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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana)

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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:36 pm

Christian was having a good time in Baska so far. He had met a lot of new people, as well as seen some familiar faces from his childhood. Things were going smoothly. The next thing he'd need to do was to go to a bit of a festival that they were holding in Baska. The first of November, the people in Baska were holding a bazaar of sorts that was full of various booths that sold a variety of things. From clothes to soaps, from steaks to jerky, the bazaar was packed today. This was such a good turnout that the organizers had been thinking of doing it each month so that even more profit could be made off the space the would rent out so people could sell their wares at tables they set up.

And here Christian was, in the middle of all this action. He had a good bannock just now, and felt pretty happy with how everything had been going today. The stuff was a little pricey, but definitely not too much, and the quality of the content being sold was for sure high. Christian wore a blue shirt, not bothering to bring along his sword today as he felt pretty safe in the Marketplace of Baska. Besides, he had grown stronger recently too.

Christian wanted to buy some clothes for his cousin, so he began to move his way towards the woman's clothing section, even if it did look a little weird for a guy like him to do so. He looked at some of the shirts, and it was clear by not only his facial expressions but how he was awkwardly walking around that the boy had no idea on women's fashion. Hopefully someone would come and help him, instead of just staring at him like he was a nutcase...


The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:49 pm

Another day, another afternoon. Her stay in Baska had been lasting for quite some time already. First person she had encountered in such a peaceful town being an old friend of sorts, one met five years ago far away in North Fiore, when she was just a little kid herself, living with her parents. Within the room she had rented, Liana was already awake, having taken her breakfast a few hours ago and now thought it was perhaps time for some lunchtime.

The curtains of the window allowing a considerable view to the outside were opened, a smile overtaking her features, that dark grayish gaze of hers trailing from one side to the other, pleasantly observing the festival which was being held in the town. A brief stretch was made and a light huff escaped her parted lips.

"Lively... Should be a good time to go eat outside."

Liana mumbled to herself, returning to her room and putting on some casual garments. After cleaning herself up and making some final preparations, the exit's door was open and a couple of steps guide her out to the street.

Eventually, the girl is calmly walking across the bazaar, head turning around, eyes trailing what could be seen as she pondered where to walk and buy a nice meal. Something did catch her attention, though it wasn't related to the main reason of her visit. She couldn't help, but stop to observe what appeared to be a troubled man in a women's clothing section. At first, she thought about helping, looking around to make sure that was even viable, as surely the seller would end up checking on the elf for aid.

If that wasn't the case, Liana took the chance to perhaps both make a new friend and help him at the same time. A friendly smile is kept on, the young Sylvaine ultimately pausing besides the man and offering him a tilt of her head, hands placed over her hips.

Eventually, she spoke.

"Need a hand?"
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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:30 pm

Christian had been feeling very confused and very awkward. His cousin, a young woman of 18, was really specific with her fashion, and all he knew was that she liked darker colors. He wasn't sure what to do... that was before she showed up. She was like an angel. Not in terms of appearance or anything, though she was attractive, but rather her timing. Just as Christian was about to give up and walk away, leaving his cousin with nothing, he was approached by a young woman offering to help him. He smiled at her, and nodded to her as he turned to look at the woman. He wasn't so sure if he should speak, but he was trying to get better, and this woman was nice enough to talk to him, so he said a "Yes, please and thank you." to her as he noticed he'd need to explain the situation and what colors his cousin liked as well. Taking a deep breath and preparing himself mentally, he would proceed to speak again, probably having not spoken such a long sentence since that night with Seira, and he had the excuse of drinking a lot that night. Regardless of his fears however, he pushed on. "Well, I have a cousin who I'd like to buy a shirt or pants for, she's 18, and she likes dark colors." Hopefully that was enough info for the time being, because it felt really weird for Christian to say a full fledged sentence all in one go like that.


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Liana's head straightened up the moment she was received by that same man, returning to a more polite and formal pose, arms now folding while she carefully and attentively listened to the elf's explanation, the share of his troubles. Her smile stretches out just a bit once he was done, head turning to the side and eyes trailing now over to every single piece of clothing in sight, more precisely a shirt or some pants. Black in color too.

"That's very sweet of you." The girl compliments, looking back up at the man and allowing a single light giggle to escape her parted lips. "Black, is it? Hm... Sometimes, you also have to think about what kind of personality the person you want to buy the clothes for has." She comments, now fully turning around and beginning to walk by the list of what was available. All the while, one hand extends out behind her in his direction, fingers motioning for him to follow.

