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#1Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
With every step, the sand shifted and reassembled itself to encase the feet of those who trespassed. The sun waded about, taking the punishing heat along with it. Waves bounced to and fro, continuing the pattern for an eternity. The Lycanthrope didn't feel like concealing his identity with his trusty mask today. Throughout all his travels, seldom would he have approached such a scene; a body of water that seemed to take all worries away. The only thing that would give his identity resided on his fleshy tongue, the mark of Grimoire Heart. So long as he kept it concealed, perhaps he could live his life like a regular person as well.

The blue shorts that covered Faust's bottom half was showered by white dots, wrapping right above his knee. A belt accompanied it and atop of that, a plain white tee. Matching the color of shorts was a suede jacket, enclosing itself and fitting on the lean yet masculine male. Despite being on the beach, white sneakers decorated his feet. As he approached closer and closer towards the water, a button became undone from his sweater, simply allowing the dark mage to breath a little more of the ocean breeze. It was just a deep breath, but it felt rejuvenating. His eyes closed, arms outstretched as if they were attempting to catch the fading clouds. Air flew towards and within his nostrils and the chest extracted. He held the magic within for a few seconds before releasing it, withdrawing his chest. The ocean breeze was comforting, soothing, and cool, words that wouldn't normally be used to describe the wrath of summer.

As soon as he exhaled, Faust took a seat upon a boulder. His arms extended behind him and placed them firmly against the stone, acting as support as his head gazed towards the stars that began to expose themselves. It was a sight to behold; even those who've seen the same scene numerous times would be dazzled at the diamonds that shined in the night sky.

While it seemed that he was to enjoy himself for once, Faust still kept his nose sharp. There weren't many people on the beach and those who were still here were packing up to leave. Sooner or later, there would be no one in the general vicinity. He would have the entire beach to himself. A smile enhanced his facial features, a realistic one that hasn't been seen in a while. A genuine smile.

Everything was fine until the wandering crustacean-warrior attacked him. He brought his left hand up to his face, attempting to identify the crab before flinging it back into the ocean, having it bounce on the waves as if it were a skipping stone. "Yikes."

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#2Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
I've been trying to find myself and I didn't know I was lost
It was yet another simple afternoon in the mesmerizing town of Hargeon as the heated gaze of the sun glared down at the land with viciousness but the dancing winds seemed to have a different plan as they waltzed though the air, bringing with the the chilling effect that the ocean empowered. Tranquility lingered in the vicinity as the only sound to be heard were that of the soft and graceful movement of the water as it met with the cold sand. The sky burned bright with a hue of pastel orange and yellow.

Letting her lilac eyes rest for a while, she felt the wind tugging at the hem of her dress which embraced her long legs as the white cloth tightened around her waist before relaxing upon her shoulders. The untamed strands of her long blonde hair danced wildly in sync with the rhythm of nature's song. She lifted her hand to push aside the golden locks that tickled her heart-shaped face before hauling her eyelids only to be spellbound by the glistening water ahead of her. Her attention did not divert but she knew that the other citizens were making their leave as the distanced sounds of their idle chatter faded away into nothingness and nothing could have brought Xandra more happiness than that.

Her constant desire to be alone seemed to have been unheard by fate, unlike what she had assumed. Letting herself fall to the ground, she pushed aside the slippers that adorned her feet and let her legs and feet feel the coolness of the sand below her. Her dress lay still, hiding the mark of her Knighthood on her thigh as she pushed herself back into a laying position and sprawled her body over the sand, not caring about the tremendous effort she would have to go through in the near future to rid her hair of the sand particles. Her eyes closed briefly before reopening as her head rolled to the left, only to have her gaze land upon a red-haired young man standing a little further from her, stretching and relaxing at the wind's touch.

