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Magnolia to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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#1Ri Brighte 

Magnolia to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:49 am

Ri Brighte
That day, Ri woke up with a start, his eyes glancing around the mostly empty inn room. He sighed, and let his head fall back on the pillow, before the clock began to do its job, and start ringing. With one slam of his fist on the nightstand, the clock fell to the wooden floor, and stopped its annoying sounds. It's doubtful that it would start ringing again, given that it was now in pieces.

Running a hand over his face, Ri groaned, and stood, going to pick up the remains of his clock, and lift them to his face, to hopefully see what time it was before he decided he didn't require its help anymore. The clock's hands were but a blur to him, as, with a groan, he extended his arm to reach for his pair of glasses.

Ah, now the world was way clearer, especially the clock's time, which read-

"Ten?!" Ri's shout could have woken up whoever was still sleeping in the other rooms. Leaving the mess of a clock on the table, he quickly stood, and looked around the empty- but rather messy room. What was better? He had to leave today, and he couldn't leave while the room was in this state. Clothes thrown around, unmade bed, and food scattered around the large table, in the middle of the room. The mage groaned, and began gathering his clothes, all the while muttering to himself how much of an idiot he could be to forget that this was the last day he could stay in Magnolia.

Well, actually, he could have stayed for longer, were it not for the flier he found yesterday, while roaming the city's streets, on the look-out for something to do. The "Flower Festival", it read, and it seemed to be held in the depths of Orchidia. That was good. He planned to visit Orchidia soon, either way, since he missed seeing his guild.

After stashing the clothes in his backpack, Ri reached for his chin and scratched it, silently musing over what exactly he will wear at the festival. After all, he can't just go there in a suit, or his hoodie. Or he could. No, no, he had to find something festival.

"I'll probably be able to buy it from there, or something..." He muttered, before going back to work.

By twelve, when he finally left, the room was the complete opposite of what he woke up to. One could assume that the room was brand new- Well. Except for the clock, which Ri threw away and left some jewels to fix.

A bright smile fixed itself over the young mage's face as he marched on, towards the city's exit.

Word Count: 451/400

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