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All Fired Up [Quest: Hatsuharu, Akira]

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#1Akira Shimada 

All Fired Up [Quest: Hatsuharu, Akira] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:21 am

Akira Shimada
The walk to Oak from Baska had been exhausting enough in itself. But Aki was attempting to maintain a relatively cheerful spirit. She twirled her finger around a strand of her hair as she strolled towards the gates. The trio had whittled down to just her and the healer again as the gazed into the darkening night. The idea was to curb all the tiring sensations that threatened to render them useless and somehow bolster their spirits and scout the area. It was a bit last minute, but that was nothing new for the Knights... Now that they had orders to go attack a guild, it wouldn't make sense to just blindly walk into the enemy's territory.

Her joy had been waning and that just accelerated once she parted ways with her blonde teammate. A deep sigh escaped her lips. Her shoulders curled inwards as she warily cast a look towards the scarlet maned man. 'Do you think we're ready?' she asked nervously. Still a few steps ahead of him, as usual she was the one taking the lead on the intel gathering. She didn't wait for his answer and decided to change the subject. 'There are quite a few hills around town, I hope we don't accidentally just end up at the guild straight away...' she mused as the two ambled through the large iron gates, headed towards a hill.


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All the hustle had been quite confusing for the naïve healer, until they finally received the big orders. Of course, even Haru knew not to trust all the information that was given to the squad. While he wasn’t one to complain and point fingers, he chose to think his superiors are all rather too optimistic when it came to the credibility of the intel gathered by their men. The duo had found themselves neck-deep in troublesome situations several times before when they chose to trust the intel they were given. They weren’t going to fall for it again and again.

So, there they were, after parting ways with their blonde teammate, who was ordered to join a back-up squad, standing in the middle of Oak town, trying to confirm or deny the supposed facts they were given. Aki’s cheerful demeanour waned pretty quickly after Asura left her side. Haru couldn’t help but wonder if she was usually cheerful around others and reserved this sullen emotion just for him. The only way to find out was to stalk her, which he wasn’t really comfortable with. Maybe he could talk to others and ask. I could ask Fenri- No… He was quickly reminded of the lycan’s comment the last time they met, making his face go red almost immediately. Thankfully, it was night.

“I don’t think anyone can ever be ready for something like this,” he said. Despite his lack of experience, the defender was quite wise with what little knowledge he gathered of the world. “I think Asura and squad partner was tasked with finding the right hill. We are to oversee beacons on the other hills for quick comms,” he said. For once, the healer couldn’t sleep and ended up reading the briefing transcripts.

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Tsuru seemed a bit lost in his own thoughts, she glanced at him, pinning at him as she peered into his face, squinting to get a better gist of his expressions in the limited light. Was he blushing for some reason? she wasn't sure, probably not since she could deduce no reason for it. Perhaps walking with a girl late at night could have been a trigger for others, but the two had been doing this seemingly forever now. Shaking her head she angled it to look forward again. Soon the duo approached a hill and Aki noticed a rather disheveled looking man arranging some wood to finish some work on a beacon.

Was he repairing it? Or was it restructuring? Maybe he was just finishing constructing it? the dark haired girl would need to inspect it closely to be able to tell. 'We're dealing with the communication system? Well lets hope we don't accidentally land up at the right wrong place... If you know what I mean...' she muttered, reiterating the same thing again, simply because it was a constant nagging concept in her mind. Aki was voicing her thoughts, something which had become rather natural to her around Tsuru. In a way, one could think it was like she didn't even care that he was there, but anyone who knew them better... could see that it was more like they had become extensions of each other in some ways.

'Er...' was all she could manage as they approached the man. She nudged her partner and whispered to Tsuru that if they wanted more information on a shady guild, they should probably act like they're affiliated with it or something. 'Say something...' she hissed, depending on the lead he'd set, Aki would follow.


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As they made their way out of the town, towards the hills, Aki’s fear resonated in the healer’s thoughts too. He truly didn’t wish head towards the hill that had the Phantom Lord guild atop it. From what they were told, the target hill was a bit far from the main town, across the river. So, if the collected intel was right, they shouldn’t face any issues that night, as they were still on the safer side of the river.

Their first hill was on the list was definitely not a dangerous one. It was quite close to the town, almost hugging it. Atop the short hill was a stout man, working diligently to finish the beacon. He seemed extremely tired and agitated, but looked determined. The duo’s approach startled him and he turned towards them animatedly with an unnecessarily exaggerated shock in his face. “For Illumin’s sake! Announce your arrival. Trying to make me roll down the hill out of fear, are you?” he asked, grumpily.

“Uh… Sorry?” Haru said, more so as a confused question than an apology. “We were just sent to check if everything was in order. You seem to be-” the healer was cut short before he could finish. “CHECK?! I have been doing this since long before your dada met your mama. Get outta here!” he yelled, getting back to arranging the logs. Haru turned to his partner and simply shrugged. The job was done well and he saw no reason to waste time arguing with this balding man over his poor manners.

