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Restless Souls : Let's Play [Odin]

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Restless Souls : Let's Play [Odin] Empty on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:14 am

Being a Lich came with a lot of new and unique gifts, the biggest one being that Odin was now able to use the element of darkness: an element he previously had no experience with whatsoever, at a more advanced level than any basic darkness mage. His spells dealt more damage, and required less effort because recasting, both in mana and in time required to cool down after use. This made for a powerful combination, as there were certain spells he could fire off without a second thought, and use almost instantly after, for both less cost and in quick succession, allowing for powerful combinations of spells.

This was not all that his newfound abilities granted him, however. As a Lich, he was more connected to death than anyone else, living or otherwise. Odin held a special power over the dead, and he could sense them in ways he felt that no one else could replicate without becoming a Lich themselves and, as far as Odin knew, he was currently the only one. And he could believe that to be true, as news of something like a walking skeleton would spread like wildfire. All of Dahlia had already discovered what Odin himself was, and it was only a matter of time before all of Fiore knew, at the very least, that there was a Lich walking among them. Very few would know his name, even fewer the truth, but they would all know of his existence. And Odin, now a being of undeath, was hell bent on hunting down everyone he had ever lost against, and defeating them in combat. He had a list, and was ready to tick off names.

Having a greater connection to the deceased wasn't without its annoyances though, and today those annoyances went by the names Sadie, Cadie, Ladie, Madie and Bob, collectively known as the Brady family. From the sounds of things, they were children who liked sneaking around and haunting people to make them play games. Odin had walked through Dahlia ignoring them for the most part, despite the multiple ways they tried to get his attention, knocking things over to smash in front of him, and making spooky noises to try and get the Lich's attention. Naturally, they were trying to haunt him and be scary while they did it, but there was very little five young ghosts could do to truly scare Odin: someone who had literally died, seen death, and returned from his literal grave. Ignoring them, and the many looks of fear he received from the people of Dahlia town, Odin simply went about his business, heading towards the forest to deal with the children. They were nothing more than a nuisance, but they were a nuisance that Odin could happily live without, as well as easily exterminate if required. Besides, he had not helped out a spirit, or spirits, in some time. Perhaps this would nab him another of those interesting pumpkin pops. Hell, maybe he'd get five, one from each of them.


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The woods were quiet today, which was good for Odin, as it meant he could have as much 'fun' as he wanted without it getting back to the ears of the public. After all, he was about to show five ghosts that death was not the worst thing they could fear. He was. He reached a clearing in the forests before stopping, much to the excitement of the children, who naturally assumed he had stopped to play whatever game it was they wished for him to join in on. They were about to be sorely mistaken, as Odin turned around to face the five children, his eyes burning with green fire as darkness swirled around his being, showing without doubt that he was not a friendly skeleton. "You have tested my patience for long enough now children. Tell me what it is you wish of me before I send you all to the abyss."

The children, perhaps because they were already dead, took everything Odin said as hilarious, and burst into hysterics as the Lich finished speaking, before the oldest, by what seemed like maybe a year at the most, replied to the dark mage, a happy-go-lucky tone of voice in his words.

"We just want you to play hide and seek with us, mister. No need to get all testy. We hide, you count to ten, and then you come find us. If you can, we'll give you two of these funny pop things we found. Whaddya say? Will you play with us?"

If Odin still possessed eye balls, he knew they'd be rolling at this very moment. Instead, his skull betrayed no emotion, as it was incapable of doing so. The kids wanted to hide, and they wanted him to find them. A real game of cat and mouse, but it was more apt to compare Odin to a hungry lion stalking his prey, while the kids were insignificant lambs for become part of a slaughter. Never the less, Odin was intrigued by the pumpkin pops that were on offer, and he could always spare the two or so minutes it would take to find the children. Smiling and nodding in agreement, Odin stood and closed his eyes, covering them with his hands as the children had no way of knowing otherwise. This new body was definitely full of unique tricks, he was the master of the poker face now, as all he could do was smile, and occasionally laugh maniacally.

He counted to ten, and began his search, a search that lasted, at most. thirty seconds. The reason it finished so quickly was simple: all the children had hidden together, and all of them laughed as Odin drew close. They sat on the top of a tree, and Odin had the fortune of walking the right way to locate them. As they jumped down, obviously unafraid of breaking their legs, as they lacked any bones, organs or flesh to damage, they gave Odin two of the pumpkin pops as promised, before departing, no doubt ready to find some other unsuspecting traveller to scare with their antics and have play with them. How amusing they were.


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