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Intercept The Package [Quest-Ashe]

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Ashe Vermilion
It was a day like any other, though not really. Ashe was running low on funds and was desperately looking for work, walking through the streets she stuck out. She didn't fit in with the crowd of Orchidian denizens whether that was her colorful clothes, monster-like arm, or scarred eye or her evil demeanor was up for interpretation. So it was only fitting that most of the innocents steered clear of the girl, some even making room for her as she walked, afraid to touch her like she was a disease. They could sense, in a way, that she was not a good person. Though that worked both ways, good senses evil and evil senses good, thus Ashe was led to a loud argument that had gained some attention with a crowd. Pushing through to the front she saw a man speaking aggressively to a man in the middle of the road. He then yelled at the crowd and most scattered, besides Ashe.

Seeing how she wasn't scared, it was as if he knew exactly what she was, a phantom. Thus with a nod of his head and a motion with his hands, he was gesturing for her to meet him a short distance down the road. Ashe happily obliged. She had finally found the work she was seeking. It was a good thing too, hopefully, a request like this would be rewarding and it already appeared promising. By this time the crowd had formed again, the bustling streets as lively as ever and it wasn't hard for Ashe to slip through, as the fight had taken some attention off the outsider and now the town seemed to be minding their own business.

Meeting the man further down the street, in an area covered by shadows, they were shrouded in darkness and hidden from the peering eyes of the curious citizens. The man, who introduced himself as Ferdinand Cashier began to explain to Ashe about a valuable item that a very close friend of his happened to be interested in. Telling the story of how he ended up arguing with the merchant because he was refusing to allow him to buy said item. Ashe pretended to be shocked that anyone would do such a thing and then offered her help, for a price. He agreed and told her of the caravan that would be making its way into town to deliver the rarity, proposing that she should pose as the merchant in order to steal the item. Ashe nodded, walking away towards where the caravan was set to deliver.

During the travel to the location, Ashe saw many things, children playing, parents arguing, birds singing, one situation called out to her. A boy was stealing bread, though he was quickly caught by the shopkeeper who out of mercy let him keep the bread. It reminded Ashe of her childhood in some way, not being born into the most well-off family. Though she shrugged this feeling off, she hated talking about the past and continued walking.

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Ashe Vermilion
When the caravan finally arrived in the designated spot, many people were waiting for their orders and shipments. Once again, Ashe stood out amongst them. It was clear that she wasn't from Orchidia and she gained the unwanted attention and stares of many. One by one the men and women went up to the covered wagon to collect their belongings, some people got crates of fresh goodies like oranges, apples, and pairs, others got cloth and linen, and some got rare and valuable gems. When it was finally Ashe's turn to receive the item that Ferdinand desired, the hefty man took the cigar from his mouth, coughing smoke into Ashe's face as "Name, girl?" managed to escape his mouth, followed by another cloud of smoke.

Ashe had no choice but to lie, but she couldn't just say that she was the merchant. She had a better idea, one much more realistic. "You should know who I am! Only the first daughter to one of the richest merchants in Orchidia! Now hand over the last item you bafoon!" Ashe said, crossing her arms and stomping her heel against the earth. She had determination in her voice and fire in her eyes, but the man was not buying it quite yet. "Yeah, and I am the King of Fiore!" The fat man said, slapping his knee as a loud chuckle emerged from his mouth. This continued for several minutes before he finally straightened himself out enough to say "Now get outta here!" He then proceeded to throw his cigar at her. This caught the attention of some Rune Knights passing by, who quickly approached the man to stop the escalating situation that could have turned into an all-out street brawl. They grabbed the man by his arms, holding him back "Are you okay madame?" One of the knights asked, which was answered with Ashe's quick thinking and masterful manipulation! "No! I am not okay! He is denying me my fathers prized item, he ordered it only a few weeks ago! He claims that I am lying about my identity but he is just some old drunk. Everyone should know who I am!" Ashe said with confidence. The other knight who had been silent until now spoke up, "Yeah I think I've seen her before, you were with the merchant this morning, when he was in that little argument, heh?" Ashe smiled politely, an act of course, "Yes! I am so glad that someone has some sense around here! Could I have my item now, the auction my father is hosting will start very soon and I need to prepare." The caravan driver let out a few coughs before he was released from the knights grasp, he handed over the item, reluctantly. Ashe then walked away, a wicked smile appearing on her face as she fled the scene. A perfect crime.

Remembering the place that Ferdinand had told her to meet him when the task was complete, Ashe made her way there. She arrived shortly, as it wasn't far from the gates where the caravan was said to arrive, he was leaning against the wall, looking like a stereotypical thug. "Here." Ashe said, handing him the item, which was wrapped in paper. "What is it anyway? A magical item? A beautiful vase? It has to be worth a pretty penny to go through all that..." The man laughed as he unwrapped the item, revealing a small cat statue. "All wrong, princess." Ashe shook her head, accepting the reward and walking away. What a waste.

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