung back inside. A small cape fluttering in behind him. The once probing eyes from the corners receded to their depths.

The man stood straight and pointed his cleaver at the watch thief before anyone could reply. "The law doesn't  come around here. We got a different set of rules," The Chef demanded. From around a couple more corners three men emerged with knives.

Kazimir looked over his shoulder at the woman, "My name's Kazimir," he directed at her and the second part toward The Chef, "I'm with the Rune Knights, and I'd like to ask you to cease what you're doing," the second part came out plainly as in his experience they never cared.He said it mostly out of habit, courtesy, or maybe the faint hope that it would be taken more seriously one day.

#4Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:37 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The gloomy afternoon seemed never-ending as her emerald gaze watched the lean man step into the scene. He was perhaps slightly taller than her own figure. He intervened, placing himself between the scruffy man with a weapon and the thief who winced in pain. While the rather traditionally dressed man approached them, the female had noticed the pendent that hung on his neck, immediately making sense of the scowling gaze of the vendor at the small and shabby refreshments shack. Possibly, his presence had made her plan more difficult but she believed they could turn it around. If he was a knight, he would probably willingly help her in exposing the underlying corruption within the city. However, their first priority was to deal with the situation before them.

Perhaps the news of the presence of Rune Knights had reached the upper levels. Upon the thief's surrender, the musicians fell silent momentarily as a figure was spotted resting on the windowsill. She couldn't get a good glimpse of his face but his silhouette and posture exuded an aura of confidence. As the curtains swayed with the wind, she could have sworn she spotted a mocking smile on his mysterious face. Before she had known, more guards surrounded the building with overt operation to put a halt to any infiltrators.

She sighed, realizing that the situation had become a lot tougher. Throwing a small glare at the man who held his hands together in surrender, she shook her head slightly. His untimely intervention made things tougher but the least she could do was beat up a bunch of over-confident thugs. As the so-called Chef declared the vicinity's independence from law, she noticed more tall, brute men and women clutching knives approach them.

"Great, just what we needed."

She turned towards the tall raven haired knight who looked back at her with a small introduction which was quite unexpected for the situation. She would have preferred an introduction after they beat up these low-lives but the gesture made a small smile appear on her lips. She turned towards the thief and with a monotone expression, she said, "Stay right here. If you even attempt to run away, I'll throw you straight to them." The Chef held up a cleaver, willing to strike down the two knights if necessary. Stepping up to stand beside the man who exposed his identity as a knight, she shrugged her shoulders.

"You know, perhaps telling them that you're a Rune Knight wasn't such a good idea. People like them tend to be more motivated to kill knights simply for the joy of undermining law." She followed it with a small smile before looking at the man who held the cleaver facing the two. "Trust me, that's not a very good idea. Especially when you're facing two Knights."

"Ha, you Knights are weak an pathetic. You can't possibly think you scare us." His face morphed into a disgusting grin as he pulled his cleaver towards himself, running his hands over the blade, "If only you knew how many knights were chopped up with this very blade, you'd be begging for mercy."

A small pause followed.

"Kazimir right? I'm Xandra. Let's get this over with quick." It was then that the three stagnant individuals all came forward in an attempt to attack them all at once. Her eyes darted, observing the people coming towards them as she kept her ears open, listening to any sounds from the back.

Turning her head towards the thief, she said, "Oi, scream if someone comes near you." If these thugs even attempted to attack the thief while the knights were distracted, Xandra assumed her prediction to be correct; the thief knew something they didn't want him to know, something that the Rune Knights couldn't find out. Perhaps that factor in this fight would determine the importance of the thief's role. With that, she pushed one leg back, readying her posture for a brawl.

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Thugs clamored into the streets at the rantings of the man with the cleaver. It would seem that once again his proclamation didn't serve any purpose other than elevating the situation. The Chef was has pig headed as the animals he led to slaughter.

Among it all, Xandra looked back at him with a smile that put the situation more at ease with a potential ally. Her words were curt toward the thief. There was both a gentleness and an intensity to her. The thief stood, hunched over, clutching his watches in his arms. He repeatedly nodded in understanding about the situation.

Kazimir smiled back tightening his scarf, "Habits I suppose. I'll be more careful around here next time. Although they had me pegged from the moment I bought this tea. Just glad they didn't poison it." he still held the warm beverage but passed it back to the thief who almost dropped a watch grabbing it from the knight.

He was going to address her actions towards the thief but it all made sense once she revealed herself as a knight as well. He felt more at ease now with a comrade at his side. It gave him a small smile, "Arresting someone in the middle of the street. Bold move as well," he said before starring down the chef in support of Xandra's threat.

The Chef didn't back down and instead met them with a taunt, announcing the murder of knights by his own hand.

"Nice to meet," he replied to Xandra and held his staff ready. The three dashed forward and in that brief moment before they reached the two knights more thugs emerged from the alleys. A voice called out from the club's stairwell halting all movement, "Cleaver," it was the raspy voice of the well dressed bouncer. "Boss says you're fired. Our condolences for the inconvenience," he directed at the two knights. The new thugs backed away leaving only the original three and the chef.  

Kaz thought they were off the hook but it appeared just to be away to keep the club off the hook for their now former employees actions. The mystery man may have a more devious foothold on the area than he would have thought.

"What! How dare you," the Chef's anger seemed to be fuming at the knights, holding them responsible. "I'm gonna cut you into pieces!" Acting on pure anger now, he sent his three lackeys forward and pulled out another cleaver to heave at the Knights.

"Two and two," Kaz suggested as he flung his staff upward to deflect the cleaver. "You want the Chef?" He asked but had a feeling he knew the answer.

A thug charged within striking range at Kazimir. 'Why does everyone need to get so close for combat,' he thought to himself as he leaped into the air and flung a wind slash downward sending the man colliding into the ground. another thug hurled a knife through the air at the wind mage.

meanwhile one thug charged Xandra and the Chef gripped his cleaver eyeing the right time to strike.

#6Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:05 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

A smile crawled up her face as she listened to her fellow knight speak. She hadn't known how helpful he would be in combat but he definitely assisted in making this measly brawl a lot more interesting than she would have anticipated.

"Bold moves happen to be my specialty." She said as she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes while also keeping her gaze on the furious Chef that stood before them. Although she had currently abandoned the plan to capture the alleged lobbyists the moment she declared her affiliation with the law, the pink-haired female couldn't help but occasionally glance towards the building now sprawling with security. Perhaps it was her curiosity that caused her to be less attentive to the situation but she clenched her fists as her mind wandered in thought about the possibilities that may lay behind those walls.

It was the voice coming from the direction in which she stared that snapped her back into reality. "Oh my, how tragic." She turned to look at the infuriated Chef who pinned the blame of his abandonment on the knights, "Your own allies abandoned you." She glanced at Kazimir, desperately hoping that he was quick enough to catch on to what she was thinking, "What's the point in being loyal to those who threw you out the moment you got caught? If I were you, I'd take revenge."

It appeared, however, that her words simply missed it's targets just like the cleaver that he threw, which was deflected by Kazimir. "I guess they won't go down the easy way." Looking at her current partner, she simply nodded with a small grin when she was asked whether she wanted the Chef or not. Perhaps forcing him into submission was what they needed at that moment. Before she knew it, her partner had already engaged in combat, making it immediately evident that he preferred to keep a distance while fighting unlike the female herself, who was better at close ranged combat.

As the thugs approached her with his knife protruding, with an attempt to slash at her, the female stood still as she waited for him to come close enough. Once the distance between them was close enough for his outstretched arm to reach her, she took a step back, grabbing his wrist that presented itself before her as his body was unable to register her sudden move. Without wasting a second, she used her free arm to force the knife out of his hand.

Her simple strength was more that enough to pull the large man towards her by the wrist. When he was close enough, she raised her left leg and slammed it across his uncovered abdomen, sending him flying a few meters as she unclasped her hand around his wrist. Within mere seconds, the woman turned her head to face the chef and was instead met with a cleaver flying in her direction. Slightly surprised, she jumped back, attempting not to stumble upon her own legs. Usually, she would have seen an attack like that coming but her underestimation of the Chef and lack of focus in the fight prevented that hence being surprised wasn't all that unexpected. After all, it wasn't everyday that she faced flying cleavers.

"I don't particularly appreciate having a cleaver thrown at me." With enough faith in her partner to handle himself, the female launched herself towards the Chef. Rather than completely defeating him, she had planned to get him towards their side. It would make things so much easier for the knights but it seemed that their enemy had no intention of going down without a fight. So that's exactly what she planned to give him.

