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Beach Gym [quest: Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Beach Gym [quest: Kazimir] Empty Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:35 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir returned to a place he hadn’t thought he would be back at so soon. The Hargeon Beach was as vibrant as always. Young and old covered the beach with sunbathing, bouncing volleyballs back and forth, swimming in the water and one of the main attractions…lifting weights.

He slid off his shoes and hung them loosely in his hand. His feet were warmed by the hot sand. He lifted them hastily up and down, scuttling across the beach as they adapted to the heat.

He crossed the beach, heading straight toward the familiar muscular build of Jay Holiday. This time he bypassed the fans that swooned over him.

Other weightlifters surrounded him grunting vigorously. They dropped weights into the sand, and others hoisted themselves up on to pull-up bars. He was impressed by their dedication to coming out in the sun and sand, day in and day out. But then again, determination took many forms.

He approached Jay Holiday as he was doing some stretches and then a few push-ups to warm his body up.

“Hello, Mr. Holiday. You have another request for the Rune Knights?” He asked Jay and got ready for a flurry of flexing coming his way with whatever answer followed.

“Oh, it’s you again,” He said, raising his hands in the air and dropping his powerful arms down on Kazimir’s shoulders.“Thanks for the help with the contest. I won!”

Kazimir let his body sink a little under the pressure of Holiday’s muscles, going along with the situation, “I never doubted that you would, so what do you need today?”

“Down to work like always. If I remember you are pretty quick on your feet, but let’s see what those arms of yours can do. I need someone to spot me.”

He laid down on the bench press with a light load and demonstrated a single press, “I’ll need you to add more weight to it and put your hands under the bar. If you seem me struggling, then pull it up and make sure it doesn’t fall on my chest. Sound easy enough?” he asked with a wink.

Kazimir looked at the amount of weight and the plates lying in the sand that needed to be added. He then looked at his own arms in a little dismay. He was more of the intellectual type, but he gave a small sideways nod and replied, “Yeah, I think I can handle this. The worst-case scenario I just use my magic and blow it off you.”

Jay sat back up and pulled some of the plates closer. A stack for each side was set under their respective spots beneath the bar. He settled back down and said, “Alright. Load up those plates and let’s get to pumping some iron!” It seemed he was flexing already, squeezing every ounce of preparation out that he could.

Kazimir loaded the plates and Jay Pressed the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest for the first of eight reps.

word count 505/1000

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Beach Gym [quest: Kazimir] Empty Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:49 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir hovered his hands beneath the bar as it moved up and down for a four-second count. Jay strained his body with each of the final reps. They were slower and more concentrated.  Kazimir spoke some words of encouragement as he heard the other lifters saying, “Come on. You got this Jay. One more rep and you’re done with this one.”

Jay yelled, drawing upon some unseen source of energy and completed the set. “Thanks, mage. You’re pretty good at this. Let’s rack up some more plates. One on each side!” He said undaunted by the idea of pushing a heavier load. His smile casting out any doubt of failure.

Kazimir slid the plates on both sides of the bar and repositioned himself to help him. Holiday lifted the bar and began his second set. Each breath accompanied by an explosive movement sending the bar upward until the last one.

Holiday held the bar a few inches over his chest and his muscles began to quake. Kazimir rose his palms to touch the bar and tensed his own muscles to help guide the weight upward. “Easy does it.”

With just a nod this time, Jay indicated it was time to add some more weight. Kazimir placed another set of plates on. He couldn’t fathom how much time was needed to get to this level of strength. His small arms would crumble under this weight.

Without a second’s hesitation, Jay hoisted the bar up and pumped out rep after rep. The eighth rep arrived and the steam engine that was Jay Holiday slowed down once more. Kazimir gripped the bar and together they inched it higher. Kazimir kept most of the pressure on Jay, seeing in his eyes that that was what he wanted. He remembered all the times he trained with his own clan members and the bonds it forged and of triumph through struggle.

Another rep down and one more to go. Kazimir silently turned to put the last plates on, used to the metallic skid they made and the clank of smacking into the ones already set on the bar. Jay sat up to stretch his muscles and get loose for the final test. Neither person spoke to each other, knowing what needed to be done without silly words to get in the way, Only the stare of determination.
Kazimir saw the pattern now. Jay started each new set almost unphased by the last. The final rep that he struggled with was a mental blockade more than a physical one. He pondered this as Jay removed his shirt, tossing it to the ground. He laid down beneath the iron bar. The sun gleaming off above his head.

The wind mage threw his GI and scarf off and let it tumble into the sand alongside Jay’s. their eyes met, and Jay slowly shut his as he lifted the bar one last time from its secure mount. The sets flew by with intensity and powerful exhalations until the arrival of the infamous final rep.

Jay’s eyes opened to gaze upon the infinite blue skies to give him vigor. The bar slowly lowered to his chest. His arms struggling to move it higher. Kazimir gripped his fingers around the hot metal that bathed in the sunlight. His biceps swelled with effort. His chest muscles pulling in a way he had forgotten as he assisted the monster of a man in this feat of strength.

With a snort, Jay heaved everything he had in his final attempt. The bar crept upward. Each minor increase in height bringing more passion and revelry two the thought of completion. Finally, the bar was fully extended as the two yelled into the world of infinite possibility. The clang of the bar hitting its mount echoed.

Jay stood and shuck Kazimir’s hand and handed him the reward. "Let's hit the gym another time mage."

"It's a deal. Next time let's go even further."

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