"What kind of clothing does she normally wear? Do they often have designs like drawings or something on them? And does she have more shirts or pants? A loooot of things you have to put in consideration to buy the best piece of clothing your cousin could have ever dreamed of. Something that will make her especially happy."

The young Sylvaine awaits his response, all the while scratching her cheek a few times, taking on a pondering expression with those dark grayish orbs still studying what was in sale. Of course, her focus would be the black color, but also ones with designs of other tones, like white or blue. Once she found something like that, the girl would pause and study it closely, humming in deep thought. There were many, many choices, and if the man could respond to her questions, then it would make her job much less complicated.
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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:48 am

The girl seemed to be even nicer than Christian had initially thought she was, having helped him out even in just her opening comments. She was right, he needed to consider his cousin's personality too. She was very outgoing, very talkative, very bubbly.. he would comment on that to her. When he though about it, she liked clothes that were light and thin, as well as ones that were a bit short as far as tops went. He saw her wear a lot more shirts than he had seen her wear different pants as well. He'd have to tell this to the girl as he followed her through the many tables of clothing. It was usually harder for Christian to speak, but perhaps it was the girl's kindness that made it just a bit easier on him.

He spoke "Well, she likes to wear shirts that are a bit short, and likes shirts more in general. She's very.. energetic and talkative, if that helps too. She also wears lighter clothing, weight wise." he said, the words coming out of his mouth like it was almost nothing. That was amazing, he couldn't remember the last time that happened. Well, actually, he could. But he didn't want to, just because of what happened that last time. The thought of it made him remember not to trust people he just met too much.. but he was sure this girl could at least be trusted with shopping advice. She seemed to know her stuff.


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There were many, many things to choose from. Of course, what he told her may have helped heavily during her choice, though, at the same time, as she continued to lead him along the way, along all of the available pieces, the girl would point at some. They would go from simple t-shirts, to ones with no sleeves, to ones that showed a lot more skin like the belly and waist area, even some which only covered the area right below the chest. All of them black as well or at least with dark tones, like gray. A few pants as well, but with him mentioning she used more shirts, she was more focused on the latter.

"A lot you can pick from. Though, you did tell me it was only one piece. And if I had to pick a specific one..."

Liana speaks once more, taking a couple more steps before pausing and standing right next to what appeared to be a black crop-top. It had two straps, one thicker, the other thinnier, which obviously gave it a more unique look around the shoulders. Just like any other pieces of the same type, it showed a great part of the stomach and arms. For someone energetic and talkative, which meant someone rarely bothered by social situations and smooth with them, the top appeared to be proper for the elf's cousin.

"... What about this?"

The young Sylvaine extended a hand out to her pick, smiling kindly over to him and awaiting his response, his opinion about what she had chosen for his fellow family member.
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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:43 pm

The woman seemed to have found a piece that she had liked, and upon showing it to Christian, he smiled. This looked like something that his cousin would wear 100%. It was perfect for her personality and what looks she usually decided to go for. It was a little short, but he was sure she wouldn't mind. He nodded at the woman, the smile still on his face as he spoke. "It's perfect." he said, as he would look around. He wanted to help out this woman now and return the favor, but he wasn't sure where. He could buy her something, maybe? Perhaps she needed a gift for a male cousin? Instead of pondering about it forever, Christian decided that it would be easier to just ask the woman if there was anything he could do for her in return for her helpfulness. He turned his head back to the woman, preparing himself to talk. "Is there anything I can do for you?" he asked, hoping that the woman wasn't too humble and decided to let him return the favor. Some people were like that, which wasn't a bad thing, but Christian certainly liked to keep things on even terms a bit more. Either way, the woman had his thanks, and he was sure he would do whatever she would ask him to do... within reason, of course!


The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:11 pm

Liana was truly glad she was able to help out a stranger. Perhaps not even a stranger anymore, more like an acquaintance and hopefully, if things go well, a new friend. Time and effort had to be put into that. If they both didn't agree to do something together other than what they just did, then they would most likely just part ways and no kind of friendship would progress. She couldn't allow that to happen. And thankfully, his question would ease the trouble of her wanting to start more interactions.

"Well, we haven't introduced ourselves to each other, have we?" The girl questions, and it wasn't far from the truth. They never truly told each other their names and now was the perfect time to do such. Followed by a curt nod, she begins.