Hauling herself into a sitting position, she looked at him as he placed himself on the boulder which seemed to have hidden her presence from his sight but it made no difference to her. The sudden crawling over her legs attracted her attention and she saw before her, a crab sauntering over her legs and moving towards the boulder where it mischievously found it's way onto the man's face. It would be a lie if she said that she did not find that amusing but her stone faced remained unchanged. Her irises followed as the poor crab was only to be throws back into the ocean. A small sigh escaped her lips as her gaze remained fixated on the man that did not notice her yet.
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#3Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
The belfry of the male fluctuated back and forth, evidently under the leverage of the light draft that wane through the evening sky. Despite the long utensils called arms that provided support, the swaying couldn't stop. Following the body, his unkempt hair danced as well. Alas, a stronger gust of wind decided to ignite and tossed the Grimoire Heart mage backwards into the sand. As soft as the impact was, the sand was no cushion. Jolted awake, the canine's nap was suspended. "Fuck."

For a second, he simply got up and scratched his head, attacked by the sand particles. But within half that time, he twisted the malleable waist of his and turned to face the blonde before him. The curse he spouted when he landed had caused him to open his snout; did she catch a glimpse of his tongue then? Hopefully not, however one could never be carefree in situations as so. A million possibilities played out in his skull, darting around expeditiously to where an after-image was produced. A hand reached within and picked out the best possible solution to the event that had been carelessly produced.

The contrivance he had in mind was to shrug it off and make an ally instead. The crimson lips didn't divorce far when he spouted the curse. The chances of the woman catching him were even slimmer when the evening sky was brought into the equation. Ditching the scene would only draw attention towards him and perhaps even a fight would break out. Faust came here to relax, not as the Coyote of Grimoire Heart, but as Faust Noire, a civilian. Even if his situation wasn't the ideal one, perhaps he could turn it around.

One step, two steps. He strode towards her, extending his leg slightly past shoulder length before stamping it into the ground, rinse and repeat. The slender hands that bathed in blood were tucked into the pockets of the shorts. Eyes the color of blood drilled into the target yet without his usual blood lust attached, spectating her at a closer range. She was pretty. Blonde hair decorated the feminine face and accompanying it was a white dress. Despite the darkness, he could definitely make out these features of hers; she seemed to ooze a certain brightness, an aura. A million more scenarios attacked Faust's brain but he dismissed them all, sure that he was to follow through with this.

Two seconds before, he was towering over the resting lady. Now, Faust was planted in the ground, on her left side. There were two promises he made himself when he came out here. The first was to keep everything as serene as possible, as opposed to his usually apocalyptic behavior as the Coyote. Secondly, there was no messing with women this time around. They always seemed to get him into trouble. Looking straight into the sea and beyond, he acted like a poet. "The stars are pretty tonight." stating the obvious. He quickly followed with an introduction, acting before the time frame for introductions passed. Any later and awkward silence may have taken a stand. "Raphael." he extended his hand and turning his head, hoping she would take it. Had she placed hers in his, the male would have provided a firm shake of the arm, signalling respect and admiration. Attached to it was another smile, though not as genuine. It was a shame he couldn't present his actual name, but it was the way of life within the secretive dark guild.

Everything was on the verge of playing out smoothly, but the crustacean seemed to be on the road of revenge. Mustering all the power, it gripped the edge of his shorts, nearly taking a chunk of his thighs along with it. Picking it up, wary of the claws, he played skipping rocks a second time. The wind gusted about once more before shutting up. "Yikes."

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#4Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
I've been trying to find myself and I didn't know I was lost
 The evening sky fell into a soft slumber as the the hues of orange and yellow dulled into a mesmerizing mix of pink and purple that faded into the darkness, letting the the distant light within the vicinity swallow into nothingness. Instead, within this darkness, the sea shined brightly, radiating an aura of promising tranquility along with a mysterious allure that gained the attention of the female as it diverted from the man who was unaware of her presence.

