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Student Finds Senpai [social | Chelvaric and Phoebe]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking over the beach of Hargeon village, he was one of the only ones that he could see on the beach. Since it was winter their was not much reason to be on a beach and he hated the ocean but still, he had to take care of the plants that lived on the beach. Although the people of Hargeon were quite proud of the forest around the beach and always treated it with respect. Since that was the case he didn’t had much work to do. He walked through the trees on the side of the beach and was laying his hand on each one of them.

Trying to sense if there was any sickness inside of them or if they had trouble finding the light. It was not that hard and it went by quickly. At the end of it, he just threw himself against a tree and started to look at the beautiful winter sky. He pulled his coat closer around him as it was quite cold, but not too cold since there was a bit more of a warm water stream during the winter making the coast warmer than other places in Fiore. He closed his eyes and fell asleep as he wanted to rest for a while.

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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Her second time in Hargeon but the first time she was overcome by feeling homesick that she had gone straight home after being here for two days. Sure it was a bit sad but now she was here and it was more fun, actually she came her on purpose. The first thing that happened was that this soul of the thing that called herself Persephone Goddess of Nature (and many other things), was more openly speaking to her, but also doing more with her body than Phoebe actually wanted to accept. Which made things annoying and also frustrating because she was afraid she was going to be forgotten and soon she wouldn't even be able to control her own body anymore.

She walked towards the beach, it was a bit windy and yet it felt so calm and easy here compared to the rest of the busy town, especially the docks. She had gone on enough jobs in the docks now if you asked her but there might not be an end to it. All she wanted to do was sit on the almost frozen sand and stare at the water, but she was no longer a fire mage that was able to warm herself up and ignore the cold of the winter. Which was definitely something getting used to, she wondered if she would even notice in summer. She frowned and wrapped her arms around her upperbody, the coat didn't even feel enough.

The other purpose she came here for or well the actual purpose was to find a man from Blue Pegasus, but he hadn't been in when she had asked a couple of minutes ago and they suggested to try the beach to go towards the forest area and give it a try there, nature mages were apparently surrounded by nature. So that's why she was here at the beach but the view had distracted her before taking a few more steps towards the forest and try to find the man that said he would help her control her power.

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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric woke up from a nightmare. His body was covered in sweat which was half frozen already. He shuddered but not long after he woke up his companion arrived Elisa. She rubbed her head against his arm and he stroked the top of her head. She made a small yelp and around him the seeds of flowers was darling downwards as she was healing him from the frost bite the sweat had delivered to him in his sleep. “You know that you don’t have to do that Elisa. I wouldn’t have died or anything it just a slight cold feeling”, he said to her and then rubbed her chin. She was such a great spirit animal. Always trying to protect him and nuzzle up to him. He was happy that his fate was at least shared with a spirit animal like her. He got up as it seemed to be time to return too the guild and look if there was anything he could help Snow within her Guild master duties.

He was stumbling out of the forest when he suddenly walking into the girl he had seen at Baska. So she did came, interesting. He thought to himself and he walked up to her. “It seems you are interested in learning about nature. Then show me what you already know”, he said to her and he looked at her to prove herself.

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#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
So when she almost reached the forest next to the beach, someone came walking out of it and even though she had seen the man only once; she did recognize him as Chelvaric the one who would teach her nature magic. She remained standing at the end of the beach, not sure what to say or do. It had been a long time ago and a completely different situation when Phoebe had been nervous. The last time she was nervous for her magic was because of the sudden power that came with it, which had not happened since she started using magic at the age of seven. However now her fire magic had taken a drastic turn, which was still unexplainable. Because how would a fire mage go to nature mage?

Her lilac eyes looked at Chelvaric as he talked to her and all she could think about was if she had introduced herself in Baska or should do it again. "I'm very willing to learn about nature magic. But I can't show you anything. It is a strange story and I was hoping someone could help me figure it out as well as well learn me nature magic." so apart from a strange story it also became a long story. She waited to a sign that he would say to continue, wether it was with words or a nod and than she would start, "You see when I was seven, I was taught Fire magic and up till a couple of months ago I was able to use that perfectly but now.. I heard this.." okay one moment for being extra embarrassed, "I heard this voice in my head and that went louder and louder and she got a name now and she does take over my body from time to time and since she came around I can't use fire anymore and well she and thus I use now Nature magic." It sound as if she had some drugs or so because this story made no sense at all and hearing voices was probably never a good thing.

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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to the girl as it seemed she actually couldn’t show anything to him yet. He nodded to her and kept listening. A voice was talking to her, did she had a dryad spirit connected to her or was it something more. He wondered if she was also a chosen one. She said he would think she was crazy and he chuckled.

You know a month ago I was a neko with light magic. Then a dryad made me an elf with nature magic, so no I don’t think you’re crazy. I am not sure if your voice is a dryad or not. It could be something completely different. I have no clue yet but I could try to sense your magic source or try to pull it out? I am not sure I am not a professional. Although it’s best if we do it somewhere with more nature, Hargeon isn’t the best place for nature magic. With the sea so close by there is barely any forest here. I’ll leave it to you what you want to do. But I think to fully understand your power you’ll have to face this voice and get to understand it better. But to pull it out or to communicate with it you’ll need to be at a place with a lot of nature power”, he said to her and awaited her reaction to what he just had said. It was a lot to take in he guessed so she maybe would take some thinking about it.

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#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Really her whole story sounded crazy, who would believe her after such a thing but she heard him chuckle and she stared at him with surprise and than he explained that about a month ago, he wasn't like this either. A dryad though? A Dryad? Pff don't compare me with such a low creature that should do a better job than finding humans and turn them into elfs! I do give this one the benefit of a doubt though, he seemed to care about the nature.

And Phoebe shoot her eyes up to the sky and shook her head, "Well at least she doesn't mind you. But a town with nature, do you mean like Orchidia?" The idea that her home town would fit her better, I don't like what he means with pull it out. I have a name and I want you to ask what he means. Persephone commented in Phoebe her mind and she tried her very best not to roll her eyes, "What do you mean with pull it out, does that mean she can leave me and I can get my normal life back.", That sounds way too easy don't get your hopes up. I stick here nice and.. active. I need your help anyway.. Oh the heck Persephone was talking about she made things definitely not easy, and Phoebe had no idea if she should all say this to Chelvaric but maybe he could help her understand. "All I know is that she is called Persephone and she calls herself a Goddess."

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#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric looked at Phoebe when she asked if he meant the town of Orchidia. He nodded to her before he started to speak. “Yes, Orchidia would be perfect, even the name sounds like a plant. Oh and its nice she acknowledged me”. When she asked if she could pull it out and get her normal live back he had to redo his answer a bit. “I don’t know if you can get rid of it, but I do know that you can become the boss over her. It is your body is it not so keep your head strong and you will get her under control which means that you will have a sort of normal live yes”, he said to her and he took a small bottle of water out to drink as he got thirsty of speaking so much.

He then looked at her as she answered the other question he had asked her. “hmm, maybe she is a remnant of an old god or spirit. If she was truly an almighty god she wouldn’t have gotten herself in this mess in the first place. Anyway meet me in Orchidia and I’ll learn you all the tricks I know”, he said with a smile and disappeared into the forest


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