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Clean up Crew[Caius]

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Clean up Crew[Caius] Empty on Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:09 am

All of the B rank quests were now gone off the board so this time Caius would have to take what was left on the board even though it was only C ranks and D ranks. He would see a request and that would be a request from Remy Martello which was a man that he worked with before that was part of the underground organization that help shadowrun Oak Town with the influence because he had a bunch of money and did a bunch of illegal stuff but he was smart and careful and that's why he would hire dark guild members because he was the best and smart. Remy Martello was a man that liked ot explain the job in person so the D rank quest that Caius got and told him to meet him at a local wine bar that was out of the area and then he would be able to explain the job which would be a really simple one because it was only a D rank request. Caius would walk up and he would see that Remy Martello was sitting at the table and he had his bodyguards sitting at tables around him but he saw Caius and had him come over to him. Caius would go over and then he would sit down and then he would see that the wine was the most expensive variety that probably was from the underwold. He took a sip and would listen to the briefing.

Remy Martello would then say that the Martello family recently got into a battle with a smaller crime family and both sides suffered casualties. The building where they clashed is littered with dead bodies and it's been left to Remy to clean them up. Remy needs Caius to assist him with getting rid of the bodies before the local authorities arrive. It was a clean up crew job that was way below Caius pay grade for such a gross encounter but he had no choice at the moment. He needed the connection so he could go to the underworld and then find some items that would make him stronger. Caius then would be given the location of the bodies of the dead men that got taken out and then he would go to that warehouse and see all the dead bodies. Remy would tell him that there were a bunch of bags that were already at the location that he would toss half the bodies but there were other ones that were marked as to have a proper burial cause they had some respect for them before they got shot in the face. The rest were just bitches that needed to get chopped up and taken out to the trash and then after that they would be dumped with all the other trash. Caius would then get a drink of his wine and slam the glass down. He took the directions to the warehouse and then he would go there and get this messy job over with.



Clean up Crew[Caius] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:44 am

It was now time to get down and dirty. Caius had arrived at the warehouse that Remy had told him to go to and it was a gruesome site. Bodies spralled everywhere and blood painting the walls and floor. The smell was even worse but at this point in his dark career, Caius was used to it. He would always cause carnage like this once he got to a-ok to lift his mask and reveal his true nature and destroy anythign in his path. For now he had to just do the simple job of being the clean up crew. Simple enough. Three of the bodies were covered up with the mark that Remy talked about so those ones were eneimes that were ones that were respected and they were high ranking members so since they were marked and high ranking members and they were respected they wouldn't be getting the chopped up to little pieces and tossed in a bag and instaead they would be getting the proper burial since they were respected by the enemies. The rest was trash though. Caius would get the black bags that Remy left him and then he would take the black bags and then he would open up the black bags and then he would go to the body and then he would pick up the body and then he would put the body in the bag and then he would do this until all three respected members were bagged. AFter that he would then take each bag with the member and would then go out the back of the warehouse and then he would go and leave them out back and Remy would then take care of them for the proper burial.

Now that was done it was time for the axe. HE would line up the seven bodies and then he would go and get the sharp axe that remy left for him. Caius would smile as he took the weapon and would lift it up in the sky and then slam it down and then would start chopping up the bodies. Sucked to be them they were about to be thrown in the trash like the scum they were. No burial and no family would ever find them. Caius would keep on chopping and chopping like a lumberjack on a tree except instead of a tree it was a bunch of dead bodies. Once that was done, he would then go and he would take all the little chunks of the men and get a big bag and then he woudl open up the bag and then he would sweep the body parts into the bag and then he would tie the bag after it was all in the bag and then after that he would head outside. Remy was waiting for him and then he would take the bag of body parts. Remy woudl pay him and then he would go and he would get ride of the parts.


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