"I'm Liana. May I know your name?"

As simple as that, it didn't need more. Now she could only wait for him to do an introduction of his own. All the while, she takes the time to gently take out the piece of clothing she had picked for the elf's cousin and hold it in both hands. After he was finished, she'd extend it out to him. He was the one buying it or at least that's what it appeared to be. Surely he wouldn't ask her to do it for him, would he?
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The girl was right, they had just met. Perhaps he should've asked that first... he certainly had to get a little bit of a hang of this talking thing if he was going to have more proper conversations in the future. Christian nodded and laughed nervously. Now he just looked kind of stupid... oh well, he wasn't going to let it get to him. The girl introduced herself as Liana, Christian liked that name. Well, as much as one could like a name anyways. He had to admit it certainly was a lot more memorable than something like "Christian."

Christian decided to respond with his own name as he took the clothes out of her hands, also noticing it was stupid of him not to have done that earlier as well. He just wasn't good with girls, he supposed... or, well, anybody. In his usual soft tone, Christian replied "Christian." a one word response, as he took the clothing. He would look around the area, before noticing that he would have to pay for the shirt before he could leave this booth. "One second." he said, making his way over to pay with the little jewels he had. Wow, clothing was expensive.. but he supposed it was a fashionable piece of sorts, so maybe it made sense. He wouldn't know, he didn't look that deep into most of his own fashion. Maybe he should ask the girl for tips later on that subject?

Coming back from the pay area, Christian once again spoke to Liana. "Back. Is there anything I can do for you now?"


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Making new friends was always amazing. It was always a great feeling and the girl obviously didn't only want helping him buy a piece of clothing to her cousin be the only interaction they would both ever have. She wanted to actually do something more than that. Do the exact same thing mentioned beforehand.

Make a friend out of him, that is.

That same kind and warm smile of hers is kept plastered across her features, listening and observing him introduce himself. Liana was able to somewhat notice that he wasn't too comfortable with socializing. That was fine. Not everyone has to be great as such. Matter of fact, even the young Sylvaine still has shy problems at times.

"That's a beautiful name." She praised, before adding not long afterwards. "I'm glad to meet you, Christian."

She allowed him to walk away to pay for the top and once he returned and asked the same question as before, it made the girl ponder. Though, it wouldn't take her long before she decided what he could help her with. Or well, what else he could do with her.

"Why don't we go eat something together? I actually came out here to get a meal. Some company is always nice."

The late teenager allows a few light giggles to escape her parted lips after those words, folding her arms comfortably while fixating those dark grayish orbs of hers on his sapphire own. "What do you think?"
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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:03 pm

Name? Beautiful? Well, Christian would expect that compliment should he have a more unique name, but Christian was so run of the mill... but he supposed she did have a point, it was easy to say even if it wasn't exactly a one of a kind name or anything. He smiled and showed a slight blush at the compliment. Stupid him, why was he blushing at a compliment about a name?

A meal was a perfect idea for this time. As a chef himself, Christian had always believed that food was one of the greatest ways that people could bond. People talked when eating, people smiled while eating, and so forth. It was truly a simple act that was one of the strongest social activities that people could do out there. With how things had been going for Christian lately, he had kinda forgotten about being a cook. Maybe when he got home he would try and think of ways to get back into the groove, and maybe consider opening up his own restaurant like he wanted to previously.

Christian nodded towards the girl, the smile still on his face. They had a lot of options at this festival, they be indoors or outdoors. There were restaurants that one could sit in, or stands that had small booths. "Sure, where would you like to go? Anything but the greek food is fine with me."


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"I'm sure you know more about this town than I do! I'll let you pick a place. Try to impress me!"

A few light giggles escaped her parted lips after the end of her sentence, arms still folded as the girl looked around. Indeed, there were quite a couple of booths available with a great variation of delicious-looking meals. Though, she wanted him to decide. She wanted him to be the 'gentleman' and bring the 'lady' over to a restaurant he perhaps thought would please the latter. In this case, the latter being Liana herself.

There was something which was fascinating about Christian in the young Sylvaine's eyes. Was it his personality? Not entirely. Was it his looks? Most likely. He was an elf, beings very similar to humans, but the opposite to most of them when it comes to nature. While humans like her destroy forests to build homes and other structures, from what she knows, elves protect them. They protect nature and they connect with nature more than anybody else. Probably even more than Liana herself. And that's one of the things she's overall curious about.

