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Captain's Rum [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Captain's Rum [Quest: Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:00 am

Lacie Eventide
It was a bit strange, she had gone home to start packing because there was a lot of pressure on a girl when everyone she needed to meet was in Baska. What if they would leave, what if one of them would leave. She was in no state to travel immediately again after that. Her health had been bad, no one had been able to heal her. Not even the healers from the Rune Knights were able to do anything even though her sister had tried her best with so much effort to get the best healers in town to fix her. It didn’t work until she sold her soul, realizing that every bit of her, was as evil as possible. Her body was messing with her, her soul was infected like her mother had thought and her brain was the next that would be affected because she had done some evil plans. Which was why she was looking at the bottle on the kitchen island. She had stolen rum bottles basically and given to the right owner even though it was illegal and now she had to bring this bottle to the next person that had his name on it. Some guy named Balthazar. She had no idea where to find him only in the docks. He must be a pretty important person, but it would give her jobs and the jewels. She needed a lot of money as she had been throwing her own out to fancy names on clothing and so on, apart from that she also needed to be able to pay her medicine. She had no idea how expensive it would be, but it probably be a lot of money. Who else would be able to work out a lacrima, if it was even that, she couldn’t be a hundred percent sure. But she would have no other options but to go to Baska and figure out if these were the answers and with that she would have to hurry. Which was why she was rolling up her dresses, picking out the shoes she would take along. She should bring a couple home but she didn’t even have that much with her. Three pair must fit right? She had her boots to wear for the travel, why did not every town have a trainstation! With a deep breath she took the last of her outfits out of the wardrobe and rolled it up for in the trolley that she had for travelling. There was not much space left in the trolley. She looked at the rest of her bedroom, that was done, now the other spaces needed cleaning up and she had to make sure that she did everything before leaving tomorrow morning. She looked at the floor of the living room because she had destroyed a part of that because of the fire she used for the séance but nobody would see at first glance because there was a carpet and well she would be far gone before they would notice.


#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
And she would probably never come to Baska again, and that’s when she noticed she was crying. She was so tired of being alone and not being able to do anything about anything. Her sister, her family, her magic, her health, her anything. Basically she was not happy with how everything was going, the fact that she sold her soul was a very easy part of what was happening in her near future. She would perhaps die sooner than she would want to believe, perhaps that would be easier. Perhaps there was something about reincarnation that she was able to do. She didn’t know how it worked because she had no idea if it was possible. The Divine, the Maker, whatever was up there had dumped her, had given her an unavailable magic and a life that was always in the shadows of someone who looked exactly like her but was always two steps ahead of being a better, prettier person than she would ever be. And that’s why she couldn’t stop crying but she had to take a deep breath and hurry to the docks to find this person that she had to give the rum to otherwise it would be of a nonsense to have accepted it and she would have to get the money because that would be great. So she powdered her nose again in the bathroom, fixed her bright red hair in the ponytail, flattened her skirt and the sweater that she was wearing. With a flick of extra make-up and her trench coat and purse she headed out. Lock the door of the hotel apartment behind her for probably the one last time as she was planning on leaving tomorrow. But it was very important to see what she needed to do for this captain. So she walked slowly towards the docks again and see what she needed to do.

When she arrived at the docks the people she had seen before were already gone. Ships come and go, loaded off cargo, get cargo on and probably left or else the fisherman and sea people would end up in the bar and the ship would be empty. Apart from that the danger from this morning was already gone, that meant that the Rune Knights were gone or they were still trying to find a pretty plumpy red head, like her. But that didn’t matter now, she had to find people that filled in the description of someone called Balthazar and she had no idea where to find them. So she walked around for dramatic effect and that’s when she heard someone say the name Captain Balthazar and she quickly turned her heel to look at the people.. great pirates. She took the bottle of rum out of her bag and marched towards the men over there. ”I’m looking for the captain and I brought him his rum.” Which made the men stop walking and turn to look at one guy, he was the captain obviously.


