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Something Blue [Quest: Ianthe]

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The calming sounds of the water coupled with the setting sun gave Orchidia River a very divine look. The clear waters had turned golden as the setting sun seem to touch the earth, the sky moving in a gradient color scheme of reds, pinks, purples, and blues to make way for the coming of night. Ianthe found herself looking out over this river as this was the meeting spot for her next job. She had only gotten the basic gist of the job but she was sure she would get more details upon her contractors arrival. And speaking of arrivals..

" Oh you made it safely and not followed by anyone I see. Good, good. My name is Dex, it's nice to meet you. I don't need to know your name until this is done... If you were to be whisked away then what would be the point of knowing who you were?"

His voice seemed off, shaky like he was too eager to get whatever it was off his chest.

" I've called you here today.. Well I've called anyone who would answer me and not think me crazy here today. Along the river I have seen things, things I can't explain... Things that have made me feel sadness and anger all at once and it was directed towards it... I know I'm not making sense but.. It's a ball you know? A big, blue, ominous ball. I'm sure it's the cause of the teenage kidnappings here.. It has to be."  

She couldn't place it before, but she knew now what that shakiness was. It was fear in his voice and the more he spoke the more it seeped out like smoke from a closed door. Ianthe was usually one to say something at this point, like calm down or take it easy but she found it would be better to let him get it all out, or else he might just explode.

" You don't believe me...Just like the rest.. I can see it on your face. "

Ianthe was quite taken aback by this comment. Her face was one of pure concentration.

" No. I am listening. I need to take in everything you have said so that I can help you. So please finish. "

She smiled and nodded a bit for him to go on. A wave of relief washed over the man's face and he took a deep breath.

" Ah thank goodness. Someone I can trust. Well this ball has been terrorizing this river for quite some time. It only comes out at night. I have seen teens come around here but never leave. It has always been that ball. It's eerier blue almost glows like a ghost you would see off of the tv or something...."

At this point it was dark out and Ianthe could see the dread come over Dex's face. He looked like a very tired man, as if sleep had eluded him and he were plagued with a heavy burden. Dex looked up at the sky and nodded. " It's time... Let's go. "


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Ianthe felt like she was following this man for hours as they walked along the river bed. She was starting to feel like maybe this guy was crazy but then as those thoughts settled in, her eyes locked onto the mystery finally come true. " There... There it is... What do we do? "

She could tell he hadn't got this far and so taking the lead she walked over to the ball. As she got closer she could feel something pulling on her. Not physically but it was like a feeling washed over her that she just had to touch the ball. Reaching out and placing her hand onto the blue glowing sphere. She couldn't hear Dex's voice anymore although she knew he was close. As soon as she touched the ball her eyes no longer was looking out at the river but at her mother and father instead. She couldn't understand what was going on and she could have sworn she heard her mother called out to her asking her to come home. She couldn't even piece two and two together before the ball of light emitted a force so strong it knocked her back only leaving her with a few bruises and a sore body. She had nearly forgot why she was here and what she was doing until she saw Dex passed out next to her. " Oh no. Oh jeez come on be alive. " Crawling over to Dex she checked his breathing and for a pulse.

He was alive thankfully but not responding to her. With a light sigh Ianthe stood up, looking into the sky. Scooping the knocked out Dex from the ground in a bridal like fashion she carried him away from the river. Her plan was to take him to the hospital and as she walked through the town a man came running up to her.

" Oh my goodness. Is that Dex you are holding? Here let me help you. I am Dacol Lubex I know Dex very well... Let's take him to the hospital and get you patched up as well. "

Ianthe nodded as she allowed the man to help, the trio reaching the hospital in record time and getting Dex into a room. Only a hour passed before Dex woke up and when he did words spilled out like a fountain. Ianthe explained her form and helped Dex with his frantic speaking. When it was all said and done she was rewarded for her work and part in the mystery. Now she had more questions than ever and no answers at all. Her mind wandered to what she saw when she touched that ball. Her curiosity peaked and she knew that whatever she heard on that river had something to do with her homeland. She needed to get back there, she needed to get home if she could find it. The voice echoed in her mind as she walked back to the inn, now even more than ever she was going to find her way home.


Something Blue [Quest: Ianthe] BSIEiBe

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