She can't wait to actually talk to him about it.

Back to the action, one of her hands extend out in his direction. Whether he was still trying to decide or not, those dark grayish orbs of hers continued to lock on his own, same hand open for him to take.

"Lead the way!"
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Liana wanted him to pick out the restaurant, and not only that but make sure to impress her... no pressure there. Still, he had to make sure that she would get the best dining Baska had to offer. He had lived here many years, and had gone to many diners in the town. The best would probably be a place just a minute away with good soups... he was sure that on a cold-ish day like this, she and him would probably go for some good, hot soup.

Christian gulped as she held out her hand, taking it into his. Holding hands with a girl..! This was something that he didn't get to do often. He nodded to her, taking her hand and leading her towards the soup place that was but a minute away. He made sure to adjust to whatever pace made her comfortable. Before long, Christian and Liana would get there, Christian still nervously gripping her hand sofly. Christian made his way over to the door, being a gentleman of sorts and holding it open for the girl. "I hope this place is okay. They serve great soups." he said, as he waited for her to go through the door. It seemed like it was getting windier outside as well, so they really were just in time for this.


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Liana offered him a wide and bright smile the moment he went and took hold of her hand. For someone she had just met, this was not really a behavior that would come from someone of her personality. Well, the girl is truly mostly shy when one teases her about personal or intimate subjects. It could also be the fact she was so fascinated by what he was and by who he was that she felt like the advances she was making were completely normal. It was nothing meant to be romantic or meant to guide towards such.

Only perhaps her excitement towards building a tight friendship with an elf like the man.

Eventually, the late teenager is led out to a place which apparently had 'great soups', as per what the male Zane stated. "Oooh, interesting. This may be good to warm up a little then. Though, we should get more than soup, you know?" She suggested, walking through the door all the while and allowing him to continue taking hold of her hand. Liana even tightened her own fingers around his hand.

For some strange reason, this girl was curiously comfortable with such an act, even with how she normally is. Though, it might not last for too long. Why so? Mostly due to the fact all of this also came from her overly friendly instincts.
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The restaurant wasn't too busy, though there were still some other people dining there. Christian nodded to her suggestion, once again taking her hand and walking into the restaurant with her. He held up a "two" to the waiter, as he would bring them to their seats: a booth with 2 seats facing each other. Christian would hop into the one facing away from the window, thinking that perhaps she may want the view out of the nearby window. He indeed was being quite gentleman-ly. The waiter came back to give them the menus and some water, before going back to give the two of them some time to order. Christian looked at the menu quickly, glancing it over with his eyes. It seemed not much had changed since the last time he was here, but he was sure that Liana would be completely new to the menu, which was pretty impressive to most people that hadn't been coming here over their childhood constantly.

Now, it was time to strike a conversation... he wondered what to say. He could be silent like his usual self, but instead he decided to suck it up and say things to the girl in front of him. She was so kind and all, he felt he should at least return the favor by trying to be social.

"Is this your first time in Baska? You said I'd know the town better than you."


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Liana expected him to now release her hand once they finally made their way over to their own booth and took their seats. She did take her own, most likely at the same time as him and once she did, her arms now return to rest on top of the table, not actually taking notice he had purposely allowed her to sit down nearer to a window.

Once the menu came, the late teenager ends up resting her chin on now both balled up fists, elbows resting down against the table instead. All the while, her gaze is fixated on his own for a while before she eventually looked down at the menu. Of course, from the way she was positioned, she couldn't see much, though, she would be able to trust him in picking the meal for both of them.

The moment he made such a question, her attention would be obviously reverted up at him, the usual kind smile plastered across her features whilst she responded in the typical soft tone.

"It is, mhm." Indeed. It had probably not even been a week since she's been in Baska. Though, she had to ask him a similar question.

"What about you? How long have you been here?"

Even if he may blame himself for not being so much of a social person, it was not a lie when one would say Liana was truly enjoying his company. It was a good way to pass the time. Plus, it's not everyday she has the honor to meet an elf like him, once more having to be mentioned that she has an admiration for such beings.
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The First of November, the 32nd of October (Liana) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:47 am

It seemed it was the girl's first time in Baska. That made sense then, hence why she had no idea where she would want to go to get food with Christian. Christian would respond to her question about how long he'd been here. "I grew up here." he said, having lived here until just a while ago when he moved to Crocus to sort of "get out of the nest" as one would say. Christian's responses were short, as he usually made them, but he tried to make sure to maintain a friendly tone as he spoke. He really wanted to be like other people, and be able to talk lots, but it would take some time to be sure.

