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Eyes Wider Open [Quest: Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

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Sorcha Donovan
Some things had made her think, answers in Magnolia were difficult, had she hoped on a secret hidden elf town in the East Forest, perhaps. She wasn’t even sure anymore herself, the whole ordeal sounded ridiculous even in her mind. She couldn’t phantom anymore how her family had been taken away from their home without her noticing and without her waking up. Did they leave? Did they dislike her so much, she surely had her issues with her father but she never believed it could be that bad. Had she not been good for her mother? Had she not taken care of her younger brother when they asked. What had she done wrong? Was it all because of the fact that she was born a girl? I’m Sorcha Donovan of the Donovan line. I’m the middle child, the only girl, I’m twenty years old. My parents are Giomanach and Moira Donovan. and I was left alone.

The elf stared at her hands in her lap, she had done well, she had done quite okay in her training. How many times didn’t she won from her brothers? Was that it? They took her brothers because they needed special training? Did they leave a note that she missed? No her uncle wouldn’t have missed it. Besides, he would have known, so many things didn’t add up and she couldn’t figure it out in her mind that it made her want to give up and return home. How many times had she not asked her uncle if they had not left her? The way he took care of her showed so much more tender and care as that her parents had shown, so why would she actually care? She cared because it was her duty as a family member. A bit forlorn Sorcha walked through the streets of Magnolia, sometimes, she just wished she could stop thinking, stop caring for only a couple of minutes and enjoy Magnolia, enjoy that she was still alive and free to do whatever she wanted. It felt very selfish to think that though and thus she couldn’t. She looked around for a job to at least think about something else for a couple of minutes. She stared at the quest board as if she couldn’t read what the messages were, she simply didn’t focus. She needed to put her mind into it and forget for a second that she had other dilemmas as well. She finally focused on the quests and scanned through them, noticing one from Khalash and decided to go the easy route and take that one. She read the description a little later on the paper as she already walked towards the shop out of memory. She didn’t look up much until she reached the shop door and entered, greeting the shop owner enthusiastic, she showed him the quest and that she came here for that. He seemed to be glad to see her. They chatted a little before he would give her the item and leave.


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#2Sorcha Donovan 

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Sorcha Donovan
Actually this time she didn’t want to be left alone. She wanted someone to talk to and as she had done before with Khalash it would be nice to bounce ideas and suggestions off to someone who seemed to forget the next day, all but her name. She wasn’t entirely sure what to think or say about it but it was fine for as long as it went. She didn’t feel the need to hide from him, anything about the elven empire. But she did, as she ought to and didn’t speak too much about anything to anyone. It made her sigh a bit when Khalash left and she stood behind the counter again, instead of thinking about everything on her mind; she tried to distract herself and named every item from left to right in the store. Some distracted her as she had no idea what it was and she couldn’t walk over, she needed to stand here according to herself. She needed to stand behind the counter with the broken item in front of her. She didn’t know how long it took, there were many items in the store and she was about half way, her eyes close on the door when some tall man stepped in. He didn’t look to any item but walked straight towards her at the counter. So she stood up straight, leaving her hand away from her cheek and hoped it didn’t leave a red spot on her cheek. She simply kept an open expression, as she needed to do this the diplomatic way.

So she asked the person if he had been the previous owner of this item, as he confirmed she explained to him politely that it was defect and that the Mag Drug Magic Shop didn’t accept defect items and that she politely requested him to take the item back and refund the money. She saw that the man wasn’t willing to immediately pay back but she didn’t say anything, just stared with her harsh elven eyes at the person. Her amber eyes might normally show a lovely light but now they were cold and harsh, she explained by putting it again on the defect item that no one would be happy to be fouled for a piece of nothing. Which seemed to piss off the man but he gave her back the money, albeit unwillingly but it worked anyway. He snatched the item and marched off. She simply watched before she placed her hand on the lacrima orb that Khalash had explained to her and the wizard would return shortly. She took a little bit of the paid back jewels that would be her reward and closed the shop as Khalash instructed her to go home. Which had been a mean word but she returned to the inn where she stayed for now. Trying to figure out what else she could do for today. Maybe a different job? But then why would she walk to her room in the inn?


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Eyes Wider Open [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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