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Interrogation Tactics [Quest|Aria]

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#1Aria Scylar 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest|Aria] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:50 pm

Aria Scylar

Aria had been doing more work for money today. She would be going back to help the Martello family again, and the job she was to carry out today was going to be fun. She would get to beat some information out of someone today, and that was something fun for the dark mage. She hadn't done anything like that in a while, and it seemed like it would be entertaining for a little while.  She had been in the streets, waiting for a member of the Martello family to come and get her, then bring her to the building that the captured guy was in. Of course she didn't have to wait long, as someone from the family had come to escort her to the building. While they walked she had learned that the captured man was part of the Tessio family, and he had been caught at a crime gathering between many families. All she had to do was get information on a cash transport. The job was easy, and the woman was going to have fun doing it.

The man had given her a balaclava to hide her face, and had told her that she was only able to use her fists when she needed to. No weapons, no magic. Her fists were all that she needed though, and she was going to get this done swiftly and gracefully. She walked into the room to see one man in an empty room, tied to the chair he sat in. There was a light above him, and his face had been covered with a bag. She walked in and the door had closed behind her, and she was ready to get to work. She was going to get as much information out of this man right now as possible, and then she would probably take a 5 minute break and then go back at it again for maybe 20 minutes. That was really going to be all the time she needed to do this, as she was going to make him cooperate with a bit of talking and a lot of hitting. All interrogations went with the people lying, or not cooperating at all, but Aria was not going to let that happen. She was only going to get the truth out of this guy, and he was going to work with her without her having to do too much.

She walked up to the man and pulled off the bag, and he had just begged her to let him go. Of course she wasn't going to do that, but she wasn't going to ignore it. "I'll let you go if you answer my questions. If not then the answers will come out of you by force. Now we can do this the easy way or we can do it the fun way, what's it gonna be?" And the man had replied with "Well I'm not going to say anything, so do what you want." Aria knew that this meant it was the fun way, and she was ready to start having some fun.


#2Aria Scylar 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest|Aria] Empty on Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:56 pm

Aria Scylar

Since the man didn't want to cooperate as she had assumed, she said, "Alright then the fun way it is. Now what's going on with this cash transport?" The man stayed silent and looked the other way. This was going to be more fun than she had anticipated. She put his head back face forward and punched him in the face, making his head go back to the previous position. "Anything to say yet?" He still said nothing. She didn't understand why he was being so quiet now, he'll be crying out for help soon. She asked him again, and he still said absolutely nothing. She punched him in the nose, causing it to bleed. Maybe this would get him to talk. "How about now?" she said tapping her foot on the ground. "Alright alright I'll talk. The cash transport is going to happen next week and they'll be taking a certain route through Oak to get it out." This was very important information. This had told her when and how the money would be getting around, but she needed to know exactly where. "What route are they taking?" she asked. "I'm not going to say, I told you enough already, now leave me alone!" She had started to get annoyed. This man was going to act that way, so he was going to get what he deserved. She punched him right in the eye and then she yelled,"What route are they taking!" She didn't have time to mess around, and he wanted to get straight to the point. She didn't want to waste any more time on this man, and right after she yelled he had started talking. "They are going to take the road that went around the east edge of Oak, now please don't hurt me anymore that's all I know!" She had gotten what she wanted, and she was done with the man.

She had walked out of the room and pulled off the balaclava, fixing her hair right after. She had walked up to the Martello family member and had said, "Alright so here's what I found out. The cash transport is going to happen next week, and they are going to take the road that leads to the east edge of Oak. That's about all he had said, and he told me that's all he knows. I figured it was enough anyways, so I stopped there and figured I'd leave him alone." He had thanked her for helping them and gave her the money she was owed, and then she had walked out of the building, back into the streets. She was heading back to her home when she had seen the man that she had beat up get thrown out the back door, and he had scampered off, making sure not to come back. She laughed, and pushed her hair behind her. Today had been a fun day, and she hoped to do something similar tomorrow, and learn something new, gaining more experience throughout her life.

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