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Feed the fish (solo)

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Syliph strolled happily back to Raina's place, he had helped her with water and he was ready to help her again, she was very kind, and showed no signs of being a discriminatroy idiot. He would meet her at the shore with her boat, but first she had asked him to go get her feeding supplies so she could feed the fish. Last time they had been on a job together, she'd been a talkative person who never seemed to be without conversation, it was intersting being around her, she made the air feel alive, it had a buzz to the air. If she tried, she'd probably have some immesly strong water magic, she had a deeper connectin with the ocean then he had ever met, the fish seemed to be totally fine around her, infact they would swarm her whenever they were together, they just seemed to group around her legs, even the sharks would come near her, but they would never bite, it was supernatural, she seemed to be at her calmest around the sea creatures of hargeon. Stepping inside the wear house he saw tons of fish food lining the shelves, they were all assotrments of colors, but he was only hear for one. Raina had tolf him to get the green one that had a small thin fish on the front, the food would look like spices you would put on meat. He found a pile of them over on the far left, opening up to make sure they were what she wanted, looking inside he'd see small leaves cut up into tiny tid-bit pieces. Grabbing the bag he left heading towards the dock where she'd be waiting.

Raina sat near a boat, flicking her finger in the water, fish, crabs and snails had all grouped around her finger, Raina didn't even seem to notice, looking up she saw Syliph, "YOU'RE HERE, I was so glad when I heard you were the one taking the request, you're such a fun person to talk to. Lets go, you need to go a little north before we reach a small where my favorite fish are, they're all sorts of beautiful colors, you won't believe your eyes." She smiled and took the food and hopped in the boat. Getting in after her, he began to row up the shore into a small canal. "So what have you been doing since you're last quest with me?" Raina asked, "To be honest, not much, I hope you realized its barely been a day since our last quest together." Syliph told her, Raina laughed, "You're a hoot Syliph. Well, since I know what you did recently, what did you do before you take this quest with me?" Syliph thought for a moment, he didn't know how to respond t her question at first, "Well, let's see, I left hargeon momentairily and went to Dahlia, the creepiest place in Fiore, I met some ghosts and did some quests there, I even did some here in Hargeon. Then i returned and did a quest with a chess prodigy, then I took your job, My life has been pretty uneventful, but I hope it wont stay that way forever." He looked thoughtfully into the water, which was crowded with fish at the moment. Raina looked thoughtfully at Syliph for a moment, then her head snapped back up, take the right up there, its a small little enclave where my favorite fishies live. Obeying her command he steered the boat into the little enclave. Once inside he stopped rowing and let the boat float. Raina opened the Bag and threw a handful of the food into the water. In a flash Fish burst to the top eating the food instantaneously. The fish were beautiful colors, there were ones that were three bright colors and ones that were two darker, but equally beautiful colors. "The male ones are the brighter colored ones
that have three different colors, and the females are the darker ones. The name for these fish are Chromafish, i think its a stupid name, but they're a sight behold its mesmerizing the first time you see it, I can't thank you enoguh for this Sylioh, you're a big help sometimes." She smil Sylioh, you're a big help sometimes." She smiled at him momentairly.

After feeding them half the bag she said we could go back, turning the boat around. The ride back was quieter then normal, the fish seemed to swim a little less calmly around the boat then they normally did, an awkward silence hung in the air between them. There had been an obvious connection, the question was, was anyone going to do anything about it? AS the boat returned to the dock Raina smiled once more and the fish began to calm, "Thanks so much Syliph, I love showing people the beauties of the ocean, I fear they won't care if it dies if they haven't seen the beauty. I hope i get to see you again." Raina smiled, she removed a reward from her bag, "I hope this is enough, I hope we can work again." rom her bag, "I hope this is enough, I hope we can work again." Taking the bag she began to head back to the warehouse alone. Syliph didn't know how to react the air between them, it felt alive with electricity, it was disturbing, he didn't know what to do, he'd never been in this situation before.

As he walked away he looked in a daze, his future had just changed, he didn't know what would happen with him and Raina, he dind't know if anything would happen, she was older and he was a wizard, he woud have to travel way more to make any kind of money. WHY WAS HE EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS, he pushed the thought of money. WHY WAS HE EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS, he pushed the thought out of his head, well he tried as best he could, it was like the last piece of food you said you wouldn't eat but it taunts you out of the side of your eye. Walking away he felt better, he had made even more money then he had in awhile, he was starting to actually have money.


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