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War never changes, but neither do lewdlings [Closed/Kurdran]

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War never changes, but neither do lewdlings [Closed/Kurdran] Empty on Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:26 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

To say that she was currently feeling a mixture of things was an understatement. Although she had been reunited with Fia, it seemed an obstacle had presented itself in the form of her fiance's superiors in the army refusing to let her participate in the conflict, and in the end, she had been forced back toward the town. Of course, she complained, but for Fia's sake she had decided to accept it as long as Fia promised to return to her as soon as the battle was over, and preferred with as little bruises and cuts as possible, because she would have required plenty of energy to make up for the sorrow and anger the girl had felt at the recent events.

A part of her wanted to be selfish and ask Fia to retire, to figure out something the two of them could do together, but she knew that her lover used the funds she received from her work as a Rune Knight in order to help her family, so for the time being she would endure the annoyance the army's interference caused into their life.

"Why can't they go without her?!" Esperia complained in annoyance as she marched down the street, the aged butler following behind her. "I believe they will rely on her strength to overwhelm the enemy." Yet Esperia would have none of that reasoning, complaining somewhat selfishly. "I'd rather have her overwhelm me instead..." A deep sigh escaped the girl's lips as she watched a few Rune Knights walk past her.

"The streets are filled with them... And just look at all the citizen, those outside are tense and restless, and most taken shelter inside their houses. It's like Crocus all over again."

Hearing those words Sebastian took a moment to lightly rest his hand on her shoulder and reassured her in a gentle tone. "Do not fear young master, this isn't the same as the war. However, have you already forgotten this has an advantage for you?"

An advantage? How in the world could there be anything about this that could be considered an advantage?! "There is no such thing as an advantage to having Fia fight in the war!"

Yet Sebastian smiled knowingly and shook his head, clarifying in a tone that clearly betrayed his amusement. "When Lady Fia returns from the conflict there will be no doubt that she'll be seeking comfort and relaxation. And then you can do... [redacted]" Wait what?! Was this going to be the same thing as during the war? Would she have a free reign on doing things like that? "And [Censored]" W-Wasn't that taking it a bit too far? Although she certainly wouldn't mind doing that to Fia, especially considering the... ahem well-developed figure of her lover. "And of course let's not forget doing [notsuitedforminors] while Salem provides suitable commentary?" Oh gods, her imagination was starting to get the better of her... to the point her cheeks were turning red from embarrassment and bits of drool were dripping from the corner of her mouth. "I-I didn't think of it like that before..."

Yet little did the poor girl know that she wasn't the only one wondering about this conflict, for someone else was nearby, whose presence had yet to be noticed.

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Kurdran Briggs
...Well this was surely a sight to behold. The echo of marching steps flew about the usually crowded city. However, what the city was filled with was not the usual calm people of Oak... but instead armed and prepared knights, going through the town like they owned the place. Most people were scared and hid, in fear of outright being trampled if they happened to be in their way.

For Kurdran though, This was an event he could not skip. These soldiers had gotten many of his friends, including jerrs little criminal group to stop doing what they were doing for the day. There had to be something huge going on. In stories he had heard, this was typical event before something like a war, or a big cataclysmic creatures descent, and that had him absolutely hyped. Maybe a grand lich had set its eyes on the city? Maybe an army of dinosaurs was about to ravage the poor citizens!? Kurdrans imagination was running wild, as he glared at the soldiers from the alleys, hanging about like a fat raccoon, barking questions into the group of soldiers. "Hey! What`s happening!? Something big!?" He hopped about, trying to look some of the walkers into the eyes to get their attention. "Did those fricking beacons finally notice something!?"

Despite his usual demeanor of being as inconspicuous as a doorknob, the only thing he got from these stoic fighters was occasional disgusted glances, and some outright aggressive seeming looks. However, they seemingly just ignored the plump man and kept going, like nothing happened. Whatever it was, must have meant they didn`t exactly wanna tell a guy with tattoos like his anything."Bah, proper shiny marching band you are..." He scratched his head in annoyance. Kurdran couldn`t help but feel visibly annoyed. What the heck was going on? None of these folks wanted to say a word, and everybody else was hiding like a scared kitten! Admittedly, she could maybe try and find Lilja, but she always seemed kind of out of it whenever he asked big questions like that... And even Kurdran wasn`t stupid enough to attack an army just to find out what they were actually doing...

