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Sign up? (Quest|Liam|Solo)

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Sign up? (Quest|Liam|Solo) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:19 pm

Liam Kawitika
"What a weird place to put a gym." The blue haired man thought as he walked along the beach,He was currently undertaking a job,someone just needed help signing up for a competition having to do with running.Which was a bit stupid,since almost no-one needs help with doing something as easy as that.

He gave a sigh of relief as soon as he saw the outdoor gym,it was outlined with a black wire fence.So it was quite easy to see from far away,he walked into the area that had many gym related items,such as weightlifting supplies,treadmills and some various other electronic devices.At last he saw the job client,it was a tall blonde haired man,not taller than Liam though.Since Liam was at least a foot taller than everyone at the gym,it was quite a smelly place,but it made sense due to the fact that it was a place where people work out,so everyone must be sweating. He finally locked onto the client's eyes,He walked up to Liam."Hello there! Are you new to this gym or maybe just come here to visit?" The blonde haired man asked,he seemed quite nice,a lot friendlier than Liam thought as well.

"Nope,I just came here to help someone by the name of Jay Holiday,You seem to fit the description of him,Are you sir,Jay Holiday?" Liam asked the man,he was quite masculine as well,so it was probably him.Apparently everyone that has come to the beach knows about him.But Liam actually doesn't even know him which is quite strange,knowing that he's gone to the beach several times."Why yes i am Jay Holiday! I have no clue why you even have to ask me,everyone knows me!" He said laughing at Liam,of course Liam really didn't care about this and just wanted to finish the job or leave the gym so he didn't have to smell the horrid scent of sweat and a hint of blood.

"Well I've never heard of a Jay Holiday around here,sorry for that,But can we hurry up and sign you up? I'd like to get out of this place now" Liam told the blonde haired man,of course the blonde haired man was very offended by this,but chose to stay with Liam anyways,he nodded in agreement to Liam's comment,and they walked out of the beach gym.They were now at the sandy area of the beach,all they had to do was walk to the sign up in the Town of Hargeon which was a couple blocks away from Hargeon Beach."You know your way around here right? If so please lead the way,I really have no clue how to get around here" Liam asked the man,This was just a lie so he didn't have to be the leader,Mostly since he really didn't like the felling of being the one followed,he'd rather be the one following as the spotlight was on him if he was the leader.

"Why of course i do! Who doesn't?!" He said laughing at Liam again,he thought that Liam was new around here and ended up wanting to give him a tour around Hargeon.The man probably didn't see the light blue guildmark placed on the right side of his ,it was very obvious that he was in a guild and didn't need help around here,since he wouldn't take the job if he was knew to the town,but Jay Probably didn't know about that."I'll give you a tour around the area! How about that? I''ll even include a free beer with the trip,Whadya say?" The man asked Liam,of course Liam had nothing to do but accept.

Liam did just notice though,that it was getting a little dark,he started to walk there in the morning so it was now turning afternoon.Which just a little late,however this tour has to be quick or else they'll miss the registration."Maybe we should hurry the tour up,we don't want you missing your registration now,do we?" He explained to Jay,Of course he did want a tour,just for the free beer,but he still had to complete the objective,that's why he even met Jay in the first place."Ahhh,Don't worry about it,we'll be their in time,don't worry about it,You know how quick i am!" The man told Liam.

Liam really had no info about this man,so he just decided to go with the flow."Yeah.. You're the fastest person around here right?!" Liam said nervously smiling after,The blonde haired man just gave a glare and started to laugh."That's just a flat out Lie,Obviously you don't know about me,you already told me you didn't know about me when we met,so don't try me" The man said getting a bit serious.Liam looked away in embarrassment and just got a bit frustrated in himself,but it was alright,he didn't need to be mad this early in the day.The man led him around the town,showing his the many different shops,bars and restaurants.The sun was already starting to set,and they were at a bar talking casually like they had already knew each other before,Liam almost forgot about the registration since he was distracted by the tour Jay had given him."Hey,we need to get to that registration now!"  He said yelling at Jay on accident,but it was alright,since jay had forgotten as well.Liam and jay walked out the bar and ran towards the registration as fast as they could,they had finally made it in a couple of minutes,a second before the person behind the desk was going to put the closed registration sign,But Liam ran over to the desk quickly."Wait,wait,wait,wait!" He said quickly,the woman behind the desk put the closed registration sign back in the drawer."We were just about to close,so you're lucky you're here now,what's the name of the contestant?" The lady asked Liam as Jay Holiday walked to Liam."It's Jay Holiday ma'am." He told the lady,the lady wrote down his name and that was all."Good luck Jay Holiday!" The lady exclaimed,before putting up the closed registration sign."It was nice to meet you Jay holiday,I'll see you soon maybe" Liam said as Jay Holiday waved to him walking away.



Sign up? (Quest|Liam|Solo) QEdBjlh

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