The hustling gusts of wind, slid through her hair, carrying with them the small grains of sand that were forcefully torn away from their kind only to be returned to the ground in a further place. The soft surface that once embraced the warmth of the sun now clung to the air as it danced through without a hint of weariness. Xandra slid her hands up the opposite arm in an attempt to provide herself with slight warmth as the oozing chill felt wonderful but a hit of heat would make it better. The slight scandalous mischief of nature hauled the hem of her dress ever so gently before placing it back down as she bent her legs slightly instead of letting them lay straight in complete contact with the surface. Despite her expression, she seemed to be enjoying herself, completely free as she had jumped off her unnecessary train of thoughts only to allow her mind to focus on the earthly magnificence of Mother Nature.

It was not until her ears perked up at the slight sound of a familiar word that she often heard the people around her use that tore her mind away from admiration and towards the red headed man who seemed to be the source. As he twisted his waist, their eyes met and even in the barest minimum of light, she could make out his face which she saw properly for the first time. His red fiery hair swayed with the breeze as his slender face looked right at her. Of course her attention eventually returned to the sea as she felt him approach nearer only to now sit beside her. The cool sand shifted as he placed himself down as the wind softened as if fatigue had taken over.

Her eyes shifted, looking at him from time to time from the corner of her eyes as he  began to speak. Meeting people had become a significance in the world, much to her dislike but it was evident that she usually never hated it, she was always just conservative and quiet which often gave a wrong impression. It was certain as the same would repeat but it mattered not. Upon the mans statement, Xandra's lilac gaze hauled over from the sky below to the sky above that shone brightly despite the darkness. Sparkles that glimmered from the stars gently danced along with the movement of her eyes. She hadn't noticed it for her attention had remained towards the glistening water that reflected the illuminating and rejuvenating luster of the untraceable sheet of ebony that laid out above.

But once more, the man managed to steal her attention as he proceeded to introduce himself as Raphael. A name like that was rarely ever heard but had a soothing touch to it as her shifty gaze lingered onto his extended hand. Suspicion arose in her mind as she had always morphed the term 'better safe than sorry' into her life but after a slight moment of hesitance, she slipped her slender, cold hand into his for a firm shake before her monotonous voice mumbled, "Xandra." Having her name told to others made no difference to her as she was one to keep a low profile wherever she went. Moreover, she wasn't necessarily worried about secrecy as that was an art she had mastered with her talent of silence. It appeared though, that the man had worries of his own as revenge was sought after by the creature that was thrown aside only to be flicked right back into the oscillating waves of the ocean.

However, she continued shamelessly staring at the man, with amusement deep within her eyes before returning her gaze back towards the unbeatable appeal of the the water. It was true that the female hardly ever talked when it was about herself but when a topic of interest popped up, she too knew how to let out a few words, "Don't you think the ocean is prettier though?" She spoke while her undivided attention remained upon the water that reflected the hidden desires of the night sky, breaking down its highly beloved facade of menace into pure grandeur.
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#5Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
Huge waves rolled across the surface, the wind tearing white moonlit spray from their peaks. "Yeah." The word slipped from his lips in a soft tone, scarcely audible. Whereas Xandra's eyes pierced the horizon, Faust had his pupils on the blonde Rune Knight. Her charisma wrapped itself around the Coyote and dragged him about. Such a feeling wasn't love, but admiration. Xandra's mysterious and reticent persona picked at his emotions for justification, though unable to provide. Utter silence dawned upon the two; both people had yet to avert their gazes.

"You're cute." he'd compliment, a phrase that brazen male didn't toss around loosely. Despite his multiple interactions with females, it was his lust that overtook his senses. For once, something seemed to tug at his character emotionally. If she turned her head in response, she'd come face to face with a smiling Coyote, dimples evident. Without her reaction, Faust only grinned for himself. His lips seeped just slightly apart, his cheek muscles tightened. A bona fide smile, natural in every form, slapped itself upon the dramatic face of the man. A chuckle, filled with heart, followed quickly after. Unsure of whether or not she was capable of continuing a conversation, Faust settled to be the instigator. "Are you a mage?" he politely inquired. The question wasn't unusual; many people had energy coursing throughout their veins, capable of utilizing their powers for a multitude of purposes. Had she said yes or explained how her powers worked, under the assumption she was a mage, Faust threw himself out there. His right hand rose off the sandy floor and towards his face. He took a bite from his thumb, releasing the life essence that embodied all human beings. Defying the laws of physics, his blood flow formed a stream instead and like a snake, coiled around himself in a constricting manner.

