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Sign Me Up [Quest: Fleur]

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The first crisp breech told everyone that summer was gone and in its place rose autumn. The season's admirers revel in its unique ability to turn the world into a giant canvas with nature's paintbrush. From the warmth of apple cider to camping trips, there were so many reasons to enjoy fall. There was one terrain where nature's paintbrush couldn't reach and constantly oozed out summer vibes across the land. The beach. Though sharing the same colors of a barren wasteland, the beach vividly displayed life with alluring colors that waded and blurred all boundaries between each other, forcing the illusion that everything was connected. Children played amongst themselves while the adults mingled. Some were setting up nets, eager to jump into a competitive but friendly match of beach volleyball. Couples paced down the shoreline, chattering with each other. The idealistic, perfect day stood ahead, onlooking the town of Hargeon and drawing passersby in to bathe in the luxurious warmth of the gravel.

Fleur wasn't a helpless victim to the season's beauty. Ruffles were heard in a nearby apartment. It was the sound of an adult female acting like a child, rolling around in bed with a firm refusal to wake up to nature's call. The sun tried to persuade her with a ray of light through the window, slapping her across her face. Fleur just threw the covers over herself, shielding herself from the painful light and bathing in the everlasting darkness. It was as if she wanted to keep her pale purity away from the scorching heat that gave others a tan. There came a point where she could no longer tolerate the smell of her own breath and only then was she up and ready to start the day, despite the time having reached noon.

It was the magic hour, when the sun dyed everything in gold, when it finally stopped raining and the clouds partially disappeared, allowing some sun rays to reach the city. She left her house and started walking down the street. The light was sweet and the cold autumn breeze after the rain welcomed her like an old friend. The calmly sound of the soft wind caressing the autumn leafs covered her ears. Some of them fell over her while walking and she smiled. She missed the smell of the rain, the fallen leafs and the autumn sun. It was mid October, and she could feel the autumn breeze running through her veins, caressing her lungs and lay deep inside her heart, filling her with a nostalgic, calm happiness she had no memories to have felt it before. The soft suppuration of autumnal leaves overhead was as good as her grandmother's words to Fleur. It was as if the breeze carried her spirit and gentle ways. A small way further up the woodland track, a flurry of leaves became free of their boughs and fluttered down in their unhurried way, tumbling to join their sisters on the earth. Red, orange and yellow, in various different shades. All of them floating gracefully on the soft breeze. It was as if a friendly hand was gently lowering them to the ground. Whispers between these leaves filled the air, whispers and mutters. The air was cool and crisp, like a refreshing drink of cool water after hours in a desert. The breeze fluttered around, gently caressing everything it touched with fingers that had been a comfort to so many over their long, lonely years. Together, they made such a carpet of vibrancy and texture. Each footfall brought a crunch. She tugged her toque a little lower over her ears to keep out the chill, the first sign that old man winter was not far away.

The beach. The very moment her foot embraced the sand, she was called out to work and given a job. A burly man, tanned to the brim, threw his hand across her shoulders. Fleur, Weaved between his fingers was a single sheet a paper. With a voice that definitely matched his appearance, the blonde bellowed out commands for the emo girl. "Sign me up, gogogo!"

In no time flat, the piece of paper magically shifted into her hands and with the help of the psychological momentum, Fleur was darting across the sandy arena and towards the sign ups. Arrows were plastered everywhere, pointing to the general direction of where the registration for whatever it was that was being hosted. Afterimages waded into the scene as the pale princess began to tire out. Her breathing was enhanced with every step and it got louder and louder, each time more and more vivid. Finally, she reached the booth and signed the blonde up right on time. As she turned the piece of paper over to a man with muscular arms, she noticed it was him, without so much as a sweat on his body.


Word Count: 812

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