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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:00 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He could already tell Xandra would prove to be a fascinating ally. She gave him a quick glance and a quick-witted mention of her specialty, that caused the wind-mage to raise an eye-brow with a grin. He had done so many more overt operations it seemed, that it was a nice change of pace to meet thugs with a bold expression.

The situation was more intricate as the members of the organization severed their connection with the Chef, and more guards surrounded the building putting an uneasiness in the air.  The Chef ranted about his failings and veered his anger toward them. However, Xandra tried to reason with the man and play on his insecurities and emotions to flip his side. Kaz caught her glance and gave a nod of recognition. "You should listen to her. Think about yourself now,"he added in support of her attempt.

The Chef was still to driven by pride and readied his men for the assault anyway. The possibility was still alive that they could turn the man on his comrades after he learned the true strength of the knights that he stood against. He looked back at the female knight, "They always need a kick in the right direction," he said seeing her grin at accepting to tackle the Chef, in full confidence in his partners ability to bring the man around to see the logic of his own preservation.

Kazimir knocked the knife away and landed safely in time to see his partner act. She brought the man in close with a quick disarm and devastating kick. It appeared she also excelled at close range combat. A nice compliment to his own long range tactics and a potentially deadly duo. She undoubtedly had the skill and power to support her bold and cool demeanor.

The wind mage allowed himself to get to lost in thought curious about her fighting style and the second thug dashed forward with his hand pulled back and muscles tensed. he snapped back into attention in time to make a small circle with his staff and thrust it forward, hastily saying, "Cyclone." An explosion of wind burst forth cutting at the man's skin and close and forcing him to stumble backward from the shock and pain, falling on his back.

Xandra evaded a second cleaver and starred down the remaining threat. The three lackeys laid on the ground in various degrees of pain and consciousness. The thugs no longer concerned Kaz as he looked at the cleaver wielding man. Kaz took a few slow steps forward and tossed the thug Xandra injured by the other two. Demonstrating that the Chef was truly alone now.

The pink-haired knight lunged forward at him, "You should have listened," he remarked with a winced eye, worried about the pain his comrade was about to bring down upon the man.  

Sweat beaded on the Chef's forehead. His mind raced with defense or surrender as he say how stack the odds were against him. He grit his teeth and his cleaver started to lower. His knees wobbled slightly.  It was unsure if he would force himself to challenge the knight head on or crumble under his mounting fear of the pain coming his way.

#8Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:14 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Her body moved towards the Chef as she noticed his stance weakening as his cleaver lowered and his gaze quivered as he stared right at her. A small smile dwelled upon her lips as she heard the remarks made by her partner. The young female had sure hoped that it would be the case as she had no particular interest in attacking him. However, getting information out of him did pique her liking. As she approached closer, she noticed the Chef's exterior facade of toughness crumble as his steps moved backwards. It took her less than a mere second to reach him.

Realizing that there was perhaps no harm in scaring the egoistic man a bit, just enough to make him completely realize what he was up against, she pulled back her hand, forming it into a fist and launched it towards him. His eyes widened as he stumbled back, only to trip on air and land on the ground. Regardless of whether he had fallen or not, her fist would stop right before his face before retreating back to her sides. With a sigh, she rested her hands on her waist as she looked down at the man who challenged the two knights. "Are you willing to surrender now? Because if not, I wouldn't mind knocking you unconscious and dragging you back with me. The choice is yours."

The chef nodded hurriedly, "I surrender. Just please, please don't hurt me." He sounded so pitiful that the female almost felt bad. Turning towards her partner, she nodded at him with a small smile. Pointing towards the three unconscious lackeys she said, "Let's throw them in prison and..." Her gaze landed upon the awe-struck thief, "Take these two into custody. I have a feeling they have some useful information for us." She glanced back at the building which was now surrounded by an eerie tranquility, much like the calm before the storm.

Just as she thought they were done, she noticed from the corner of her eye as the Chef attempted to clutch his cleaver. While her head was turned towards her partner, he threw himself off the ground and attempted to attack her. "Ha, you foolish knights. I would never surrender to the likes of you."

Without any hesitation but rather, a expression brimming with annoyance, the female grabbed his hand that clutched the cleaver and pulled him over. As she did, she pivoted the heel of her foot which resulted in her body swiveling to face the other side as she pulled the Chef over her shoulder and simply tossed him to the ground. Forgetting to hold back, the result seemed rather painful as his eyes rolled back while his consciousness faded and the cleaver slipped out of his hand. The grey floor radiated a small tremor as pieces of the concrete floor, that had already loosened in the prior chaos in the city, flew because of the impact resulting from the man's weight and her strength.

As realization dawned that she hadn't held back, the woman glanced at her partner and pursed her lips. "Oops".

Bending down to check his pulse, he breathed a sigh of relief, "He's just unconscious, don't worry. Let's take them all back."

It was then that the sound of resonating footsteps caught her attention. Irked at the possibility of it being more guards, she heaved a sigh but was met with surprise as a small group of Rune Knight pages that had perhaps been patrolling the area came around after hearing the commotion. It proved to be useful for them as the pages would then take care of the three thugs, leaving Kazimir and herself to deal with the Chef and the thief.  

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#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The woman stirred fear into the Chef's heart as he stumbled backward. Kaz stood behind her patiently observing how she handled the situation, knowing that she had it in complete control. he appreciated her act of seeking the route of nonviolence but making it known she meant business if things were taken that far.

As the Chef surrendered, Kaz nodded back at Xandra pleased that the moment was over, "Sounds good. You make for a very intimidating presence," he said as a compliment, before rolling the lackeys beside each other and sitting the thief down.

The club beckon an uneasy feeling within the knight. One that seemed to be shared with the other knight with him. This story went far deeper than he imagined and would undoubtedly need to be dealt with for the better of Orchidia. The festivities ignored them now, only the watchful eye of the bouncer stared at them void of emotion.

As soon as Xandra turned her back the Chef leapt up for an attack. Kaz instinctively conjured wind to launch an attack but Xandra's quick reflexes sent the man colliding into the ground. The cement shattered and decorated the air like fireworks. The scene caused Kaz to wince out of sympathy pain, knowing how much that must have hurt. He then shuck his head as it was the Chef's choice that put him there.

The woman's casual response garnered a laugh from Kazimir, "he made a poor choice. Hopefully they'll no better than to try that one again."

His attention was taken by the approaching footsteps and he once again prepared for a tussle but it proved to be a flock of reinforcements. "Good to see you all. Can you take these three in. Xandra and myself need to interrogate the other two," he shot a passive look back at his current ally.

The pages happily agreed, if nothing else to be down with this place. Most of them kept looking over their shoulders and few were wiping sweaty hands on the pants of their uniforms. They hurriedly gathered the three and totted them off but not before they cuffed the Chef and the thief, getting them ready for interrogation. Kazimir nodded for them to leave and it was now just Xandra, himself and the two criminals.

"I know a small abandoned building perfect to have a discussion, hopefully away from prying eyes,"
he said to Xandra to see if she agreed. If she did, he would help the prisoners to their feet and usher them a block away to a multistory building that was once an apartment complex. It was owned by a slumlord but after the demonic attacks it was left partially destroyed but still had rooms within eye shot of the club. He pushed the men to a more secure floor and sat them down waiting for Xandra to accompany them.

"Alright, we know somethings up with the club. Who wants to go first,"
he asked after waiting for Xandra to get situated.

Both of the criminals looked at each other and the thief stumbled to find his words. The chef looked at Xandra and immediately felt a level of intimidation return to him. "I'll tell you something...but what do I get outta it?"

"Wa..wai...wait. I used to work there,"
the thief shouted out trying to beat the Chef to the punch.

#10Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:43 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

She merely stood there with her arms crossed over her chest as her partner took charge, instructing the three pages that had come to take the extra pile out of their hands, and ushering the two suspects of this seemingly devious case into an abandoned building. The pink haired female simply followed Kazimir as she took a glance around their current surroundings. The aftermath of the chaos echoed within the building had completely lost itself into a pile of rubble. Broken edges and protruding pieces of concrete and metal rods surrounded them while dust laid itself on the ground. The building had been abandoned, for obvious reasons.

Although the female had been out of town during the tragic event, she had heard all about it and now, she had also seen the conclusion of it's happening to which she couldn't help but wince. All she could do was hope that all had escaped unharmed. She shook her head in a physical attempt to gather her thoughts and return to the present, where they had a conniving story to unfold. They entered into an empty room that, unlike others within the building, managed to uphold it's four walls. Once inside, they were out of ear shot and more importantly, out of sight.

