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Deface Property [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Deface Property [Quest | Shin] Empty Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:18 pm

Shin Katari
It was beautiful morning in Hargeon. The seagulls flew over top, screeching to one another while a gentle breeze carried out various scents of seafood. Along the sea, boats and ships were docked while townsfolk to the water to catch a wave. Sitting at a rooftop restaurant was Shin. Across from him was Gastly digging its wide mouth into an expensive looking chocolate cake. Paying it no attention, Shin's attention was on the view before him. He had never seen anything so simple yet so beautiful. It was captivating. However, he would have plenty of opportunities to take in this view.

With his breakfast done, he got up from his chair and tossed a enough jewels on the table to cover the cost of the food along with a tip. Finishing off the cake before it, Gastly licked itself clean like a cat before drifting alongside Shin. Together, the two exited the restaurant and took to the streets. Shin did not know how long he would spend in Hargeon but he wanted to make most of his stay here. This would include doing requests if any and enjoying himself. Walking along the sidewalk, he was abruptly stopped by a man to his right. The man had a rectangle face and funky blond hair. He was dressed from head-to-toe in the attire of a thug. "Hey, wanna make some quick money?" the man asked with a smirk. Well, this was not shady in the least. Most people are taught at a young age to not accept anything from a stranger, especially one that appears to be up to no good. It was common sense. Alas, Shin was not most people. "Depends on what you need from me?"

Satisfied, the man took Shin and Gastly into an alleyway where he took a seat atop a crate. Kicking one leg up and resting it atop the other, he began to speak. "Look, you look like a troublemaker to me. I'm busy today so I need someone like you to break into some dude's apartment that crossed me up a few years back. Break anything you want in his apartment and use this can of grafiti to write 'Take it to the Max!' HAH! Brilliant isn't it?" Taking the can of graffiti from the man, Shin let the information sink in before nodding his head. It was a simple request and honestly, this person reminded him of the small thugs back in Oak. Pleased, the man told Shin the address of the apartment and how to break into in, as if Shin needed to hear that. With the information stored into his mind, Shin and the man agreed to meet back here within an hour. Gastly also appeared to understand the request at hand, as it bounced around with a mischievous look in its eyes. Destruction was this creatures forte and it would definitely strive in this request. With a grin, Shin and Gastly headed towards the target location. This was one hell of a welcome to Hargeon.

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#2Shin Katari 

Deface Property [Quest | Shin] Empty Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:19 pm

Shin Katari
It took about fifteen minutes of walking and getting lost before Shin finally found himself outside a series of apartments. Stepping inside, he looked for the man's room number. Taking the steps to the third floor, Shin located the fourteenth room. Room 314. He expected those around to hear the noise of ruckus that was about occur but to hell with them. Standing in front of the door, Shin positioned himself to kick it down. Raising his leg, he kicked forward with the sole of his shoes connecting with the face of the door. Almost instantly, the door came off it's hinges and landed against the floor with a loud thud. Shin had surprised himself with the power behind his kick. Good to know.

Now inside the man's apartment, it was of a moderate size. The kitchen and living room were attached and there was a single bathroom and bedroom. There were plenty of things to be destroyed ranging from pictures on the wall to expensive electronics and antiques. Gastly roamed about the apartment looking to get started. "Do what you want," Shin said with a grind as he walked into the kitchen. Excited, Gastly took off and began to bash itself against whatever it could, starting with the pictures on the walls. Shin on the hand, grabbed a few of the plates and cups and tossed them to the ground. He grabbed a spatula and began to hit it against the various glass items in the kitchen. Reaching into the man's fridge, he pulled out a half-full carton of eggs and tossed them against the walls of the apartment. Gastly decided to move on from the pictures and fired a beam from its mouth, destroying the mans lacrima television. As the two continued to destroy things for another twenty minutes, the time had come for the two to leave. Grabbing the can of graffiti, Shin gave it a good shake before beginning to spray the red liquid over the walls. In large capital letters, Shin sprayed the message the man had given him 'Take it to the Max!' Despite however lame the saying was, it rolled nicely off the tongue. Obviously the thug had thought this through. With the deed now done, Shin and Gastly exited the mans apartment and took to the streets of Hargeon. From there, they headed for the man.

As agreed upon, the man sat atop the crate awaiting Shin's arrival. Once he saw him walking, the man got up and his face lit up. "You did it?! NICE! By the way, the name is Maxwell," said the thug. Reaching into his pocket, Maxwell retrieved a sack of jewels and exchanged it for the can of graffiti. "I like you bro! You get shit done right away! I'll keep you in mind for future jobs. What's your name?" asked Maxwell. "Shin Katari," Shin responded without looking back at the man. Placing the reward into his pocket, he and Gastly took off to see what else Hargeon had to offer.

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