However, soon enough he heard a nagging voice... a voice of a girl. It seemingly came from close-by... He rushed over through the alley to the other side of it... "...Overwhelm the enemy..." Some older dude mumbled something. So, there truly was a bigger enemy involved... Wait, it was the girl who wanted to be overwhelmed? Kurdran pressed his finger into his ear, cleaning it quickly to hear proper what the duo was saying... "When lady Fia comes from the conflict..." Someone named Fia was involved? ...Kurdran didn`t know anyone named like that... He rubbed his cheek, trying to think. However, the wording of what the old man was talking about next suddenly got into territory that Kurdran was not sure about at all... They sounded outright obscene. Disgusting and hair raising. Something that someone back at the caravan would tell as horror stories to the kids... And thats when he realized who they must be.

"Hey! You guys royal torturers or something!? Or like uh... royal executioners?" That`s what the disgusting words made him think of atleast. He shouted this at the weird duo of a small girl (even smaller than him which was an achievement on its own) and a guy, who looked like a somewhat grizzled warrior stuffed into a tight black suit. Kurdran could feel uncomfortable just thinking of himself being stuffed into one, as he ran over to the duo with minor panting. "You guys have any idea what is going on in here? Why is there so many dudes running about? We getting some kind of vampire lycan invasion or something?" Yeah, it was propably obnoxious to hear this, but Kurdran was clearly curious, and couldn`t hold himself back. These two had to have some sort of info if they were so brutal...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Hearing a sudden shout from nearby Esperia involuntarily let out a soft yelp of surprise, her cheeks turning red as she rapidly raised a hand to her mouth, wiping away the drool as she quickly recomposed herself and turning toward the source of the disruption. "T-torturers? I don't think Fia considers our escapades torture..." Yet Sebastian turned toward Kurdran, his sharp gaze a contrast to his seemingly gentle expression. "Although considering Master Asmodeus is a Demon Lord that makes you, as her vessel by proxy 'royalty'." Wait, was that really the case? As the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust, could she justify calling herself a 'royal' person? "I guess that's true. Hehe~ My name is Esperia, the royal vessel to the Demon Lord of Lust~"

Yet hearing those words Sebastian stifled a soft chuckle. "You really are fond of that little joke I made, then again I bet Master Asmodeus would likely make the same type of joke if she was in control currently." Yet Esperia's attention was soon drawn to the stranger's curiosity, causing her to raise a hand to her cheek, tapping it lightly while she mused softly. "I'm not sure if there are Vampires or Lycan among them, then again considering Grimoire Heart had one..."

However, that didn't exactly answer his question, didn't it? "But no, we're not about to deal with an invasion. It seems there is evidence that claims the headquarters of the Phantom Lord guild is situated in this town, and as a result the Rune Knights mobilized to apprehend their members and lay siege to their lair."

That was all she knew honestly, and the lack of knowledge annoyed her just as much, for the young lass grumbled softly. "Unfortunately the Rune knights refuse any outside aid, it would interfere with their plans. And that is why I am currently here in the town rather than scolding my Fiance for leaving me behind, who is likely busy smashing some unfortunate butts in the siege right now."

A longing sigh escaped her lips as she continued. "Fia is a Rune Knight, so she has to deal with all this nonsense while we'd much rather spend our time doing more fun things." The demonic butler stroked his beard lightly as he seemed to ponder about something for a moment. "Considering your lack of awareness, I assume you're not a local either sir-" Seemingly waiting for the man to introduce himself Esperia meanwhile raised a hand lightly toward Sebastian. "And this is Sebastian~ He serves Asmodeus." Yet as the Rune knights were seemingly patrolling the streets or approaching the place of the siege the lass found herself looking with disdain at the guards. "If not for them I would already be able to snuggle her again..."

Yet in return to those words Sebastian merely mused softly. "Patience young master, your patience will soon be rewarded."