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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki rolled her eyes. 'Way to go.' she said with a slightly snarky tone. She rolled her eyes at the way the worker gave Tsuru a piece of his mind rather than the other way around. 'You were supposed to tell him to work harder, or faster or something... Maybe throw in a threat or two.' she suggested. The two Knights couldn't just give up their affiliation, if the healer continued to act out of place, someone would soon know that they were not Oak dwellers, then questions would be asked and matters would get worse if the Rune Knights were ambushed before they could conduct their attack on the guild. She cradled her forehead in her hand as they walked on.

Slowly the cranium rose off the palm, so she could gaze onward towards the next beacon. 'Do you think they're really going to try and use these newly constructed beacons?' she asked curiously as the spike of disappointment in her partner's lack of skill in keeping up the appearance, faded. She led the two towards the second beacon, the one on the east and noticed it was already finished. The guy was so efficient he'd also found the time to take a nap. But napping workers were no good to them, plus someone suddenly woken up from slumber would be a great target for interrogation. 'Watch me.' she said to Tsuru before proceeding to rudely wake the worker and spew a bunch of questions at him.

Somehow she threw Phantom Lord into the mix and he accidentally revealed that the very company he worked for, once had the contract to make repairs in the guild. He also pointed them towards the next beacon, mentioning that the worker on that structure was among the people contracted by the guild... Aki was quite satisfied with their progress.


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Haru shiftily looked away from Aki as she lectured him about how he needed to be more stern with these people. He wanted to ask why she didn’t do it if she was so great at it, but he was glad he didn’t. Because, when they stopped at the next beacon, that’s exactly what she did. Given his way, he would have just let the guy nap, inspected the beacon without waking him and left. However, Akira had different plans.

The poor guy opened his eyes, but wasn’t fully awake until the mention of Phantom Lord. Then, he had quite a lot to say. Haru wondered how this guy knew so much about such a shady guild, but that too was quickly answered. It would seem the guild had contracted a few of these workers for some repairs. The Rune Knights were aware that Phantom Lord had quite a bit of influence on Oak, even going so far as to protect it when necessary. So, it was no surprise that these people didn’t feel much guilt working for that bunch. Heck! They even came to the empire’s assistance during the attack by Grimoire Heart. But then, the empire lost; and considering these lunatics fought against the side that won, it’s no wonder they are being hunted down now.

Haru was completely lost in thought, wondering why of all times the council chose to attack Phantom Lord now. Once Akira was done with the man, she would probably have to physically shake him to bring him back to the present.

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#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
He was lost again. She frowned as she snapped her fingers in front of his face, which didn't do the trick. Next, she decided to call him out, she even went through the trouble of calling him his full name instead of the nickname she'd unceremoniously bestowed upon him after their first encounter. None of it worked. 'What's gotten into you?' she hissed, before finally grabbing him by his dark cloak and dragging him towards their next destination. She was legitimately worried now... Was it the prospect of another attack and the possible violence that could come with it? Aki couldn't really tell and frankly she didn't really have the luxury of letting this occupy her mind. 'Tsuru, whatever it is that's gotten you all twisty and tied up on the inside, you gotta let it go and clear your head.' she demanded.

Then suddenly she held up her hand and conducted a motion as a gesture for her partner to stop. She too was rather still as her eyes fell upon the eerie moonlit scene in front of her. Damn it! she exclaimed inside her head. This guy was supposed to be the key to her intel gathering mission. This guy was supposed to verify if the plans they had were authentic or not... Now he was dead and that meant someone had figured out what was up. 'Crap. He didn't even finish the beacon.' she whispered. 'We have to go... Now.' she added, her anxiety betraying the urgency. The girl went on to lead the way back towards the outside of the beacon secured area. At the gate she met the guard and relayed the state of the beacons and their respective workers, trying to keep an even tone to not garner any more attention. The girl had not really expected money out of this, but was swift to accept it when offered.


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Haru finally snapped out of his reverie when Akira pulled on his cloak. He quickly apologized and followed her to their last stop. “Sorry! Was just wondering why the hurry in taking down Phantom Lord,” he muttered, so that no one else but Akira could hear him. He knew there was no point asking her; it’s not like she had had much experience dealing with dark guilds. Or did she? After all, he seldom knows where she goes during her late-night walks. There have been several occasions when he learned of her meetings much later. In any case, this was not the time to interrogate his partner; they had a different target to do that.

But… That target was dead.

There used to be a time when the healer expressed tremendous shock at the sight of death. Now, he was so used to seeing key suspects and witnesses vanishing and dropping dead like flies, that he had become practically numb to it. “Why am I not surprised?” he asked rhetorically. On any other day, the healer would have insisted that they stay and investigate to find who murdered the guard. But, that night, they had more pressing issues to deal with. If someone had deliberately stopped them from setting up the beacons, then it was highly likely that they suspected an imminent attack. It would be wise to not hand it to them. And so, Haru scurried away from the scene, following Akira to the guards at the gates.

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