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Three-sixty and Moonwalk Away [Travel: Foot - Orchidia]

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Three-sixty and Moonwalk Away [Travel: Foot - Orchidia] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:26 am




Noel was travelling back to Orchidia, this time by foot. He's seen enough of Wood Worth Sea or something, he wasn't exactly too keen on the name of this place. All he knew was that there was some kind of Halloween gathering going on, and it wasn't really something he could appreciate all that much. Usually the booze drew him to places like these, but there sadly was no booze to be found, or people he knew. Thus he chose to exit this town and back to Orchidia. His ultimate goal was to end up in this evil place named Dahlia, he's heard great rumors about the place and finally decided to check these rumors out. Perhaps he could spread some of his Lamia Scale spirit there, and inspire various people to fight him? These were going to be interesting times. Noel left worth wood sea in quite a hurry, packing up his bags and setting the road for Orchidia, he didn't skip a beat. The walk wasn't that great, it wouldn't take him too long for him to arrive in Orchidia, he knew the place like the back of his hand. After thirty minutes or so of walking, he finally arrived.


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