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Kurdran Briggs
For a moment, the duo seemed to completely ignore Kurdran, and talked with each other instead. Kurdran had this kind of weird look of "Eh?" on his face, as his eyes moved between the two for a moment. And then, the girl proceeded bring out a fact, that had his eyes bulge out from shock suddenly. "D-d-d-demon lord of...!" only for those eyes to move up and down her for a moment, and slowly going back into his eyes, returning into their sockets proper, as he seemingly poked her forehead with his index finger gently. "...Lust?" He blinked a couple of times. Guess that made sense for a torturer but... For some reason he expected someone like that to be taller. And for her to have rounder than his were... So small...

But, with their attention finally on him, Kurdran shook his head almost frustrated. Damn distracting thoughts... "That is why I am asking you fellows. I have no idea!" It would be amazingly cool if vampire lycans were a thing, and it would make one heck of a story, but if it didn`t really happen, nobody would believe it!

However, at this point the girl finally started spilling the beans proper, as Kurdran went silent again, listening as the girl told the details... Wait, phantom lord really was in Oak? That must mean that one guards killer must have been from here... though that made sense now that he thought about it more... Wait, Rune knights? That`s what these soldiers were? "Where are these rune knight guys from then? I don`t think these guys pop up during the rain... They the invaders?" Besides, it hadn`t really rained recently either way.

The girls story continued, telling that the rune knights didn`t really like outside help. "No wonder they are like toy soldiers..." It made a little bit more sense to him why they were being so tightlipped about telling him what was going on. However, then the girl dropped a bit of a bombshell. "Fiancee? Wait your husband is a RUNE KNIGHT!?" So thats why she didn`t give a heck while everybody else was hiding! She knew that if any of these people beat her up, their husband would be mad. Wait a minute, Fia? "Fia?" Fiancee, Fia? Fia, ncee? What? "What?" That`s one weird as heck nickname to give your husband... guess she had to somehow stay dominant but... "Man, I wouldn`t be able to handle being called a Fiancee for the rest of my life..." He scratched his head in befuddlement...

However the old sausage stuffing proceeded to wonder about where Kurdran himself came from. Which surprisingly initiated a little bit of a chuckle from the guy. Taking how for now he had been curious, frustrated and confused, this sudden joy almost felt out of place. "I thought you fancy types aren´t supposed to be so obvious about looks! Though, yeah yer right... Mountains you know. Those big bumps in the distance? I am from there." He proceeded to scratch his neck behind his mohawk. "I am just uh... sort of on a leave right now... Its a glorious story I tell you!" Since they had been so nice told him so much, he could have maybe opened his loud mouth for a moment about what it was about.

But, what caught his ear again was another named person whose name he had heard quite a few times now. "Okay, who is this Ass-more-they-us person? a co-worker of yers?" The duo seemed to drift off to think about the "fiancee", whoever that was, and how "impatient" she was getting. "I understand liking yer job of whips and needles, but I would like to know..." Man, this girl was weird... though whoever this person she was assumedly working for was propably even weirder. He would have a lot to talk about after this... Or so he atleast thought.


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Noticing the disbelief in the man's voice Esperia's cheeks pouted up in mild annoyance, declaring in a firm and confident voice. "I'd have you know that there are a lot of people in this world who hold a preference for the smaller and more innocent looks I have!" To think he might have not believed her simply because of how she looked, preposterous! Then again it seemed Fia had a clear preference for her true appearance, so it was something she didn't mind too much. Yet as the subject returned to the conversation about the Rune Knights the girl raised a hand to her cheek, tilting it slightly to the side as a clear sign of her confusion. "I wouldn't call them the invaders per say, they are the peacekeepers of Fiore. Most of them likely came from Crocus due to the recent war having stationed most of them there." Yet when hearing him refer to the Rune Knights as 'Toy soldiers' she couldn't help but let out a soft giggle. Yet hearing him confuse her fiance's gender made Esperia's face turn red once more, quickly correcting him in a flustered response. "Nonono~ Fia is a female like myself, a pretty and feisty lady~" A few nods followed as she seemingly agreed with herself before she shook her head lightly in return at his confused remark.

"Mhmm~ Fia is her nickname, Fiammetta Barone, although she is also my fiance because we plan to marry." Sebastian meanwhile seemed intrigued by the man, raising a hand to his chin to stroke his beard as he wondered out loud. "I recall that there are small tribes living in the mountains, but I never expected them to leave their tribe. It must be quite a glorious story indeed." Yet when the conversation shifted toward Asmodeus and he gave her yet another amusingly confused title she laughed briefly and answered him with a grin. "Asmodeus~ She is the Demon Lord of Lust, although I don't really like whips and needles..."