The female left her partner to take care of their guests as she walked over to the shattered window underneath which pieces of glass laid broken and forgotten. Her emerald gaze peeked out the window, glancing at the structure that was being targeted by the two knights. For a moment, it felt as if the guards that stood meters away stared into her green orbs. Raising her hand, she grasped the torn curtain and pulled it over the window, snatching away the source of illumination within the room. However, there was still enough light for them too see as they spoke.

Turning back, she saw that Kazimir had already begun the investigation. A smile crawled up her lips as his words made it evident that he had realized that something was going on. Xandra turned towards the Chef who cowered in fear, only to contradict his expression with a bold question to which she simply scoffed, "Oh no, you won't get anything in return for helping us. However, you will receive a nice present if you don't." She paused after implying the obvious threat underlying her words. There was no harm in bluffing a bit more, "And perhaps a gravestone, if we feel kind enough."

Her expression hardened as she stared down at the chef who visibly gulped in fear as his eyes quivered. However, before he could gather himself, the thief spoke up, willing to help. Glancing at her partner to share a look, she lowered her gaze to the thief before nodding for him to continue, "I used to work there. That place is.....hell on land. Those people are pure evil."

Raising her eyebrow, the female crossed her arms, "Are the rumors about that place true? Is that building a ground for lobbying?" The thief panted, taking a quick glance at the Chef before gulping, "Yes, it is. The bouncer there goes by the stage name of Carlos. Nobody knows his real name but he's very powerful and scary. He started the whole business and he brings rich people, people in authority and...." He hesitantly looks at the two knights, "...even some high positioned Rune Knights."

Shocked, the female looked at her partner before eventually nodding at the thief to continue. "They get kids from somewhere, I don't know where but, they use these kids as means of entertainment for these big people."

The Chef interrupted, perhaps finally trying to get the upper hand after realizing that the truth is out anyways. "That dirty scum, he takes people like us to work for him. All these young kids he gets are runaways or children who were injured during all the trouble outside. They have no family or anyone to look for them so they're good for business. He uses them to provide service to these big fancy people and gain their favor."

Well, that was a revelation alright. She was still shocked but recovered rather quickly. They needed a plan of action.

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#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:14 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
They walked through the desolate building. The remnants of homes now in shambles. Kazimir looked back to see the heavy-hearted look on his fellow knights face. He didn't say anything, knowing all to well the weight of seeing the devastation. Placing a hand on the back of the thieves he nudged them onward until the arrived at the room.

Xandra had remained silent. The wind mage wondered what she thought about the situation, but appreciated the time he was given to open up the investigation. With a quick flicking motion, she tugged the curtain close, dimming the already low light of the abandoned room. Enough light lingered giving justice to the devious conversations that were to follow. The only company the group had was the draft seeping in through the cracks.

The female knight moved to tower over the fearful chef. Her presence eclipsed his and her threat made the man sweat. Kazimir starred down at the man, "Looks like you have a pretty easy choice to make now." Xandra's words did make even him think for a moment if she was serious or not.

The wind mage met Xandra's eyes as with an intrigued look as the thief interjected. They would be able to pull out more info, surprisingly from this one. It appeared that She knew more about the situation than Kaz did. 'A front for lobbying?' he thought to himself. 'What have I stumbled into this time,' his mind rolled over more scenarios.  

As the thief spilled vital information Kaz walked to the window and peeked behind the curtain. Checking if any strange actions were occurring in the streets or if they had been followed. It wasn't long before the thief's words stung the wind mage. He once again met the gaze of Xandra upon hearing the grim details, that rune knights may be involved in this. His expression was wide-eyed with concern, "It seems we stumbled upon something with deeper roots than I could have guessed."

moving away from the window, "This complicates things a lot, but what needs to be done needs to be done,"he said taking a deep breath. He didn't like it but if knights were corrupted they needed to be dealt with too.

It only grew worse as kids were used as entertainment. Kaz's face turned to a grimace as the twisted plot hidden in the streets became more clear. It made a sort of sense to him, for an organization that dealt with something so heinous they would need higher ups and even knights to keep them in business and untouched.

"Xandra...It sounds like we are about to shake something serious loose. I can't stand by while people abuse their power for greed. I'm all in," he stood by his reassurance to the cause even if it took them against potential powerful foes or once allies. Kazimir's frustration could be seen in his on his furrowed brow.

Kaz filled the pause after the Chef made his exclamation, "Do you have any ideas from the inside that could help us?"

The Chef was in a more sharing mood now. It seemed as though he hated the situation he was put in and may not have been a willing participant. Something that would have to wait until later though.

"Yeah! There is one thing...there is supposed to be a masquerade starting tonight and lasting for a few days. People are gonna be in and out. I know because I was supposed to cook for it. People are gonna come in in masks. Anonymous so to protect their identities. Can't have big wigs being seen down here," he looked back and forth between the two knights,"I don't know how you can do it. Its invite only. They all get special letters."

Kaz turned to face Xandra while, "A masked party. Secret Identities and guests trickling in and out over a few days. Sounds like an open window. Could be risky but may be the only way without causing to much of a scene. At least until we reach the inside."

#12Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

A small smile crawled up her face as she saw how readily her partner was in participating in ordeal that she planned to stagger in alone. Her ears perked up carefully as she silently listened to the conversation further. It was enough of a shock to find out that their foes might be a lot closer than she had expected, much less the grisly and gruesome details of the situations. However, as she listened to Kazimir's words, the unease within her settled a little as she was reassured of their chances of success. He appeared to be a rather just and brave. Just by listening to him talk, she could conclude that her partner was someone who was reliable as it appeared that their moral compass' pointed in the same direction.

"You're right. It's definitely an open window. This might just be our only opportunity to enter." Her eyes narrowed into a glare as she stared at the chef before turning to face her fellow knight. She could only stand there and look at him in contempt as her eyebrows knitted into a frown. There was something she wanted to ask him, something that could perhaps smother their chances of succeeding. After debating with herself, the words flew out.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

That was all she said. She was aware that her partner knew the weight those words carried. By executing a plan of action in this situation, not only are the two knights putting themselves into danger, but they are also endangering the lives of those they wished to save. Perhaps if they encountered another knight that held power within the palm of their hands, she stopped to contemplate that they might even be gambling their careers as well as their lives on this minor chance of success. It was dangerous and far more deeper than she had initially expected. However, that too brought a thrill to it. The female could hear the hustling beat of her heart as she thought of the possibility of them winning.

Shaking her head, she returned back to reality while attempting to focus on nothing but victory. She placed her hands on her waist as her brain wracked with ideas. "We need a plan." Glancing at her partner, she observed his attire before taking note of her own. "But more importantly, we need disguises."

A small smirk settled on her face as she looked down at the Chef, "You said the masquerade starts tonight. Where will people be entering from? I doubt they'd enter from the front given what happened today. Is there a back entrance? And give me every little detail of the party that you know." Her gaze narrowed, "Or we'll squeeze it out of you."

Sighing, she folded her arms over her chest as her authoritative tone morphed into one of wonder, "If this turns out to be a success, we might even let you go." She snuck a quick look at Kazimir, hoping he'd interject and persuade the Chef into completely surrendering all information. Given how much she's bluffed so far, she couldn't be surprised if the Chef caught on.

"Y-yeah, there's a back entrance. The bouncer had it hidden with magic so no one could find it before the ball starts." The Chef looked up to make eye contact with the woman, who simply dwelled her expression into a poker face. "B-but you'll need letters."

The real question was, how were the two knights supposed to get their hands on the letters. "Well I guess we have no choice. We're surrounded by thugs and criminals." She looks at her partner as her face breaks out into a grin. "There's an old saying, 'When in Bosco, do what Boscons do'. Let's temporarily abandon our knighthood and take care of these assholes using their own methods."

"First, we steal the letters. Then, we steal the show."

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#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
A simple question from her held the weight of the world behind it. A few short words holding a waterfall of consequences ready to rage forth from whatever action that they took. Her face was stern but not in anger. She had shown herself to be true and straight forward. Her actions unfolded a story of quick action and resolute decisions. This was there chance to make a difference and protect the lives of the innocent and the wind mage could tell his new found comrade felt the same and they were not about to waiver.

