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Clean up crew [Mission/Kaede/Seraphina]

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#1Kaede Scalisi 

 Clean up crew [Mission/Kaede/Seraphina] Empty on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:09 pm

Kaede Scalisi


Quest: Clean Up Crew

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Remy Martello: Martin's younger brother, acting as a voice of reason during the man's violent outbursts. He wants to do his best to support his brother, and will do whatever he can to please him. While a bit of a yes-man, Remy serves as an advisor to his brother, his plans often accounting for much of Martin's success.

Summary: The Martello family recently got into a battle with a smaller crime family and both sides suffered casualties. The building where they clashed is littered with dead bodies and it's been left to Remy to clean them up. Remy needs someone to assist him with getting rid of the bodies before the local authorities arrive.

Enemies: None

Objective: Remove the bodies from the scene.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You will meet with Remy who will walk with you to the building.
  • The building is under construction and the workers have been taking a break till their payments were going to get sorted out.
  • Upon entering you'll see that there ten bodies that need to be disposed.
  • Remy takes out an axe and a big bag, he needs you to carry the bodies to him as he focuses on chopping them up for easier disposal.
  • Three out of the seven bodies are Martello members and won't be chopped up by Remy out of respect for their next of kin. Remy needs you to bring these bodies outside to the back so they can get picked up for a proper burial.
  • When you're done, Remy will come outside with the large bag of body parts and pay you. You may then leave as Remy waits for someone to pick him and the bodies up.

I opened my eyes under the harsh morning sunlight, beaming through the shutter cracks. Squinting, i shift my head to the other side, coming face to face with her. No, not my lover... Never wanted one, and I never will. I mean sure, I can tell Sera's pretty, boys are always all over her too, and even though she's my sister, we're not really bound by blood. No, out bond is far stronger than, and that has nothing to do with us sharing a bed right now. There used to be more of us too... Sera only became my sister later on; a run away, where must of us were just orphans... But she's the only one I have left, and I'll protect her even if she doesn't really need me too. Compared to the rags we used to sleep on, these bedsheets feel positively luxurious, like how you'd think the finest silk would feel like. Just snoozing under them feels almost too tempting an option to ignore, but we don't really have that luxury. We gotta work - whatever work we can find - or else we'll be back on the streets before long. I hesitate though, simply running a hand over her hair before I finally speak up:

"Sera...", I tell her, almost a whisper, too light a tone to do anything, with the faintest hint of a smile on my lips, "Sis, wake up..."

Though I can't exactly do this all day, I can sure as hell do it for a good few hours... After all, everything I ever did, I did it for my brothers and sisters, to keep them happy and healthy, as much as I possibly could. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her, and giving her a comfortable wake up seems pretty mild when compared all that wide spectrum of everything. Meanwhile, I can't help but ponder on what job we'll have to do. Oak has plenty of shady business needing to be done, and we're more than willing to do it, if it pays well. Dirty deeds done cheap... No, not quite. We defenitely don't come cheap... But we're discreet and pretty good at what we do, so they're not likely to complain at all:

"Seraaa...", Insisting, I let my voice turn into a gentle hum as I pet her cheek, "We have work to do..."

If this still doesn't work, I'll probably just have to bring her breakfast... That usually gets her up quickly enough...

Words: 420

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#2Seraphina Denaro 

 Clean up crew [Mission/Kaede/Seraphina] Empty on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:46 pm

Seraphina Denaro
Tidal waves of Posiden crashed against a cliff that was about forty meters high. Wooosh The sounds of clashing could be heard from a good distance. The fields were beautiful forest green as the long grass would sway left and right with the heavy winds. Her eyes that were like chocolates gazed at the sky with an expressionless face. 'The clouds are rather beautiful today...' she thought to herself while the grey clouds covered the bright blue sky. Long, silky strands of brown hair swayed with the grass, being against her round butt. Slowly she walked towards the waves, the ocean that could be seen for miles or even further if it was possible to see that far. The world around her was cold, filled with the sea and all she had to stand on was this small island.

Quickly as she did a single blink, the area that was once blue and the ocean itself turned black. Where was she now? A dream. A dream that had its mysterious. Her eyes cornered to the right, to the left - quickly. She started to look forward and saw the darkness devouring the island she stood on and with it, her.

Her body in reality motioned forward and her brow left off a sweat drop. After noticing she was quite alright, she used her right hand to pardon her bangs from her brow and the sweat with it. A quick escape of air came from her soft lips after seeing Kaede by her, up already.

