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Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:31 pm

Lacie Eventide
She had been in the hospital or whatever it was called at the Rune Knight Headquarters for quite a time because of her so lovingly carrying sister.. Damn she hated Alice so much. She needed to get out of her but her body had halted to much and those nurses had taken quite a while to let her go but finally she was able to. She knew or had an idea where Alice was, and that made her blood boil and she planned to find her sister and make sure her life would be miserable as well. Hargeon, the town close to her home but yet not that close. She stared out of the window, she didn't have much here, her hiding had not worked. Her sister had found her and she had wanted to arrest her but the chaos of Hargeon Town, the attack on Blue Pegasus and the memory thingy or whatever it was from her cousin Selena Maelstrom had made her sister forget everything. Which was a blessing.. there was only something itching in Lacie her being.

The grace of the Illumin had dropped her and she was losing everything, her body was fighting against her and Alice was getting everything. She was slowly moving back and forth on the bed, swaying as something possessed her, why would she even believe in something like that anymore. She would find a way to get better, to get back at Alice and take everything away from her.

She grabbed the things here and went back to the hotel that she kept paying for her stuff, it was ridiculous, great Rune Knights. She hated all of them and already because of Konstantin and Alice and Selena more than normally. She fit everything in her tiny suitcase that she could drag behind her and she headed out towards the town where she would find her twin sister, very strange concept: first avoid her and now trying to find her. She had to get better, she would have to get another magic. She got it with the blessing of the Divine and she was sure as hell losing it right now, she was actually losing everything: including her mind. But that mask that she was wearing for a long time would remain on her face as it had done before.

She had a grin on her face, something wicked, something crazy and her mind was swirling in plans as she was walking. One foot in front of the other towards the town where her sister should be.

Goodbye Lieutenant, goodbye.

Wordcount: 429/400 arrival in Hargeon

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