With a calm head nod he responded, "Not even a choice. This has to stop...no matter who or what we find." He knew his answer would tell her he was ready to accept whatever consequences befell them and to face off with the potential Rune Knights that  had strayed from their path and become criminals especially in such a manner that it put peoples lives in danger and kidnapped the innocent. Kazimir was aware of the danger but how could he truly call himself a knight if he didn't face this. If he could turn is back on this instance in the face of protecting his own advancement in the knights.

Xandra was lost in thought for a moment before snapping herself back and contemplating the next move. They had the information, but now they needed a way to act on it. Quickly she brought her attention back to the Chef, inquiring about the Masquerade. Kazimir waited as the exchange happened
when Xandra glanced over to him slyly. The wind mage took a few steps closer to the Chef and the other knight. "I'd play what cards you have. After all your chances are better with us than they would be if we let you go and your life was back in their hands," he added.

The chef gritted his teeth, realizing that even if they were bluffing it was his best shot. He would be in dire straits if he was let go, especially if any prying eyes knew he was interrogated by two knights. Plus it was either go to prison now or take his chances at success and relocating. Without waiting too long the Chef gave up the rest of what he knew.

After taking it all in, Xandra turned toward Kazimir with an extreme proposition. One that was out of the norm but made more sense than anything else could have. They needed stealth and they had no resources. The grin that crept on her face showed the excited and positively devious plot she concocted that pleased her. Kazimir was impressed by her quick thinking and willingness to dive in to depths for the sake of the mission.

He smiled back as he took of his badge and  tucked it away in the deepest part of his Gi uniform. "I couldn't have thought of a better plan. Looks like we have an exciting performance to put on." Act like criminals to take down criminals. This wasn't his first time infiltrating a place but it was his first attempt at something to this degree.

"So then, Let's cuff these two here, head to the roof, and see if we can get the drop on some early arrivals." He secured the two dealer, cuffed around one of the remaining sturdy pillars that held the building up and began to walk toward the roof, waiting to see if Xandra accompanied. With how many allied there where, the vantage point of the roof may save them the most time.

reaching the roof, Kazimir peered around to see if there where any who looked ready for a masquerade. It was not long before small groups began to appear throughout the allies. Sparse at first, as it was still some time off from the opening of the event.

Suddenly they where there. Two people wearing outfits that concealed their identities. Dressed for the masquerade and walking down the dim light alley near them. It was convenient after all that they chose a place so near to the club to use.

Kazimir perched on the ledge ready to go and looked over at Xandra, "Well then, shall we begin our life of  crime?" he asked with a simple jest, awaiting her response before the first act of their play began.

#14Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Relief washed over her regardless of the lack of change in her demeanor as she realized that the two knights were on the same page. It was much less of a plan, more of a bargain. As her mind wandered aimlessly, thinking of all the risks they were taking, in an attempt to prepare her for whatever consequences she might face, she noticed that her partner had already tied up the criminals who had little to no chance to escape.

"Now remember boys, behave while we're gone. If you're still here by the time we return, in the same condition, I guarantee your freedom." After all, petty criminals like them could easily be caught again. Even if the knights were to later, go against that statement, it played a key role in the moment as it would assure that the two would stay stagnant in this building.

With a small nod, she simply followed her partner deeper into the building until they came across a battered staircase that, despite having taken some damage, was in a usable condition. As they arrived on the rooftop, her emerald eyes glided over the sunset that fell into darkness mere moments after their arrival. The air had chilled as it lulled the early night sky. Resting her hands over the ledge, she watched the amount of people surrounding the vicinity slowly rise. It was only a matter of time before her eyes landed on a pair, a man and a woman, dressed in fancy yet bizarre costumes and wigs while their faces were hidden behind a mask. It seemed that her partner had seen the same thing.

"It's time for action." She looked at him with a small nod before hurrying down the stairs, as quietly yet quickly, as possible. She hoped Kazimir would follow but still glanced behind to check if he was there. Once they had reached the bottom of the building, she pulled her partner to the side, into the shadows. While they were engulfed in darkness, they observed and waited for their preys to walk past them, unaware that the two knights were waiting there, ready to hunt.

She lowered her voice into a whisper, closing in on Kazimir so only he could hear. "We attack from behind and knock them out in one blow." The Bellan was aware that the man probably knew that but some clarification was perhaps necessary.

Silently venturing into the open street before them, which was illuminated by a dim light, the knight was thankful that their two victims still hadn't reached far enough to be spotted from the party venue. As the knight closed in on her pair, she could roughly catch the idle chatter that resulted in them bursting out into a fit of giggles.

Unable to clearly distinguish the words and uncaring of the content of their conversation, she quickly grabbed the ribbon of the female's dress which emboided the back of the elegant crimson dress. Yanking the woman backwards, towards herself, Xandra slammed the side of her palm against the woman's neck before she had time to react. She was careful to use just enough force that would render her victim unconscious rather than cause any further unnecessary harm.

Using her body to hold prevent the blonde female's body from colliding against the ground, she looked over at her partner. "Let's change and get this show on the road."
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#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The rooftop brought a strange feeling to the knight. He had stood atop them many times seeking out crime but never had peered out at the city in this manner. Acting the part of a criminal with an accomplice by his side. It nudged him closer to the mindset of a criminal as they scanned the area for people that would no doubt be called their victims. All was for the greater good though. For the cause of stopping something much more heinous.

It was his emerald eyed companion that made the first move. She eased of the ledge where she gentle rest as she spotted the two who would be their targets. Hastily she made her way down the staircase and with a simple nod in reply, the wind mage followed her lead.

They arrived at the bottom before their targets and Xandra pulled Kazimir into the darkness of a small corner. Her tug surprised him, but he didn't make a sound. There they laid in waiting for the two citizens to pass them by.  Even now he recounted the times that he nudged around the strict laws of the region for what he felt was right.

Once they walked past them Xandra leaned in for a whisper. His nervous reaction to the closeness only pushed aside by his focus on the mission. She spoke the plan so only he could here and it was decisive. He looked back at her to wonder if she had walked this path before but then realized that they had been doing this to criminals all along. An easily transferred skill.

"Right behind you," he whispered back. He knew what needed to be done but hearing her speak it aloud was reassuring in the encompassing darkness around them.

They moved out of the shadows. Each step brought them closer to the giggling pair before them. Xandra moved in on hers as Kazimir darted forward. The man had turned to see the woman he was with being pulled backward.

Before the masked man could let out a sound, Kazimir had covered his mouth and drove a fist into his gut. The force knocked the air from the man as he faded to unconsciousness. Kazimir held the man in his ornate black suit. He could hear his gentle breathing behind the black and gold mask that surrounded his eyes.

"Should be almost time,"
he replied as he carried the man back to the building and changed clothes. He wrapped the man in his GI so he wouldn't be laying about in the nude.

He waited for Xandra in the street. The Black suit fit well with a gold trim and matching black and gold ornate mask. Once she arrived Kaz held up the letter he found on the man's person, "We have everything we need now. Just need to get in. Should we go through the front or the back secret entrance," he asked extending his arm for her to take to play into the masquerade further.

As they would exit the alley, it was easy to see the growing crowd of people donning masks in front of the club. All waiting for the doors to open for a night of what they assumed to be fantasy.

#16Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The moonlight lulled their victims into a slumber as the emerald eyed Bellan looked over at her partner who had swiftly carried out his part of the task. A small smile played on her lips, one that held slight mischief and excitement and yet looked determined to stamp the label of success upon the plan that they had concocted. With a nod towards her partner, she dragged the woman's limp and unconscious body back into the building.

Hiding into one of the rooms, the knight wasted no time to switch the clothes that the two women wore. In mere moments, her body was hugged by a silky smooth crimson dress that freely flew towards her feet. Covering the unknown woman's body with her own clothes, she gently tugged at her hair only to discover that the woman was a brunette wearing a blonde wig.

A cheeky grin formed on her face upon strengthening her disguise as she quickly swirled her own long and lush pink hair around her hand, pulling it upwards and hiding it underneath the fake mass of blonde hair. She placed the crimson mask with glistening diamonds decorating the rims, over her nose before heading out only to find Kazimir already waiting for her.

With a deep breath, she marched over and gently placed her hand on the arm he had offered and nodded, indicating that it was time to put the plan into action. The two seamlessly walked further and effortlessly mingled with the crowd of ladies and gentlemen that maintained composure outside the building.

Following the mass, the two headed down a small alleyway that would have usually gone by unnoticed but what surprised her was the lavish entrance hid within the dark concrete corridor. In the beginning it seemed to be a simply, worn out wooden door but as they approached closer, the dull guards that guarded it, opened the door to reveal an array of golden light. Besides the illuminating light however, nothing much could be seen until they were indoors.

