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Mapping Theft[Caius]

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Well wouldn't you know Caius was still stuck in the shit hole that was Hargeon town so he was doing more requests so he could get some of that sweet money so he could buy some items like weapons and he could buy some items like magical gear and he could buy some items like armor so he could help better himself and that way he could also help make himself stronger so he could be of even more use to the guild and that way he would be able to help Grimoire Heart become the best that they could be and fulfill all their goals. It was a nice and sunny day in Hargeon town and the water was very blue like blueberries and the sky was also blue like blueberries and the heat was nice where it was not too hot and it was not too cold. It was a nice day where Caius could wear his normal clothes of a black gi and he had black pants on with his white boots and he also had his red sash around his waist that was holding his sword in his sash around his waist. Caius would be taking another C rank request because he had did all the B ranks and there were none hire yet that were listed in hargeon so he would meet with his man Raegan Huston and would fulfill his request.

Raegan Hullston would be in his shop and he would tell Caius that he would not need any of the smuggling things he did before but instead an item was already there in a museum and he would have to steal it because it was under guard and he needed a strong mage to help him get it out of there so you know he could sell the rare map to the highest bidder and make a bunch of money. He would have to wait until the nighttime though cause a lot of people were in the exhibit right now looking at the rare map that Reagan wanted and it would be dumb to break in as Reagan would be one of the first suspected. He could have an alibi this way. The museum was in the town hall and during the night time he would have to sneak into the town hall in Hargeon Town and he would have to Grab the map and once he got the map he would have to dodge all the alarms and the guards that were walking around the whole facility. Being an A rank mage it sounded like a piece of cake for him as he would stand up and would start to get ready. Heh promised Reagan that he would have the map by tomorrow and would turn it into him so he would complete the quest and would be paid like the usual fee. He would walk out of reagan store and would then head to the town hall as it was just about night time now.


Hi I'm Caius

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It was nightfall now in Hargeon Town and everyone was asleep because it was night time and it would be a good time that Caius could sneak in and he could also get the map so he could complete his objective that he got from Reagan and after that he could get paid to save up for some more magical items that would help make him even more powerful so he could help fulfill the guild's goals. The water was splashing against the docks even though he was in the middle of the city it was so quiet he could hear that and had no issue. It would make sneaking into the Town Hall even easier and he would have just have to take a look and make sure that the guards were there and he would be able to take them out and or avoid them so he didn't get caught. Reagan preferred that he would go and not get caught at all so he would make sure to take the more stealth approach like a man who was trying to search for a metal gear weapon. It was a good thing that Caius was wearing his all black outfit that had a black shirt and had a black and had a black pants and had a black boots. His hair was also back so that helped him blend in the blackness of the night with all of his black clothes. He would finally arrive and he would be at the town hall outside the fence. There were no guards that currently were outside the fence but there was some that were patrolling the inside

Caius would then go to the end of the gate that had the least amount of guards and then Caius would make sure to climb over the fence and he would fall down making sure to stay low and squat walk and make sure that none of the guards would see him and this would make sure that he was close to the ground because when you were close to the ground that would make him harder to see so Caius then would decided to go and he would slowly sneak walk over to the side of the Town Hall the guards didn't even notice him. He wished he could attack them because he was a powerful mage and could walk in no problemo and blat blat those guards but since Reagan didn't want that he had to do the pain in the ass sneaking. He wished he had some type of invisibility to make this easy. Caius reached the window and then he would open the window and look i inside and there was nobody around so he would go through the window and then he would close the window and no guards outside saw him go into the window as well. Caius looked at the map Reagan gave him and then he would start to wander in the building to get the map.


Hi I'm Caius

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Caius was now in the Town Hall building which meant that he would have to avoid the guards on the inside now because if the guards on the inside of the house caught him then his mission would be a failure and he didn't do that as he only wanted missions that he could complete so he could then get the reward. He had just gone through the window and he had a tiny map that also had the area of the whole town hall so Caius would look at the map and then he would decided where he had to go as he was not too sure but he would make sure to get the map as fast as possible and while he would do this he would make sure that he would also avoid the guards because they couldn't catch him. Caius looked at the map and the map showed the basement floor which had a bunch of rooms but it didn't have anything good in it and then Caius would look at the map and he would see the middle floor and he wouldn't see anything as he didn't see the map and it just had a bunch of generic rooms like the bathroom and the living room and the office room but it didn't have the map and then the final part was he looked at the map on the second floor and he would see that on the second floor had the history room and in the history room that was on the second floor which showed on the map that he would find the map that he would have to steal from that room. Caius would then go to the main room and he would find the stairs.

Waiting for the two guards, Caius would then memorize their path as one went up and down the stairs and then he would go back into the kitchen for a little bit and he would then go up the stairs and then back into the kitchn. Caius would wait and he heard the tummy rumble of the one guards and then he would go ahead and see the guard would do his patrol and then he would see that he was in the kitchen from the patrol and then he would go get food and then he would sit down. Caius would then walked up to the second floor as he crouched walked and made sure he wasn't seen by the guards as he would inch his way up the stairs and he would go into the history room and then he would see that nobody was there so the map was just sitting there in the middle of the cause. Caius would then walked over to the case and he would make sure to remove the glass and he would do it carefully so it wouldn't break. he would then set it aside and then he would grab the map and then he would put it in the bag Reagan gave him and then he would head back down. That was easy.

Well maybe not. Caius had the map but as soon as he left the room the alarm would go off and the guards would start to run upstairs. Caius would then say fuck the sneaking and would stand up and he would then grab a vase and would chuck it down the hallway and run in the opposite direction. The dumb fuck guards would then run in the direction the vase went while Caius went the other way. He would go to the window where he came from before and then he would look outside to see all the guards from the outside as they were all going inside to check on the map with the others. Caius would then open up the window and then he would go outside and then he would close the window and then he would head outside of the town hall and then he would go to the fence and then he would climb over it and then he would land on the ground and then he would go to turn in the map to Reagan.

Reagan was sitting on the bench where he said he would be and then Caius would pull out the map from the bag he took it in in and then Reagan would inspect the map to see that it was indeed genuine. He would then tell Caius that he always appreciated his service and he was always welcome to work from him while he was in Hargeon town. Regan had a suitcase and he would give it to Caius and he would open in and then he would see it was full of jewels so Caius would then take those jewels and head back to his home.


Hi I'm Caius

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