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Demons Everywhere [Minor Demonic Incursion]

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  • Lucrezia Arcuri

  • Alessandra Arcuri

#2Alessandra Arcuri 

Demons Everywhere [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:40 pm

Alessandra Arcuri
Alessandra had not missed the call. She just thought this was a job for those grunts who liked to get their hands dirty. She was a lady. No one was going to expect her to fight these abominations, or so she thought. Well, that would have been the case, had she not insisted that she get a full set of armour for protection. She got what she asked for, but the quartermaster wasn’t going to give away good equipment for backline cheerleaders. So, she was practically coerced into walking out into the dangerous streets and finding any survivors.

“You can’t be serious,” she said, scoffing at the large man. “Let me get this straight. Alessandra Arcuri is scared to put her life on the line and refuses to protect the innocent townsfolk,” he stated with a questioning look. It was almost as if he knew the right triggers. Alessa gave a dismissive frown. “How dare you?” she asked, before turning away from the man and walking out the gates. She could have sworn she heard the quartermaster snicker behind her back, but she didn’t care to bicker. The lord will give her another chance to put him in his place, she was sure.

Now, she put up a brave front and walked into the streets, but had no idea how she was going to survive this. The woman regretted sending her daughter away to round up some freaks. Had she known she would be in this situation, she wouldn’t have done that. Now she had no one to protect her. Ha! One would have thought she was worried for her daughter over herself. Why would she? Lucrezia was a sinner and it wasn’t her place to forgive her sins. Besides, while she would never admit it, deep down, she knew her daughter was a better fighter than she would ever be.


#3Lucrezia Arcuri 

Demons Everywhere [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:37 pm

Lucrezia Arcuri
Smoke rose in the distance, a red glow accompanied it. The scene was reflected perfectly in her sea green orbs. She hauled a three men, strung up together and steadily pulled them towards the billowing flames that had begun to rage. Their injured, weakened forms pleaded with her for mercy. Her only response was to click her tongue. There were rumours that had brought her here, accompanied by the one she revered and feared in equal measure, the only one who was second to Him.

She was headed back towards the church after having rounded up the heretics she was ordered to capture. She had not had the luxury of time to conduct any investigation of her own, she put blind faith in the one who had made the request. Why wouldn't she, it was made by her mother after all... She had vowed to earn her forgiveness, for it was the only way to seek repentance for her crimes. Lucrezia had sworn she would do whatever it took.

When one of them started clawing at the ground and made it tougher for her to drag them along, she offered a swift kick to his nether regions. 'Don't make this harder than it has to be.' She said, rather coldly. A hand encased in the metallic glove rose to flick away a bead of sweat. The sun was high and yet the fire roared, almost in an attempt to outshine the glowing ball of fire that hung in the sky. Of course, it had no chance. Lucrezia did not fear the light, nor did she fear the cleansing fire. The young girl knew there was so much more at stake and despite her tender age, she could already see several practical uses for these sinners, they could make excellent baits.


#4Alessandra Arcuri 

Demons Everywhere [Minor Demonic Incursion] Empty Wed May 08, 2019 3:12 pm

Alessandra Arcuri
No matter how much she tried to be sneaky, her heavy armour clanked with every movement and her heart pounded in fear. The streets were littered with dead citizens. There were no demons in the vicinity—neither dead nor alive—but their handiwork was obvious. Her eyes scanned the bloodied road and her nose scrunched in disgust behind her helmet as a cold draft carried the stench of dead towards her. Scorching dead, in fact. She noticed that detail only a moment later. The Holy Knight had been looking at her eye level all this time, ready to bolt if she saw any movement. She had missed the smoke rising over the buildings to her left. The smell of burning flesh made her look around more and she finally noticed it.

Alessa made her way towards the smoke. She turned corners very slowly and as silently as she could. So far, she found nothing except the dead. No survivors. No demons. She was glad to have found neither. Dealing with the half-dead was as unpleasant as dealing with demons. She figured she would just walk until the fire, survey the area and head back to the church. She was supposed to look further deep, but no one had to know she didn’t.

Her plan sounded even more plausible when she finally saw movement. It was no demon. In fact, it was a very familiar figure. Lucrezia! Boy, was she glad to see her daughter in the middle of a demon-infested massacre. Not caring about the noise her armour made anymore, she began walking briskly towards her daughter. She watched her dragging three bodies—no, not bodies; they weren’t dead yet, but very close to it. Alessa wanted to do nothing but leave them to die and head back to the church’s safety. Alas! She couldn’t possibly suggest that out loud.

“There must be a better way to move them,” she said, once she was in earshot of her daughter. No ‘good to see you unharmed’ or any other loving greeting. This was how Alessa was; perhaps it would be surprising to Lucrezia if she did say something uncharacteristic like that.


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