His beam strayed from the blonde allure, staring at the million of diamonds that coruscated. The expression of positiveness dispersed off his profile in an instant, casting a shadow of dolor in its stead. He despised his ability to manipulate human plasma. The manipulative ability only escorted negative emotions, shunning at the very sight or fear from it all. While it was a suitable way to live as a member of Grimoire Heart, it felt disdaining to uphold such a potential as Faust Noire, a resident of Era. Perhaps it was a mistake displaying his abilities; surprise wouldn't tackle him if Xandra left the scene then and there. The worm lost form and splattered on the ground, tainting the cool sand around him with speckles of red. He refused to meet her eyes, only thinking to apologize for the event that just occurred. "Sorry about that." he started and ended.

For someone who hated drama, the Coyote created the dramatic scenery quite well. However, he wished not to get into his emotions. "I'm pretty weird, but you haven't said much." As his right hand slowly drifted down onto his lap, he kept his emotions in check and faced her with another smile. "Won't you tell me a bit about yourself?" The offer stood; a refusal from her planted the Coyote on his feet and walking away, but if the conversation endured, then Faust could remain Faust Noire for just a few seconds longer.

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#6Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
I've been trying to find myself and I didn't know I was lost
Staring at the shimmering water that winked in the dark, her ears narrowly caught his awed agreement. Her stone expression relaxed as she could feel the corners of her lips ever-so-slightly lift upwards into the tiniest smile that she could muster. The atmosphere was just perfect. Moreover, she found herself sharing a level of comfort with the stranger about whom she barely knew anything. As unusual as it was, it made her feel strangely at peace as they just sat there, surrounded by serene quietude and admired the magnificence of the world when in slumber with the only awakened existence being the elevated breeze.

Xandra was so caught up in her admiration for the beauty that lay before her that his compliment towards her almost went unheard. To say that it was unexpected was an understatement. More often than anticipated, she found that people found it hard to converse with her, much less throw some flattery towards her. The lulling waves that had drooped her eyelids now had lost their effect as her eyes widened slightly and she turned to face the man named Raphael just in time to catch his beautiful smile which was highlighted by the presence of dimples. She was in awe, to say the least. The blonde found herself wanting to tell the man that he had an enticing grin but being the person she is, she did nothing more than remain wonder-struck as she stared at him.

It appeared to the female that he had caught onto the fact that she wasn't much of a speaker and she was indeed a little delighted when he, himself took the initiative to start a conversation. Pondering upon his question for a moment, she wondered if she should answer truthfully. Surely, simply a yes to his question would do her no harm but she was indecisive. It was obvious that she felt at ease next to him but it wasn't like her to let her guard down. As she concluded that simply nodding her head wouldn't be much of a bid deal, she found the man biting into his thumb. Crimson liquid gushed out in freedom but what captured her attention was the lack of disorganized movement from the plasma which instead coiled around his finger like a snake. Xandra could feel her heart beat quicken, not because of fear, but because of sheer amazement. Never before had she seen an ability as such, which she roughly assumed had something to do manipulating the maneuvering of blood or perhaps, just any liquid in general. Her lips faintly parted as the alluring ocean had hid itself behind the curtain of astonishment within her mind. The lilac eyes absolutely refused to falter as they followed the rivulet of plasma until it freed itself from his touch, only to stain the untainted sand.