It was then all of a sudden she turned her gaze sideways as if she had heard something. "You're sure? But make sure to give me back control of my body when Fia gets back." Seemingly having conversed with an invisible person she took a short step backwards and soon whispered beneath her breath. "Luxuria."

A sudden cocoon of obsidian-colored energy erupted from her body, wrapping around her into the shape that was similar to a cocoon. Although it took less than a second to fully happen, the way the cocoon pulsed with a powerful demonic energy was clearly suggesting something was changing inside, and finally the cocoon exploded outwards, the black essence dissolving into thin air as 'she' emerged from within.

Noticing her arrival Sebastian was quick to bend the knee in a respectful greeting while Asmodeus approached the small man, crouching down to be on his height while she hummed playfully. "You certainly are a feisty one for asking all those questions to one you have only met moments ago~" Her gaze shifted along his figure, seemingly seizing up his looks before she stated in a teasing tone. "Then again, I can appreciate a man who doesn't shy away from taking the initiative~ Although you have yet to grace us with the pleasure of knowing your name. And calling you 'Mister Handsome with the glorious Mohawk' is quite a handful~ You may call me Asmodeus."

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran clearly pushed the girls buttons somehow, as he proceeded to shrug in minor agreement. He himself had never been very popular with the ladies, and the reason for it still eluded him. Who wouldn`t like a muscly guy with tattoos? And besides, if there was a fiancee for this little manlet already, that meant he had a good chance of finding someone too. He twirled some of his beard hairs around his finger innocently. Maybe one day... Hopefully she had some meat on her though. This Fia atleast sounded like such a girl... Though there was an equal chance it was just some girl who this lady had made a pinkie swear with. He chuckled at the idea.

Kurdran tilted his head, as the tiny lady proceeded to gave a bit of a protective speech towards the rune knights... So clear in fact that even Kurdran noticed it. "Crocus?" Kurdran had not really visited other regions, so hearing about these toy soldiers being from a place he had not seen had him curious indeed. "I assume its a big place like this? How far might it be from here?" Yeah, it was pretty clear he wanted to see this place. The tribe he came from typically avoided going too far from the mountains asides from occasional visits to Oak and Baska. Besides, he did have an actual reason to go there after all... He really should be trying to find those things by now. He hoped they were alright even without those items. Atleast they seemed to be fine last time he saw them visit.

And the interest that the butler showed did make him look a bit... forlorn for a moment. "Yeah... Yeah..." At this point he realized that the guy was clearly listening to him. "I mean yeah! It involves lot of hunting animals, a bit of tribal battles and you know, BEARS!" It was partially true atleast, and got him into a better mood. Though when the girl once again brought up the "the man lord of lustiness" fact, Kurdran clearly gave a bit of a glare towards her. "Is that just some kind of guild term, or do you like to use that word a lot?" It was weird that someone she worked with had the exact same title as her... maybe their boss was just lazy?

But before he could think about it with the tiny brains of his, the girl suddenly was surrounded by some kind of weird shell! Kurdran visibly flinched, as he went over to knock on the weird orb! "Hey! Whats the big idea!? Some dark mage messing with me again!?" He turned his back on the orb for just a little moment. "Or maybe its yer pals from Rune knights! They don`t want a "peasant" like me hearing this stuff, Oh I´ll show em...!" His face wrinkled from annoyance, as he lifted his hands up like a proper popeye to punch whoever came in his range...

Only for there to be a minor explosion behind him. "Of course I am looking in the wrong way..." He turned around... and there was a lady with decently sized horns, beautifully sizeable bosom, and waist that could hold a baby or two... Either the little girl from before had hit puberty, or something else entirely different had taken place to make his eyes gaze at this level of a lady. "S-s-s-succ..." Yeah, this did make him think of something like a succubus, as he took a small step back, with the lady smiling and talking with a gentle tone... Kurdran was not exactly good with authority either way, but even he had to hold his words carefully to not praise her instead of keeping her away. "O-o-oh, I`ll show ye feisty if ye dare to..." Don`t go there. She might actually do it!

