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Dahlia to Magnolia Foot Travel

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#1Namé Les 

Dahlia to Magnolia Foot Travel Empty on Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:37 pm

Namé Les

I have to do it

She held the stone in her hands. It was unknown of the true purpose of it, but she listened regardless.

"So we meet, face to face, at last." She stood before the kneeling girl as she cried.

"Why... Why does it hurt?" Les grabbed her chest with a pain from deep within. She looked up at the woman before her.
It was her god, it was him. but it was a she all along?

her eyes traced the figure upwards, finally resting on her face. It was like looking into a mirror,
only she was years older than she was, but how much physically?


"I'm everyone." the deity spoke out. "I exist in every soul of the Manji." She gave out a small laughter.
Was she hiding something? "And one of my souls are in danger, your sister."

It looked like some islander totem or mini tiki. It was odd looking, creepy almost, but she held it upon request. She took up her weapon and armor and begun to head north. She would find her life in her own hands at the end of this. It was the promise she was given. All she had to do was make sure that the girl made it to Dahlia safely.

". . . A talisman?" She asked the only question that seemed to matter. Everything else was unnecessary for her to know.

"While your souls are an extension of myself, I can only be conscious within my shines and my talismans. Should they all cease to exist, I will only be connected to the heir. And should you all perish, I will be reborn without any ties to the Manji bloodline. You need to find your sister, and you must bring me with you. Do you understand? " It was a lot more information than needed.
. . .

" . .  .I understand." She said to herself as she left the fogged city.

There was work to do.

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