As they approached closer, the two giant men strengthened their stance, making it appear more stern and hostile. "Invitation?" Alas, they had no manners or courtesy but the least she could do was breathe a sigh of relief as that was all they had asked. She simply held the gaze of one of the guards as she waited for her partner to hand over the letter, only to have it inspected.

Perhaps it was because undercover operations have a unique thrill to it that she found her own heart beating so fast. The nervousness swallowed her as she subconsciously found her thoughts drifting towards the scenario in which they were caught. Not only would the knights risk their own lives but also of those that they wanted to save. Not to mention all the culprits would scurry with their tails between their legs.

Her grip on Kazimir's arm slightly tightened as she found solace in the fact that she wasn't alone. The doors before them opened ajar, only to reveal a well lit corridor. Orange and olden lights illuminated the marble hallway as small chandeliers hung from the ceiling at various intervals. The sides of the corridor were embellished with full-body mirrors that cast a maze of repeated reflections enough to give the female knight a headache.

It was merely a speculation on the female's part that all guests were being observed behind these mirrors. It would make sense for the bouncers to take caution. After a long a stifling walk through which she tried not to talk to her partner or make anything too obvious, another large door arrived which further opened to reveal their true destination.

An extravagant ballroom lay before them which was filled with people dressed in their best outfits, with a mask resting on their faces. She looked at all the criminals that hid behind the facade of innocent, rich party-goers, resisting the urge to scoff.

A large gorgeous chandelier hung from the ceiling right at the center of the room underneath which tables and chairs were beautifully furnished with a range of delicacies. At the corner of the room were two stairs that led to the top floor which had a mere ledge that allowed those on top to overlook the entire ballroom. Her eyes caught a hind of extravagant doors on the top floor, which she speculated was where the tragic activity truly happens. It surprised her just how beautiful the setting was for such a heinous activity. After all, they do say that the prettiest roses have the sharpest thorns.
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#17Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
With a gentle hand on his arm they moved through the mass of masked masqueraders. A slew of costumed citizens adorned with vibrant colors and feathered regalia made to suit the taste of all. Once beyond the watchful eye of the guards outside, Kazimir was awestruck by the bathing golden light within. Never had he seen a prelude to an attraction as dazzling as this.

They were stopped by two men with the stature of brutes asking for the invitations. He forced himself to move casually as he presented the letter and with a simple gesture they were off toward the main gala. They stood before the doors. The final threshold between them and their mission. Be that failure or victory, they were in the thick of it now.

He felt a slight squeeze on his arm from the now golden haired woman on his side. A motion bearing a million and one thoughts on what awaited them and a thousand more outcomes most of which probably ended poorly. He pulled his arm a bit closer and her with it. A minuscule amount, only felt and barely seen. He reflected a same nervousness and apprehension but a resolve that outweighed it. One that was bolstered by Xandra's presence. He had a knack for diving in headfirst and at least this time he was not alone.

His thoughts barely settled when the doors opened. The room was immaculate. filled with lights and reflections to mystify any who laid eyes upon it. His first instinct was to see the chandeliers as points to move around on in case things went south. Xandra was silent as they walked through the maze of people. An image multiplied by the multitude of mirrors lining the walls. even not seeing her face he saw her head analyzing the room as nonchalant as possible and kept quiet as well.

Again they were not finished as another set of doors appeared in their path. Beyond those was the ballroom. Already filled with dancers joined by the new crowd that they accompanied. Each one adorned with lavish outfits primed for the occasion. The wind mage couldn't help but wonder how long the dark deeds had happened here and which of those patrons were related to the Knights.

Above them was yet another set of doors, ones more beautiful and ominous than the others they passed through. a few men stood in front of it on the small ledge that overlooked the rest of the party. On the other side of the room was the band they heard early in the day. The doors closed behind them with a click, much like the cells in a jail. Once they had entered here they were truly committed to the nights affair.

Once the doors had shut, the band from earlier began to play a slow tune that was eerie given the dark circumstances of the event. The silhouette of the man they had seen in the balcony window came from behind the lavish doors, which were shut immediately afterwords.

"Ah, everyone. Welcome to tonight's festivities. You all know who I am and why we are," he said making a wide gesture with his arms. "Please enjoy the music and the dancing. The real show begins shortly. As those words left his lips the band began to play a more lively tune to dance to. The participants took arms and began their midnight waltz heralding the dark deeds to come.

As the party danced, small groups of people were taken up to the doors at the top of stairs. Each time they were met by the man presumed to be Carlos with a brief greeting and devious smirk. The wind mage knew they needed to take the next step carefully or discuss what reckless action would follow. Blending back in with crowd he took her hand and began the waltz.

With the slow turning of the dance he leaned in to whisper so none other could hear him, "So we've finally made it here. When shall we enjoy the real show?" he tried to speak vaguely in case anyone somehow overheard. "Also do you remember the play we saw about the thief and the king? In the final act did the thief sneak into the kings court and still the diamond, or swing in through the window to face him?" it was all he could think of at the time which is something he feared they were in short supply of.

As they danced and he waited for the answer, a small person the size of a child adorning their own mask approached. In their hand, they balanced a platter with varying wines to be taken and offered it up to the two knights.

#18Xandra Queen † 

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Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Underneath the glimmering lights exuded by the dazzling chandelier laid a heavy, rather eeire atmosphere. There was a sense of danger that lurked within the very air that she breathed at that moment. The suffocation that she felt encouraged her to emerge victorious and get out of that place as soon as possible after perhaps going berserk. It was an unsettling feeling that resided within the pits of her stomach that she couldn't digest. Observing her surroundings, she plastered a smile on her face despite the displeased entangling of her insides, as she followed her partner's lead.

They waltzed to the rhythm of the music, their light steps gracefully mirrored those of the people that surrounded them. It was as if they were born to guide their feet along the marble dance floors of these exquisite parties but acknowledging that felt like an insult. They had merged with the harmony, becoming one in mind and body in order to execute their plan.

Over the begrudgingly loud music and the subtle laughter laced with idle chatter, she was so close to Kazimir that she could hear his whisper loud and clear. His voice drowned out the commotion behind her and his words that made a successful attempt in guarding their identity, brought a smile onto her face. A smile that made her remember she wasn't alone.

He presented the two options that rested on their platter. A stealthy one and one that required brute force. While the latter flattered the Bellan woman much more, she had enough sense to go against her urge to simply plant her fist against the man named Carlos.

His introduction was enough for her to realize that he wouldn't be an easy opponent. His words were laced with confidence and mystery as if he knew that he couldn't be touched and by his tone, she knew that he wasn't just all bark and no bite. Her eyes took a glance around the room. If they were to break out now, they probably wouldn't stand a chance. They would drown within the mass of guards in an attempt to survive and give the criminals a vacant path through which they can escape. This wasn't an ambush, she realized, it was plan for rescue.

"Of course a wise thief would steal the diamond and escape safe and sound before the King even realizes. After all, the thief wouldn't want a hoard of royal guards chasing after him."

She knew that he would understand her words. A devious smile laced her lips as she thought of ways they could go about with this mission. It was as if fate had decided to answer her question by dropping the answer on her footsteps. Looking down, she glanced at her partner with a knowing look.

"You know, the reason the thief escaped unharmed was because he had the King's aides on his side, aides that knew everything." There was only one thing Xandra implied by that; information. They needed to know the inner workings of this place. "The best gossips always came from the servants." She gestured at the people surrounding them with her gaze. The female knights expected there to be a few loose lips around here. However, she was unsure which of them would be more suitable for a covert interrogation.

Although she hadn't gotten the chance to explore Kazimir's personality to the fullest, the impression she got from him was rather calm and controlled, as if he knew what he was doing. On the other hand, she often had the tendency to do what she liked and gave into her emotions. It was probably best if he was the one interrogating the people while she dealt with the kids. With a nod in his direction, she looked down at the kid. A wide smile made it's way onto my lips. "Excuse me sweetie, I'm really bad with directions, could you lead me to the restroom, please?"

The boy looked small. His thin and frail figure was accompanied by a fear in his eyes as he glanced around. By age, she guessed he was about ten but his body was weak that it was painstakingly obvious that he was being abused and malnourished.

