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Ex's Closet[Caius]

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Another day another quest is the way it went. Caius was walking in Hargeon and he was doing another mission for the gangsta thug Maxwell Buscon. It was a guy that he had worked with before that did the smuggling missions and also did a mission where he sabotaged a person's apartment and would give him a message not to mess with Maxwell Buscon. This time it was the same meeting place as before as Caius would be meeting this thug at the bar that was near the patio and the bar was in Hargeon and the bar would be outside of town. This way Caius would be able to meet him away from the guilds in the city and they would also be able to meet away from the rune knight quarters which were more towards the middle of the city and not towards the outskirts as the bar they were at right now was far away from them. Caius would see the man Maxwell Buscon sitting at the edge of the bar and then he would walk into the bar and then he would walk over to the exit for the patio and then he would sit next to Maxwell Buscon and then he would talk about the request and then he would see what Maxwell Buscon wanted to have him do for the request as he was an a rank mage and he was a dark mage so he would be able to help with a request since it was only a d rank request and he took care of those with ease. Apparently this was about his GF and he was having problems cause he broke up with this hoe and she had a box that he needed because it had a bunch of illegal and secret shit in it that he used for dark guild purposes as he was a thug that did stuff with dark guilds like smuggle goods and kill people so Maxwell Buscon could get to the top of Hargeon Town and make a name for himself and he would be able to get in with the dark guilds when they would take over. Caius was given the extra key that Maxwell Buscon had and he would tell him to watch out as the ex GF had a vicious guard dog that would bar and it also would attack him if he was caught so he had to deal with it either by taking it out or befriending it so the little dog bastard didn't bark his head off and would rat him out before he got the yellow box. Caius would then get up from the bar and then he would leave the bar and then he would make sure to go and he would head to the apartment to find the yellow box that Maxwell Buscon needed.

Caius would walk to the apartment which was a short distance from the bar and then he would go to the 2nd floor up the stairs because the apartment for the ex GF was in the apartment which was apartment 208 and he would then go and get the key from his pocket which was a copy that Maxwell Buscon made and then he would go and open up the door. Upon opening the door he saw the little dog was sleeping on the couch. Maxwell Buscon really did make up a story and said it was a vicious dog and it was big and mean but he must have been a puss as it was a tiny baby dog and it wouldn't be a probable at all. Caius would then go to the kitchen and he would start to search for the yellow box but then once he searched he would see that it wasn't there. As he closed the door he slammed the drawer and the dog would start to growl and it would jump off the couch and then it would walk over to Caius and it would start to growl at him and it would start barking soon. Taking action before that happened, Caius would run towards it and then he would cock back his leg and then he would kick forward and he would punt that little shit of a dog 5 meters into the wall and the dumb dog would slide down to the ground and it would pass out on the ground. IF the dog was out it couldn't bark and it wasn't dead so maybe the idiot who that was the owner would think that it hurt itself by being a dumb dog. Caius would then go to the room where her clothes were in the closet and then he would search through there and tear her shit apart and then would see in the way back there was a yellow box and that had to be the one. it had a big lock on it and Caius couldn't open it so that fit the description from the one Maxwell Buscon gave him about the lock box with the info in it. Caius would then go and he would get out of the apartment and then ehw would head to the stairs and then he would climb down and then after that he would go and he would make sure that he returned the box to Maxwell Buscon and then he would get his reward for getting his box.


Hi I'm Caius

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