Her tone was clearly trying to bully him into submission somehow... It was almost trying to bully him into telling her his name. But then, she called him "the handsome man with a mohawk"... and there was this weird tingle in his stomach. "uuuuh... K-Kurdran Bricks... I mean Briggs! That`s me name! Mighty warrior of the mountains, and a bar monger of Oak!" He felt like he needed to state it out loud to keep his composure. "I do not care who ye are, But I would prefer, if ye wouldn`t look at me like you want to eat me... Cause I´ll tell you, I will come back out through the mouth if thats the case!" He felt a little bit more scared than infatuated, but he was clearly a barrel of mixed feelings right now.


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"Considering Crocus is the capital city of Fiore, it wouldn't be wrong to call it the largest city in the entire country!" Although she had stayed within Crocus for several weeks, even longer than two months the lass had to admit she couldn't exactly grow used to the big city life. Certainly, the city had its charms but considering her rural upbringing she vastly preferred smaller towns like Baska. In fact, Baska had a special place in her heart considering it was there she had met Fia and started building their wonderful memories together. "It's about roughly a week traveling from here depending on how fast you are." Esperia added with a brief smile, not disregarding the fact the only reason she and her entourage had arrived faster was because each of them were, by all means far from human. Nontheless, listening to Kurdran talking about his hometown made Esperia briefly recall her time among the tribe in the north. The traditions of hunting wildlife, the sacred duels to claim your place in their society, and bears? She wasn't sure on the last part, but it did sound interesting.

However, it seemed her transformation into the Demon Lord of Lust had triggered the small man's attention, making Asmodeus's smile appear even sweeter as her amusement was stirred. "I can assure you-" She whispered in a tone as sweet as honey, her hand raised slowly as she encroached toward the man's head, and unless he suddenly moved back or intercepted her hand the demon lord's fingertips would have gently brushed along his forehead up to the part where his mohawk began. "I am much more than a simple succubus~" No kidding, as the Demon Lord of Lust one might as well consider her the Queen of Succubi, but that was an entirely different story.

However, it seemed Kurdran had a knack for entertaining Asmodeus, her hands returning to the side of her face as she cupped her cheeks in a faux display of bashfulness. "Oh mai~ Dare to what?" Yet an introduction finally came, leading her to nod her head gently while she mused softly. "It is a pleasure to meet you Kurdran Briggs, mighty warrior of the mountains and terror of all the bars in Oak~" Yet it was the words that followed that made Asmodeus almost laugh out loud, his words making her lean closer toward him to whisper temptingly into his ear. "Hmm~ I wonder what type of 'eating' you are talking about. Most would be willing to kill for a chance to get eaten by me the fun way~"

Of course she wasn't done teasing just yet, adding to her remark her sensual tone only intensified as she continued. "However~ I'm not sure if even I can handle having you come out of my 'mouth'. A lot of things can go in there, but a mighty warrior like you? That might make even me squirm a bit~"

Then again, she did feel her teasing had lasted long enough, for she leaned back and hummed softly. "I guess that's enough teasing for now~ The little lass and her steamy lover might get upset otherwise~"

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans mind was a bit too occupied currently with the amazonian demoness in front of him to really process the info the little girl had given him. Admittedly, he still wasn`t sure if this demoness WAS the girl (Which almost made this even creepier) or if this lady had just switched places with her... but honestly his mind wasn`t exactly sharp enough to think of HOW she would have done it.

Now, the only thing he really could do, was stay stern in front of this freaky seductress. Don`t give an inch, look bigger and rougher than your enemy. That´s how he was taught to handle someone scarier and bigger than him! For animals, it was usually enough to scare them away, if they were alone. "S-stay back!" sadly, this behaviour sort of backfired, as the Lady just proceeded to come closer and closer, with these sugarglaced whispers and brought her hand up close... Only for Kurdran to slap it off right after initial contact. The touch somehow felt all sorts of fussy, as Asmodeus could see a little patch of more hair slink back into his forehead after the little smack... "No touching! Who knows what suckers you have..." Gah, this was getting more awkward per second!