The fear in his eyes was enough to indicate that the one he was scared of at that moment, was the knight herself. Scared of disobeying her, to be more precise. With a nod, he clutched onto the tray and turned around, proceeding to walk. She gave her partner one last glance before turning to leave after the boys. At this point, they would have to both separately contribute to the mission. What they needed to do was trust in each other and do their part.
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#19Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:02 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The knights danced through the sea of hidden mischief that surrounded them. Its crushing presence like a wave ready to engulf them in the melody of sinister desires.

The lights shined down, casting elongated shadows swirling around the pristine floor. Distorted as if to reflect what soul resided behind expressionless masks and cunning smiles.

Despite the surroundings, there was a serenity in the dance. The rhythm accompanying the music that filled the room. Xandra's presence an ever lasting support amidst the enemies that twirled about. Each movement they made in unison and executed as seamlessly as they had devised this plan. They had fallen in step naturally on the dance floor as if they had done it a thousand times. So too was Xandra's effortless reply in understanding the wind mage's words.

His eyes quickly glanced over the party with a smile, hearing her speak of royal guards. He made a count of five men who fit that description in the play they created. In actuality just gruff guards on patrol in suit of their own. "Ah yes I remember it well. The king' aids were the key. A crafty thief indeed," he replied.

He gathered what she had meant. Those patrons around them could have all they needed. The wind mage was further interested in Xandra's decision to remain covert. On the streets she had been bold and forward and in her interrogation as well. He partly expected her to devise something more emboldened, but she had far to level of a mind to take any risks like that when lives were on the line.

The small child had approached them, thin as a rail. With a nod, Xandra expressed everything that needed to be said. He nodded back and turned away as she engaged the child. A two-pronged approach and Kaz was off to 'mingle' with the guests. He would have guessed her sweet tone could ease the nervousness of the child.

The wind mage tried not to can the room and just filter through towards the hors d'oeuvres. On the way trying to listen in at any pieces of information he could.

Kaz stopped at the table to see a lone person gathering up goodies as well, "Pardon me," Kaz said with a vein smile, trying to play the part. "This waiting is the worst part, don't you agree."

"Of cooourse," the man replied with a soft sensual voice. The man's hand moved through the air and landed on Kaz's shoulder with a playful squeeze, "I can hardly wait. Last time," as he began to elaborate his hands rose in front of him as if to paint a picture the memory. "There was a window. the moonlight was delightful."

"I see, how long was you're wait last time?" kaz asked, trying to keep his questions vague so it wouldn't give away that he had no idea what was happening here.

"Not long. They are cycling through group fairly quickly this time too. Which is good because I hear they lost the chef and are having troubles in the kitchen. So what is your favorite part? Mine is when they get marched out," the man replied holding his elbow in his hand and his chin in his palm.

"Oh, you'll have to excuse me. I was supposed to return to the dance floor," Having gathered a few tidbits of information, he made a hasty retreat before being outed.The kitchen. Of course, they had taken out the chef.

'Okay Kaz. Think. Goal 1: save the kids,'he thought

Kaz made his way over to the door that the waiters emerged from and stopped one of them that was bringing out more food for the table. His face was flushed, it seemed that kids served the wind to guests and the regular staff served the the real food.

Kaz waited for the man to walk by and grabbed the nearest empty tray he could find and held it like a waiter, quickly walking through the kitchen doors.

Once on the other side things were hectic. The impromptu chef was frantically calling for things. Waiters rushed back and forth, but there were no signs of the kid. Perhaps they came from a different area.

"Who the hell are you?" the chef yelled out seeing Kaz in there.

"I was told you needed some help. So they sent me here," he made up a lie on the spot and placed the tray down before grabbing an apron before the new chef could reply.'

As it lipped over his head he saw the doors in the back swing open revealing another staircase to the upper floor. This may be his chance, he only wondered if it wise to leave Xandra down here, but with her tenacious attitude he was sure she would be fine. This was the plan after all.

#20Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:11 am

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

With one final glance at Kazimir as he wasted no time in understanding her intentions and playing his part, she followed the young boy as he guided her through the crowd. Her emerald gaze scanned the swarm of people that swayed over the dance-floor so effortlessly, ignoring the burden of their sins that would surely weigh down on them sooner or later. The female knight planned to make that happen as soon as possible.

Her scavenging eyes couldn't help but land on the boy who made her fierce gaze soften in pity. She could see his small figure taking the lead and yet couldn't help but notice how he flinched ever so slightly if anyone took a step closer to him. His gaze remained fixated on the floor, only occasionally glancing up to notice whether they were going the right way.

From the corner of her eyes, she spotted her partner entering the kitchen under the guise of a waiter. She couldn't help but let out a silent chuckle.

Underneath the staircase was a small opening which made way into a corridor no longer than three meters. At the end of the tiny hallway was an ajar door which assumed was the restroom. The boy halted his steps, only to turn towards her without meeting her gaze. He bowed lightly and proceeded to retreat but the Bellan stopped his path, afraid that perhaps touching him would only frighten him more.

She bend down and placed a soft smile on her face, "Hey, what's your name?" At her question, the boy shivered. Noticing his discomfort, she sighed. "Let me tell you a secret. I'm a knight. I'm here to help you." His eyes, for the first time, lifted off the ground and stared at her. He seemed surprised but remained silent. "I'm here with my friend to save you and your friends. We will beat up the bad guys. You don't have to be scared. No one can hurt you as long as we're here."

He softened up a little. She could see tears welling up in his eyes and reluctantly raised her hand. Once noticing that he no longer flinched as she closed in on him, she gently pet the boy's head. "Do you want me to help you?" Immediately, his tears fell as he nodded his head hastily, as if slowing down would make her retreat.

"What are you doing?"

The sudden voice made her head whip towards it's direction. Standing in front of her was a female guard, glaring down at Xandra and her hand that touched the boy's head. "Dear guest, please refrain from touching our service workers until your designated time."

The monotony her voice carried as she spoke those words made rage boil inside the woman's heart but she kept her face expressionless. After all, she too was quite accustomed to monotony. A smile made it's way onto her lips as she retracted her hand. "Oh my apology, I was just asking the little boy if he could help me fix my dress a bit. I'm glad you're here. Would you mind assisting me?"

Reluctantly, the guard nodded and motioned for Xandra to follow her into the restroom. Glancing at the boy, she whispered, "Count until ten and then come inside." After giving him a reassuring smile, she followed the guard.

Upon entering the illuminated yet deserted vicinity, she wasted no time in grabbing the back of the guard's neck and slamming her head against the wall, instantly knocking her out. She checked to see if she was unconscious once again before looking back to see the young boy enter. Hiding the body from him, she bent down, "I need you to tell me everything that's happening here."

Within a few short minutes, the boy fearfully summed up their suspicions and confirmed them to be reality. The children were forced to provide hospitality to strange men and women. They were forced to provide for the needs of adults and were even abused in the process. Rage weld up inside her as she gently grabbed the boy's shoulders. "I want you to help me save you and your friends. I need to go up and count the number of children that are being kept there. Do you think you can do that for me?"

Determination subdued the fear in his eyes as he nodded in response. "If anything happens or you can't find me, I need you to look for the man who with me. He will help you. Do you remember what he looks like?" With another nod, she ushered him off, only hoping that he doesn't attract any suspicion.

Without a moment of hesitation, she dragged the female guard into a stall and switched their attire, using the gorgeously long ribbons of her crimson dress to tie the woman so she was unable to escape. She quickly put on the suit, tossed her mask aside and exited the stall with a poker face, hoping that no one recognizes her.

Upon exiting, she snooped around, keeping an eye out for the boy and her partner as she observed her surroundings. It was then that one of the other guards stopped her. "Hey you, take this group to room number 5, in the right wing, for their service." With a swift nod, she glanced at the small crowd of six individuals giggling in excitement. "Follow me, please." With that, she led the group of individuals towards the stairs on her right, hoping that she was going the right way.

She only wished to reunite with Kazimir and the young boy because she couldn't help but wonder how to distract these people enough to take the children away. They needed to create a crisis, one that would ignite within the guests, the selfish desire to save themselves instead of worrying about the children.
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#21Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:44 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir took to the steps. Slipping away from the rest of the staff. He closed the door behind him, trying to be as discreet as possible. The stairs led up to a simple velvet covered door. It was wide enough for two pepole to walk side by side and there was nothing else in there. Only the dim lights allowed for a little sight in the dark hall. The walls seemed soft to the touch as well. Everything cuddling whoever took these steps. He thought it odd to have such fine steps leading to and from the kitchen but who was he to guess all the oddities in a place of such disgust already sipping with it.