Unsure of what to say as he apologized and continued talking, she decided to not answer the question he had asked but instead proceeded to voice out, "You're very interesting. It's not everyday you see someone with such a striking ability." The abundant tenebrosity through which only the heated glares of the stars could penetrate had the blonde looking around before she too decided to allow him to get a small sneak peek into what her abilities truly were. The congregate hair that danced with the wind calmed down before sitting on her shoulder as she pulled her legs closer, hugging them to her body and rested her chin on her knees. Lifting up a small finger, she held it in mid air for a fraction of a second and if he were to focus, he would be able to see small sparks of yellow appear and then disappear in a cluster, becoming bigger and brighter as seconds ticked past. The female slowly opened her hand to let the sparks of lightning engulf her palm and the skin around her slender fingers, disappearing within a moment before its peers make an appearance as they flickered through the darkness, restoring a smattering amount of light as it barely illuminated their faces.

Her eyes softened as the sparks disappeared before she found herself speaking once more in a low voice, "I don't show it to a lot of people." She hoped that through that one sentence, he would understand that she did in fact feel a certain level of serenity around him for she did not know how to express it any further. The simple fact that the man had made her speak just a little would be considered an accomplishment in her eyes. Although she was unsure, but perhaps she was on the way of making herself a friend.
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#7Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
A heavy silence settled over them, thicker than the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Unsettled eyes glanced unceremoniously around and tried to avoid catching other glances. Faust shifted uncomfortably in his seat on the sand and grasped his sweaty, nervous hands deeper into the gravel. Faust required moments to accept her comment. The Rune Knight had already moved on, willing to dispatch a spark of a show in order to reveal her magical prowess. Despite having asked what abilities she had, his eyes were lifeless, staring into the endless abyss called the ocean. Never had he considered his ability relevant, much less relevant. No blinks required, his eyes teared up again. Why was he getting emotional?

As the waterworks streamed down his cheeks, his lips parted momentarily. "August." he'd say in a whisper that matched hers. "August Raphael Noire." Whereas the name Raphael was still a fib, August Noire was the man's name. He hoped that adding Raphael in between would limit any questions about his name that she had; given she asked the right questions, her safety could easily have been compromised then and there. Faust wasn't his real name; it was an identity he picked up after leaving the Noire estate. An emotional mask was all it was, burying memoirs from antiquity.

The flow of water soon became a river and in time, a stream. Multiple emotions flooded in and joined in on the outburst. Butting heads and bouncing about, the mental attack on the man was too much. Questions like 'what was he doing' and 'why was he doing what he did' brought themselves up over and over. Guidance was what he needed. The stress of Grimoire Heart finally caught up with the man, leaving himself subjective to ideas. He was in a state of confusion, unsure of what he was and what he stood for. Zoned out, he momentarily forgot about company and phased into his own world. Only when Xandra spoke would he jump back into reality.

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#8Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
I've been trying to find myself and I didn't know I was lost
Lost in her own little world of thoughts, the sparks of light disappeared from her hands as she sat silently staring at her palm before diverting her gaze back to the ocean. Xandra didn't look at the man, only felt his presence beside her until he spoke, uttering a name in a soft, fragile voice. Like a magnet to metal, the sudden change in the tone of his voice caused her head to turn and her eyes widened slightly upon the sight of the teary eyed man.

Slight panic began to settle within her as she was unsure of what to do, or was it perhaps something she had already done. Countless possibilities raced through her mind, possibly blaming herself for the individual's breakdown. She fidgeted with her fingers, a habit she had from a long time as she expressed slight frustration. What did people do in situations like this? Maybe, the man needed some time to himself, or maybe, he needed some time away from his thoughts. She was indecisive. Moments past as silence dawned upon the two. Her gaze occasionally flickered to the man.

Her stone face softened within the darkness as with a small sigh, unsure of whether he would or wouldn't like her doing something, she hauled herself off the ground. Her dress swayed, hugging her legs as she stood in front of him. Brushing strands of her air behind her ear, she let out a small awkward cough. If it were to go unheard, she would cough again, louder this time. It wasn't simply awkward because of the inconclusive facade she should put up but also because she knew what she was about to do was rather heartless. Contrary to that, she felt that he did need some time to himself rather than with a stranger, "It's getting late, I should get going." With that, she left the man to figure things out for himself. It didn't seem like he'd want her to stay, not when he was having a moment brimming with emotions.

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