On top of that, The lady seemed to just be hilarified by his taunts! Heck, he had thought his wording for the last one would have been enough to get her to slick back. But instead, she dove right next to his head and continued her whispers. And using his taunt to completely decimate his argument, Kurdran couldn`t help but feel outright disgusted, as he shivered, with his hair shaking furiously, as he finally opened his mouth after her retort. "Okay! I get it! Stop it! I ain`t your dang chewtoy!" His only weapon left, was his temper after all. And being babied around like this was definitely starting to rip them to pieces. He took a quick breath of air...

As the lady finally seemed to back away from him. Apparently she had had enough of teasing him... Which pretty much made Kurdran snap. His eyes went wide open with anger, as he took a stomp forward looking at the lady all sorts of furious. "Oh! You are the kind of bastard who talks big and then backs away when a person finally dares to say something against ya, huh?!" He pushed his head a bit higher, stretching his stubby neck as far as it could stretch. "And believe me, it is indeed a good thing yer leaving! Because that little kid of yers wouldn`t be able to stand even after the aftermath of one of my kisses! I once kissed a goat, and it fainted from sheer intensity!" Technically he had done it because of a bet, and it propably was more because of how bad his breath smelled at the time, but it was partially true nonetheless.

"Oh, and another thing!" He pointed directly at the butler still assumedly just kneeling next to her. "Get some looser clothes on that man! He ain`t gonna be fighting proper with a fricking napkin the size of his body!" He slapped his gut. "There is a good reason I usually just wear pants!"


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A mischievous giggle escaped her lips as Asmodeus felt her hand being slapped away moments after the initial contact. "I doubt I have suckers on my fingertips, nor did I ever heard of a succubus having those... then again we do have certain 'specialties'" the Demon Lord of Lust hummed softly as she observed Kurdran's attempt to retaliate at her, yet clearly backfired when she retorted at him with a comment of her own. "I'm sure you'll be humming a different tune after having a taste of my lips~" Yet the sudden stomp forwards as he protested in anger. "Do you wish to test that Kurdran?" Despite the sensual tone of her voice, there was a clear underlying flavor of danger in her voice as she leaned back in toward him. "Do you want to figure out what is more intense? Your kiss with a goat, or mine? Just be aware that I can even make a dragon collapse~"

Yet in the end, moments before her lips might have reached Kurdran's the man suddenly pointed at Sebastian and remarked about his choice of attire, making Asmodeus blink briefly. "Are you sure? He is actually wearing that suit to not damage mortals their ego... Oh very well~ Sebastian, if you'd please?"

The butler rose back onto his feet and looked straight down at Kurdran, and while a hand raised to the top part of his suit something would happen the moment Kurdran turned his gaze toward the man. An intense pressure would likely overwhelm him, one that no doubt would cause Kurdran's vision to blur for a moment as he would likely see something that would make most men run away in fear: A creature most compared to the mystical creature known as a 'Dragon' towered above him, but yet as soon as the sight appeared before Kurdran, he would see that Sebastian had just buttoned up his suit again. Did he just hallucinate from seeing Sebastian's bare chest, or was it something darker?

"Do you understand now Kurdran? What you see here is merely a disguise of Sebastian, if he was to go without the suit or use his true form? Most wouldn't be able to converse properly with us anymore~"

A playful smile lingered on her lips as she nodded her head sheepishly. "Also you better don't underestimate my vessel~ There is a reason you mistook her for a 'royal torturer'. When it comes to being a pervert I doubt many in Fiore can stand up to her. She might as well become the Demon Lord of Perverts, should she succeed me someday."

Yet Sebastian merely smiled in mild amusement at the ongoing conversation between his master and the human. Humans were such fascinating beings, so diverse and sometimes so entertaining to observe. "And I can imagine the reason why you'd wear pants~ in the end, warriors often wear armor to cover their weak spots, right?" A playful wink followed as she continued. "And I doubt you want to be defeated because I aimed below the belt~"

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Kurdran Briggs
Oh yes, I bloody do!" Kurdran answered to another one of asmodeus`taunts. Cocky as always and horribly insulted, he was hard to turn around. Heck, if this lady had actually kissed a dragon and survived, it couldn`t be too bad right? No dragons in sight though But seemingly, the ladies concentration on actually kissing him was faltered from the insult he shot in the direction of his butlers clothes. Typical demon wussing out despite all the harsh words shot in his direction. When things get tough, they can`t keep things in their pants...