Step by step he took the stairs. His feet touching each one slowly as he came closer to the top. he was almost half way when the door opened. He whipped his head back and forth, scanning for anything but there was nothing. The door behind him opened as well with a guard closing it behind him.

Two guards closed the door at the top of the stairs as the entered and stepped toward the wind mage, "Guests aren't allowed to come this way yet. How did you even get here?" the guard asked with a furrowed brows, his chin jutting forward.

Kaz realized if he tried to talk his was out of this, he would just end up back at the party with even more watchful eyes on him than before. There was only one course of action. He put his hands up and stepped up one more, "Sorry about that, I appear to have been mistaken, I don't even know how I ended up in the kitchen," he spoke with a slur as if he had too much to drink.

One of the guards in front shook his head, shooting the other an annoyed look. "I'll take the drunk back," he said with no regard that Kaz heard him. The guard stepped in front of Kaz and put a hand on his shoulder, "this way," he huffed.

Kaz snapped his hand up and clasped the guard's hand that was on his shoulder. Twisting it he took control of the brutes body. Kaz's left and then shoved into the mans body, slamming him against the wall. He grabbed the back of the guards head and rammed it into the wall on the opposite side as the other two guards rushed upward.

He knew he couldn't do this for long as he actually had no real physical strength. He only accomplished that out of surprise. The guard from the bottom lunged forward at Kaz's legs. With a quick hand motion, an explosion of wind, contained in the all surrounded the man and sent him tumbling back down and knocking into the door.

The last guard kicked kaz in the back sending him into the wall. The guard moved to throw a punch but was struck by a blade of wind. It sliced the man's chest and knocked him to the ground. The first guard shook of the dizziness but as soon as he turned he met Kaz's hand in front of his face. A directed blast of wind caused his body to go limp and crumple to the floor. They were all down and Kaz pulled the man's body away from the stairs at the bottom.

The door creaked open again. Kaz was ready to strike but instead it was the small boy from earlier. The child's shoulders jerked upward and the plate he held wobbled in his grasp. Kaz snatched the plate and pulled the boy inside. "You were the one from earlier? What happened to the lady you were with?"

The kid was shaking and obviously to scared to respond. With a slower voice, Kaz responded, "Just stay by me and I'll get you out. Got it." The kid nodded and held the plate with both hands. He walked hunched over up the steps. Fear trembling his tiny frame.

Kaz made it to the top and eased the door open. He couldn't let anyone see in the hall and the had to act fast now to avoid further detection. Well he did at least. he hoped Xandra was better off than his scuffle.

The door led to a hallway, with various rooms. At the end was a small lounge area. All the doors were number and looped around hallways, adding to the idea of privacy. Kaz walked out of the stairwell and took the plate from the kind. He saw one room open and unused across the hall. "Go hide in there. Close the door and i'll come back for you," With a quick nod the child scurried into the room leaving Kaz with the rest of his work.

He closed the door and extend his sense of the wind. He could fill a varied amount of presences in the rooms and around the corners. He safely made his way to the end of the hall and saw a familiar face. Xandra was dressed as a guard and leading a group of people. Kaz was still in kitchen uniform and held the child's plate in his hand.

He didn't say a word to the patrons but walked by them brushing past Xandra to let her know she was near and give her a chance to say something.

#22Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:23 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Her ears perked up as the stale air within the mansion moved lightly to the rhythm of the distant music that slowly faded into silence. She marched up the stairs. Her senses were at their peak as her readied herself to prepare for any event that were to occur.

Much to her surprise, over the sound of giggles and footsteps that followed closely behind that of her own, she heard a 'thud'. It was awfully quiet, so much that she had found herself wondering if it was a mere facade. However, being too careful was never a poor strategy in this game. Taking a quick glance behind her, she heaved a silent sigh of relief as she came to realize that no one other than herself had caught on. Relief washed over as somewhere in her mind, wandered the thought, 'What if that was Kazimir?'

However, there was simply no way to find out at that moment. All she could do was pray that it was indeed him. There resided a fear in her heart as she marched forward, relentlessly avoiding giving away her thoughts through her actions. She wondered if the boy had found the other knight, if the Kazimir had managed to find something while remaining unscathed and if the room they were going to was their final destination to rescue those kids.

Deciding that it was perhaps best that she rested her anxiousness and trusted her partner, she let her eyes wander as they they reached atop the staircase which led into a long corridor. Around her were rooms, some shut and others open, with numbers and pins engraved into the wooden doors. As she glanced, she saw a familiar figure approaching.

An expression radiating relief washed over her face for a brief moment before the stern look that she mimicked off the guards, replaced it. Her emerald gaze stared straight ahead as he brushed past her. Perhaps, just perhaps, it could mean that she was close.

Halting her steps, she turned. Her face retained the stiff expression seen on any other guard. "Waiter, please ready the drinks to be served in room five."

There was a small chance that she would find most, if not all the kids there. That meant there was also a chance that she might encounter more guards than she would like to punch while simultaneously guarding those that need to be protected. By now, the one thing she realized was that she could not do it alone. Bringing Kazimir along was possibly what strengthened her belief in the fact that they could succeed.

Quickly returning to face the long corridor, she gestured for the crowd to follow her until she reached a room with a shut door. Upon the door, an elegant number was carved into the wood, dusted with a gold power that brought out a blinding shimmer. From behind the barrier, she could hear whispers and giggles. The stench of alcohol leaked through the wood, lingering onto the air that surrounded it.

Her heart lit up with rage as she thought of children, perhaps as small as the boy she talked to earlier, surrounded by adults and booze. Unknown to them was what would happen to them. Or rather, they knew what would happen but couldn't do anything because of fear of repercussion.

Swallowing the rage that tingled at the back of her throat, she knocked at the door which was soon opened from inside to let the crowd in. She stepped inside as those behind her excitedly entered. From the corner of her eye, she gazed into the dark room which was barely lit. Orange lamps and red lights illuminated the area which made the dull white walls appear bright crimson. Backed up against the walls were velvet sofas upon which howling and cheering adults rested. In the middle laid an empty marble floor.

To say it was empty would be a lie. The room was a lot bigger than she had anticipated. Roughly, she assumed there were at least a dozen adults in there and what she found more shocking was that, there were at least twice as many children in there. They were awkwardly placed on laps or forced to sway on the middle floor. Her gaze slid over the scenery but what she noticed on every child was an expression of monotonous emptiness. They didn't even show fear. It was as if they were lifeless, without a soul capable of feeling emotions.

Once upon a time, she recalled, she too looked like that. That may had possibly be one of the many reasons that the rage bubbling up in her heart threatened to burst. Forming her hands into fists, she entered after the crowd. Or at least, attempted to. She was stopped by the same guard that opened the doors. Right now, she couldn't risk turning back. However, neither could she risk exposing herself just yet so she made a gamble.

The sheer anger that blinded her thoughts threatened to seep out. "I was asked to be on duty here due to a shortage of staff." Her gaze remained unhinged from the man that stood before her. He looked at her with suspicion creeping up on his face. Perhaps she had made a wrong move.

It seemed however, that fate was on her side that fine day. With a sigh, the guard moves his arm, letting her in. "All the service staff is in this room. We do need more guards here. Most of them are busy guarding the entrance and the mob of rich pansies downstairs." He let out a scoff, to which Xandra truly wished to roll her eyes.

Stepping inside, she stood by the door. At least it was confirmed that all the children were here. She also couldn't help but feel grateful that the security was slightly lax, probably taking advantage of the aftermath of the chaos within the town. She just hoped that the young boy manages to stay safe until the knights find him.  Now, she just had to wait for Kazimir so they could let down the curtains. It was time for the show to reach it's climax.
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#23Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:08 am

Kazimir Seiryu
She had picked up on what he was doing, "Of course. I'll bring the drinks there, right this minute." He turned to follow the crowd, still holding the plate in his hand. Behind him was a strange feeling. A heavy presence, that he couldn't place but figured it had to be him. Nonetheless the mission must go on. This is what they were here for.

They arrived at the door and he let Xandra lead the way. He simply fell into the background behind the crowd, taking morsels from his plate. They were fidgeting happily and chatting with glee. Rubbing their hands together and nearly bouncing were they stood. A dangerous combination of over indulgence in alcohol and dark desires.

The door opened and the crowd rushed in. It was a terrifying sight. Kaz remained alert but was froze in his tracks if only for a moment. Taking in the horror that was unfolding. Everything in him told him to bring it down. To tear through it but he quelled his storm for now. Needing to assess with Xandra.