Soon, the waiter came by, and asked the two what they wanted. Christian would get them a "lunch for 2" combo, which included a sandwich, soup and potato wedges for each person. It was a bit expensive, but he supposed in order to impress this girl, a little bit more than he expected was about to come out of his wallet. Geez, he should really start thinking with his mind instead of his heart here...

Christian got comfortable in his seat, it would be a few minutes before it was all ready. Now, what to ask next? For now, maybe he would let the girl choose the topic, maybe she had something she wanted to ask?


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Now that was a bit of a surprising response. For him to have grown up here, she didn't truly expect it and it obviously made her blink when he spoke. He's actually the first elf she has seen in Baska. After all, there are obviously not many of his kin compared to humans like her.

Though, the late teenager smiled, admittedly getting a bit more interested about the subject. Once the waiter walked by and asked for their orders, she would allow Christian to do the talking once more, only nodding at the end once she was just about to walk back to her workstation. Afterwards, her eyes are once more fixated on his own, chin still resting against the two of her fists, a relaxed pose kept onto her chair and against the table.

"You know... Now that I'm spending time with you, I'm starting to find you more and more interesting. It's probably because I'm so fascinated at how you elves look and about meeting one due to what I read. You're actually the first one I meet and communicate with."

Liana admits, her own words forcing out a light giggle to escape her parted lips, before she would proceed to add more. "Is it true that your bond with nature is stronger than anything? I'd love to know more about it if you don't mind telling me. Do you have any stories?"

For someone like her to ask such wouldn't be much of a shock. Just like what she heard and read about elves, the young Sylvaine also has indeed a strong bond with nature and everything that revolves around it.

She grew up in it, after all.
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Christian and his family were of course the only elves he knew of in Baska, having chose to move here instead of his family being born here. That being said, Christian was born here. Speaking of elves, it seemed the girl had noticed that he was one. That didn't take her long, though with how big Christian's ears were and everything it made sense for someone to recognize it. Christian smiled, a bit flustered as she talked about elves. She seemed to be very interested in them... the last time this happened, Christian got bit by a vampire. He should be more careful this time, though he supposed he wasn't drinking like that night... maybe he would be okay if he told her a little.

The elf boy, still a bit flustered by how much this girl seemed to like elves, was now a little bit more open to talking. Perhaps it was just how much she admired him from the looks of it, even if it seemed to be only because of his race.. still, stuff like that got to him. He chuckled nervously and told her a bit of details, still trying to not stretch his sentences too long as he always did. "Well,
my bond with nature is indeed strong... for example, any hostile nature magic that comes at me would just bend around me."
He said. He didn't really have that many stories, having just grown up in a small farm town, so he hoped that was enough to satisfy the girl for the moment.


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A few more light giggles were produced after his words. For some reason, she found them amusing. Though, it was something she didn't know, so she may have also been joyous enough about finding new things when it comes to how nature reacts to elves like Christian.

But, apparently, that wasn't truly the response she expected or wanted him to share.

"That's amazing. Though, what I was really asking was... Do you like staying in nature? Do you not hate the fact that humans like me destroy nature just for their own consumption? Are you able to interact with plant life in any way? Even animals?"

Liana questioned. They may have been way too many for someone like Christian, though, sadly, she failed to realize it could have been making him uncomfortable. She didn't truly get yet that he wasn't the type to socialize a lot or talk about such personal subjects, especially in a place like a restaurant.

The young Sylvaine simply couldn't help, but take this as an advantage. As the perfect moment to communicate with an elf, something she has never done before. To communicate with beings who are, just like her, known to consider nature their second home, if not first.

Perhaps, who knows...

... Perhaps she secretly desires to become part of their culture, part of their community. To become an elf. It obviously is something Liana is unaware of if it works or not, if it's even possible to turn a human into an elf, just like a vampire turns a human into their kin, or so that's what is mythically told in books and such.
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Christian only felt a little bit nervous. It was simply that she kept on bombarding him with so many questions that he would rather only answer one at a time.. it was a bit nerve wracking to a person like Christian who didn't like talking often. Hell, before a few weeks ago, he didn't like talking at all. But, he was trying hard to open up these past weeks, so he figured he should answer at least some of the question of this elf fangirl of sorts. He had to admit, it was kind of cool to have a fan..