However, this pride crumbled, as "Sebastian" stood up, and seemingly took his shirt off... Only to reveal a visage, that brought his hair at its ends. Horns, sharp teeth, scales... That was what the sight brought to mind, even though it was hard to say straight up... As he proceeded to button his shirt back up, like a regular person... Kurdran had not even noticed he himself had been holding his breath through the moment... What the heck were these people?

Apparently, this human form was just his disguise, just so he could talk to people normally. Kurdran visibly groaned, as his eyes had slipped downwards a bit, as he tried to regain his composure. "...I getcha..." He mumbled awkwardly, as he glanced in-between Sebastian and her a couple of times with a look of confuddlement... "Kissed a dragon huh...?" He scratched his cheek. No wonder she was able to do it, having one as a pet and what not. He almost felt cheated, if he wasn`t so humbled by the sheer strength of both of them... He pinched his cheek just to make sure that he wasn`t dreaming this meeting. It was seemingly getting more weird every second...

The lady proceeded to praise the girl, if being called a pervert was a praise, As Kurdran shook his mane of a hair a bit, to get some cold sweat off of himself. Sebastian was seemingly chuckling at his awkwardness too, which didn`t help his pride one bit. And then the lady proceeded to go and call his underbelly his weakspot.

Quickly, Kurdran proceeded to spit on his hands, slapped them against his mohawk, as little sparks lit up from the power of the press. He pulled his hands upwards straightening the spike to its utmost peak, as he released it with a loudish *sproyoing!* And turned sideways to the demonic duo. "Well... I guess there is one thing your little baby girl lacks, that I have in abundance." Then he proceeded to seemingly lift up his pants a tiny bit higher, as he proudly pronounced it loud and clear.

"Balls of steel!"

He exploded into the kind of laughter that was outright ridiculous. Man! He had literally been talking to a dragon and a demonlord for a little while now so casually! "After all, I don`t see that brat talking like this to some monstrous entities she didn`t know, if you catch my drift! Though I dunno what that Fia lady is like Kehehehe!" It was albeit a pretty stupid point to be so proud of, but it was true! He was talking here face to face with two people who could propably kill him with one swing of a hand, while the girl herself was hiding under the dress of her "mommy"! He fell on his buttocks.

"Man, the rune knights are a REALLY weird bunch in hindsight... Phantom lords just full of wussy thieves and assassins, so I doubt they`ll have any trouble. After all, they don`t even wanna stick around after they´ve killed someone..." Honestly, with these two in front of him, the "war" itself seemed like a pretty weak story in comparison. Wonder which he should tell first, when he goes and meets the kids back at the caravan? Though that was a little while away propably. "So if the girls husband or wife or whoevers in there, she should be fine! If they have BALLS too that is!" He smiled a toothy grin towards the duo. It was bad idea to mess violently with stronger folks than you, so may as well have a bit of fun.


War never changes, but neither do lewdlings [Closed/Kurdran] Empty on Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:31 am

Asmodeus couldn't help but chuckle mischievously at his taunt toward Esperia, leading the Demon Lord to hum softly. "Well~ I guess she usually lacks such a thing, it would be difficult to call her a girl otherwise~" Nonetheless, the next part made Asmodeus tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. "I wouldn't be so quick to underestimate her Kurdran~ The lass got hugged by a demon she had only met a few moments prior, been fooling around with one of the most powerful mages of Blue Pegasus, if there is something she desires then her resolve is harder than..."

She trailed a hand downwards toward his underbelly but at the last moment withdrawn her hand with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Your balls of steel~" Still, the conversation briefly derailed back toward the conversation from before. "Well, the Phantom Lord guild has caused quite some incidents in the past, so it's only natural that the Rune Knights are acting upon this information in the hope of taking them down."

Still, noticing that toothy grin alongside the comment about Esperia's wife the demon lord of lust grinned in response, deciding to entertain him with a little bit of knowledge. "Oh~ I can assure you she doesn't have that type of balls, if they want to play that type of game it's usually Esperia who gets to wear the pants. Like I mentioned before~ my powers are plenty, and quite variating in their nature." She laughed briefly as she rose back onto her full length when a sudden tremor rocked the land for a moment, a glimpse upwards making her muse softly. "I guess she has activated her Titan power, then the battle should hopefully be over soon. You better take the reigns back my dear, lest your girlfriend finds you here with the wrong lady in control."

