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Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi]

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#1Diana Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 4:25 am

Diana Scalisi

There they were, on the streets of Oak, armed with the vilest possible weapon of all. A brief glance back at the Martello family house made her sigh softly as she pulled up the buckets of spray paint cans and hummed in amusement. "Seriously? Graffiti vandalizing, this is almost as if we're dealing with the pranks of some of our younger siblings.

Diana mused in amusement as she waited for Kaede to confirm she had the template before she repeated the nature of their assignment. "So we got to vandalize some property belonging to Vincenze, some big wig in Oak?"

A soft hum followed as she started to retell the various buildings they had been told about. "They got a bar near the outskirts, a magic shop in the town, a fancy restaurant, a grocery store, a jewelry store, a tattoo parlor"

She hummed for a moment, thinking about something before resuming the list. "A bank, a casino, a horse race site, an apothecary, a pharmacy and a safehouse~ We only need to mess up three of them. Any thoughts on what ones we should pick Kae-Kae?"

The girl hummed softly, seemingly looking toward her sister for a suggestion on what they would deal with first.

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#2Kaede Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:09 am

Kaede Scalisi

Tagging... An effective way to claim a piece of territory, or simply sending the message to a rival gang. I'd never actually bothered with something so silly, but this i've been paid to do so for others before. It's usually just easy money... Usually... But we had a little caveat this time: Our employer. It didn't really care about working for the same family against whom i'd worked earlier today, but still hoped not to end up leading Dia into a trap. So far so good though, we had the canister, plus a list of targets:

"For enemy gangsters, tagging their territory is highly disrespectful. This is anything but a prank for them, especially if they catch us.", I tell her, frowning about as seriously as I can manage, "Yup. It's also the same guy we worked for this morning, burning down the cashouse of the guy we're working for now."

So yes, the biggest danger in this job actually came not from the guy whose turf we were tagging, but possibly our own employer should he find out what we were up to this morning.

"Playing both sides means double the profit, but also double the risk. We should be careful and start with the easy targets, like the grocery or the tattoo parlor."

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#3Diana Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:20 am

Diana Scalisi

For a moment she listened attentively to Kaede's explanation. To be honest, despite her adoptive mother being a former mafia hitman she had been sheltered from that type of life, and as a result didn't know just how dire the consequences were of tagging someone's territory. However, in the wake of the explanation, she noticed a mistake, one that made Diana giggle softly. "Are you still half asleep Kae-Kae? All this time we have been working for the Martello family, the cash house we burned down belonged to Vincenze~"

Although as she said his name she found her left hand raised to her right one, finding that it was still slightly bruised. It was fortunate that her body tended to recover fairly quickly, else she might have been in a serious mess! But it still made her left hand sting every now and then.

"Let's start with the grocery store then~ From what I heard it's situated near the outskirts of the town, so at this time of the day not many people visit it, and I can sniff around to ensure nobody is approaching the store while we are giving it a new color."

Seemed as good a tactic as any.

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#4Kaede Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:21 am

Kaede Scalisi
Indeed, Scalisi had been a mafia henchwoman, we both knew that very well. Though she'd never trained Dia like she trained me, and wouldn't even had taught me had i not pressed her so much for it. She was that kind of woman, always doing whatever she could to protect us... She probably wouldn't have felt too happy to see us freelancing for the mafia, but she'd have still preferred that over watching us starve.

"Oh, is that so...?", guess I that employer for another one, but then again i’m pretty sure i'd already worked for the other side at one point. Perhaps i should have had a coffee instead of that ice cream but for now it matters little. I need to stay sharp so we don't get caught doing this job. When I see her rubbing her arm, I can't help but ask her, "How's that arm...?"

We should probably hurry with this job and find a place to hole up and eat dinner... Once we get all the way to the grocery store, I shake the can and start spraying:

"We should be alright, but whistle if we see anybody, and we'll run away for the next target.", now I can hardly rely on my aesthetic sense but I don't really care. I can just spray the employer's family name in red paint, as flashily as I can... Hopefully nobody comes by before I'm done.

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#5Diana Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:22 am

Diana Scalisi

Blinking in confusion at Kaede's statement she decided to shrug it off, but the question that followed made her body jolt lightly. While it still stung a little, it wasn't exactly that she wouldn't be able to use it. However, at the same time, she didn't want to worry her sister too much, especially over something that might have sounded whiny in nature. "I'm fine~" She said with a little smile as she turned her gaze away from her sister and observed their surroundings.