#3Lacie Eventide 

Captain's Rum [Quest: Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:07 am

Lacie Eventide
The man was tall and impressive looking, she was almost a bit afraid but he seemed to be a nice guy now that she had rum. Which he immediately took out of her hand and turned around to see apparently more about it. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do about it for the rest but perhaps she should ask this impressive old man if he had a job for her. Perhaps that’s why Reagan told her that he had more jobs and give her the suggestion to bring this rum to this guy. She should quickly say anything before the moment was already passed. ”So Captain,” could you call people Captain when you were not part of the crew? It was a respectful title right? It would probably be worse if she called him Balthazar. But he moved up his hand, silencing her immediately and she only looked at him with big brown eyes. Okay maybe she wasn’t as tough as she wanted to believe. But he opened the bottle of rum, smelled the fragrance of the herbs and alcohol which was followed by the Captain taking a sip of the rum short after that. Which made him cork the bottle again and put it on a crater and he turned around back to her. ”Right, that’s the good bottle I was expecting. Thank you. So as I was thinking, there is something I need to take care of or you could do it since I’m stuck here and it’s rather important and needs to be done quick, so what you say red riding hood?” She was a bit taken aback because of the nickname which made her look like a mute standing there with her mouth almost open to response but not saying anything at all, so she broke her own spell by nodding her head, ”What would that mean?” she said in a tone too high for her own voice but she had to say something instead of looking like a stupid person. ”I have a delivery for someone called Maxwell..” that name did ring a bell, she had done a couple of jobs for him, if it was the same guy after all. She would see, but a delivery couldn’t be that difficult right? ”It’s at the outskirts of the docks. Do you think you could manage?”, ”I think I can manage. Shouldn’t be too hard.” or so if she shouldn’t simply jinx it but Lacie would find that all out in a matter of seconds. She got the bag, put it in hers and turned to walk away from the Captain. She took a deep breath and headed towards where she needed to go, until she heard a familiar call: hey you, wait. With one look of her brown eyes over her shoulder, she noticed a Rune Knight that was looking at her. And while she rolled her eyes, she started to run as fast as possible. Thank god she was wearing the boots and not the heels.


#4Lacie Eventide 

Captain's Rum [Quest: Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:40 am

Lacie Eventide
Who knew that running on heels was even more tiring than running at all. Which was a reason why Lacie Eventide would never do such a thing. For the second time today, she was being chased by freaking Rune Knights! She should definitely fill in a complaint to her sister. Haha as if Alice would even listen to her. She wasn’t doing anything wrong, just a delivery like every normal mage was allowed to do and yet here you had Lacie.. doing it for perhaps not the right people but smoke bombs weren’t that bad and a girl needed to get money. Especially if you had very expensive tastes in clothing and medicine. You couldn’t change your health without medicine doh. And without that, she was running! Not good for your health either. Finally she managed to go around a corner, and another corner. Hide and get out to walk back to where she thought she had spotted Maxwell. So she tiptoed back and well tried to waltz back to Maxwell, looking like she had some status. She fished for the smoke bombs in her bag and handed the bag to Maxwell, ”Take care of it,” she said with her fake happy voice and turned around, time for another run. She definitely didn’t look forward to that. She was sure she would need to sit down after this forever. The blisters didn’t show up yet but it might not take much longer if she needed to run for it again. Her brown eyes quickly scanned the perimeters and there seemed to be something going on at the east side of the docks. So she took a deep breath, held on to her bag tightly and started to run quickly towards the bunch of people, apparently watching a street artist, boy that was never in the plan but it was the best timing at all.

She mingled quickly within the crowd and stopped in front of a tall man so no one noticed her bright red hair and she would be unseen for the people running around this artist and she tried to watch this man throwing daggers into the air as if nothing could go wrong. It was nice that people were able to think in a way like that. When the show was almost over, she walked through the crowd to get to the other side and skip the last part towards the captain back. ”Right, that’s done.” She said trying to not show how much she needed to catch her breath, but the Captain laughed loudly and thanked her for the quick delivered. She took the jewels and a deep breath and walked with style as she hoped that it would impress some people and leave her alone. But she needed to sit down, probably clean up the kitchen and do nothing for the rest of the day. She wasn’t entirely sure if she would say no to another quest, but perhaps her blisters wouldn’t agree with that idea.


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