Christian thought for a second about her questions. He just had to answer them one at a time... maybe it he got this part over with, she would feel satisfied. Christian nodded to her first question, liking nature quite a bit. "I do like the outdoors." he said, before thinking about her next question. When Christian thought about it, he didn't mind destroying nature for consumption as long that it was done in moderation. After all, he was a chef.. he consumed a lot of resources every time he cooked, and his kitchen was made of wood from trees.. perhaps some other elves would mind, but Christian was sort of an outsider, knowing no elves outside his family. "I think what humans are doing is okay in moderation." he said, as he though about her last question. He had no magic, so... "Well, I can't use magic, so... no."


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It was a bit of a shock, knowing that someone like him didn't appear to mind much about what humans are doing, as long as they did it in moderation towards nature. Though, even 'moderation' is still something to Liana's ears and it doesn't truly please her. Proof of that would be her leaning away from the table, desisting of the support given to her head by her arms and now only staring down, lightly biting her lower lip for a few seconds.

"Mnn... Even if us humans don't do it as much, it's still damaging. And there are a lot of us, doing the same thing, every single day. I have seen places with dead trees, dead flowers, dead plants and... It's the most horrible thing."

The late teenager admits her worries, sighing once faintly and looking back up at him, in those sapphire hues of his, an obvious look of concern visible plastered across her facial features. "Aren't you worried about it? About more and more forests being killed? What if humans suddenly came to Baska and began taking down every single tree in the near forests? Would you be happy about it? Wouldn't you do something about it? Would you just stop and watch?"

And even before he could respond, she was already shaking her head, more so at the thought of the situation she had just shared. The strong possibility of it happening one day.

"That is why I want to learn magic. To stop all of that. To protect nature."

At the end, the girl appears to grow a pout, moving a hand up to one of her cheeks and scratching it, those dark grayish orbs of hers rolling back down at the table. Such a subject, it was something which could easily change her mood, whether to better or worse depending on how each conversation heads.

This one hit a soft spot.
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Christian had the worst luck, of course out of all the people he would say that to it would be one that was very environmental. Of course, not to say that was a bad thing. That being said, if Christian knew he was going to get a lecture out of it, he would have said something entirely different to her question. He had his eyes a little open in shock and nervousness as she ranted on and on to him. Well, he made a big mistake there..

It was true that Christian truly did like nature, but due to how he was raised things worked a little differently for him. He never met many other elves outside of his family, and his family were pretty laid back and.. modern, if that was the right word.

Christian had to think about his next response if he didn't want to get ripped to pieces verbally by this girl. What could he say to make her calm down a little bit? While he wanted to give an honesty response, he certainly didn't want her to get too mad at him... Christian gulped, obviously a little pressured by all the woman had been saying and spoke.

"You make a good point. My apologies. I love nature, and I do agree I wouldn't like someone tearing down all the trees. Truth be told, I only know elves within my family, and they're all pretty laid back, so I'm not as devoted as other elves.. but I'd like to be."

Whew. That was a long sentence. It was better than getting scolded again, though...


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A sigh escaped her lips after Christian's words. Normally, she would be able to control her stress, though, it was the hope she had of meeting an elf, of meeting beings as connected to nature as she was, or perhaps even more, that hope which wasn't truly what she expected.

It was disappointing, but Liana couldn't do much about it.

Both her arms return to the table, one of her hands actually moving to be placed on top of one of the elf's own. Not in a romantic kind of manner, more so in a reassuring and friendly way whilst the girl smiled his way.

"No need to be sorry, Christian. I understand. It isn't your fault, neither it is of your family. You were all taught differently, or perhaps the things I read and heard about aren't entirely true."

The late teenager admits, eventually removing her hand and returning it to where it was before, palmed down against the table. Her dark grayish and now more relieved and happier gaze is set back on his.

Until she stared down and appeared somewhat regretful.

"And I'm sorry if I was, you know... A little bit harsh with you. I didn't mean to come out like that."

She admits, now feeling a bit of guilt after her rant towards him, which she knew at least hurt his feelings a bit, if not made him uncomfortable. Just like many say she's a down to earth girl, it's not far from the truth. Nature isn't the only thing she cares about. People as well.

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