She had to admit that foul taste of the man's jugular still lingered, even after she had tried to drink it away, every now and then she felt the sensation return, as if it haunted her.

However, when she noticed her sister seemingly on the verge of spraying the paint she hummed softly. "Looking for this?" The girl asked her as she handed her sister the template their employer had provided them with, and once she finished her work they moved toward the next target.

That one in particular was the tattoo parlor, and fortunately for them there was nobody in the store right now, perhaps a break for some food?

"Say Kaede..." She paused for a moment, feeling her body tense up as she even went as far as properly address her sister by name instead of her nickname when she finally shook her head and walked past her.

"Nevermind, let's go, any target you got in mind next?"

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#6Kaede Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:25 am

Kaede Scalisi
This late in the afternoon, the streets got progressively more deserted as the time went on. And that worked all the better for us: In the dark of night, shady business such as this would get easier to carry out, and far easier to vanish should we get caught red handed. With the template in hand, i sprayed all i had to spray on that wall and before long we could move on to the next. Without any form of alert from my sister, it seems we lucked out for now and managed to get the first tag done without anybody noticing. Good.

Dia seemed a bit more on edge than usual, devoid of her usual cheer, and I couldn't help feel somewhat worried for her...

"Hm...? What is it...?", I ask her, fixing my steely blue eyes on hers as if she might finally share what truly weighted her down. She doesn't. I sigh, somewhat disappointed, reaching a hand to by hair and brushing it away from my eyes, "If there's something troubling you, I'll listen."

Once we arrived at the tattoo parlor though, I feel silent, lest even the slightest whisper draw unwanted attention. I keep my cool easily despite the visibly tense situation, without that I wouldn't be nearly as effective at this kind of work. You gotta keep a clear head, and think on the fly...

"Everything's going well... We could take our chances and tag the safehouse, If you're feeling up for it. After that though, we should lay low until we're back in our boss' turf."

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#7Diana Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:26 am

Diana Scalisi

As they arrived at the safehouse Diana waited till her sister had finished spraying the paint, attentively listening to her surroundings for anything that might cause them a hindrance, and once they job was clear she sighed softly and turned toward her sister as they prepared to return to their 'boss' turf'

"Say... does the end truly justifies the means?" The wolf girl asked her sister, her hand resting on the bruised knuckle of her other arm as she continued. "Is it alright to take someone's life, all for the sake of protecting another?"

She inquired before explaining a bit further, lowering her hands to her sides. "When I killed those guys who threatened to harm you... At first I thought I wouldn't feel anything but... there is a that feeling lingering in my mouth, a foul taste that doesn't go away no matter how much I drink."

She sighed softly, her eyes gazing at her sister once more as she smiled weakly. "I mean, I don't regret doing it, they deserved it but still... I wish that taste would go away... It makes me remember his frightened face as I tore into his throat in that despicable form of mine...

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#8Kaede Scalisi 

Gang Tension [Quest: Diana and Kaede Scalisi] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 5:43 am

Kaede Scalisi
As i tagged through the last safehouse, that look of Diana's continued troubling me... This really wasn't like her at all. When we finally finished and got ready to head out, the wolfish girl spoke at last, and I understood. I'd lost any and all hope of finding a real meaning to life long ago... The less you valued life in general, the easier it got to take it. And the more you valued the lives of your loves ones, killing enemies became as easy as pushing a sword through their chest.

But Dia wasn't like that:

"If taking an enemy's life to protect a sister is evil, then I guess I'm an unrepentant evil.", I shrug, reaching out and resting my hand on her shoulder. I look at her with far more empathy than I usually show, looking into her eyes, "Would you have felt anything had someone else done the deed...?"

A simple question to make her think about how little she cared. A loving, peaceful girl such as her disliked the thought of doing it herself, and that part of her should never change. I wanted her to keep her hands clean as long as she could, but now it was too late. Before i know it i've wrapped my arms tightly around her back. Maybe she'll feel better afterwards, maybe she won't... But I'm there for her anyway:

"It gets easier... The first kill is always the hardest...", I finally whisper, reassuring she'll find a way to cope with this in time. To stay true to herself while also mustering the resolve to protect me and the rest of our siblings. There's no shame in that...

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