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Dahlia to Orchidia (Foot Travel)

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Dahlia to Orchidia (Foot Travel) Empty on Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:29 am

Abel had heard of a large scale festival in Orchidia, and this fact was one that managed to intrigue him in the greatest. He admittedly had never been to any sort of festival before, though he had a general idea of what to expect from one. Still, the thought of trying out something new, and the fact that he heard festivals usually have good food meant that he was very willing to go all the way to Orchidia to witness one for himself. And so, Abel slept one last night in the Dahlia inn. He'd miss these cobwebs!

Waking up in the morning, Abel set up by means of hopping in the back of a carriage, his usual method of travel throughout Fiore. That being said, this time around he was caught and thrown off the carriage halfway to the next town, leaving him itchy and having to walk the rest of the way there. Unfortunate, but it was something that Abel would have to live with if he was going to be able to make it to Orchidia. Still though, he was having such a peaceful nap. Did that pissy farmer really have to go and spoil his perfectly good day? Though, he supposed it was his fault for being a snorer, or else he wouldn't have got caught in the first place.

Magnolia was such a pleasant city, and they sure had a pleasant hotel. With a pleasant bath too! Still though, it felt good to sleep after all that walking. He supposed walking did have it's benefits, lie exercise. Not that Abel needed too much of that anyways, he was in pretty good shape. Waking up in the morning, Abel decided to walk today, just because it made resting at the hotel a much better experience for him. The sleep was a bit more precious after you had been walking for most of the day.

Now, it was up to Abel to get to crocus. And that he did, and when he was there it seemed his hypothesis was right. When you walked all day, the sleep and rest in the hotel felt a million times better. The difference was quite literally astronomical, and he was amazed by this fact, and even moreso the idea that he hadn't thought about this before. Was he dumb, or just oblivious? Probably both, honestly. And so, yet another day of travel passed by.

He had gone through so many towns, that when he got to Orchidia, he thought it was just another one he was passing by. That was, until he saw all the lights from the festival. Smiling, Abel knew that coming out all this way was totally worth it. Besides, in his opinion, anything was better than Dahlia. Well, actually, maybe Nanuq. That place was really cold. And the forests, too. Lots of misquitos there. He supposed there were actually a lot of places worse than Dahlia. Oh well, he wouldn't dwell on that. Into the busy town Abel went!


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