A sudden flare of obsidian energy errupted around her, a black aura of sorts wrapping around the demon lord's body and yet unlike the grand transformation it seemed like the change back was much less fancy, for the black vapors of energy that escaped from her body seemingly were causing the Demon Lord of Lust to revert back into the smaller shape of the girl Kurdran had been talking to before. And yet as the transformation became undone the first thing Esperia did was press her hands against her hips and lean forwards, her eyes narrowed into a glare as she addressed the man. "I'd let you know I am pretty brave when it matters! I talked to demons, vampires and even fought Lycans before! You might have balls of steel, but those don't matter when they are the type used to play golf!"

A huff followed as she crossed her arms beneath her chest, clearly displeased. "Hmpf, your manners are as lacking as your height." Yep, it was clear she was displeased with the current situation, but there was one more thing she wanted to add. "Besides Fia isn't a monstrous entity! She is a feisty lady who is strong and pretty! Oh, and she had pillows that make you swoon, and no I'm not sharing!"

The last part came with another huff as she marched toward the end of the alleyway and gestured toward the direction the siege was unfolding at. "If you doubt me we can even go and find her!"

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Kurdran Briggs
Asmodeus continued her threatening bragging about her choice of "heir"... Honestly Kurdran still had no idea how this whole possession thing worked. Was the girl just unlucky or lucky, or did she get very desperate to ask for help from someone like this? And admittedly, the way she explained it, it gave him the picture, that this all had happened just like their own meeting: purely by chance. As the lady mentioned his balls again, surprisingly enough, she didn`t seem to try and disregard the fact that he was insanely brave. This gave him a bit of a warm feeling inside. Though when she said that it was the little lady who had "the pants", kurdran couldn`t help but scratch the underside of his nose with his finger... Yeah right. He`ll see if that´s true later...

However, when he heard the words "Titan power", his intrigue rose a bit. "Titan what now?" There was something like that in this things "buddy group" too? But sadly before he could ask, the lady vanished into a ball herself... Kurdran snorted. He had talked enough about those at this point so saying one more joke about it would be ridiculous... didn`t make it any less ominous looking though. He had to wonder what the other people of the town would think about seeing it...

And as the bubble popped in a tiny explosion again, there was immediately a little girl again scolding him. And sadly, after the demon vanished, he couldn`t roll his eyes. This girl just lacked the intimidation value, both physically and facially. He proceeded to stand up, and tapped some street dust off of his pants. The girls insult would have worked better if he even knew what golf balls were. "Yeah yeah, I get you, you are a ballsy lassie, geez, hehe!" Kurdran proceeded to extend his hand towards the girl, and if she didn`t react quickly enough, she would feel a moderately burly hand scratching through her locks. Almost like he was petting a cat.

When heights came as a topic, Kurdran just shrugged. "Hey, it`s not the size, it`s the filling. And I am filled to the brim! Compared to you atleast!" He tapped his stomach again. somehow it was easier to talk relaxed with a girl who felt weaker than himself, but was still stronger. Somehow it made him feel more equal...

However, things slowly turned back towards her girlfriend. The girls words sounded like self praise... Man, was he himself like this, when he told his own stories? He atleast hoped he sounded more convincing. She proceeded to even invite him to go towards the apparent "warzone"... But surprisingly, Kurdran backed down.

"Eh, heres some manners for ya. Propably not a good idea for me to come along." As much as he wanted to go, just thinking that someone like this girls "mommy" and the dragon butler were left out of the conflict, made him think that he wouldn`t stand a chance there. "I would propably just end up trampled. And if this girlfriend of yers is half as big boobied as yer saying, she will propably knock me out for bullying ye. And I think ye have knocked me balls of steel down enough with yer teacups..." He gave an obvious point to the girls chest area. "...That I think I need to go and have a drink!" Once again, his familiar laughter flew about. Guess he really wanted to have the last laugh. "If ye wanna hear a bedtime story with some REAL action sometime though, meet me up!"

The bulky man, turned around, and walked off. The marching band continued its walk as this brute of a guy had survived an encounter with a dragon, a succubus and noisy brat all at once! Now THAT, is a tale worth telling forward!


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