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A Painful Reunion [Solo]

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A Painful Reunion [Solo] Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:19 am

It was a breezy night, Helios was out at the beach sitting on his favourite spot at the small hill at this late hour reminded of his mother. It seemed that he was reminded of her more and more these past days, I must be getting depressed, he thought, the event that took place with his mother's choker and him seeing her again made him remember of all the hardships that he had to go through alone. At some point he had gotten used to people using him for their own desires, he hated that, after all his mother gave her life to save him from a similar situation but he needed the money it wasn't up to him, especially since his own father didn't want to have anything to do with him after learning of how his wife and died and what took place.

Helios was looking at the night sky, the stars with their soft shine and the moon, but at the same time his mind was taken over by grief, his eyes were tearing up as all these thoughts were crossing his mind, I don't think I was ready to see her again, "I thought that once I laid eyes on her once again the sadness inside me would go way", he whispered with a shaky voice. At that moment he heard noise coming from the bushes behind him, if someone wanted to approach him he wouldn't have known as he was consumed by his own thoughts and the sand would hide the sound, but now the rustling of the bushes gave them away. "Who's there?" Helios yelled while standing up.

Helios heard laughter coming from three directions but couldn't see anything, sure it was dark but there was enough light and he was still young his sight was perfect, there were no other hiding spots other than the bushes on the hill but the laughter didn't seem to come from there but around him. "What's a good looking guy doing here at this hour hmm? " a voice asked "Maybe he wanted to put an end to his miserable life hmm?" a second one said. The voices made fun of Helios' face being full of tears from before, Helios could hear but couldn't see anyone or anything around him, he was confused and scared, if someone attacked him alone he possessed no offensive magic and couldn't defend himself, he wielded no weapon either. Did these...things want to just torment him, or where they having fun with him before taking away his life. As these thoughts were running through his head Helios was sitting still, frozen in place, cold sweat started to form on his forehead. "Seems like someone's afraid...perfect!" the voice exclaimed with an unsettling tone, at that moment Helios felt something go through his back, he felt an immense amount of pain as the laughter began again and let out a cry. He was getting stabbed to death and his killers seemed to enjoy every moment of it, Helios wasn't trying to resist it was futile and he knew it, he tried to not mind the pain and with only one thought in his mind he took his last breath...he would finally be with his mother again.

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