Surely there was a way for them to get the children out of her, take these people in and bring down the boss. If there was a large commotion, he had no doubt the boss would come to squash it. After all, it would be his 'merchandise' and reputation on the line if he didn't. But could the two of them handle it? He had to dismiss that thought as they were already here. They had already chosen to commit to the cause and he would not back out now, seeing it in all its heinous underpinnings.

He stepped forward in to the red and orange bathed room. The guard nodded at him, thinking him nothing more than a waiter, doing his rounds.

He approached Xandra as she stood guard. The look on her face managed to not give away what he knew she was feeling inside.

"Would you like a beverage?" he offered her using is as a reason to step closer. "Looks like all of them. The other child from earlier is safe too."

Standing next to her in the room, eased what doubts he had about their chances of success and why they were here. She stood ready for action and the final act was here. Time to stop playing the role of the criminals and return to being knights.

As he said that he saw someone walk by it was a familiar stride. One he couldn't put his finger on. The it hit him, he recognized that walk from the rune knight headquarters. The person behind that mask was a knight, higher rank than his own, but that wouldn't stop him now.

There may be more difficult patrons in here as well. Kids were scattered around the floor in various places. Interwoven with the enemies. If they burst out it would cause a scene and potentially give them a hostage situation. He had to get the kids away from them first, but how.

"Only guards in here it seems. We may be able to get the kids all on the dance floor alone. Put on a show. Then strike," he said as he set the plate down on a nearby table close to the door. he put some more glasses on the plate and walked around the room.

He approached one man with a child near him, "Sir it is almost time for the next show, the entertainers are needed on the dance floor."

Even down to the velvet couch the environment was full of lewd propaganda. As Kaz continued to walk and send children to the floor, he kept and eye on Xandra and the assumed rune knight behind the mask that was sitting with an entertainer.

Once they had the kids out of harms way they could really get down to work.

#24Xandra Queen † 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:27 pm

Xandra Queen †
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Rage sputtered within her as she clenched her fists to bring out every ounce of self-control she possessed. Her eyes wandered, desperately and anxiously as she thought of possible ways to get the children away from the disgusting hands that touched them. It was only when she heard Kazimir's soft yet firm whispers, did she let go of the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Her fists, pale from the amount of effort she put into restraining herself, uncoiled as color returned to her hands. Her mind was clear, knowing that she wasn't alone. It was time to think; what could she do to ensure the safety of the children.

Emerald eyes flickered in search for an answer as her nose was bombarded with the stench of alcohol. Flushed cheeks peeked through the glistening masks as smiles and menacing grins laced their lips. However, within the corners of the room, amidst the flamboyant screen of crimson, stood candles that further fed to the atmosphere of lust that the room created. Her eyes slightly widened as she looked at her partner, who had already began preparing the separation of the children from the adults.

The faces of children flashed with confusion as they were ordered to move to the empty floors. This was it, this was their chance. However, much to her dismay, her guise as a guard did not permit her to move from her position. Her hand, which clutched the drink Kazimir had offered her intentionally loosened, allowing the glass to fall onto the floor.

The delicate wine glass shattered as it collided against the ground, letting out a small cry that was mostly drowned by the music and laughter. Nonetheless, it did earn a few glances. She glanced at the guard beside her who gave her look of disdain. Muttering an apology, she bent down, only looking up in hopes to make eye contact with Kazimir.

Her hand, hidden by the silhouette of her body, gestured from him to come forth to 'help' her clean up the mess she had just created whereas in fact, she had come up with a brilliant idea.

There was of course the chance that the mastermind behind the business, the true shadow king, would appear any second. After all, his prized possessions, his pride and joy, and lastly, his money-making assets were all gathered within one room. They had to do something fast. As she waited in the brief moments for Kazimir to come over, she spotted a man towards whom her partner peeked frequently.

Out of curiosity, she glanced over only to be hit with a sense of familiarity. Although his face was hidden behind a mask, his booming laughter resonated the sound of his voice. It was a voice she remembered all too well, a voice that often yelled at all sorts of knights, including herself of course. Xandra let out a silent scoff as she couldn't help but think about how he sat, mighty and high within the headquarters of the Rune Knights, as if he had been locking up criminals left and right. However, here he was, indulging in the activities of a lowly criminal. If there was anything besides saving the kids that she wished to do, it would be to teach that man a lesson under her current disguise. She always knew the Knights were corrupted at the higher end of the ladder but that didn't mean she'd let this opportunity pass.

If and when her partner showed up beside her, bending down to help pick up broken shards, she'd whisper her thoughts, "Say...if a fire were to break out, who do you think these assholes would save: the kids, or themselves?" Her gaze drifted towards the candles that surrounded the room.

She hoped that he'd pick up on what she was implying. Although it was dangerous, it was also their best shot. If a sudden, unforeseeable gust of wind were to knock those candles down, it would create chaos. The one thing she had learnt from the criminals that she often encountered was that it's best to take advantage of chaos. After all, what better way to beat the enemies at their own game than using their own methods.

She didn't wish to scare the children but the situation called for urgency. They didn't have a choice. If her plan was to succeed, then at least dealing with the guests, who might perhaps be mages as well, would be easier as they would be out of the way.

By the time they'd evacuate their precious guests and find someone to put out the fire, the knights, or well, 'staff', would have gotten the kids to safety. If her memory served correctly, in about ten minutes, there should be some knights patrolling the streets as a daily duty. Somehow, anyhow, she wished to at least get the children to those Pages before, or if, the real fight broke out. She gave her partner a quick nod, "Just avoid the wall on the right."

Luckily, while scanning the area on the way, she realized the most of the rooms were empty. While most of the customers would escape from the tiny door, she planned to use that opportunity to break down the wall, which shouldn't be too difficult given her sheer physical strength and magic, and help the kids escape from there. She stood back up, ready to follow the actions of her fellow knight if he were to go along with the idea, despite it's dangers.

This time, it was a race against time.
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#25Kazimir Seiryu 

Waves in the City [Xandra] Empty Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:06 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz heard the faint shatter of glass breaking against the floor. Xandra had dropped it and he met her eyes with his and her signal. He nodded at the last guest he was in front of as all the children moves to center floor crowded around or another. They all began to away to and from, waiting to see what reason they were gathered up there was.

The glass was in tiny pieces and he bent over to help her gather them. The guard next to her sneered at the situation. Now there were two people cleaning up one glass. The wind mage chose to ignore them and instead heard Xandras whisper carrying words of chaos with it. A distraction was the next step. As usually she was quick witted and ready to take a chance. He followed her eyes that lead him to a row of candles around the room. only one way to find out. We'll have to keep an eye on him,he gave a half smile about the fire then nodded towards the man he thought to be a rune knight.

Her plan was dangerous. There were many factors but short of a full assault it was their best choice. They may have the light to deal with and possibly any other mages. But as was right if they could just isolate the kids and spook them with the fire it could work. Very few ways were available for him to do it discreetly. At this stage however, discretion was something they didn't need much of, but he would try. In the short while they had known each other, he trusted her. They had come this far relying on each other and it would carry him through.

right wall. Got it. The last child should be on that direction too. There is a stairwell leading to the kitchen and a back door out. he stood up, not wanting to cause anymore suspicion by loitering there. He was ready to finally see this thing through. He stayed by her, using this moment to stay the slightest bit inconspicuous. With a simple gesture he caused a swift gust of wind to whirl through the room, knocking all the candles onto the velvet couches. Flames engulfed the furniture fueled by a persistent breeze. The patrons wailed in fear and pain. Some catching on fire along with the furnishings. They leaped from their seats running about trying to put themselves out and charging the door. He knew Xandra would already be moving to get the kids out of the way while the fire was spreading.

The only person that had seen him cast was the guard standing next of them. Too panicked by the rush of patrons to act on it. Kazimir would now act as a cover once Xandra made her way over. The guard had to open the door to let them out instead of facing the wind mage.

Kaz made a quick check of the room. The man he thought to be a rune knight attending the party looked around standing in the center of the room. While others were frantic he stood calm, with only a slight swagger from all the wine. The man clasped his hands together and a magical circle appeared beneath him. Kaz quickly thrust his hand forward sending a tornado of wind knocking the man down and skidding across the ground into the back wall.

The commotion brought the attention of the owner of the establishment. The door was open as the people poured out of it. Between. Their heads and flailing arms he saw him coming. Xandra was getting the kids through the next door as the showdown was marching down the hall at them. Her plan had worked and among the chaos it was calming knowing she was watching his back. They shared a mutual anger for the despicable acts around them. Their rage like the bright burning fires.

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