''I see you're up before me. Like always.'' she spoke in her typical mono-toned voice. Her face was still expressionless, but it always was. Slowly, she turned away from where Kaede was and got out of bed. Her fingers went through the strands of hair to comb it thoroughly, ending up putting it in a braid. For pajama's she wore black silk shorts, white brands and a black tank top made of silk as well. The pajama's were from when she once lived with her real parents... before she left them. It was alright though, they knew the day was coming. Right? Her head cocked towards Kaede and tilted her head. ''I assume it's time for us to go without any time for breakfast.'' Guessing of course, but who knew. Seraphina didn't care to time the day. Next Sera got up and went to the wardrobe to find an outfit to get on. Finally, she grabbed a jacket, jogging pants and some socks with shoes to get on to soon leave.


#3Kaede Scalisi 

 Clean up crew [Mission/Kaede/Seraphina] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:12 pm

Kaede Scalisi
I only stopped petting her by the time she woke up, and thankfully, she didn't take too long at it... I mean, I don't really mind waking her like this, but keeping this somewhat comfortable life we have now requires work, as much as we can get done. If we do it right, we'll never want for anything, and I couldn't want for anything else. Only having two mouths to feed does help, but I'd trade this comfort for the rest of our siblings any day of the week. The bed felt almost too big, too spacious just for the two of them. It was always cramped before...

"Old habits die hard I guess...", it's true, i don't need much sleep to get by, 6 hours or so usually get me through a day without much trouble, sometimes even less. I used to do it so I had more time to get money, but even now that I'm comfortable, I still do it...

Then again I never cared much for sleeping though, I'll have all the time for that once I'm dead. So once Sera got up from bed, I followed suit, getting rid of my tanktop and pajama pants and swapping them out for a blouse, gray trousers, and a brown leather jacket. My usual attire really... I don't usually have the patience to sift through a large selection of clothes, so the ones I do have look very much alike.

"Mmm, we can just grab something along the way...", my shrug gets the point across, I don't really mind where we eat, but getting any work done on an empty stomach is a tall order as well. We could do it if we wanted to - we're used to it - but we wouldn't work as efficiently. So that's exactly what I do, buying myself and Sera a ham sandwich at a nearby stall, "Here you go, breakfast.", I tell her. Indeed I don't smile much, but caring for her might be the only thing that still gets that response out of me...

Best part about having money? We no longer need to steal cheap shit... It didn't take long before we met up with our shady client at a shadier alley,and he promptly led us to the site... And no amount of blood, dead bodies, or stench of death made my lose my lunch. I just kept on eating with complete indifference... I was never any good at faking stuff, but considering what we were hired to do, I didn't really care either way.

"So, I'm assuming you know what you're expected to do?", asked the client, hoisting a massive axe. But I didn't answer immediately as my mouth was full, doing nothing but nodding.

Words: 900

#4Seraphina Denaro 

 Clean up crew [Mission/Kaede/Seraphina] Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:58 pm

Seraphina Denaro
Her eyes shot towards Kaede as she spoke. Truly her expression was speaking as if she was going to silently kill her, but that was just her normal expression. By the years that have gone by Kaede knew better than to judge Seraphina by her expressions, body language. After she got down braiding down her hair she left out the door. In her mind she imagined herself chuckling at what Kaede joked about, habits dying hard. She felt bad for not being huge on expressions and showing them, but her dear old friend understood, right? On their way she would get some kind of sandwich thanks to her sisterly friend, being ham. Her eyebrow cocked upwards. 'Sometimes I miss the money life... The food anyways.' she thought in a mono-toned fashion.

She walked normally with her thick thighs rubbing together, the perfect diamond space between her legs and each step she could hear her own shoes click clacking. Her long braided brown hair swayed left and right while her powerful arms were up against her sides. ''I assume the client will be ready for us at this time...'' she spoke in her normal tone 'monotoned' and walked forward till she and her sisterly friend arrived to see the client. They went up to him to see him with an axe, some bags and bodies were just in a whole-nother pile. ''It's quite dumb to think we don't know what to do when we're here in the first place. Quite obvious you're going to hack up most of the bodies, right?'' she questioned the client, stating the fact with her cold, death gaze towards him. His eyebrow lifted, questioning her and then bursted laughing. ''What a hoot. Yep! Just give me them besides those three there and I'll do the rest. One of you just take out those three to be picked up and the other give me those bodies. Makes it go quite faster. Don't you think?'' he spoke and laughed in a good-humorous way. Secretly, Seraphina sighed in relief that this guy had some humor on him. Someone that finally understood her. Her eyes looked towards Kaede. ''Here... go ahead and take those three to wait for them to be picked up. I'll stay here with him...'' she spoke coldly. Deep inside she cared about Kaede. She didn't want to leave her alone with this dude. He could be worse than her when it comes to ideas and killing. Assuming that Kaede listened to her advice to go on, Sera started to carry and give the client the rest of the bodies one-by-one. Her eyes looked at the blood splatter, the faces of the victims of how they looked so surprised. It didn't matter in the end as her and Kaede got their money in the end.




20%- from Class

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