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Interrogation Tactics [Quest: Nastasya]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest: Nastasya] Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:02 am

Nastasya Crowe
Doing nothing was something Nastasya never actually enjoyed to do but lately she felt so lazy that it had simply happened. Even Victoire seemed to be annoyed by her and head out on her own duties to go and see the forest. Had she still been a little vulpix, Nas would have never let her go alone but the ninetails was capable of taking care of whatever was bothering her, all by herself. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do or something along those lines is what Odin had said, and Caius had been looking for him and well she had gotten a bit of information but she wasn’t sure if Caius had minded her long absence. What she had told both boys was that she would take care of her lazy bump and do something, train new magic spells and get stronger, but all she had been doing was; nothing. Which was a horrible idea, the idea that Icarus or Crowley didn’t sit still and she did made her wonder when they would come down and hunt her. She wasn’t sure if she was afraid of them or the prospect of what they were able to do, that actually did mean that she was afraid of them. She took a deep breath and got up from the chair that she had been sitting on since sunrise and it was already close to sun set. There were a few things the vampire needed to do, she needed to get a job done, the envelope was unopened still on her coffee table and she needed some new clothing to help her motivate herself to train. That’s what she was going to do the rest of the night. Or well that’s what Nastasya tried to say to herself. She had no other choice if she told Odin and Caius. For crying out loud she was almost disappointed in herself.

She shook the long red hair out of her eyes and took the envelope and ripped it open to read a letter addressed to her hidden name; The Scarlet Witch. Which was interesting how many people knew about it even though she never introduced herself in that way. Too many nicknames; her own name Nastasya Crowe. Lilja Oswald for the outside world, the Scarlet Witch apparently as people in Dahlia had called her that as well and of course her code name for Grimoire Heart; Malice. She read the note quickly and wondered if she had ever done a job for Martello before, the name did sound familiar. But that happened to a lot of names with Nastasya anyway; she wouldn’t always remember, because it simply didn’t interest her of course. ”Are they even incapable of interrogating people themselves?” She asked out loud to no one in particular but Victoire. She took her keys, put on the high heel boots that she always wore, now that she was a vampire even they were soundless which was great. And she let Victoire out before her and headed down to the meeting point for the Martellos.


#2Nastasya Crowe 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest: Nastasya] Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:31 am

Nastasya Crowe
As she fixed her hair into a ponytail albeit walking down the stairs, she simply headed out onto the street and looked up the address before, it was written in a strange handwriting as if it should be unreadable but it wasn’t. She didn’t think much about it but as she made her way towards the bar, she almost bumped into someone. Or well someone almost bumped into her and she stared with angry red eyes at this person, ”Miss Witch, a pleasure, would you come along.” Miss WITCH? REALLY? She clenched her fist while giving a small smile towards this Martello guy and almost cut the skin of her palms, they should either learn to address her in the right way instead of using this stupid Scarlet Witch idea! They arrived to a door in an alley and the man told her that the Tessio member was captive in there and she simply rolled her eyes. What more could they do, they could hit him themselves right? Why pay someone to do that? Some people were more dumb than they looked. But she shouldn’t complain, it would give her easy money. She entered the building where the man quickly handed her a balaclava to hide her face and she found that nonsense but she let it be. They should fear her and now they didn’t even know it was her. There were more instructions and blablabla this was getting boring, she simply gave a thumbs up and let the door be opened, which was rather thick. That at least meant the man inside wouldn’t be able to hear her.

She found a man bound on a chair, ”So we are here for you, tell me darling, about the cash transport.” But of course he held his mouth shut, as she had expected. So she went to sit on his lap and stroke his cheek, her red eyes looking at him, shame he couldn’t see her toothy grin. ”What a shame you lost your tongue. I can imagine with the beauty that standing in front of you.” Since she sat facing him, she could get easy access to everything she wanted, which in this case meant; bending his fingers one by one to break them. The screams did hurt her ears but she didn’t stop until she had done three. But he didn’t talk and she dug her nails in his neck, the blood made her already feel triggered about to go crazy and perhaps it was that her red eyes started to glow that made him talk about the cash transport from next week. He would even tell her the route that the transport would take without her asking it, such a good boy. She stood up, touching his cheek one more time before turning around and leaving the room. Before she would say anything she took the balaclava off and explained what she had learned, ”You know, next time you can do it yourself.” as she took the jewels and walked out, ”Ta ta.”


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